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We’ve compiled this comprehensive list of travel resources. From packing essentials to budget airlines to the best travel credit cards, it’s a great checklist to reference before heading out on your next big adventure.

👉 These are the same resources we personally use for our travels!

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    Our Favorite Travel Tools & Services

    • FareDrop – Want to know how we save so much on flights? We *buy* the cheapest flights. And with FareDrop, it’s easy!

      Every day, FareDrop will send you the BEST flight deals directly to your email inbox so you don’t have to search for them. You’ll choose your preferred departure city, and they’ll cater to you. It’s been the best investment for us as frequent travelers.
    • SecretFlying – This is one of our favorite websites and newsletters to follow. If you’re looking for killer deals on flights (I’m talking flying business class for the price of economy – yes, seriously), you NEED to bookmark this website.

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      • Trusted Housesitters – Want 100% free accommodation around the world? Consider housesitting! Mike and I do this regularly and LOVE it.

        You’ll likely need to enjoy being around pets since you’ll likely be taking care of someone else’s pet. But you’ll also have a completely free place to stay in a neat location. We’ve used Trusted Housesitters to stay in a 2.5 million dollar mansion in Breckenridge, Colorado and a 2 million dollar luxury home in Park City, Utah. It’s totally worth it!
      • WWOOF – WWOOF is another way to get completely free accommodation (and most meals, too), but you will need to trade a few hours each day to help on an organic farm. Check out their website for more details!
      • iMoova – Want a completely free (or nearly free) car, van, or motorhome rental? Consider relocating a vehicle using iMoova. This website connects you with companies that need help moving their vehicles from one location to the next. Most will pay for gas and allow several extra days so you can take your time and enjoy the trip.
      • Viator – If you’re planning your trip, you need to use Viator to book the best tours for any location in the world. We’ve used Viator for every vacation we’ve been on and the tours are always fantastic. From half-day tours to hiking tours to multi-day excursions, you can’t go wrong with Viator.
      • Google Fi – We’ve tried *many* cell phone services and plans throughout the years, but nothing compares to the ease of Google Fi.

        We use it specifically because you can use your phone and data the same way abroad as you can at home. We never have to change SIM cards or worry about using our phones in another country. Google Fi literally always has us covered. Even when we were trekking in the middle of nowhere Kyrgyzstan.
      • Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card – We’ve used nearly every travel credit card you can think of from the AMEX Platinum to Delta specific cards and everything in between. None compared to Chase Sapphire Preferred. They have amazing sign-up bonuses, so wait for the next incredible deal and jump on it.
      • Hostelworld – Save money, stay in hostels. They aren’t scary or gross like you might think they are. They are affordable and offer excellent budget accommodation for frequent travelers. You can even book a private room!
      • Campendium – If you’re into camping, use Campendium to find every boondocking site in the USA. Free camping? Hell yes!
      • Solis Wifi – Grab a Solis Wifi device before your next trip to stay connected. Solis is the best wifi device option for travelers worldwide. If you’re worried about finding your way, you won’t go wrong with Solis.
      • Thermarest Pillows – We love our Thermarest pillows, especially when we’re camping in our car or flying on a plane. These pillows pack to the tiniest size and can fit in the smallest spaces. They bulk up to be the coziest travel pillows around with cosy memory foam.
      • Skyscanner – Another airline booking option is Skyscanner. We love using Skyscanner because they have the “Whole Month” and “Everywhere” options to get the lowest prices on flights around the world.

      More Travel Resources You’ll Love

      • The Opinion Terminal – This is a website that allows you to take surveys in exchange for Alaska Airlines SkyMiles. When you’re bored, jump on a few surveys to earn points.
      • Opinion Miles Club – Use this website to take surveys in exchange for United Airlines SkyMiles.
      • Aussie Housesitters – This is a platform dedicated to housesitting in Australia. We typically use Trusted Housesitters wherever we are, but if you’re in Australia, you’ll likely find more options on this website.
      • Thousand Trails – If you’re an RVer like us, the Thousand Trails membership is a MUST. We paid $400 for a yearly membership that allowed us to LIVE at Thousand Trail campgrounds around the US.
      • Passport America – Like the Thousand Trails membership, Passport America is another membership that HAS to be in your pocket as an RVer. They offer 50% nightly discounts to campgrounds and RV resorts around the USA.

      Blogging Resources

      • A2 – The first step to a successful travel blog is self-hosting your site. We use A2 because they have affordable prices and excellent customer service.
      • SEMRush – A bit more advanced in your SEO game? We use SEMRush to find the best keywords for our blog posts.
      • Keysearch – Looking for keywords? This affordable keyword research tool is perfect for beginners