Where To Stay In Moorea: The Ultimate Guide 2024

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Moorea (pronounced Mo – oh – ray – ah) is a tropical paradise part of the French Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. As one of the most beautiful islands in the world, this should be a destination that appears near the top of your bucket list.

If you’re planning a trip to the magical island of Moorea, you’ll want to know where to stay. Unlike tiny Bora Bora, figuring out which neighborhoods to stay in can be challenging on Moorea.

We’ve spent more than 3 months living in and exploring Mo’orea, and we’ve stayed in more than 10 Airbnbs and 6 hotels on the island. We’ve had good experiences and bad experiences, and you’ll hear about both in our post.

Watching Down The Road In Cook's Bay Moorea

Our ultimate guide that will show you exactly which area to stay in and the best Moorea hotels on any budget.

💡Pro Tip: Short on time and looking for where to stay on Moorea here?

Best budget option: Residence Vainau Moorea

Best luxury option: Hilton Moorea (Overwater bungalow option)

Where To Stay In Moorea By Budget

Not only is Moorea a diverse island for all of its landforms, flora, and coral reef, but it also has plenty of diverse accommodation options for all budget types.

Contrary to popular belief, Moorea doesn’t HAVE to be an expensive place to visit if you know where to book your stay.

Ta'ahiamanu Beach With Palm Tree Over The Ocean Moorea

Below, you’ll find a detailed guide on where to stay in Moorea if you’re on a budget, if you’re looking to pay mid-range prices, and if you want a luxury vacation.

Affordable Places To Stay In Moorea

Although Moorea doesn’t offer Southeast Asian prices for travelers, they still have relatively affordable places to stay if you look in the right place.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Moorea as a budget-traveler, here are your options:

Budget-Friendly Stays

Many would think that French Polynesia is this ridiculously expensive luxury island. And while it is a luxury island, we lived on the French Polynesiain island of Moorea for two months and did it for cheaper than we do living at home (in Steamboat Springs, Colorado).

Surprisingly, the cost of Morea accommodation can be pretty affordable if you know where to look and book your stay during off season. Here are a few budget-friendly places we have stayed at and recommend:

Residence Vainau Moorea⭐ 8.5/10 stars (151 reviews)

For about $60 per night for two guests, stay at the Residence Vainau Moorea, and explore this island on a budget. And best part? This place is only 30 meters from the ocean! Let the crashing waves lull you to sleep each night.

Not only is the ocean just 30 meters away, but you’re really close to the best beaches in Moorea and other activities. Or, feel like a kid again by playing foosball at this villa. This is perfect for when it rains, which is does frequently on the island.

Secret Beach in Moorea - One of The Best Places To Stay In Moorea

In addition to the foosball table, you’ll also have full access to an equipped kitchen, wifi, and a bar.

Check prices and book your stay at Residence Vainau Moorea by clicking here!

Paradise Retreat Moorea

For $60 per night, you and a guest can stay in a private room at the Paradise Retreat Moorea.

This home is owned by an Airbnb “superhost” meaning that they have the best reviews based on cleanliness, value, and communication with their guests. Therefore, you’ll be in excellent hands at this Airbnb.

It is located in the PaoPao neighborhood of Moorea, which means you’ll have direct access to Cook’s Bay and the surrounding areas. From this location, grocery stores and popular restaurants (be sure to eat at Allo Pizza!) are only a 1km walk or drive.

A View From Three Pinus Pass Hike of Opunohu and Cook's Bay. Both of These Bays Are Great Places To Stay In Moorea.

No matter where you stay in Moorea, you’ll want to have a car or scooter to get around as there are no Ubers on the island. The host is very nice about picking up and dropping off guests at the ferry if you ask her. This will save you about $60.

And while it might not be a luxurious hotel, this budget-friendly Airbnb has a very nice outdoor pool, steady wifi (very difficult to find on the island of Moorea), and a beautiful terrace/outdoor living space.

💡Pro Tip: This is a private room option. You will have your own private bedroom but you will be sharing the kitchen and common areas with the friendly host, Carole.

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    Cheap Homestays And Hostels

    I get it… Even $60 per night for a place to stay can add up and as a budget traveler, you’ll want your money to go as far as possible, right?

