A view of the ocean from Moorea Beach Lodge

7 Best Moorea Beaches To Explore In 2024


If you’re planning a trip to the French Polynesian island of Moorea, you’re in luck! We spent two months roaming around Mo’orea, and we have the best tips for you.

Moorea is one of the most beautiful island destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for pristine beaches, lush hiking trails, or jutting peaks, Moorea has it all.

Start planning your holiday in paradise with our guide below where we share the 7 most incredible beaches in Moorea.

7 Incredible Moorea Beaches To Explore

I’m sure you’ve seen the picture-perfect photos of overwater bungalows and vibrant sea life of the South Pacific on Instagram, right?

The same pictures that make you want to quit your day job and become a beach bum in the tropics.

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    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re about to get a firsthand experience on the island of Moorea. Here are the best beaches to add to your Moorea itinerary:

    1. Ta’ahiamanu Beach

    Let’s start with a classic beach, shall we?

    Ta’ahiamanu Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Moorea. Located along the shores of Opunohu Bay, you’ll likely pass by this coastline many times throughout your stay on the island.

    Ta'ahiamanu Beach on the island of Moorea. One of the best beaches on Moorea.

    We loved that this beach was clean, scenic, and large.

    With plenty of trash cans nearby, you likely won’t find trash on the beach or in the ocean. After spending 3 months in Bali, this was a breath of fresh air.

    Unlike other beaches in Moorea, Ta’ahiamanu Beach has the best of both worlds. Stare out at the impressive yachts and never-ending Pacific Ocean or gawk at the incredible peaks to the south. These views are hard to find elsewhere in the world.

    Another one of Moorea's Best Beaches, Ta'ahiamnau

    This beach is very spacious, so even with plenty of people, you’ll be able to find your own quiet space.

    Nearby, you’ll find plenty of parking, food trucks, and other amenities.

    Note: For optimum relaxation, bring a hammock with you. There are plenty of palm trees near this beach.

    Where To Find Ta’ahiamanu Beach – Map

    This beach stretches for about 250 meters down the middle toe of Moorea (Moorea is shaped like a gecko’s foot – see map below).

    It is approximately 30 minutes from where the ferry docks. Considering where the majority of hotels and homestays are on the island, Ta’ahiamanu is in the ideal location.

    2. Coco Beach

    This beach will require a little work to get to, but trust us when we say it’s definitely worth the effort.

    Coco Beach is located approximately 5 minutes by boat from Opunohu Bay on an island called Motu Tiahura.

    Coco Beach on Motu Tiahura in French Polynesia.

    In order to get from Moorea to Motu Tiahura and Coco Beach, you’ll need to take a boat. Luckily, the Coco Beach restaurant offers a boat, but it will cost $5 per person – not a bad price to get to an island paradise.

    You can also get to Coco Beach by kayak. Simply rent one from Sunset Beach. It costs approximately $10 per hour and you can find the rental hut directly on the beach so it’s hard to miss it.

    Kayaking out to Coco Beach means that you can explore the island without having to eat at the restaurant, although we highly recommend it; the food and cocktails are delicious.

    A View of the Ocean From Coco Beach Restaurant in Moorea

    If you decide to ride out to Coco Beach in the boat, you’ll want to call this number to make reservations at the restaurant: +689 87 72 57 26.

    Be sure to call ahead of time to make a reservation because spots go quickly. The restaurant will tack on that $5 boat ride to your tab at the end of your meal.

    Where To Find Coco Beach – Map

    Coco Beach is actually located on another island just off the coast of Moorea.

    The island, Motu Tiahura, is very small and offers picturesque views of Moorea.

    Taking a boat to Coco Beach is the fastest and easiest way to get there. Call the number +689 87 72 57 26 for reservations and meet the boat at the location indicated on the map above.

    3. Temae Beach

    One of our favorite beaches in Moorea was located just steps away from the place we stayed for two months; we went to Temae Beach daily.

    Temae Beach on the island of Moorea, One of the Best Beaches on the Island.

    Temae Beach (pronounced Tah-may-ay Beach) is one of the most popular locations on the island. As one of the top beaches in Moorea, you can expect crystal-clear blue water, tall palm trees, and lots of sunshine.

    We also loved the snorkeling opportunities at this beach. A coral reef surrounds the island of Moorea and this reef is teeming with vibrant sea life.

    An Overhead View of Temae Beach from Toatea Lookout.

