VIPKID Contract

VIPKID Contract: Things to Know Before Signing

So you’ve reached the final stages of the VIPKID hiring process. Are you exhausted? I know I was! Luckily, signing your VIPKID contract is quickly approaching.

But before you sign the VIPKID contract, let’s go over everything you need to do before and after this step and what the contract agreement entails.

6 Things To Do Before Signing Your VIPKID Contract

There are a few small steps to complete between the mock class and signing your contract. These are the things you’ll need to do in order to sign the contract and begin teaching:

1. Possibly complete the VIPKID TESOL certification

As of 2019, the Chinese government requires every online English teacher to hold a teaching certificate from their home country OR a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

Having a TESOL certification means that you have been trained to teach English language learners. Since this Chinese law went into effect, VIPKID has created its own FREE TESOL certification course for teachers.

Note: the fact that VIPKID’s TESOL certificate is free is a big deal. Courses like these usually cost $200+.

If you already have a teaching certificate, you won’t have to complete the TESOL course. You’ll be able to move along in the process. If you must complete the TESOL course, don’t panic. The information is easy and VIPKID allows its teachers to take the quizzes as many times as they need in order to pass.

2. Pass a background check

A background check is common practice, especially if you’ll be working with children. VIPKID conducts background checks on each of its applicants.

3. Create your profile

You’ll also be prompted to fill out your teaching profile before signing your VIPKID contract. This profile will be visible for the parents to see. Although you don’t want to spend hours and hours completing this part of the hiring process, you do want your profile to look nice.

Teaching English Online

Use this easy and helpful guide to help you complete your VIPKID profile: VIPKID Profile Pictures & Bio Examples.

4. Fill out a tax form

Although VIPKID doesn’t take out taxes from our paychecks, they still provide 1099s for us. This makes filling out our taxes as independent contractors SO much easier.

5. Upload proof of a Bachelor’s degree

Yes, VIPKID does check to make sure its teachers hold Bachelor’s degrees. You’ll need to upload a picture of the official copy of your diploma or official transcript to the VIPKID dashboard before you can begin teaching.

6. Read up on how to get bookings

It’s no secret that getting bookings as a new teacher can be difficult and disheartening. Overall, my best advice is to stick with it. Having a low booking rate when you first start out as a VIPKID teacher is completely normal. In fact, if you told me your initial booking rate was sky-high, I would be shocked.

VIPKID Contract

It takes several months to finally fill your teaching schedule, but it WILL happen. In the meantime, check out how to increase your bookings as a new teacher with this guide: How to Quickly Get Bookings with VIPKID.

How Long Is A Contract With VIPKID?

Each VIPKID contract lasts for 6 months. When the time comes to renew your contract, you will be sent an email giving detailed instructions on how to sign on for another 6 months.

How Do I Sign My VIPKID Contract?

Once you reach the final stage in the hiring process, you will be asked to read and sign your VIPKID contract.

The contract contains information about being hired as an independent contractor. This includes things that VIPKID can require from you and what it cannot require from you. It also details important payment information, ways that you can violate your contract, and disclaimers.

VIPKID Contract

Read through the contract before scrolling to the bottom. At the bottom, you’ll find a signature box and a time stamp. Fill in your name to complete your VIPKID contract.

Note: you’ll be able to go back and reread your contract at any time. You can find your current and past contracts under the “My Info” dropdown menu. Click > Account Center > My Contract > View.

Woohoo! Now you’re ready to teach!

Help! I Can’t Sign My Contract!

Many new teachers have indicated that they aren’t able to sign their VIPKID contract. What typically happens is VIPKID sends out emails to new teachers requesting that they sign their contract. These emails are sometimes sent before all of the teacher’s information is cleared.

Frustrating, I know.

When all of your information (background check, proof of Bachelor’s degree, etc) is cleared, the signature box will appear and you’ll be able to sign your contract.

If the problem persists after your information has been cleared, send an email to VIPKID asking why you aren’t able to sign.

Things To do After Signing Your VIPKID Contract

Once you’ve signed your VIPKID contract, you’ll be ready to teach. Open up as many teaching slots as you’d like!

Note: always be prepared for early morning or short notice classes.

How To Renew Your VIPKID Contract

As your 6-month contract comes to an end, you’ll be sent an email asking you to renew your contract. This email usually comes about one month before your contract is supposed to end.

VIPKID Contract

When you receive this email, go to your teacher’s dashboard and navigate to the “My Info” dropdown menu. Click Account Center > My Contract > To Be Signed.

If your new contract does not appear in your teacher’s dashboard and your contract is quickly coming to an end, send a ticket to VIPKID support regarding your new contract.

VIPKID Contract Termination

VIPKID reserves the right to terminate any teacher that violates their contract. This includes exceeding the maximum number of cancellations, engaging in inappropriate behavior, among other situations.

To steer clear of having your contract terminated, I recommend that you stick to the curriculum, avoid talking about sensitive political or religious topics, and show up to class.

How Do I Cancel My VIPKID Contract?

If you’re wondering how to cancel your VIPKID contract, listen up; it’s easy.

VIPKID does not require its teachers to teach a certain number of hours each week. In fact, if you want to take several months off from teaching, you’re more than welcome. You don’t even have to ask!

VIPKID Contract

Because of this, canceling your VIPKID contract simply includes closing all of your classes and not signing the next 6-month VIPKID contract.

Note: I recommend completing all of the remaining classes you have scheduled before canceling your VIPKID contract. After meeting and working with these kids, it really is unfair to them if you simply don’t show up to class.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Contract

Are you ready to start teaching your first VIPKID student? You’re so close! I hope this guide helped you understand the VIPKID contract a bit more and what needs to be done in order to sign.

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    1. How long does it take the background check to come in? That is the part I am waiting for at the moment and was just wondering if I will be able to begin soon,lol. Thanks!

      1. Hi Jessica,

        The background check is usually relatively quick, but if your county courthouse is closed, it might be months. What has been taking a long time in the hiring process is clearing applicants’ documents. If you’re waiting on your documents to be cleared, expect to wait 5-6 weeks.

    2. Hi Laura,
      You are correct re delays with the background check. I just contacted VIP Kid and they sent me a message that due to Covid many courthouses are closed or just partially open delaying the processing of applications. Frankly, it sounds like it is anyone’s guess in terms of turn around times.

          1. Hi Olivia,

            If it’s your background that you’re waiting on, it is because the county you live in was closed and couldn’t conduct a background check. VIPKID is actually processing background checks very quickly. They are behind on approving documents though. So that is probably what many people are waiting for at this time.

            I hope that helps!

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