    If that’s the traveling category you’re in, then here are some great homestay and hostel options for your trip to Moorea:

    Fare Om

    If you’re really looking for a cheap place to stay, this is the most budget-friendly option. At Fare Om, you’ll pay as little as $17 per person for a dormitory-style bed.

    Other accommodation options are available at this hostel as well. Whether you want to pitch a tent on their property or rent a private room for $50, there are many different avenues you can take and plenty of ways to save some money.

    A View of the Mountains In Moorea

    One of the best things about this stay is that breakfast is included. On an island where food can be pricey, this is a huge game-changer for budget travelers.

    This hostel-style home is located between Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay. At this location, you’ll have access to either bay with plenty of dining options, supermarkets, and pristine beaches.

    And of course, the biggest perk to staying in a hostel is that you’ll be able to meet tons of new people and friends from all over the world. This will make your experience on Moorea 10x better, and that’s saying a lot because Moorea is already incredible.

    ITI Room Red

    Another budget-friendly option is the ITI Room Red. This private room is $42 per night for two guests, but they do have a 2-night minimum policy as many Airbnbs do.

    The ITI Room Red is actually a small guest house that is attached to the host’s main residence. You will have the entire bedroom to yourself, but you will need to share the bathroom, kitchen, and common areas with the host.

    Bike On The Beach In Moorea

    One of the best parts about this stay on Moorea is that the host has two dogs. So, if you’re a dog lover like me, this is the accommodation option for you.

    Another huge perk about staying at this homestay is that you’ll have access to two bikes for completely free. On Moorea, renting bikes can cost a pretty penny, so this is a fantastic deal.

    If you aren’t interested in using the bikes, the host also offers free snorkeling gear and the home is located close to one of the best snorkeling spots on Moorea, Temae Beach.

    💡Pro Tip: Head to the north end of Temae Beach to find the best snorkeling spots. This is where most snorkeling companies bring their guests and you can do it for free!

    Mid-Range Accommodation Options In Moorea

    Although it’s nice to save money, some travelers want a bit more privacy and more amenities. Of course staying at a fancy-shmancy luxury resort would be nice, but we can’t all afford to pay $800+ per night, right?

    If this sounds like you, here are some mid-range accommodation options and places to stay in Moorea:

    Average Airbnbs

    Point blank, we LOVE Airbnb. Do you want a really fancy home with 10 bedrooms and a spa? You can find that on Airbnb. Do you want a nice villa for a reasonable price? You’re covered with Airbnb.

    Here are our favorite mid-range Airbnb options on the island of Moorea:

    Cocoon Vanh Cooks Bay

    Looking for a nice place with excellent style? Maybe even a pool with a view? Look no further than Cocoon Vanh Cooks Bay. For $178 per night for two people, you’ll get everything you want and more.

    At Cocoon Vanh, you’ll be staying in a private residence on the host’s property. It is located on the edge of Cook’s Bay near the Maharepa neighborhood. This is a popular place for dining, shopping, and excursions.

    The View of Opunohu Bay From The Top Of Mount Rotui

    Since this is a private accommodation option, you will not have to interact with the host if you don’t want to. The garden bungalow is fully sustainable and has everything you need: a kitchen, wifi, and a bathroom.

    There is a beautiful pool on the property, which you will have access to. The pool and garden are the only things that you will share with the host.

    One of the best things about this stay is that the host actually offers a car for rent. This car will be MUCH more affordable than if you were to rent one from Avis or Europcar. Consider this when making your island plans.

    Villa Poenaki

    During our trip to Moorea, we had the opportunity to stay at Villa Poenaki and it was one of the best experiences we’ve had. For $141 per night, you’ll have this luxury bungalow with two spacious rooms all to yourself.

    Since it can sleep up to four guests, invite more friends to join you; splitting the cost would make it even more affordable.

    Legends Residences Drone Shot Moorea

    We loved the small spa pool, the ambiance, the washer and dryer, and most importantly, the panoramic views. If you want the most breathtaking view of Moorea from the comfort of your villa, this is your answer.

    We also loved that this villa was resort-like, meaning it had all of the amenities you could need: a big pool, a tennis court, and a fitness center.

