3 Best Steamboat Springs Hot Springs To Explore (By A Local)

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You’ve certainly come to the right place because we have lived in Steamboat Springs for 9 years.

So, whether you visit commercial hot springs, luxury hot springs, or our local hangout, hot pools can be found scattered throughout our town of Steamboat Springs.

Use our helpful guide to visit all three hot springs in Steamboat Springs (note: there are only three in our town, not five):

  • Strawberry Park Hot Springs
  • Hippie Hot Springs
  • Old Town Hot Springs

3 Steamboat Springs Hot Springs

A skiers’ paradise, Steamboat Springs is located at the northern tip of Colorado. Surrounded by majestic mountains and wrapped up in the Yampa River, Steamboat is full of natural beauty and has something for everything.

Winter in Steamboat

While visiting Steamboat Springs, be sure to visit all three of the beautiful natural hot springs that this tiny ski resort town has to offer. Relax in their warm mineral waters after a long day of skiing on the mountain or hiking in the national forest.

1. Strawberry Park Hot Springs (20 Minutes From Steamboat)

The most popular Steamboat Springs hot springs is Strawberry Park Hot Springs, located just outside of town in a natural setting nestled in the surrounding forest. These are the most spectacular mineral springs we’ve ever visited.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs in winter located just outside of the small ski town, Steamboat Springs, in northern Colorado

Here, you’ll find a handful of large pools to soak in, all varying in temperature. Hidden amongst the tall trees of Routt National Forest, these natural springs are perfect after a long day on the mountain, or even if you want to elope!

💡Pro Tip: If you plan to visit in the winter, be sure to bring your 4WD car with snow tires, a requirement during snowy months.

These hot springs are open year-round for Steamboat visitors. Come and enjoy them in the cold winter months surrounded by Steamboat’s famous champagne powder or relax under the summer moon.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs Cost

Pricing varies depending on the time of year.

Expect to pay $20 for adults and $10 for children on holidays and holiday weekends.

Normal entrance fees cost $15 for adults and $8 for children.

💡Pro Tip: Bring cash! Strawberry Park Hot Springs does NOT accept credit cards.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs Experience

As a Steamboat Springs local, I highly suggest visiting Strawberry Park Hot Springs during a meteor shower.

Obviously, this might be an impossible challenge for some visitors, but if you’re lucky and a meteor shower occurs during your visit, don’t miss out on a soak in the springs while watching the show.

Strawberry Park also has picnic areas and offers spa services.

Imagine soaking up the natural minerals in these pools, then getting pampered in one of their beautiful private massage huts. Their massage packages start at $55 and they offer several different packages from traditional massages to aquatic therapy.

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    Getting To Strawberry Park Hot Springs From Steamboat

    As stated before, having a four-wheel drive vehicle during winter months is necessary. In summer months, although bumpy at times, the dirt road to reach Strawberry Park is very straightforward.

    If you are a visitor to Steamboat Springs, I suggest either renting a car or taking the shuttle to the hot springs. There are several shuttle services from downtown Steamboat to the hot springs.

    Strawberry Park

    Prices for these shuttles range from $20 (children) to $45 (adults). These prices include entrance to the hot springs.

    For Strawberry Park shuttle services, check out Sweet Pea Tours and The Hot Springs Shuttle.

    For those driving themselves to these Steamboat Springs hot springs, use the map and follow the directions below:

    From Lincoln Avenue, take 3rd Street north. Pass by USPS on your right and stop at the 4-way intersection. Here, you’ll turn right onto Fish Creek Falls road.

    Follow Fish Creek Falls Road to Amethyst Drive. Turn left on Amethyst drive and continue until you hit County Road 36. Continue north for a short drive on County Road 36 until you eventually reach the Strawberry Park Hot Springs parking area.

    The trip should take approximately 20 minutes in total from downtown Steamboat Springs to Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

    Know Before You Go

    After sundown, clothing becomes optional and all children must leave the premises. Strawberry Park Hot Springs does an awesome job of keeping the area dark for privacy, while still lighting the walking path for safety.

    2. Hippie Hot Springs (Downtown Steamboat)

    A local’s secret, Hippie Hot Springs is a cluster of warm pools along the banks of the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs. These small pools are located just across the street from Old Town Hot Springs.

    Hippie hot springs is a local's favorite located in downtown Steamboat Springs.

    Hippie Hot Springs is heated by runoff water from the Old Town Hot Springs fitness center and spa, forming mini ‘hot tubs’ in the Yampa river. Enjoy these Steamboat hot springs during the spring, summer, and fall.

    Cost Of Hippie Hot Springs

    Relaxing in these hot spring pools is completely free; my favorite kind of price!

    Hippie Hot Springs Experience

    Although the name suggests that these are hot springs, I would consider them warm springs. The temperature of these springs doesn’t typically exceed 100 degrees.

