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Bora Bora From Hawaii: How To Get There & Best Travel Options

Are you wondering how to get to Bora Bora from Hawaii?

These two tropical islands are popular vacation destinations in the Pacific Ocean for travelers all over the world. 

Getting to Bora Bora can be difficult, but if you’re flying in from Hawaii, it can make your travel days a bit easier.

Whether you have just a short amount of time or you have some extra to spare, in this post, we will tell you all about getting between Bora Bora and Hawaii by plane, the fastest route, or by combining a plane and ferry ride, which is the cheapest.

How To Get To Bora Bora From Hawaii

If you’re planning to visit the beautiful island of Bora Bora and are making the journey from Hawaii, there are only a few routes available to consider.

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First, by plane, which is the fastest, or by combining travel via plane and ferry,  which is the cheapest. 

Since there are only a few ways to do it, travel between these two islands can be tough and requires some extra planning, but it’s worth it!

Here’s everything you need to know!

By Plane

The fastest and easiest way to get from Hawaii to Bora Bora is to hop aboard a plane and take the flight. If you only have a short time to spend on the island, this will be the best option for your trip!

There aren’t any direct flights between these two islands. So you’ll need to first fly into Faa’a International Airport (PPT) in Tahiti, and then fly into Motu Mute Airport (BOB) in Bora Bora.

There are a few different ways that you can do this, depending on which Hawaiian airport you’re flying out of. 

The best and fastest route is to fly from the Honolulu Airport (HNL) to Tahiti, which is direct and will only take about 6 hours. This direct flight only operates on Hawaiian Airlines, and is only available at 3:40 pm on Saturdays.

From there, you’ll take a 50-minute plane ride to the Bora Bora Airport. These are usually the cheapest flights.

If Saturdays don’t work for you or if you’re flying out of another airport, you’ll need to book a few different connecting flights. 

There are a few different ways to get to Bora Bora from Hawaii, but we recommend by plane for the fastest route.

No matter which airport you fly out of, your travel day will typically consist of flying out of Hawaii and then having a layover in another major city along the Pacific Coast (Los Angeles, Auckland, San Francisco, etc.).

You’ll then board another plane to fly to Tahiti. From Tahiti, you’ll have about a 50-minute flight to finally arrive in Bora Bora.

TRAVEL TIP: Since this option includes multiple connecting flights, it can become a very long travel day when combining time in the air and layovers.

While flying is the fastest route to get from Bora Bora to Hawaii, you can see that it won’t always be a simple and short process. Because of the remote location of both islands, it can take a while to travel between them.

When you put together all of these layovers and multiple flights, it quickly adds up.

FUN FACT: The shortest flights, aside from Hawaiian Airlines, are usually over 20 hours of total travel, and they can sometimes last up to 40 hours. The average time is around 25 hours of travel.

While this travel time is long, it’s even longer if you decide to take the ferry. So this is your fastest route to land in Bora Bora.

These plane tickets definitely aren’t cheap, especially if you’re flying in peak season, which is between May and October.

Here are the average costs for roundtrip flights on the most popular routes during peak season:

  • Honolulu ➡️ Bora Bora (Hawaiian Airlines): $1,000+
  • Honolulu ➡️ Bora Bora (other airlines): $2,000+
  • Kahului ➡️ Bora Bora: $2,500+
  • Kona ➡️ Bora Bora: $1,500+

If you travel in the off-season (November-April), you can typically expect to find flights that are cheaper, although they don’t fluctuate by much.

Because there is only one airline that operates offers direct flights to Bora Bora, Air Tahiti, and because these destinations are very popular year-round, it can be hard to get around the pricetag. 

Once you’ve arrived on the island, you’ll also need to make sure that you have transportation arranged to get to your resort, as many of them are fairly far away from the airport, some even being on smaller islands, rather than the mainland.

By Plane & Ferry

Another popular option for arriving in Bora Bora from Hawaii is to take a plane and then board a ferry in Tahiti.

This option is great if you have some extra time and are looking to save some money.

Unfortunately, if you’re running on just a week-long vacation, this won’t be the best choice, as the ferry only runs a few times a week and doesn’t offer much flexibility.

Another popular option for arriving in Bora Bora from Hawaii is to take a plane and then board a ferry in Tahiti.

You’ll start your journey by taking a flight to the small island of Tahiti, which is part of The Society Islands in French Polynesia. You’ll fly into the Faa’a International Airport, which is located in Pape’ete on Tahiti.

PRO TIP: From the airport, you’ll need to take a taxi to the Pape’ete Ferry Terminal, which is only about 10 minutes away. The cost of a taxi is around $20-25.

After you’ve arrived at the terminal, you’ll board the ferry and finish your journey to Bora Bora. The ferry ride can take around 7 to 9 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to sit back and relax. The ferry also makes short stops in Huahine, Raiatea, and Taha’a before arriving in Bora Bora.

PRO TIP: We only recommend choosing this transportation option if you’re spending a few weeks or more in Bora Bora since it does take so long! 

You can book tickets for the ferry on the Apetahi Express website. This is the only ferry company that services this route, so you’ll need to be a bit flexible with your plans.

It only operates on Fridays, Sundays, and occasionally on Wednesdays. Be sure to plan your arrival to Tahiti accordingly, or you’ll have to wait in Tahiti until the next available ferry.

Tickets are relatively cheap, averaging only around $75-85 one way.