    Before you book the Villa Poenaki, be sure that you have a rental car or scooter. This villa is located in the Tiahura neighborhood in a place called Legends Residences. It’s a wonderful location and perfect for nature lovers, but getting to the villa requires going up a very big hill.

    💡Pro Tip: Villa Poenaki does have a hefty cleaning fee that will be tacked onto the final price of your stay. Prepare for it to be around $85.

    Ocean Side Bungalow

    We also had the chance to stay at the Ocean Side Bungalow for an entire week. For $131 per night for two people, you’ll have the entire self-sustaining bungalow to yourself.

    By the end of our two-month trip to Moorea, we had stayed in 5 different Airbnbs and resorts. All were absolutely fantastic, but this one was hard to beat.

    Beach Bungalow In Moorea Looking Out Over The Ocean

    Located just steps from the ocean, you’ll have the most epic view and if you’re lucky, you may even see some humpback whales right from your bed (we did!).

    The host, Frederique, is so friendly and accommodating. Apart from offering us breakfast (fruit and juice) every morning, she gave us our privacy. We also loved that she provided two free beach bikes for us to ride.

    Since this bungalow is located just 1 kilometer from Temae Beach, you’re in the perfect location. So, if you’re wondering where to stay in Moorea, we highly recommend booking this Airbnb.

    💡Pro Tip: This bungalow is just steps away from what we like to call “Secret Beach”. If you stay here while visiting Moorea, walk north along the beach to find this unspoiled and secluded section of coastline.

    Standard Hotels

    Even though we think Airbnbs are the bees knees, some travelers just want to be pampered in a hotel. And that’s perfectly okay!

    In Moorea, you can find it all. Although you likely won’t be able to stay in an overwater luxury bungalow for mid-range prices, you can find some awesome resorts for under $250 per night. Here’s what we recommend:

    Moorea Island Beach Hotel

    This beachfront property is a highly-rated, 3-star hotel in the Ha’apiti neighborhood. The Moorea Island Beach Hotel will likely run you about $200 per night, but we’ve found deals for less than $150 per night.

    Moorea Island Beach Hotel

    With your stay, you’ll get a private, air-conditioned room with free wifi and a private bathroom. In our opinion, this hotel’s mission is to make you feel like royalty but for a reasonable price.

    Although you won’t be staying in the most ideal location, you’ll have your own beautiful white sand beach directly in front of the resort. Therefore, you likely won’t have to leave very often and many tour companies offer to pick you up from your hotel.

    💡Pro Tip: Breakfast is NOT included and will typically cost around $25 per person. You don’t have to eat breakfast at your resort since there are far cheaper options elsewhere, but it isn’t as convenient.

    Moorea Beach Lodge

    For about $160 per night, stay at the Moorea Beach Lodge, also located in the Ha’apiti neighborhood.

    Whether you want to lounge on the sandy beach or drink a cocktail at their on-site bar, we are sure you’ll love this affordable resort. It’s a great place to soak up those laid-back island vibes.

    Moorea Beach Lodge

    While at the Moorea Beach Lodge, hop on one of their free bikes or paddle out past the reef with their free kayaks. We love that they offer so many amenities for free that other luxurious resorts typically charge for.

    They offer a delicious breakfast every morning and they even let guests access their kitchen for half of the day in order to cook their own food if they so desire. Now THAT is hospitality.

    If you’re wondering where to stay in Moorea on a mid-range budget, the Moorea Beach Lodge should be your first choice, it’s one of the best hotels when it comes to value for money.

    Fancy Stays In Moorea

    And now what French Polynesia is best known for… luxury stays. If you want fancy, they’ll give you fancy and then some!

    Here are the best places to stay in Moorea if you’re looking for chic luxury in a paradise setting:

    Upscale Airbnbs

    As mentioned before, Airbnbs come in all shapes and sizes. You can rent a private room for just a few dollars or you can spend $1000+ per night on the most elegant mansion on the island. Take your pick!

    So, if budget doesn’t matter to you, here are some upscale Airbnbs in Moorea to consider:

    Villa Moana

    For nearly $600 per night, you and up to 8 other guests can enjoy this modern waterfront property called Villa Moana. It’s the ideal place for a group of friends or family to vacation together.

