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How To Save Money On Travel In 2024: 59 Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

How To Save Money On Travel Affiliate Disclosure

Are you wondering how to save money on travel?

After spending the past five years traveling the world, we’ve come up with 59 tips and tricks you can use to save money on travel. Whether you’re looking for free or cheap accommodation, affordable flights, or other ways to save, we’ve got you covered.

Table of Contents

How To Save Money On Travel: ACCOMMODATIONS
How To Save Money On Travel: FLIGHTS
How To Save Money On Car Rentals or Transporation
How To Save Money On Travel: ADDITIONAL TIPS

How To Save Money On Travel: ACCOMMODATIONS

Let’s start with accommodations. Hotels can be one of your biggest expenses when traveling, but there are a variety of ways to save money. LOTS of money.

In fact, some of our recommendations below could help you stay in amazing places around the world for completely free.

1. Use TrustedHousesitters – Our Top Recommendation!

Our favorite way to get free accommodation is with TrustedHousesitters. The concept is simple: you agree to look after someone’s home and/or pet while they are away, and in exchange, you get a place to stay for free.

A puppy we were babysitting as housesitters.
Playing with the dogs at the house we were watching using TrustedHousesitters.

It sounds too good to be true, but it works. We’ve used this site so many times over the past year and have had incredible experiences.

Plus, you get to hang out with other people’s pets. We even got to babysit a black lab puppy twice in a multi-million dollar home in Colorado (see pictures above and below).

A picture of a puppy we were housesitting, which is one of our favorite ways to save money on travel.

There is an initial fee, but that more than pays for itself with your very first stay. Click the link below to sign up for a membership and start applying to housesits!

2. Use MindMyHouse

Another housesitting platform to consider is MindMyHouse. This site specializes in connecting house sitters with homeowners looking for someone to take care of their home while they are away – at no cost.

MindMyHouse is considerably cheaper than Trusted Housesitters, but your selection of house sits is limited. Far more people around the world use Trusted Housesitters, so keep that in mind.

3. Try Aussie Housesitters

If you’re looking for a housesit in Australia, your best bet might be Aussie Housesitters. The concept is the same as the above recommendations: exchange house sitting for free accommodation.

Playing with the baby kangaroos on Lucky Bay beach

You do not need to be a citizen of Australia to use this site, but you will need to pay for your flights to get there.

Find out more info about Aussie Housesitters by clicking here.

4. Check Out Kiwi Housesitters

Planning a trip to New Zealand? We all know New Zealand can be expensive for travelers. Consider housesitting to save a heck of a lot on accommodation.

When we traveled to New Zealand in 2017, the majority of our budget went to accommodation. I only wish I knew about Kiwi Housesitters when we visited because it would have allowed us to spend less on Airbnbs and more on adventures.

➡️ You can check out Kiwi Housesitters by clicking here!

5. Use Housesit Match

As more and more housesitting platforms emerge, it’s important to know which ones are worthwhile and which ones are a complete bust.

Housesit Match is one of the better housesitting websites, so consider checking them out for your future travels.

➡️ Check out Housesit Match by clicking here!

6. Join Booking.com’s Loyalty Program (It’s Free!)

We all know that booking hotels can be expensive, so why not find the best deals online? One way to do this is by becoming an avid customer of your favorite travel aggregator.

We didn’t realize the power of this until recently but have since been reaping the benefits of Booking.com’s loyalty program.

Not only do we receive a 10% discount on all hotels, but we also receive free breakfast, free upgrades, and more at tons of hotels around the world.

How can you make this happen for you? Whenever you book a hotel, make an effort to use Booking.com and you’ll start to earn points. Those points translate into levels of discounts. The more you stay, the more you save.

7. Stay In Hostels

It’s crazy that so few people know about hostels because they are the best travel hack there is. If you’re looking for how to save money on travel, look no further.

Hostels are typical among young travelers, but they are available to travelers of all ages.

The cool thing about hostels is that they aren’t just a place to sleep. Hostels typically have a great atmosphere and offer community rooms where you can meet other travelers from around the world.

✅ Our favorite hostel booking platform is HostelWorld.com. Click here to book your next stay (likely abroad since the US hasn’t quite caught up with the hostel trend).

8. Sign Up For WWOOFing

Still wondering how to save money on travel? Cutting out the cost of accommodation might seem impossible, but WWOOFing could be your answer.