    Bring your snorkeling gear and spend an afternoon exploring the depths of Temae Beach.

    Note: The best snorkeling spots are on the northern side of the beach. In other words, the opposite side of the beach as the Sofitel. This is actually where a large majority of snorkeling companies host their tours.

    Where To Find Temae Beach – Map

    Temae Beach is located about 5 minutes north of the port (where the ferry drops people off from Tahiti).

    If you are flying into Moorea, it is just steps from the airport.

    2022 Update: According to recent news, Temae is no longer a public beach on Mo’orea. It is a private beach.

    4. Secret Beach

    Let me let you in on a little secret that only the locals seem to know..

    We aren’t sure if this place has an official name, but we’ve named it Secret Beach. Can you guess why?

    Because every time we went here, the beach was completed deserted.

    Okay, okay, we saw a few people (locals), but since this beach stretches for more than a half of a mile, we were always able to find our own little spot away from everyone else.

    And oftentimes, we didn’t see anyone at all.

    We found this beach because our first Airbnb stay was along this stretch of coastline and our host told us about it.

    Another huge perk is that the snorkeling at this beach is phenomenal. Bring your fins and mask because you could spend hours exploring under the sea.

    Note: We stayed within the reef every time we swam at this beach and never went further than waist deep. Be aware of the current. If it’s too strong, do not attempt to swim. It could be very dangerous.

    Where To Find The Secret Beach – Map

    Finding this spot is a lot trickier than finding other beaches on the island. But we promise it’s worth the effort.

    The dropped pin below is where you’ll go to access the beach. Park your motorbike off the private road next to the palm trees (that’s what we did).

    You’ll need to follow a well-trodden trail through the woods to get to Secret Beach, but it only takes about 2 minutes to get there.

    The trail is on the lefthand side of the entrance of a gated community. Our video above will show you where to find the path.

    5. Lagoonarium

    We couldn’t talk about best beaches in Moorea without mentioning the Lagoonarium.

    Not only is it a fun word to say, but visiting the Lagoonarium is one of the best things to do on the island of Moorea. Here, you’ll be able to swim with stingrays, sharks, and tropical fish like the humuhumunukunukuapua’a (aka the reef triggerfish).

    Tons of sea life at the Lagoonarium, one of the best beaches on the island of Moorea.

    In order to get to the Lagoonarium, you’ll need to take a boat from the east side of Moorea to the island of Motu Ahi, located just 3 minutes by sea.

    You can purchase a ticket to the Lagoonarium on the coast of Moorea, which is where you’ll also board the boat that takes you to the island.

    The beaches on Motu Ahi are incredibly beautiful and if you arrive early enough, you’ll be able to claim a beach hut for you and your group.

    Note: Feeding times at the Lagoonarium are at approximately 11:30am and 2pm.

    This is the perfect opportunity to swim with some of the most beautiful sea creatures, so don’t miss it!

    Where To Find The Lagoonarium – Map

    To get to the Lagoonarium, simply follow the map below. You’ll see a sign and a hut that says Lagoonarium. This is where you’ll buy a boat ticket and pay the entrance fee.

    Adults pay $40 each while children cost $29.

    It is best to reserve your tickets online beforehand especially if it’s a busy time of year, but they do accept walk-ups.

    6. Tiahura Beach

    An often overlooked area on Moorea is Tiahura Beach (also known as Plage Tiahura – plage means beach in French).

    Located in the northwestern corner of the island, Tiahura Beach is close to plenty of restaurants and resorts. This is also a popular place for tour companies to pick up their eager guests.

    A view of Tiahura Beach on the Island of Moorea in French Polynesia.

    In my opinion, Tiahura Beach is nice, but I would much rather spend my time at a larger beach with better views.

    Keeping that in mind, the park that sits in front of Tiahura Beach is wonderful. With plenty of room to play yard games or enjoy a picnic, it’s definitely a great place to spend an afternoon.

    Where To Find Tiahura Beach – Map

    Tiahura Beach is just 3 minutes down the road from Sunset Beach (Tipaniers Beach). It is located near restaurants, resorts, an ATM, and a gas station.

    7. Sunset Beach (Tipaniers Beach)

    Last but not least, we couldn’t forget to include Sunset Beach.

    Looking for the perfect spot to sip a cocktail and watch the sun dip below the horizon? Then Sunset Beach (also known as Tipaniers Beach) is the place for you.

    Sunset Beach in Moorea.

