Three Coconut Trees Pass Hiking Trail Moorea

9 Moorea Hiking Trails That Will Take Your Breath Away

Looking for the best hiking trails on Moorea?

As one of the most visually beautiful islands in the world, it would be a shame to visit Moorea without catching the most awe-inspiring views.

Use our guide to plan out your hiking adventures while visiting Moorea; these hiking trails will bring you to the best lookout points on the entire island.

9 Best Moorea Hiking Trails

And now to the really important stuff.. the best hiking trails on the island.

Moorea has a plethora of exciting treks that will bring you to some of the most epic viewpoints.

Not only will you see the island from the best vantage points, but hiking is free. On this archipelago, free activities are hard to come by.

1. Mount Rotui

Distance: 5 miles out-and-back
Elevation Gain:
2,950 feet
Near the Hilton Moorea

The most incredible hike on the island of Moorea is Mount Rotui. This peak sits in the middle of Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay.

From the top, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of both bays and the surrounding reef.

Mike and Laura at the top of Mount Rotui, one of the best hiking trails on Moorea.

Be aware that this hike is not for the faint of heart. In fact, I don’t know if “hike” is the right word to use for this trail.

Much of the trail will require climbing and scrambling. After you reach the halfway point, you’ll approach more exposed ridges.

Therefore, if you’re traveling with children or someone who has a fear of heights, you may want to choose a different trek.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We strongly discourage anyone from hiking Mount Rotui. While it is amazingly beautiful and we were semi-successful with our hike up Rotui on Moorea, it is incredibly dangerous. Please think twice about attempting this hike.

How To Get To Mount Rotui

Getting to Mount Rotui was a challenge for us, so we’re hoping to make it a lot easier for you.

It is located near the incredible Hilton Moorea, but on the opposite side of the road. The trailhead starts at the end of a driveway that serves several houses.

The map below will show you exactly where to go to find the Mount Rotui Trailhead.

Note: We recommend parking at the northern end of Ta’ahiamanu Beach and walking from there. There is free public parking on the side of the road.

As you’re walking from Ta’ahiamanu Beach toward the Hilton Resort, look for a driveway that has a large tree at the end of it.

There will be a sign that says “Rotui” in red (pictured below). This is the driveway you want to walk down to find the trailhead.

Entrance Sign To Mount Rotui Hike

At the end of the driveway, follow the signs and markers.

More Signs Leading To Mount Rotui in Moorea. One Of The Best Hiking Trails.

The trail will be hard to follow at first. Follow the trail behind a house/shed.

Below, the picture shows where you’ll be walking behind the home. At that point, you’ll turn to walk up the hill. After this hill, you’ll quickly approach some woods and you’ll need to snake between branches until you find the path.

Mike climbing up Mount Rotui Entrance

Once you find the path, it is relatively easy to follow, but remember, you’ll often be scrambling up boulders to reach the top of Rotui.

Map of Rotui Trailhead

Here is a map to the trailhead of Mount Rotui. It starts in a driveway that serves several houses.

The homeowners are okay with hikers using their driveway to reach the trailhead, which is why they have a sign posted to help navigate.

Know Before You Go

As I’ve mentioned, Rotui is one of the most difficult treks on the island of Moorea.

If you are not an experienced hiker or climber, this isn’t the trail for you. But if you are experienced and you’re ready for a fun challenge, head to the top of Rotui.

For more information, check out our extensive Mount Rotui blog post.

Watch Our Rotui Video On Youtube

2. Col Des 3 Pinus – Three Pines Pass

Distance: Approximately 2 miles out-and-back
Elevation Gain:
500 feet
Easy to moderate
Trailhead is located at Belvedere Lookout

Okay, so maybe a monster mountain like Rotui isn’t what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a fairly easy hike with awesome views of the island, Col Des 3 Pinus is the trail for you.

Three Pines Pass Lookout Moorea Hiking Trail.

This hiking trail starts at Belvedere Lookout and makes its way to a beautiful vantage point overlooking both bays.

As an easy hike, we recommend this trail for families and those who want to have a relaxing walk to an awesome viewpoint.