What is WWOOF? It’s an organization that connects travelers with organic farmer around world. When you participate, you’ll be asked to dedicate a certain amount of hours per week to the farm in exchange for free room and board.

Projects last for a few days up to several months, so find the opportunity that works best for you and your schedule. And in your free time, get out and travel!

➡️ Check out WWOOF opportunities in Australia here.

➡️ Find more WWOOF opportunities here.

9. Rack Up Airline Miles For Everyday Purchases

Everyone knows you can sign up for credit cards and save money on flights, but did you know you can do it for hotel stays, too?

Mike and I have used airline miles to stay in amazing hotels all over the world including overwater bungalows in both the Maldives and French Polynesia… and the best part? We didn’t spend extra money to do it.

Our overwater bungalow, French Polynesia
Overwater Bungalow Maldives
Our overwater bungalow, Maldives

The best credit cards for travel points include:

  • American Express Platinum (earn 80,000 additional points when you reach the spending threshold during the first several months) – This is our personal favroite because you can also get into airport lounges for free!
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred (earn 60,000 additional points by reaching the spending threshold)
  • Capital One Venture Card (earn 75,000 additional points by reaching the spending threshold)

We have all three of the above credit cards. Each has their own benefitis, so be sure to explore them and see which one would be fit your lifestyle.

Note: If you decide to sign up for any of the above credit cards and feel so inclined to use our sign-up link, reach out to us at mike@mikeandlauratravel.com. We will get a bonus for referring you. But absolutely no pressure!

10. Travel With A Group

The next way I recommend saving money on travel is by traveling with a group.

Why is it cheaper to travel with a group? Well, for starters you can save a lot of money by booking an awesome stay and splitting it between members of your group.

Mike and I recently traveled with our family to Rhodes, Greece and stayed in a luxury Airbnb for a fraction of the price of staying in a hotel. Check out the place we stayed for a week in the picture above.

Since we traveled in a group of seven, this Airbnb cost us about $250 each (total for 6 days).

11. Stay In Primitive Campsites or Car Camp

If you are looking for an affordable way to visit the great outdoors then primitive camping might be just what your wallet needs. Primitive camping is possible in destinations all over the world, but you’ll find great spots in national forests in the USA.

Primitive car camping in gunnison, Colorado

Use this link to find the best primitive (free) campsites around the US.

12. Use Passport America, Thousand Trails, or Harvest Hosts

Going camping? We know camping can be affordable, but you don’t have to find primitive campsites to save money on your next travels.

Consider buying a Passport America, Thousand Trails, or Harvest Hosts pass in order to save money on campsites with amenities like showers, hookups, and more!

13. Try Campendium

Have you ever heard of Campendium?

Maybe you haven’t, but if you’re a camper, I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, “man, that looks like an awesome place to camp.. too bad it’s someone’s property!”

Campendium is your solution! It’s a platform that connects property owners with campers looking for a unique experience. Campers pay various amounts for different camping locations around North America. These sites range from primitive sites to parking spots for your RV with full hookups.

Check out more information about Campendium here!

14. Campspace

Campendium’s main competitor is Campspace. The idea is the same: campers, RVers, or van-lifers pay property owners to stay on their plot of land. Think Airbnb in nature!

For more info on Campspace, check out their website here!

15. Book An Airbnb For A Week

Let me just start by saying that we aren’t incredibly fond of Airbnb. We’ve had some bad experiences with them over the years, not to mention what a disaster it has caused in so many towns around the world including our town, Steamboat Springs.

With that said, there is a time and place for Airbnbs if used responsibly. For example, if you plan to stay in a destination long-term, Airbnbs can be a great way to live among locals, cook for yourself, and best of all, SAVE MONEY!

When booked for 7 days or longer, you’ll likely receive a weekly discount. Be sure to pay attention to the homes that offer this option. You’ll know the Airbnb offers a weekly discount if you type in your dates and see that the original price is crossed out (as shown in the picture below).

16. Book An Airbnb For A Month

Another way to save money on travel is by booking an Airbnb for a month or longer. This is our go-to trick because Mike and I like to travel for extended periods of time. Did you know that in other countries, you can find monthly Airbnb rentals for as little as a few hundred dollars per month?

Our home in Montenegro (IN the fjords 😍) – $576 total for one month

That’s right! We’ve stayed in monthly Airbnbs around the world for a lot cheaper than we would pay in Steamboat Springs (or many other places in the USA).