    Situated in front of Hotel Les Tipaniers, this beach is well-maintained by resort staff and has the perfect view of Coco Beach and the South Pacific horizon.

    Whether you come to enjoy it during the day or you want to watch the sunset in the evening, you’ll love the beauty of Tipaniers Beach.

    Where To Find Sunset Beach – Map

    Sunset Beach is owned by Hotel Les Tipaniers, therefore it’s located directly behind the hotel.

    Use the map below to find the location.

    Note: There is a restaurant located directly on Sunset Beach. This is a great place to grab a drink for sunset.

    Best Snorkeling Beaches In Moorea

    One of the best reasons to visit Moorea is to explore the vibrant sea life. So, whether you are a diver or you’re just there for some good snorkeling, you’ll want to find the best sites on the island.

    The best beaches for snorkeling in Moorea are (in order):

    ✔ Temae Beach

    ✔ Lagoonarium

    ✔ Secret Beach

    ✔ Coco Beach

    Moorea Beach Resorts

    Although I’m more of a budget traveler, I do like to splurge when it’s necessary.

    And let’s be honest, you can’t go to French Polynesia without staying in a beach resort, right?

    If luxury is what you seek and manicured beaches are what you want, then here are the top beach resorts in Moorea:

    ➡️ Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort And Spa

    For years, the Hilton has topped the charts of the best resorts in Moorea. This 5-star hotel has it all: overwater bungalows, overwater bars, and even a Polynesian spa.

    A view of the Pacific Ocean from the Hilton Moorea overwater bungalows.

    Enjoy the Hilton’s private beach or simply dive into the ocean from your overwater bungalow.

    ➡️ Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort

    We loved our stay at the Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort. The staff was incredibly kind, the food was phenomenal, and the rooms were unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    Sofitel Beach Resort has one of the best beaches on the island of Moorea.

    The Sofitel in Moorea is known for its picture-perfect beach. Located directly next to Temae Beach, you’ll enjoy the same beauty without the crowds. Sofitel’s beach is private, quiet, and clean.

    ✅ Click here to book your stay at Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort!

    ➡️ Manava Beach Resort & Spa Hotel Moorea

    Let’s face it, overwater bungalows and fancy resorts are not cheap. Not everyone can afford to pay $1200 per night for a place to sleep.

    But what if I told you that you could have all of the same luxuries without the crazy price tag?

    Manava Beach Resort is one of the best affordable luxury hotel on the island.

    The Manava Beach Resort is a 4-star hotel and spa on the northern side of Moorea. Here, you’ll pay a fraction of the cost for an overwater bungalow as you would at the Hilton or Sofitel.

    And the best part? You likely won’t know the difference.

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll be utterly impressed with this fancy-yet-affordable beach resort. This is going to be especially reasonably priced if you visit Moorea during the off-season.

    Click here to book your stay at Manava Beach Resort!

    ➡️ Moorea Beach Lodge

    This hidden gem is a 4-star hotel disguised as a 3-star hotel. Moorea Beach Lodge has sparkling rooms, direct beach access, and an open-air terrace, what else could you want?

    A view of the ocean from Moorea Beach Lodge

    Did we mention that it is affordable (at least in comparison to the Hilton and the Sofitel)?

    If you want a luxury stay on a budget, this is the beach resort for you.

    What About The Intercontinental Moorea?

    For decades, the Intercontinental Moorea topped the charts for the best resorts on the island.

    To this day, people continue to search for the Intercontinental Moorea in hopes of booking a dreamy vacation here.

    Why Did the Intercontinental in Moorea Close? It was one of the best beaches on Moorea.

    Unfortunately, the Intercontinental Moorea was permanently shut down in early 2020. It was stated that the resort couldn’t afford to stay open due to travel being halted*. They chose to close it down for good.

    *Locals know that this isn’t the real reason that the Intercontinental was shutdown; they used this excuse to “save face” after issues with management.

    Watch Our Moorea Beaches Video

    Be sure to watch our Youtube video for a better picture of what you can expect from each location.

    The Wrap-Up: Moorea Beaches

    If Moorea is on your itinerary, be sure to visit all of the most famous beaches on the island.

    This island paradise is truly everything you could want and more. Rent a car or choose another way to get around Moorea and see for yourself just how special French Polynesia is with her craggy peaks and turquoise waters.

    And if luxury is your thing then the Hilton Moorea and the Sofitel Moorea are where you should be staying.

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