Note: There is very little elevation gain, but there are a few uphills and downhills. But again, nothing too difficult.

Map of Col Des 3 Pinus Trailhead

Col Des 3 Pinus’ trailhead is located at the top of Belvedere Lookout. As you are approaching the parking lot for Belvedere Lookout in your car or on a motorbike, the trailhead will be on your left.

Follow the signs for Col Des 3 Pinus.

Know Before You Go

As with any hiking trail on Moorea, you’ll want to make sure that you’re equipped with sturdy shoes.

Thanks to its tropical weather and frequent rainstorms, muddy trails are typical. We brought and wore our hiking boots to keep from slipping.

3. Magic Mountain

Distance: 2 miles out-and-back
Elevation Gain: 650 feet
Location: West side of Opunohu Bay

Magic Mountain is an awesome lookout on the island of Moorea. Many tourists choose to take a tour to the top of this mountain, but we want to let you in on a little secret…

Hiking to the top is WAY better than driving!

The Top Of Magic Mountain Moorea

Not only will you be able to choose your own schedule and go at your own pace, but you’ll be able to enjoy Magic Mountain by yourself.

We recommend this hike for anyone who is in decent physical condition. There are some hills that you need to tackle and the elevation gain can be difficult, but overall it’s a short hike.

Map of Magic Mountain Trailhead

The entrance to Magic Mountain is relatively easy to find if you have a GPS. Use the map below to navigate to the parking lot.

Know Before You Go

This is the only “hiking” trail on Moorea that requires a fee. It is $2 per person to enter.

You’ll pay the nice lady at the small outdoor restaurant near the parking area. If you don’t know where to go to pay the fee, it’s okay. She will stop you before you can continue.

4. Col Des Trois Cocotiers – Three Coconuts Pass

Distance: 4 miles out-and-back
Elevation Gain:
900 feet
Trailhead is located at Belvedere Lookout

At the top of Belvedere Lookout, you’ll find many trailheads to different locations on the island.

This is where you’ll find Col Des 3 Pinus (mentioned above) and another awesome hike that goes by a similar name: Col Des 3 Cocotiers.

Three Coconut Trees Pass Hiking Trail Moorea

Col Des 3 Cocotiers will bring you up and over Opunohu Bay with amazing views of the bays, the coastline, Mount Rotui, and Mont Tiura.

Unlike Col Des 3 Pinus, this hiking trail is a bit more difficult. Families will still enjoy this trek, but be aware that it isn’t a simple stroll in the park.

Map of Col Des 3 Cocotiers Trailhead

As you approach the Belvedere Lookout parking area, the trailhead to Col Des 3 Cocotiers will be on your far right.

There will be another trailhead on the right side of the parking area, but you’ll want to take the one on the far right.

Know Before You Go

This was an especially slippery trail. Shoes with good grip are highly recommended.

In addition, you’ll be walking through a dense jungle. We loved the variety of flora and had so much fun exploring the trail and surrounding area on the way up.

5. Afareaitu Waterfalls

Distance: 1-mile out-and-back
Elevation Gain:
525 feet
East side of the island

Pack your swimsuit for this fun adventure. Not only will you get some hiking in, but you’ll love cooling off in the wading pools at the bottom of the waterfalls.

Afareaitu Waterfalls on Moorea.

This is a family-friendly hiking trail as you’re only going about half a mile each way.

The Afareaitu trail features two waterfalls, so don’t forget to continue hiking up to the second waterfall, too.

Note: The trail to Afareaitu Waterfalls is rocky and can be slippery. Take caution when walking, especially if you’re traveling with young children.

The biggest waterfall is 100 feet high; it’s an absolutely gorgeous view and one of the best places on the island for a day trip and picnic.

Map of Afareaitu Waterfalls Trailhead

To get to the Afareaitu Waterfall trailhead, you’ll need a vehicle or motorbike that can handle rough terrain.

We stopped and parked just below the designated parking area because we couldn’t make it all the way up. It only added an extra 5 minutes to our walk, so it wasn’t bad at all.

The map and GPS location below will help you reach the waterfalls with ease.