    This four-bedroom, four-bathroom home has all of the amenities you could ever dream of: kayaks, a beautiful master bedroom with a sea view, and a salt water pool.

    Where To Stay In Moorea

    Although you’ll be located in the secluded southern Atiha neighborhood, you’ll have everything you need at this villa. And if you have any questions or need advice, the host, Emily, is wonderful and helpful.

    💡Pro Tip: If you want luxury on a budget in Moorea, invite several friends to join you on this trip of a lifetime. Split the cost and you’ll enjoy this breathtaking villa for just a few hundred dollars each.

    Where To Stay In Moorea

    Villa Manatea

    To wrap up our list of luxury Airbnbs in Moorea, we decided that Villa Manatea is too good NOT to include. Although it will run you $1200+ per night, it is well worth the splurge.

    This four bedroom villa can sleep up to 10 people, so invite some friends to split the cost.

    Sofitel Kia Ora Resort & Spa Overlook

    You’ll love the private plunge pool that looks out to the overwater traditional bungalows at the Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Resort, the luxe design with Polynesian influence, and the ensuite master bedroom that looks out over the turquoise lagoon.

    Wake up to the most brilliant view you’ve ever seen by renting the Villa Manatea. Forget the Sofitel or Hilton resorts; this villa blows them all out of the water by a long shot.

    If you’re looking for the most incredible place to stay in Moorea, don’t hesitate to book this villa before it’s too late.

    💡Pro Tip: Villa Manatea is located in the Teavaro neighborhood. This means you’re steps away from Temae Beach, the Sofitel Resort, and the ferry dock.

    Overwater Bungalows

    If you go to Moorea and you don’t stay in an overwater bungalow, did you really go to a French Polynesian island at all?

    When we arrived in Moorea, we were desperate to stay in an overwater bungalow and if you’ve seen the famous Instagram pictures of this island, you’ll be dying to stay in one, too.

    Here are the three overwater bungalows located on Moorea:

    💡Pro Tip: Moorea used to have the Intercontinental Resort, which also offered overwater bungalows. This resort is no longer open. It was permanently closed in 2020 due to issues with management.

    Hotel Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea

    I wanted to start the overwater bungalow section of our guide with a more affordable option.

    Hotel Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea will likely cost $400-600 per night depending on which overwater bungalow you choose and the time of year. This is far cheaper than the other two overwater bungalow options below.

    Hotel Manava, One of The Best Places To Stay in Moorea

    Although you won’t be staying in a 5-star resort, it will sure feel like it! This 4-star resort really works its magic.

    Whether you want to book an excursion, get a massage at the on-site spa, or lounge on the beach, the Manava Beach Resort will deliver.

    Best of all, the Manava Beach Resort is located in the Maharepa neighborhood. This is centrally located with plenty of places for dining and shopping nearby.

    Sofitel Moorea Kia Ora Resort & Spa

    There are two 5-star resorts on the island of Moorea and the Hilton Moorea and Sofitel Moorea. We decided to stay at the Sofitel Moorea for a night to experience an overwater bungalow in French Polynesia.

    For about $800 per night, you can book an overwater bungalow at the Sofitel. This includes breakfast, snorkel gear, and a private beach.

    Sofitel Kia Ora Is One Of The Best Places To Stay In Moorea

    We loved the hospitality that this resort offered; we were greeted with traditional Polynesian leis and we had the on-site restaurant and bar deliver dinner and drinks to our room.

    The connected deck had lounge chairs and a shower to rinse off after snorkeling in the ocean (literally right underneath your overwater bungalow!).

    If you want to experience an overwater bungalow, we highly recommend the Sofitel Kia Ora Resort & Spa.

    💡Pro Tip: The Sofitel Resort is connected to Temae Beach. There aren’t many dining options close by but the resort offers several different restaurants so you won’t have to leave the grounds in search of food.

    Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa

    Another world-class, 5-star resort in Moorea is the famous Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa. Whether you’re looking to lounge on the beach, go snorkeling, or visit the full-service spa, the Hilton Moorea has it all.

    Expect to pay $700-1000 per night for an overwater bungalow at this luxury hotel. This will vary depending on the time of year.

