395 Unique Travel Blog Names & Ideas (2024 Update)


One of the most difficult tasks when starting a travel blog is selecting a name. I was so hung up on picking through travel blog names that I couldn’t focus on actually launching my blog.

In this post, you’re going to learn the important aspects of choosing the best travel blog name, along with 395 travel blog name ideas for your new website.

Decide On A Travel Blog Niche

Before you can decide on a travel blog name, you must determine your travel blog niche.

395 Travel Blog Names

I’m sure you’ve already given this part some thought, but I’m always surprised by how many people say, “it’s a travel blog. I write about everything travel related.”

Eek! That’s A LOT to cover!

In order to have a successful travel blog, start by thinking: “what can I offer my readers? How can I help them? Why would they want to read my blog? What do I know that they might not know?

These are the questions to ask yourself to help solidify your niche.

Maybe you’re an expert at finding the most delicious and authentic food in any given city. Perhaps you can book cruises for a fraction of the typical cost. Or maybe you know everything there is to know about traveling in Thailand. All of these thoughts are a perfect place to start.

Now, I’m not telling you that you can ONLY write about the things associated with your blog niche. Personally, I write about travel destinations, remote work, and travel hacking. Some days I write about How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger, while other days I focus on Island Hopping in Thailand.

However, you will want to narrow your blog topic down from just “travel” to something a bit more specific.

Why Are Travel Blog Names Important?

Once you’ve decided on your blog niche, it’s time to start creating your brand. Understanding how “branding a travel blog” works is a difficult concept, especially for someone who is just starting.

Essentially, your brand is what helps you establish who you are in the blogging world, gain an audience, and build trust with readers and search engines.

How to Choose a Travel Blog Name

This will become more obvious as you continue through your blogging journey, but for now, we are going to focus on building your brand through a blog name.

Therefore, it’s important to select a blog name that represents you.

Brainstorming Travel Blog Names

There are several different ways to find the perfect travel blog name. Generating ideas off the top of your head can pose a challenge, so follow these three steps to construct a travel blog name that works for you and your brand:

1. Investigate What Already Works

One of the easiest ways to decide on a travel blog name is by looking at what already works in the travel blogging industry.

Now I’m definitely not telling you to copy your favorite travel bloggers because ultimately that won’t set you apart from the competition. But I am telling you to generate unique ideas based on their travel blog names.

While it is always important to be unique in the travel blogging world (especially with the high-volume of travel bloggers out there), there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

My philosophy is: use the same recipe with different ingredients.

The best travel blog name for any niche

Below, I’ve listed 10 popular travel blogs. Take a look at the words and phrases they have used for their travel blog names and read through the suggestions of similar words and phrases.

These travel bloggers each have names that are the foundation of their travel blog brand:

1. Nomadic Matt

Nomad (noun): a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer

Words or phrases like nomad: wanderer, gypsy, wayfarer, migrant, roamer, rambler, vagabond, trailblazer, trekker, pioneer, pathfinder, rover, tramp, drifter, beachcomber, globetrotter, voyager, jet-setter, vagrant, itinerant, journeyer, drifter, backpacker, footslogger, traveler, gallivanting

2. Adventurous Kate

Adventure (noun): an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

Adventure (verb): a daring or exciting activity

Words or phrases like adventure: escapade, venture, daredevil, fearless, reckless, dauntless, intrepid, daring

3. The Planet D

Planet (noun): the earth

Words or phrases like planet: Earth, universe, global, orb, nature, environment, creation, the living world, world, scenery, flora and fauna, the cosmos, Mother Nature

4. The Blonde Abroad

Abroad (adverb): in or to a foreign country

Words or phrases like abroad: foreign, expat, overseas, everywhere, beyond the seas, far and wide, in all directions, away, elsewhere, in foreign lands, out of the country, touring

5. The Poor Traveler

Poor (adjective): lacking sufficient money

Words or phrases like poor: bankrupt, scanty, meager, penniless, broke, moneyless, down-and-out, destitute, tight budget, strapped for cash