Know Before You Go

Before we went to Afareaitu Waterfalls, we were warned to look out for street dogs during our drive-up.

You’ll be driving down a secluded road to get to this Moorea hiking trail. Lots of dogs live near this road.

Although most of the dogs on Moorea are nice, some become aggressive toward motorbikes and bicycles. We simply got off our bike and walked when we approached any dogs on this back road and it worked well.

6. Mou’aputa

Distance: 4.5 miles out-and-back
Elevation Gain:
1900 feet
East side of the island near Afareaitu Waterfalls

If you’re an experienced climber and you’re looking for a blood-pumping challenge, then Mou’aputa is the hiking trail for you.

This hiking trail rivals Rotui for being the most extreme on the island, but if you can make it, it’s well worth the effort.

Mike and Laura Hiking Through The Jungle of Moorea

Since you’ll be using rope and scaling exposed ridges, we do not recommend this trek for families with children or those with a fear of heights.

Plan for an entire day of hiking if you decide to conquer Mou’aputa while visiting Moorea. But, also plan for one of the most insane views you’ve ever witnessed.

Map of Mou’aputa Trailhead

The trailhead to Mou’aputa is near Afareaitu Waterfalls. Following the map below will bring you to where you need to be.

Take caution as you’re driving to the trailhead because the dirt road is very rough. A 4-wheel drive, high-clearance vehicle would be best.

Know Before You Go

Many Moorea locals say that you’ll need a guide to complete the Mou’aputa hiking trail.

In our opinion, it can absolutely be done without a guide, but if you aren’t confident or you’re less experienced with dangerous ridges and cliffs, you may want to hire a local guide to take you.

IMPORTANT: It is absolutely vital that you do not attempt Mou’aputa after recent rainfall. Risking your life isn’t worth it.

7. Belvedere Lookout

Distance: Varies (Approximately 7 miles from the Opunohu cut off)
Elevation Gain:
820 feet
Moderate to strenuous
In the pocket of Opunohu Bay

Okay, okay, so this isn’t technically a marked “trail” but it is definitely a fun route to explore.

While most people drive to the top of Belvedere Lookout, we suggest parking at the bottom of the hill and taking the trails up to the top.

Belvedere Lookout Drive.

There are tons of dirt trails that take you through the forest to the top of the lookout point. These trails are typically used for the XTerra races that are hosted on the island, but they are also fun for leisure hiking!

Since this is a long trek, we don’t recommend this for families or those who aren’t in decent physical condition.

Map of Belvedere Lookout

After you turn off the main road along Opunohu Bay, you’ll be able to find several places to pull over and park. Park as close to Belvedere Lookout or as far away as you’d like.

Know Before You Go

The trail to the top of Belvedere Lookout isn’t well-defined or especially easy to find. But, the easiest way to find it is by walking along the road in the direction of Belvedere.

As you’re walking, pay attention to trails that lead off into the woods. Most of them will have XTerra signs. Follow those trails to the top!

8. Toatea Lookout Point

Distance: Varies (Approximately 1.2 miles roundtrip from Sofitel Resort)
Elevation Gain:
200 feet
Near Sofitel Resort and Temae Beach

If you’re looking for an easy walk with rewarding views, Toatea Lookout is your answer.

Toatea Lookout Point with an awesome view of the Sofitel Resort Below

Again, most people drive to the top of Toatea Lookout for an epic view of Sofitel Moorea‘s overwater bungalows below, but we found that walking to the top was even more fun.

Map of Toatea Trailhead

Similar to Belvedere Lookout, there isn’t a specific path to get to Toatea Lookout and you will need to walk along the road for a few minutes.

We suggest starting at the Sofitel and walking along their “secret” path toward Temae Beach. You’ll follow this path to a dirt road. The dirt road will lead you to the main road where you’ll walk up a hill to reach Toatea Lookout.

(Follow the gray trail on the map below, not the blue trail)

Know Before You Go

Again, this isn’t your typical Moorea hiking trail, but we found this to be a lot of fun and it was a good way to get some exercise and feed our ever-present desire to go hiking.