    The Hilton Moorea Resort & Spa

    The Hilton is located in the Piha’ena neighborhood close to both Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay. You’ll have easy access to plenty of dining options, beaches, and excursion companies. Unlike the Sofitel, the Hilton Resort is a bit more centrally located.

    You’ll also be directly across the road from Mount Rotui. If you fancy hiking and you’re in good physical condition, you may consider climbing to the top of Rotui.

    This 5-star resort isn’t lacking when it comes to resort amenities, so rest assured you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

    Where To Stay In Moorea For A Month Or More

    Let’s switch gears here because if you are really looking to save money on a place to stay in Moorea, your best option is to stay on the island for a month or longer.

    If you didn’t know, most Airbnbs offer a special discount to guests who stay “long-term”. This typically means for 28 days or more. Since this is the most economical, this is how we choose to travel.

    💡Pro Tip: If you want to know how we are able to travel long-term, check out our post, 23 Digital Nomad Jobs For Aspiring Travelers.

    Here are the best places to stay in Moorea for a month or more:

    Bungalow VAIKI

    With a 64% monthly discount, you truly can’t find a more budget-friendly place to stay on the island than Bungalow VAIKI.

    We spent a month at Bungalow VAIKI and paid approximately $1900. And while this might seem like a lot, you’ll likely spend more than this for a week-long stay at a mediocre resort.

    Where To Stay In Moorea Near Temae Beach

    The host is named Tamara and she is very caring and helpful. With this Airbnb reservation, you’ll have an entire bungalow to yourself. This includes a private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

    Although you will be living on her property, your bungalow will be completely self-sustaining, which means you will have as much privacy as you’d like.

    Aside from the bungalow itself, the best part about this stay is that you’ll be steps (literally) from one of the most popular beaches on the island: Temae Beach. Use some of the snorkeling gear that Tamara offers for free and spend hours exploring the coral reef located in your backyard.

    Torres Pretty House

    Splurge a little for a month-long stay at Torres Pretty House. This brand new property will run you about $2100 per month.

    The Torres Pretty House is a fully-equipped guesthouse with a full bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a mezzanine level that includes two additional beds. Up to 4 people can comfortably stay here.

    A Polynesian Palm Tree And Ocean

    Although you’ll be sharing the pool with the host, you’ll have your own private terrace and complete privacy.

    It’s the perfect place for long-term stays because you’ll have internet and a washer; two important amenities that many Airbnbs on Moorea don’t offer.

    The only major downfall of this property is that it is located on the south side of the island. Moorea’s south side doesn’t have the dining options, amenities, and beaches that the northern side does so you’ll have to consider how to get around Moorea.

    Moorea Studio With Swimming Pool

    The final place we stayed during our time in Moorea was the Moorea Studio With Swimming Pool. For about $2000 per month, spend time in this centrally located studio apartment.

    Although it was a bit small, we had no trouble cooking or working from this bungalow.

    A French Polynesian House With Private Bungalow And Pool

    With a private bathroom, bedroom, and kitchenette, you likely won’t have to interact with the host family if you want your privacy. On the other hand, the host, Jerome, and his family were very nice and helpful. Don’t hesitate to chat with them.

    The only shared space apart from the tropical gardens is the pool. When we were there, Jerome and his family were busy, which meant we had the pool to ourselves most days.

    This Airbnb is located between Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay. You’ll be just minutes from dining options, a big supermarket, and luxurious beaches.

    💡Pro Tip: This studio apartment had the best wifi on the island of Moorea. Steady wifi is hard to come by on the island, but at Jerome’s place, it was very stable and fast.

    5 Best Locations To Stay In Moorea

    Now, if you didn’t like any of the options above or you’re hoping to explore more options, I wanted to mention the 5 best locations to stay on the island of Moorea.

    If you’re planning a trip of a lifetime to French Polynesia, this is where you’ll want to stay:

    1. Tiahura

    The Tiahura neighborhood is located on the northwest corner of Moorea. By staying in Tiahura, you’ll have access to the best restaurants and shops.

    Also in the Tiahura area are two well-known beaches: Tiahura Beach and Sunset Beach. Grab a cocktail on Sunset Beach and watch the sun dip below the horizon.