6. Thrifty Traveler

Thrifty (adjective): using money or other resources carefully

Words or phrases like thrifty: frugal, prudent, cheap, penny-pinching, penny-wise, scrimping, meager, canny, budget, parsimonious, meticulous, smart, crafty, sensible

7. Smarter Travel

Smart (adjective): having or showing a quick-witted intelligence

Words or phrases like smart: slick, keen, smooth, wise, brainy, clever, farsighted, sharp, experienced, streetwise, in the know, on the ball, sly, ingenious, sensible, resourceful, brilliant, genius, quick, wily

8. Y Travel Blog

Travel (verb): to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad

Travel (noun): a journey

Words or phrases associated with travel: excursion, journey, expedition, wayfaring, globe-trotting, voyaging, sightseeing, navigation, transit, move, trek, cruise, go, migrate, traverse, set out, scour, jaunt, vacation, explore, hop, adventure, visit, roam, sail, cross, exploration, quest, tour, odyssey, itinerary, trip, sojourn, pilgrimage, route, passage, go places, fly, safari, layover, gallivanting, circumnavigate

9. Hand Luggage Only

Luggage (noun): suitcases or bags that hold personal belongings

Words or phrases like luggage: suitcase, travel bag, trunk, chest, briefcase, belongings, gear, goods and chattels, baggage, possessions

10. One Mile at a Time

Mile (noun): a unit of linear measurement equal to 5,280 feet

Words or phrases like mile: at a distance, beyond the bounds, kilometers, destination, nautical, afar, long haul, outskirts, stretch, horizon

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2. Get Creative, Be Unique!

A great way to stand out from the competition is by creating a unique travel blog name. Since words like nomad, adventurous, and wandering have been exhausted by the influx of new travel bloggers, research new ways to describe the same thing.

Travel Blog Names

Below, I’ve listed several examples of unique and foreign words that relate to travel. There are heaps of neat words like this, so don’t be afraid to research some of your own uncommon travel-related words and use them for your travel blog.

Important note: since these words are unfamiliar to most people, it would be a smart idea to share the definition with your readers (perhaps even on your home page) and how it relates to your brand.

Unique Words or Phrases Related to Travel

Fernweh: this is a German word that essentially means wanderlust or longing after faraway places.

Dérive: a french word for a spontaneous and unplanned trip or journey.

Numinous: a Latin phrase that means being awe-inspired and shocked by the things that are in front of you.

Solivagant: a word derived from Latin meaning to wander and travel the world alone.

Gadabout: with German roots, this word refers to a person who is constantly on the move.

Vagary: another Latin phrase meaning a magical journey (I swear the Latin language has the best words for travel).

Livsnjutare: a Swedish phrase that describes someone who fully enjoys life.

Eutheromania: a Greek word for an intense desire for freedom.

Vacilando: a Spanish phrase that describes a traveler who understands that the journey is more important than the destination itself.

Yūgen: a Japanese phrase that describes the intense feeling you get from observing the world around you; a feeling too deep for words.

Acatalepsy: another Greek phrase meaning an impossibility of understanding the universe.

Onism: a Danish word in origin that describes a person who understands that the world is too big of a place and we cannot possibly see it all.

Selcouth: an Old English word that refers to the strange feeling you get when things around you are unfamiliar, yet completely fascinating.

Resfeber: a Swedish phrase that describes the excitement before a traveler begins their journey.

Ullassa: this word derives from an Indo-European language and refers to the feeling of being completely content while surrounded by nature.

Sobremesa: a Spanish word that describes a time when the meal is finished but conversation is still going. This would be a perfect word to use for a foodie travel blog!

3. Consider Your Travel Blog Niche

Another easy way to generate travel blog names is by considering your travel blog niche.

Not only does this help your potential readers understand what your blog is about, but it also helps Google understand what your blog is about.