9. Vaiare to Paopao Hike

Distance: 7 miles
Elevation Gain:
2150 feet
Trailhead is located on the east side of the island in Vaiare

If you want to traverse the island then we suggest hiking from Vaiare to Paopao.

This hiking trail is one of Moorea’s finest. You’ll experience epic views, some sketchy sections of trail, and even some scrambling.

HIking Up Magic Mountain on the Island of Moorea.

But, if you’re well-prepared for an adventure, this is the hiking trail for you.

Due to its distance and difficulty, we do not recommend this hike for children or inexperienced climbers.

Map of Vaiare To Paopao Hike Trailhead

You’ll start your hike on the east side of the island in an area called Vaiare. Use the map below to find the trailhead from there.

We strongly suggest doing this hike as a point-to-point hike: start in Vaiare and end in Paopao. Prepare a ride or call a taxi when you reach Cook’s Bay.

Know Before You Go

Pack more water than you think you’ll need. During your hike, you’ll be exposed to the hot sun. Dehydration can happen quickly. Be well-prepared with water and snacks.

How To Prepare For Hiking In Moorea

Hiking on Moorea is a lot different than hiking in other locations around the world. The tropical climate, humidity, and intense heat can affect even the most seasoned hiker or climber.

In order to prepare for your hiking adventures on Moorea, be sure to pack accordingly.

During our treks, there were certain things that we brought that we were forever thankful for.

Here are some things you MUST pack when hiking the trails of French Polynesia:

✔ Sunscreen

I learned the hard way that forgetting sunscreen while hiking in French Polynesia is a death wish.

Along with sunscreen, I highly recommend wearing a hat. This helped keep the sun off our faces and helped us stay hydrated longer.

✔ Water

Bring more water than you think you’ll need. For long hikes, be sure to bring a water bladder (at least 2L) or several large water bottles.

✔ Snacks

Keep your body fueled with healthy snacks.

Pick up some affordable snacks at UExpress or Super U. These two grocery stores are where we bought all of our food.

✔ Waterproof Bags

The weather on Moorea can be very unpredictable.

You may leave to go on your hike with clear blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Within 30 minutes that could all change.

Bringing waterproof bags will keep your electronics dry.

✔ Raincoat

It typically rains once per day on Moorea, so pack a raincoat to keep yourself dry.

When To Go Hiking In Moorea

Moorea is an awesome destination no matter the time of year.

Mike and I visited Moorea for two months during the rainy season and although it did rain a LOT, there was plenty of sunshine, too.

Plan your hiking adventures accordingly. It is best to go hiking on a day that didn’t see rain the day before. This will keep the trails from becoming ultra slippery.

In general, the best time to visit French Polynesia is during the dry season from May to the end of September.

How To Get Around Moorea

Getting around will be a challenge that you’ll need to overcome when planning your trip to French Polynesia.

We had a heck of a time finding affordable ways to explore the island and we’ve covered how to get around Moorea to make your life easier. Here’s a few options that are budget-friendly:

➡️ Rent A Car

Renting a car will be pricey, but if you aren’t on the island for a long time, this might be a good option for you.

There are several car rental companies on the island or you can rent a car in Tahiti and take it over to Moorea on the ferry.

➡️ Rent A Motorbike

Since we were on the island for two months, we wanted to find something affordable.

We rented a motorbike from Rent A Bike Moorea and we had no issues whatsoever. It cost us approximately $700 per month (again, that is affordable compared to renting a car).

➡️ Rent e-Bikes

Renting e-bikes was a fun activity for Mike and me. We had a blast riding around the island and it’s a great way to get from one place to another.

You can rent e-bikes from E-Bike Moorea. They are an awesome company and offer friendly service.

Keep in mind, the bikes will help you conquer hills and it’ll take over when you’re feeling tired, but you will have to do some pedaling.

The Wrap Up: 9 Moorea Hiking Trails

If you’re looking for some free fun on Moorea, you have to check out one of their many hiking trails.

The hiking trails on Moorea are going to be far different than the hiking trails you’re used to, but the views are out of this world.

And if luxury is your thing then the Hilton Moorea and the Sofitel Moorea are where you should be staying.

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