    An awesome way to enjoy these hot springs is by taking a tubing trip down the Yampa River during summer days. The Yampa River is fed by Fish Creek Falls, an epically cold river coming off the peak of the mountain.

    Hippie hot springs is located on the banks of the Yampa River.

    Starting at Rotary Park, float down the chilly river until you reach this inlet of pools. Warm up by soaking in these springs before continuing on your tubing journey.

    Other visitors like to visit the hot springs after canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding down the river.

    Getting To Hippie Hot Springs

    Hippie Hot Springs is located across the street from Old Town Hot Springs. Look for the sign, Dr. Rich Weiss Park. You’ll find the heated pools surrounded by rock on the bank of the river.

    Know Before You Go

    This is a hidden gem among locals. Steamboat residents hold high regard for the Yampa River.

    Please respect the river and hot springs; pack out whatever you pack in. There are plenty of trash cans nearby to throw away rubbish.

    3. Old Town Hot Springs (Downtown Steamboat)

    Old Town Hot Springs in downtown Steamboat might just be the most epic place in town. Fed by the Heart Spring, these historic hot springs have been used for spiritual healing for over 100 years.

    A picture of Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado taken by me.

    This fitness center offers activities for everyone, from rock climbing to massages to exercise classes. And, of course, who could forget the natural hot spring-fed pools?

    Whether you’re a member or a guest, visiting Old Town Hot Springs is a treat for the entire family.

    Old Town Hot Springs Cost

    The cost of visiting Old Town Hot Springs varies depending on the type of visit.

    A day spent soaking in the hot pools costs $18 for adults and $12 for children; this is also the cost of a day at the fitness center.

    Aside from the main pool, there is a fun kiddie pool for the youngsters. Water slides and the floating obstacle course can also be accessed for an extra charge.

    Old Town Hot Springs Experience

    The best part about Old Town Hot Springs is that when you pay for an entire day, you are able to come and go whenever you’d like.

    Enjoy a soak in the morning before you hit the mountain and take time to relax in the pools after the day is done. Or, if you’re feeling energetic, you can swim in the heated lap pool as well.

    Old Town Hot Springs also lets its visitors and members bring in food and eat at the designated picnic spots. Instead of spending loads of money on the nearby restaurants, pack a lunch and bring it with you to the fitness center.

    Getting To Old Town Hot Springs

    Old Town Hot Springs is located on Lincoln Ave just as you arrive in downtown Steamboat Springs. Situated just before the post office, this is the first building you will see coming into the downtown area of Steamboat.

    Know Before You Go

    If possible, I like to make things cheap. If you’re anything like me, finding ways to spend less money is your goal.

    Luckily, Old Town Hot Springs has a really great admission option called Twilight Pools. From 7:45 – 9:45pm each night, they offer a soak in their naturally-fed hot springs for a fraction of the daily price.

    Take advantage of this option and pay just $10 for a two-hour session of relaxation at this great place. Admittance for children is just $5.

    Where To Stay In Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    If you are visiting Steamboat Springs, consider staying in a hotel rather than an Airbnb/VRBO. There is a major housing crisis in our small town, and you can help us solve the problem of overtourism.

    Here are the two best hotels in Steamboat Springs:

    ➡️ Holiday Inn Steamboat Springs

    I actually used to work at the restaurant attached to this hotel! The Holiday Inn is a great choice if you are coming to Steamboat Springs for winter activities. The free bus stops right by Rex’s, so you can ride to the mountain or downtown easily.

    ➡️ The Nordic Lodge

    For a more affordable option, consider the Nordic Lodge. When my friend’s dad came to town, he stayed here and enjoyed it! It isn’t anything fancy, but it’s a reliable place to stay.

    🎉 For even more places to stay in Steamboat, check out Booking.com. We use Booking.com for all of our accommodation bookings.

    How To Get To Steamboat Springs

    Since you’ll likely be coming from Denver, the easiest way to get to Steamboat Springs is by car.

    While some people recommend flying into Steamboat, I would only recommend doing that in winter so that you don’t have to face any treacherous weather going over Rabbit Ears Pass.

    A photo of a sign showing how many miles to go to get to Steamboat Springs.

    Driving will take you approximately the same time as flying (although the flight time is actually just 29 minutes, factor in security, boarding, baggage claim, etc) and you’ll have your own car to explore.

    The Wrap-Up: Steamboat Springs Hot Springs

    Although frigid weather haunts the Yampa Valley in the winter months, Steamboat Springs is chalked full of incredible hot springs for staying warm.

    Whether you want to save money or you’re looking for luxury relaxation, Steamboat Springs has hot springs for every budget. Take the time to visit each of the three hot springs that Steamboat has to offer.

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