As travel bloggers hoping to gain a large audience and make money, pleasing Google is your ultimate goal. This is called SEO or search engine optimization.

Since SEO is a complicated topic to cover in just a few sentences, understand that Google places websites higher in search results if their site is strongly related to a particular topic. This is something to consider when writing blog posts, structuring your home page, and choosing a travel blog name.

How to Start a Travel Blog

To explain this concept further, read through this example:

If you have a blog dedicated to budget travel, having a blog name that is associated with budget travel is a factor that Google considers when ranking your website for search results. If you rank higher in a Google search, you’re bound to generate exceptionally more traffic to your website.

Below, I’ve listed 11 common travel blog niches and words that associate with these topics.

Adventure Travel

Mountains: bluff, cliff, elevation, butte, peak, ridge, sierra, volcano, range, pike, mount, palisade, mesa, summit, alps

Islands & Beaches: archipelago, enclave, peninsula, islet, isle, atoll, reef, cay, coast, shore, seaside, oceanfront, shoreline, sand, beachcomber

Hiking: backpacking, exploring, hitchhiking, trekking, walking, wandering, mountaineering, rock-climbing, alpinism, hit the road, footsteps

Extreme: ultimate, epic, intense, boundary, peak, pinnacle, top, legend

Road trips: avenue, expressway, highway, route, pavement, drive, direction, passage, alley, roadway, street, boulevard, lane, ride, commute, tour, outing, joyride, journey, way, path, overland, hitchhike


yonder, distance, farther, remote, away, beyond, journey’s end, stopover, outskirts, horizon, compass, boundary, circumnavigate, landscape

Budget Travel

frugal, prudent, cheap, penny-pinching, penny-wise, scrimping, meager, canny, budget, parsimonious, meticulous, smart, crafty, sensible, finances, money, cash, funds

Luxury Travel

high-living, comfort, fancy, extravagant, lavish, pamper, posh, grand, ritzy, swanky, stately, aristocratic

Solo Travel

solitary, unaccompanied, detached, desolate, lone, deserted, secluded

Family Travel

tribe, kin, dynasty, affinity, the gang, clan, adolescent, youngster, team, posse, league, club, troop, squad, herd, crew

Couples Travel

duo, two, newlyweds, team, pair, honeymooners, partners, relationship, wed, mate, bond, cohabitants, Mr. and Mrs.

Abroad Travel

foreign, expat, overseas, countries, capitals, everywhere, beyond the seas, far and wide, in all directions, away, elsewhere, in foreign lands, out of the country, touring

Foodie Travel

cuisine, bite, snack, refreshments, eatable, chow, table, diet, entree, appetizer, grub, palate, cocktail, taste, munchies, spoon, fork, feast, picnic, gorge, overindulge, alfresco

Off-The-Beaten Path Travel

unknown, hidden, secret, unexplored, remote, uncharted, far, far-off, untold, concealed, undisclosed, mysterious, undiscovered

Outdoor Travel

rustic, woods, nature, environment, scenery, forest, climate, habitat, jungle, ecosystem, terrain, topography, recreation, wilderness, landscape

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    What NOT To Do When Choosing Travel Blog Names

    There are several things I’ve learned from travel blogging over the past five years. One of the most important things I’ve learned is what NOT to do when choosing travel blog names.

    Here are three tips to keep in mind when making your decision:

    ❌ Don’t Choose A Travel Blog Name You Can’t Grow With

    The biggest mistake I made when starting my travel blog was choosing a name I couldn’t grow with.

    What I mean by this is, I didn’t choose a name that I would be happy with years later. I also didn’t consider the topics I would be writing about years down the line.

    On a whim, I chose a silly travel blog name: Bellas, Brews, Bon Voyage! Quite the mouthful, huh?

    Travel Blog

    My thought process was: I’m a girl, I like beer, and I like to travel. But was I really going to write about beer all the time? Probably not.