Travelers can bring two bags each, weighing up to 23 kilograms (50 pounds) each, but additional baggage costs extra, starting at around $18.

But when you put these prices together, it’s much cheaper than taking a flight since plane tickets from Tahiti to Bora Bora are usually around $200 one way.

Hawaii To Bora Bora Map

Below is a map that shows the distance between Hawaii and Bora Bora.

Remember that you won’t be able to take this direct route, as there are no flights directly between the two destinations. 

Map showing the distance when you try to get to Bora Bora from Hawaii.
Photo courtesy of Google Maps.

Bora Bora From Hawaii Travel FAQs

Now that you know the main modes of transportation between these two islands, there are a few more things that you might want to know to help make your trip a breeze. 

What is the cheapest way to get from Hawaii to Bora Bora?

While no matter which way you look at it, getting from Hawaii to Bora Bora is expensive, there is a cheaper option.

The cheapest way to get there is by taking a flight from Hawaii into Tahiti and then catching the ferry from Pape’ete, Tahiti, to Bora Bora. This usually costs around $75-85 one way rather than $200 one way, which is what a flight might cost.

But, this route takes about 9 hours, so if you’re short on time, the better choice would be to take the flight the entire way.

While no matter which way you look at it, getting from Hawaii to Bora Bora is expensive, there is a cheaper option.

What is the fastest way to get from Hawaii to Bora Bora?

The fastest option to travel between Hawaii and Bora Bora is to take a flight.

The fastest option is aboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu to Tahiti and then to Bora Bora, which takes about 7 hours.

Otherwise, booking connecting flights from Hawaii to Bora Bora is the next fastest, which can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours in travel time.

What is the distance from Hawaii to Bora Bora?

The direct distance from Hawaii to Bora Bora is about 2,530 miles.

Although when you’re traveling, you won’t take this direct route across the ocean, as there aren’t any direct flights offered.

Instead, you’ll fly to a few different airports and have at least one, but possibly a few layovers before arriving.

How long is the flight from Hawaii to Bora Bora?

A typical Hawaii to Bora Bora flight can last anywhere from 25 hours to 40 hours. This includes the time that you’re in the air, as well as layovers.

You’ll likely have two layovers during the journey, one in a major city on the coast and one in Tahiti.

Your actual Hawaii to Bora Bora flight time will likely be closer to about 14 hours.

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Can you take a boat from Hawaii to Bora Bora?

No, there is no direct boat from anywhere but Tahiti to reach Bora Bora. The island is very remote and it would be too difficult to reach it via boat from Hawaii.

The best way to take a boat here is by catching the ferry in Tahiti after a flight.

Can you fly direct from the US to Bora Bora?

No, there aren’t any direct flights from the US to Bora Bora.

Depending on where your original flight is coming from, you’ll land in a major airport along the Pacific Ocean coastline. Then you’ll fly into Tahiti and take a 50-minute flight to Bora Bora from there.

Where To Stay in Hawaii and Bora Bora

Choosing somewhere to stay for your vacation is an important step in the planning process.

And both Hawaii and Bora Bora are filled with great accommodations, from overwater bungalows to budget options. Here are some of the best choices!

Clear Skies Over Overwater Bungalows In French Polynesia, The Best Time To Visit The Island.

Hawaii Accommodations

📍 Kona Bali Kai ResortSaving Money can be tough in Hawaii, but it’s possible by staying at Kona Bali Kai Resort. You’ll have epic ocean views, a pool, a hot tub, and rooms with full kitchens to make saving money on food easy too!

Plus, some of the best activities on The Big Island are within a short distance of the resort.

📍 Four Seasons Resort HualalaiIf you’re able to splurge on your vacation, a stay at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on The Big Island will make your Hawaiian vacation unforgettable.

This 5-star resort puts you oceanside and gives guests access to white sand beaches, a spa, multiple restaurants, and 8 outdoor swimming pools.

There are even adult-only pool areas, a golf course on-site, and of course, beautiful Hawaiian decor to remind you of the paradise that you’re visiting.

Bora Bora Accommodations

📍 Villa Yrondi Bora BoraIf you’re on a budget, a stay here will save you money but still provide you with amazing views and the opportunity to experience Bora Bora.

With views of Otemanu, close access to the water, a pool, and and beautiful gardens to stroll through, it’s a magical location to stay at during your visit.

📍 Conrad Bora Bora NuiEnjoy staying in an overwater bungalow, admire the sun setting beyong the horizon, and be just steps from the turquoise waters at Conrad Bora Bora Nui.

Staying in an overwater bungalow will give you the full Bora Bora experience that the island has become so popular for! There are five restaurants and bars, a spa, and an oversized infinity pool for guests to take advantage of.

Overwater Bungalows In French Polynesia.

The Wrap-Up: Bora Bora From Hawaii

Bora Bora and Hawaii are two beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean, and traveling between the two on your vacation is a great idea.

But there are only a few ways to get to Bora Bora from Hawaii; either by flying from Honolulu to Tahiti, booking multiple connecting flights, or a flight combined with a ferry ride.

If you only have a short amount of time on the island, it’s best to opt for a flight, either through Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu, which takes about 7 hours, or through connecting flights from a Hawaiian airport to Bora Bora, which can take 20+ hours.

But if you have some extra time and want to save some money, consider booking a flight and then riding the ferry from Tahiti to Bora Bora!