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VIPKID Mock Class: How to Pass with Flying Colors

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As a veteran VIPKID teacher, I vividly remember the arduous hiring process to get where I am today. Although it wasn’t easy, it was worth every second. Specifically, I remember freaking out about the VIPKID mock class and wondering if I would pass on my first try.

In this post, I’ll let you in on the secrets to pass the VIPKID mock class on your first attempt. Follow along to understand exactly what those mock class mentors are looking for.

Table of Contents:

What Is A VIPKID Mock Class
VIPKID Mock Class Overview & Tips
What You Need For Your Mock Class
VIPKID Mock Class Tips
How Long Is The Mock Class?
How Many Mock Classes Are There?
VIPKID Mock Class 2
VIPKID Referral & Mock Class Help

What Is A VIPKID Mock Class?

The VIPKID mock class is the third step in the hiring process:

1. Basic info (initial application)
2. The smart demo
3. The mock class
4. Signing your contract

During this stage, you’ll demonstrate your teaching skills to a VIPKID employee. This VIPKID employee is called a mock class mentor. Mock class mentors are current VIPKID teachers from the US or Canada. Although they are teachers with VIPKID, they will be acting like students when you meet them during your mock class.

The purpose of the mock class is to prepare you for classes with real students. This is the orientation and training stage of the hiring process. Once you complete the mock class, you’ll be able to sign your contract and begin teaching real lessons.

VIPKID Mock Class Overview & Tips

Your mock class will focus on levels 2 and 3. Keep in mind, you can easily get more certifications after you pass your mock class, so you don’t have to solely teach the lower level classes.

Note: With more certifications, you’ll be able to fill your schedule a lot faster than with just two certifications.

VIPKID Mock Class Lower Level

The mock class includes two sets of slides, approximately 10 slides each. You’ll need to practice both of these sets of slides because the mock class mentor will choose one set or the other.

What You Need For Your Mock Class

There are a few things that you’ll need to prepare for your VIPKID mock class. Each of the following things are vital for success with your mock class:


Your classroom set-up is important for the mock class. Prepare your class as if you were teaching a real lesson. A background is an important factor for your mock class.

Mock Class Prep VIPKID

I recommend checking out this easy background: Tushelia World Map Tapestry. I use this for teaching lessons; it’s quick and simple to set-up.

Also, if you plan to travel while teaching, this is the perfect background to pack in your carry-on!


The use of props is an important part of your VIPKID mock class. Many teachers must re-take their mock classes simply because they didn’t use enough props.

As a veteran VIPKID teacher, I know how important it is to save money on props. Initially, I spent way too much money on props. Now I realize how silly that was. In order to save some money on props, look for objects around your house. You’d be surprised by the things you can find.

If you’re at a loss and cannot find anything, here are some links to important VIPKID props to buy online (for cheap!).

WhiteboardMini Dry Erase Board Paddle

FlashcardsSpectrum Letters & Numbers Flashcards

PuppetsSoft Plush Frog Hand Puppet for Kids

A few other props that I recommend having for your mock class are a ball, drawings or cut-outs of people or objects, and notecards with vocabulary words.

Note: Three different props are required for the mock class. Whether you continue to use this many props during your actual lessons is completely up to you. After nearly 2 years of teaching with VIPKID, I rarely use props.


Lighting is another important part of your VIPKID classroom.

If you’re struggling to light your classroom evenly, I recommend checking out this portable desk light: LED Foldable and Rechargeable Desk Lamp. I also use this when we travel.

VIPKID Mock Class Tips

✔️ Smile – Keep an enthusiastic smile on your face during the entirety of your mock class.

✔️ No incidental language – Keep your speech direct and straight to the point. Any extra words are unnecessary when teaching beginner level students.

✔️ Use TPR – TPR stands for total physical response, or in other words, hand gestures and body language. Use TPR as much as possible during your VIPKID mock class.

To read more about TPR, check out our post: What is VIPKID TPR and How to Use It in the Classroom.

✔️ Speak slowly – Although you’ll be in class with an American or Canadian teacher, speak to them slowly and clearly as if you were talking to a beginner ESL student.

✔️ Correct every mistake – Your mock class mentor will continuously make mistakes. Correct every mistake they make while emphasizing the correction.

VIPKID Mock Class

✔️ Elicit complete sentences – Continuously make your mock class mentor speak in complete sentences. Correct them using complete sentences and have them repeat after you.

✔️ Praise often – Even if your mock class mentor makes a mistake, praise them for effort. Comments like “good” or “great job” go far.

✔️ Use the “I Do, We Do, You Do” teaching method – The point of VIPKID lessons is to get the student to complete the coursework on their own. Start by showing them how to complete an activity. Next, encourage them to do the activity with you. And finally, you’ll want the student to complete the activity on their own.

✔️ Practice timing – You should keep your lesson around 10 minutes or approximately one minute per slide. Practice this before you attempt your mock class.

✔️ Watch Youtube videos – I found that watching Youtube videos of other teachers teaching the mock lesson helped me learn how to present several slides. Spend time watching a few videos and implementing their techniques.

How Long Is The Mock Class?

The mock class will last approximately 25 minutes. You’ll be teaching for 10 minutes of it. The remainder of the time, you’ll speak with your mock class mentor about the things you did well and the things you need to work on.

How Many Mock Classes Are There?

Since the mock class is technically the orientation and training stage of the hiring process, you’ll be able to take the mock class as many times as necessary to pass.

Ideally, you’ll only need to take the mock class once, however, it is very common to take the mock class several times. Not to worry, the mock class becomes easier and easier with each one. You’ll also get valuable feedback from your mentor to help you pass on the next try.

VIPKID Mock Class 2

The VIPKID mock class 2 will only be required if you do not pass your first mock class. It is very common to have to do the second mock class.

The best part about mock class 2 is that you’ll have the feedback from your first mock class. Use the feedback and suggested tips to better your teaching for the second time around.

VIPKID Referral & Mock Class Help

If you haven’t signed up for VIPKID yet, use my link: VIPKID Teach. This will make me your referring teacher. As your referring teacher, I’ll be able to answer all of your questions, help you through the mock class with even more tricks and tips, and even set up a Skype call to practice for your mock class.

If you use my link to sign up, send me an email at so I know and can reach out to you.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Mock Class

Ultimately, the VIPKID mock class will be the most difficult part of the application process. Use these tips to complete your mock class with flying colors and to continue on with your VIPKID journey.

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