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VIPKID Smart Demo & Interview

Understandably, the VIPKID hiring process can be a bit intimidating. Most employers only require their applicants to pass an interview before beginning a new job. But, unlike other jobs, VIPKID needs to vet its applicants to be sure they are hiring the best possible teachers. The second step in the hiring process is the VIPKID smart demo.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what needs to be done to complete the VIPKID smart demo with flying colors.

Before Completing The Smart Demo

Since the VIPKID application process can be time-consuming and confusing at times, I highly recommend adding a referral code to your application. Adding a referral means that a veteran teacher will help you complete the process as quickly and easily as possible. And, it’s free!

If you don’t have a referring teacher in mind, consider using my referral code: LAURA0279. I have taught with VIPKID for nearly two years and know exactly what it takes to become a highly demanded teacher. I’d love to help you through the hiring process by offering vital tips and tricks.


If you’ve already signed up for VIPKID but haven’t completed your smart demo yet, send an email to saying, “I would like to add Laura Peters as my referral. Her email is and her referral code is LAURA0279”.

Note: Adding a referral can ONLY be done before you complete the smart demo. Many teachers regret not adding a referral once they reach the daunting mock class step.

What Is The VIPKID Smart Demo?

So you’ve passed the basic info step of the hiring process. The VIPKID smart demo is next.

Before you start to worry about the logistics of the VIPKID smart demo, understand that this is a simple step in the hiring process. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

The smart demo will ultimately help VIPKID decide if your personality and teaching style meets their requirements. You’ll find the following steps in the smart demo:

1. Read materials
2. Complete a quiz of five multiple-choice questions
3. Record yourself teaching one slide of a VIPKID lesson (provided)

Below, I’ll go through each of these steps in detail.

Accessing The Smart Demo

The first thing you’ll want to do is download the VIPKID app on your smartphone. You can find the application downloads below:

VIPKID App for iPhone

VIPKID App for Android

Once you have the app downloaded, login to your VIPKID account with the same email address and password you created during the basic info stage.

Accessing the VIPKID Smart Demo
Log-in VIPKID Smart Demo

Logging into your VIPKID account will bring you to a page that looks like the one in the picture below. This list of items details every step necessary for the application process. Right now, you’re completing the demo lesson.

Application Status - VIPKID Smart Demo

Click on “Pending” to access the VIPKID smart demo materials, quiz, and recording.

Note: the VIPKID app is used primarily for the smart demo lesson. As VIPKID teachers, we cannot teach real classes or conduct our mock class using our phones. You must be prepared with an iPad or computer. Read more about requirements in this post: 7 Necessary VIPKID Requirements for Aspiring Teachers.

VIPKID Smart Demo Materials

To begin preparing for your smart demo, you’ll first want to spend time reading the teaching materials. Find the teaching materials by clicking on the box that says “Materials”, as shown in the picture below.

VIPKID Smart Demo Materials

The smart demo materials include reading and watching videos. You’ll learn about four main topics of teaching with VIPKID including repetition, lesson objectives, speaking speed and language, and TPR (total physical response).

Read through the materials and watch the videos that they provide. They do a great job explaining why these are important for teaching VIPKID classes. This part of the smart demo should only take a few minutes.

VIPKID Smart Demo Reading Materials

Note: The guy in the video above speaks in a very weird way. Don’t feel like you must talk this way in your smart demo. Speak slowly and pronounce your words, but there is no need to change your speech.


After you’ve read through all of the materials and watched the videos, it’s time to take the quiz. The VIPKID quiz is made up of five multiple-choice questions that relate to the materials you just read about.

Some questions will require that you listen to a recording or watch an example video in order to answer the question. Keep in mind, each quiz is NOT the same. VIPKID randomly selects five questions for each applicant.

The picture below shows an example of one of the VIPKID quiz questions. Although I cannot give you a sneak peek at the quiz, I can show you how the questions are laid out.


You’ll have 90 seconds to answer each question. Don’t worry too much about this quiz. Although you must pass in order to continue through the application process, the questions are straightforward and easy.

Question 6: Teaching One Slide

Once you complete the five multiple-choice questions, you’ll arrive at “question 6” as shown in the picture below. In reality, question 6 is not a question at all. This is where you will record yourself teaching one VIPKID lesson slide.

VIPKID smart demo

Before you jump the gun and start recording, I highly recommend watching the example video and reviewing the recording tips. You can access the recording tips by clicking on “Click to view the recording tips”.

How To Teach The Smart Demo Slide

One of five potential slides will appear before you when you press “Start Recording”. These slides are all very similar to each other; they are all intro slides, meaning you will be introducing one new vocabulary word to your pretend student.

Teach the slide exactly how the man does it in the example video. Start by introducing the word and having the student repeat it. Ping pong the new word back and forth.

Tip: I recommend using fun voices to make things interesting for the pretend student.

Next, introduce the sentences one by one while having the student repeat the sentences.

Tip: Be sure to use TPR (total physical response). Cupping your hand behind your ear is perfect for the demo slide. You can also act out the new vocabulary word when initially introducing it.

This recording should be quick and painless. You may record, delete, and rerecord your VIPKID smart demo as many times as it takes until you are satisfied with your performance. Your recording should be a maximum of two minutes.

VIPKID Smart Demo Props

At this stage in the hiring process, I wouldn’t worry too much about the use of props. I do, however, recommend using either a whiteboard or a few notecards to introduce the new vocabulary words.

Note: I always stress that it isn’t worth spending a lot of money on props to teach with VIPKID. You can easily find props around your house for free.

VIPKID Interview?

Up until recently, VIPKID has required their teachers to submit an introduction video about themselves as a form of an interview.

Thanks to the VIPKID smart demo, interviews are no longer required. VIPKID simply uses your smart demo lesson recording to determine if you fit their teaching criteria.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Smart Demo

The VIPKID interview process might seem a bit intimidating. From the VIPKID smart demo to the mock class, aspiring teachers will have their hands full.

But, with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to sail through the hiring process quickly and easily so you can begin teaching as soon as possible.

Want More On VIPKID?

I’ve been teaching with VIPKID for nearly two years and have had an incredible experience. I have learned what it takes to become a highly demanded teacher with VIPKID and I’d love to share my insight with you.

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