    As the years went on, I grew out of my blog name. It didn’t fit my blog niche and it sounded a little juvenile (kind of like my email address from middle school.. you may call me superblonde haha!).

    Unfortunately, changing your travel blog name is not an easy fix. By changing your blog name, you are essentially rebranding. Losing some readers is inevitable and the entire process is quite a hassle.

    So, before you decide on a travel blog name, consider this: is this a name you’ll be genuinely happy with over the course of time? Will it represent your blog niche well for years to come?

    Think of your blog name as a tattoo that will be difficult to replace in the future.

    ❌ Avoid Complicated Names

    Readers favor names that are uncomplicated and easy to remember.

    When I would tell people that my travel blog name was Bellas, Brews, Bon Voyage, I would get a lot of confused faces. “How do you spell that?” was the response I would often get and let me tell you.. trying to spell this out for people was a pain.

    Now that we are Mike & Laura Travel, it’s much easier to remember and spell. Don’t get me wrong, you should be creative and unique, but if your travel blog name is eight words long, I’d rethink it!

    ❌ “.com” Names Perform Better

    At all costs, try and secure a .com domain name. .com names perform better and are much easier to remember than any other domain name.

    The problem with this is that many .com names are already taken. This is where you’ll want to be creative and build a travel blog name that hasn’t been used already.

    Important Step: Register Your Travel Blog Name

    So you’ve chosen the perfect travel blog name, right? You might be wondering.. “what do I do next?”

    In order to own your travel blog name, you’ll need to register it through a web hosting provider (this means you’ll OWN your site).

    Through your web hosting provider, you’ll be able to login to WordPress, design your website, and start creating amazing content.

    Register Your Travel Blog Name Via A2

    In my opinion, A2 hosting is the best hosting provider for newbies. Mike and I have switched from Bluehost to A2 for our smaller blogs and have been extremely satisfied.

    We recommend A2 to our readers because they’re affordable (especially if you’re trying to start a blog on a budget) and offer excellent customer service.

    So let’s get started.

    ✅ Get Started

    This link will bring you to A2 Hosting. Hover over “Hosting” at the very top and choose “Shared Hosting”. From there, you can click “Compare Plans” and it will bring you to a page that looks like this:

    How To Register Your Travel Blog Name

    ✅ Select a plan

    Next, you’ll select a plan. If you’re new to the $2.99 basic plan will do just fine.

    You can always change it in the future, but for now, go with the basic plan (this will save you money $$).

    Register your domain name

    On the next page, you’ll choose “Register a new domain”. This is where you’ll buy your URL / travel blog name – exciting, right?!

    Register Your Travel Blog Names

    If your travel blog name is taken by someone else, they will ask you to choose a different domain name.

    Note: Remember to avoid any domain name that isn’t .com.

    Choose your extras

    Once you’ve selected an available travel blog name, you’ll flip through another page. There’s nothing that needs to be done on that page other than select how long you’d like your hosting package to last. I recommend the longest (36 months) since this will save you money in the long run, but you can always purchase another contract when your time comes. Many people start with 12 months, so don’t feel that it’s a bad option.

    Next, continue until you reach the page that has the “extras” that you can add-on to your package.

    The only extra I recommend is the ID Protection.

    For the others, you can uncheck the boxes.

    Select Your Travel Blog Extras with A2

    Access WordPress

    Once you have your travel blog name registered, you’ll be ready to open WordPress and start creating your site.

    Learn how to create content that people actually want to read, how to drive thousands of readers to your site each day, and how to monetize your travel blog by registering for our upcoming training. Click here to save your spot – it’s free!

    The Wrap-Up: 395 Travel Blog Names

    When starting a travel blog, worrying about the perfect travel blog name should be the last thing on your mind. Sort through the 395 travel blog name ideas above and remember the three tips I’ve given you for brainstorming travel blog names.

    This guide is sure to help you choose a name that you can grow with and one that fits your niche.

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    How to Pick the Perfect Travel Blog Names: