VIPKID Profile Pictures and Bio Tips

VIPKID Profile Pictures & Bio Examples

So you’ve signed your contract with VIPKID and now you’re ready to teach! Well.. almost! First, you’ll need to set up your VIPKID profile, select profile pictures, and edit the “about me” section. Sounds easy, right?

For me, I initially struggled to figure out what to write and which pictures to use for my profile. Below, I’ll show you exactly what your VIPKID profile needs to look like to become a successful teacher.

VIPKID Profile Pictures

VIPKID profile pictures are important. This is the first time the parents of VIPKID students will get to see you. You’ll want to make a great first impression.

VIPKID Profile Picture Examples

There are several things you should consider before choosing your VIPKID profile picture. Each of the tips below will help your profile picture stand out. If your profile stands out to parents, you’re more likely to be booked.

1. Appearance Is Everything

Personally, I really hate to include this because I feel like I’m being shallow, but it’s absolutely true. You’ll want to choose an attractive picture of yourself.

Keep in mind, it’s not me who will be looking at your VIPKID profile picture, it’s the parents and they tend to like teachers that are “put together” if you know what I mean.

In this case, you’ll want your VIPKID profile picture to be attractive: brush your hair, brush your teeth, and wear a shirt that’s flattering. Ladies, this might even mean putting on a little makeup.

2. Smile!

Smiling in your profile picture is so important. You’ll want to give off the impression that you are a welcoming and friendly teacher and what better way to do that than to smile?

Parents love to see teachers that are happy and excited to be in class. Personally, I would never use a profile picture or lifestyle picture of me where I wasn’t smiling.

I constantly get feedback from VIPKID moms saying how beautiful my smile is. And while that’s subjective, it shows me that parents are constantly looking for an inviting and happy face.

3. Be Professional

This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at some of the profile pictures I’ve seen from VIPKID teachers. Keep things professional, you are a teacher after all!

Selfies won’t work for your main profile picture and neither will any scandalous photos. Look, I’m all for girls feeling comfortable in their own skin and flaunting their beauty, but you’ll want to keep it to a minimum during VIPKID hours.

With that said, find (or take) a picture of yourself looking your best in a professional way.

4. Face Shot

For your profile picture, make sure that it’s a clear shot of your face. Shadows are distracting, so you’ll want the picture to be taken with great lighting.

5. Remember.. VIPKID Profile Pictures Are Replaceable

Keep in mind, you can change your VIPKID profile pictures at any time. You aren’t stuck with this for your entire contract.

When I first started with VIPKID, I wanted to open classes right away. I took a quick picture of myself in my home to use for my profile picture. This held the spot until I was able to get good headshots.

If you have to use a temporary photo, don’t worry; change it at any time!

6. Pick A Great Setting

Like I mentioned above, your VIPKID profile picture should be in a place that gives off great light; natural light is typically the best.

Some teachers prefer to take their profile pictures in their classrooms, but that isn’t necessary. If you feel comfortable with this, go for it! But you’re not restricted to the classroom.

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VIPKID Profile Picture Example

Now that you’ve read a few tips about choosing the perfect VIPKID profile picture, I decided to include my profile picture as an example.

VIPKID Profile Picture Examples

VIPKID Lifestyle Pictures

In addition to your main VIPKID profile picture, you’ll also have the option to upload two lifestyle pictures. I highly recommend using this opportunity to show the parents a bit more about you.

Something you can keep in mind when deciding which lifestyle pictures to use is that these photos don’t need to be 100% professional. This is when you can display pictures of yourself interacting with children, playing with animals, a family photo, a picture of you doing your favorite hobby, anything.

You’ll still want to make a good impression, but let your personality shine through!

VIPKID Lifestyle Pictures

Here are two examples of VIPKID lifestyle pictures. These are the two that I’ve used for the past year and a half. The first picture is of me at a traditional Thai festival in Bangkok. The second picture is me traveling and hiking in Arizona. Since I am an avid traveler, these pictures describe who I am.

VIPKID Profile Pictures

VIPKID About Me Profile Tips

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect profile pictures, let’s get your VIPKID “about me” section looking snazzy.

Your VIPKID bio will give you the chance to introduce yourself to parents and tell them why you are the perfect teacher for their child. There are three things to highlight in your bio:

1. Education

Start by explaining your educational background, including the university you graduated from and your type of degree.

2. Experience with children

Next, boast about your experience working with children. You’ll want to talk yourself up in this section because the better you sound, the more likely you’ll get booked.

It’s unnecessary to lie in your bio and I actually discourage you from doing it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself sound good. It’s like a resume!

3. Your Excitement To Teach Their Child

And last, include an excerpt about how excited you are to have their child in class. You can tell them specific methods of teaching you like to use or why they will learn efficiently in your classroom.

Keep your VIPKID bio short and sweet, but make sure to cover the three bullet points listed above.

VIPKID About Me Example

This would be an ineffective blog post if I didn’t give you an example of an “about me” bio, so here it is. This is what my VIPKID bio reads:

Hello! My name is Laura. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota. I have over 10 years of experience teaching children. After graduating from University, I was an English teacher in an elementary school in Bangkok, Thailand.

I continue to teach children every day and I really love it. I can’t wait to meet your child in class and help them learn English. I believe that learning is easy when you’re having fun, so I make all of my classes exciting and interactive. See you in the classroom!

VIPKID Classroom Profile

VIPKID About Me Important Tip

After completing your bio, copy and paste it into Google Translate. Translate it into Chinese and then back into English. Read your bio to be sure nothing sounds awkward or strange. You can change your bio accordingly to make it sound professional and well-written.

VIPKID Profile Video

The final touch to your VIPKID profile will be completing your introduction video.

Your introduction video should be about 30 seconds and this is where you’ll state your name, reiterate how excited you are to see their child, and how they will learn in your classroom. Use a lot of energy and smile constantly.

I’ve included my VIPKID profile video below.

VIPKID Intro Video Script

If you’re looking for even more guidance, here is an exact script you can use for your VIPKID into video:

Hello! Welcome to VIPKID. My name is Teacher ______. I can’t wait to see you in my classroom. We will sing, read, and most importantly, we WILL learn English. See you soon!

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Profile Pictures & Bio Tips

Now you know how to make your profile shine. Use these tips and examples to choose the perfect VIPKID profile pictures, bio description, and video in order to impress all of the parents out there. Happy teaching!

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    1. So yesterday I redid my video, updated my blurb, and and rebooked my next weeks availabilities to short term. This morning I woke up to my first three bookings! 🙂

    2. Thank you for the ‘translate into Chinese’ tip. So, happy I know there is nothing awkward in my ‘about me’ paragraph. It wasn’t bad before, but it made no sense when I translated the Chinese back to English.

      My Mock Class was approved yesterday – 19 minutes after the end of the mock class! Made me really happy and then I realized I have to come up with pictures, video, etc. Still working on those 🙂

      Thanks again!

      1. Hi Shirley,

        My about me section sounded so goofy too when I put it in to translate for the first time haha!

        Congrats on passing your mock class 🙂

    3. Thank you for the Google Translate tip! I made some adjustments to my bio and featured photos today (and am working on changing my intro video to make it more exciting) and I am SO glad I ran it through Google Translate! I had to specify that my name was “Teacher Teresa” because it kept translating just my name to “Mother Teresa” for some reason! I’m a nice person, but I’m not LITERALLY the saint! Haha!

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