    Apart from beaches, what else is so great about the Tiahura neighborhood? Well, this location is perfect for excursions, tours, and more. You’ll be close to the Te Mana O Te Moana Turtle Sanctuary, Coco Beach, and so many other fun things to do on the island.

    Note: No matter where you stay on the island, be sure to secure a reliable source of transportation. For budget-travelers, we recommend a motorbike. For families, you’ll want to rent a car or SUV.

    2. Temae

    We spent most of our time on Moorea in the Temae neighborhood.

    Not only is it close to the ferry and Moorea airport, but it is home to one of the top beaches on the island. We also loved that it was just down the road from the Maharepa neighborhood, which is full of cafes, shops, and supermarkets.

    The location is perfect for exploring both the northern and southern sides of the island. And even though it’s centrally located, it is far enough away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy peace and quiet.

    💡Pro Tip: If you’re into golfing, this is the place to stay. You’ll be directly next to the one and only golf course on the island of Moorea.

    3. Te’avaro

    Next door to the Temae area is the Te’avaro neighborhood. With plenty of swanky houses and an upscale Polynesian-style resort (Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea), you’ll find the luxury you’re looking for here.

    This area is centrally located so that you can easily access both sides of the island.

    A few popular spots near the Te’avaro neighborhood include Toatea Lookout, Temae Beach, the ferry, Champion Supermarket, and the Sofitel Resort.

    Luckily, if you’re staying in this area, you won’t have to limit the places you explore. Hop in the car and drive 10 minutes down the road to Maharepa, Cook’s Bay, and more ideal locations.

    4. Maharepa

    Maharepa seems to be the center of it all. If you want a centrally located place to stay in Moorea, this is your answer.

    This neighborhood is bursting with fun cafes, cute shops, and delicious restaurants. You can also find exciting excursion companies and hiking trails nearby.

    We especially loved that Maharepa is close to both Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay. There are so many adventures to be had in both of these locations.

    💡Pro Tip: Since this neighborhood is lively, you may want to consider another location if you’re looking for a calm and quiet stay on the island.

    5. Piha’ena

    The final neighborhood we recommend on the island is called Piha’ena. This neighborhood is located on the middle toe of Moorea (Moorea is shaped like a gecko’s foot) on the edge of Cook’s Bay.

    By staying in Piha’ena, you’ll have quick access to both bays which boast plenty of adventures like Mount Rotui, Magic Mountain, the Rotui Juice Factory, and more.

    We loved staying in Piha’ena because it was well-kept, quiet, and centrally located.

    Is Moorea Safe For Tourists?

    Now that we’ve covered the best resorts and locations on the island of Moorea, I want to cover a question that many people have asked us: Is Moorea a safe destination for tourists?

    Above all, the answer is absolutely yes.

    Moorea is a small island off the coast of Tahiti and it is part of the French Polynesian islands. Although it has its own government, it is owned by France.

    The island follows laws set by the French and the Polynesian governments. Therefore, rules are set in place and the majority of locals follow them.

    Similar to any other destination in the world, you should be aware of your surroundings while you’re in Moorea. Pay attention to your personal belongings and don’t flaunt fancy accessories outside of resorts.

    Even though you have a very, VERY slim chance of being pickpocketed or robbed, use common sense as you would anywhere else.

    However, if we’re talking about safety, the thing you should worry about most while visiting Moorea is the ocean. Riptides are common and injuries or death can occur if you’re not careful.

    Never swim or snorkel alone and understand the warning signs of riptides before traveling to Moorea.

    The Wrap-Up: Where To Stay In Moorea

    This tropical island is the definition of paradise. If it’s on your travel bucket list, book your flight now and use this guide to determine where to stay in Moorea. Whether you’re looking at overwater bungalows or a lovely room, there’s something for your budget.

    Moorea is still an unspoiled utopia that can (surprisingly) accommodate travelers of any budget type. And if you happen to be off to Bora Bora after your visit to Moorea, be sure to check out the best all inclusive resorts in Bora Bora.

    Wherever you decide to stay, with amazing ATV trips, incredible snorkeling, and some of the world’s best beaches you’re going to have a great time.

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