While most of the apartments or homes we rent around the world go for less than $500 per month, we’ve also stayed in some of the most expensive places in the world for less than we would pay in the US.

Our home for a month on the island of Milos (Greece) – $645 total

As an example, we spent two months on the island of Mo’orea and paid approximately $1,900 per month for our own house. When hotels in French Polynesia go for more than $1,000 per night, I’d say this was a STEAL.

To find affordable monthly deals on Airbnb, simply add your dates for any location around the world. You’ll see that many of them have significantly discounted their properties for those who stay for 29 days or longer.

Our monthly rental in Crete

Note: Unfortunately, this doesn’t typically work in the USA. While we have stayed in month-long Airbnbs in the US, they were not affordable like the ones you’ll find abroad.

17. Ask For A Discount On Airbnb

The final way you can save money by staying in Airbnbs is by asking the host for a discount. When you’re looking through potential places to stay on Airbnb, there is a button to “Contact Host”. If you present yourself in a nice way, asking for a discount could save you money on your next travel experience.

While many Airbnb hosts will decline your request, some will say yes especially if you booking a stay that will happen imminently or if you’re looking to book a longer stay.

Reminder: Airbnb hosts do not have to offer you a discount. But, if you are kind and positive, you may get a positive response back. Remember, you get what you put out into the world. So if you approach them and demand a discount, you’ll likely get a big fat NO. 

18. Book Using HotelTonight

As mentioned, Airbnbs aren’t our favorite type of accommodation. We’ve recently started to stay in more hotels because there are fewer strings attached. You won’t have a laundry list of chores to do at checkout and they are much more dependable.

If you’re looking to get discounts on hotels, we recommend using the travel aggregator HotelTonight. This platform connects travelers with discounted rooms for stays that are happening imminently. 

19. Try Couchsurfing

This recommendation might freak you out, but hear me out.

Couchsurfing is a platform that connects locals with travelers. Locals offer up their couches or extra rooms for travelers passing through the area. When I was a 20-something traveler, I did this ALL the time. It’s completely free and it’s a great way to meet new people.

Our couchsurfing crew at Oktoberfest in 2015

While it might sound dangerous, I was a solo female traveler and had nothing but good experiences doing it. That said, always take precautions with anything you do while traveling. 

So, what’s the catch?

Well, couchsurfers know that the trade-off is just a simple understanding. Your goal should be to meet new people and if your Couchsurfing host ever travels to your area, you should make an effort to host them, too.

20. Be Welcome

An alternative to Couchsurfing is BeWelcome. The concept is the same: meet up with locals, stay for free, and share memories that break down cultural barriers.

21. Warm Showers

Any bicyclists out there? Wondering how to save money on travel? We’ve got the perfect solution. It’s called WarmShowers and it’s very similar to Couchsurfing and BeWelcome, but it’s specific for bicyclists.

Travel the world on your bike and find free places to stay with friendly locals looking to connect with other bikers. It’s the perfect solution.

22. Work Exchange With Hostels

Here’s a way to save money on travel that you may not have heard of… did you know you can exchange your time for free stays at hostels?

There are several platforms that connect travelers with hostels that are looking for extra help. Consider checking out WorldPackers and HopperJobs to find work that would best suit your travel plans and/or lifestyle.

23. Use A Travel Agent

When people hear “travel agent” they think you’re trying to get them to pay you money to plan their trip. But the truth is, most travel agents work for completely free AND help you save money.

How does this work?

It works very similarly to how travel bloggers (like us) make money through affiliate marketing. Basically, we recommend different products or services to you (that we use and love anyway) and when you purchase using our link, we get a kickback from the company for marketing for them – at no extra cost to you. Travel agents work the same way.

If you want someone to plan your trips for you and save you money along the way, consider contacting a travel agent.

24. Get An All-Inclusive Package

Here’s an easy one! When you book a trip, you’ll need to consider the amount of money you’ll spend on your flight, hotel, food, activities, and more. But when you book all-inclusive, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

To save money on your next trip, consider purchasing an all-inclusive package that covers all of your travel expenses.

25. Check Groupon For Deals

Speaking of all-inclusive and saving money on travel, be sure to check Groupon for the best travel packages. Groupon consistently posts great travel deals. Simply type in the city you’ll be departing from or enter the destination you wish to visit. You’re sure to find great deals there.

And if you don’t find the right deal for you, sign up for Groupon’s travel package newsletter. They regularly send out good deals directly to your inbox.

How To Save Money On Travel: FLIGHTS

Now that you know how to save money on travel accommodation, I’ll let you in on the best ways to save money on flights.

26. Use WayAway & Get Cash Back On Flights – Our Top Recommendation

Our number one recommendation and best way to save money on flights is through WayAway. WayAway is a travel aggregator that offers cashback on flights and hotels.

We all know how to use credit cards to get points for future flights, but WayAway rewards users with cold hard cash. That means you can earn money back from things you already spend money on.

Not to mention, WayAway makes it easy to compare prices and find the best deals, so you can be sure you’re getting the most for your money.

27. Use Skyscanner & Be Flexible

Skyscanner is a great resource for travelers worldwide. By using this travel aggregator, you can compare prices across a range of airlines and dates.

Our favorite tools on Skyscanner are the “Whole month” and “Cheapest month” options. This option helps you find the best flights across several months.

If you can be flexible with your travel plans, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars on airline tickets. We’ve used this feature to buy tickets from the USA to Thailand for as little as $400 roundtrip, so we know it’s worth it.

28. Use An Incognito Window or VPN

Myth or not, using an incognito has proven to help save us money on flights. How does this work?

When you go to book a flight using any travel aggregator, use an incognito window so that your data isn’t stored; websites like this tend to charge more money when they know you’ve visited their website recently before.

Additionally, consider using a VPN to hide your location. When we booked flights to Easter Island, we hid our location. Doing this saved us $300 each on roundtrip tickets.

29. Sign Up For FareDrop

One of our favorite travel tricks is using the new travel app, FareDrop. FareDrop is a platform that sends users email notifications about the best flight deals around the globe.

And better yet? You can get notifications for cheap business class fares, too.

But, we have to warn you… once you travel business class, it’s hard to go back to economy class. But, FareDrop has you covered with affordable tickets.

Find out more info about FareDrop here!

30. Browse Scott’s Cheap Flights

A similar platform to FareDrop is Scott’s Cheap Flights. Sign up for a membership with Scott’s Cheap Flights and receive up-to-date flight deals that will allow you to travel the world on a tight budget.

For more info, click here to visit Scott’s Cheap Flights website.

31. Use NextVacay

So we’ve told you about FareDrop and Scott’s Cheap Flights above. But of course, there’s more where that came from.

NextVacay is another service that connects travelers with cheap flights around the world. You’ll get specifically curated emails about flights to and from your location that will help you save big bucks on flights.

32. Search Through Skiplagged

One of the most unique ways to save money on travel is by using the travel aggregator Skiplagged. Skiplagged is unique because it discovers flights that could save you money simply by skipping a leg of the journey.

What the heck am I talking about?

Let’s say that you want to fly from Detroit to Miami. Perhaps that flight costs $245 one-way. But, maybe there is another flight that takes you from Detroit to Houston with a layover in Miami, but that flight costs $187 one-way.

To save some money (typically a LOT of money), you just need to get off the plane in Miami and stay there.

If this still sounds confusing, don’t worry! You can read all about what they do on their website here.

33. Save Money With Secret Flying

Secret Flying is the reason why we have been able to fly business class for the price of economy many, many times.

Secret Flyings secret? They share the lowest fare deals with readers via their website and on their Facebook page.

Additionally, they keep everyone in the know about “error fares”, which is when an airline or website makes a mistake and offers a flight for far less than normal.

Thanks to these error fare notifications (on their Facebook page), we’ve flown business class to Asia for $550 each roundtrip and we’ve flown business class to Europe for $200 one-way.

Bookmark their webpage and check it periodically for the absolute best deals on flights.

34. Answer Questions For Airline Miles With The Opinion Terminal

The Opinion Terminal allows users to share their opinions through surveys in exchange for airline miles. It’s a great way to mindlessly pass the time when you’re not busy and it’s also an easy way to earn rewards on flights.

35. Earn More Airline Miles With Opinion Miles Club

A similar website to the Opinion Terminal is Opinion Miles Club. The concept is the same: you’ll take surveys in exchange for earning points that you later convert into airline miles.

I’ve used both The Opinion Terminal and Opinion Miles Club and both were free and fun to use.

36. Use Good Ol’ Credit Cards

You probably already know this trick, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t mention it.

Reward credit cards are by far the easiest way to save money on travel because you’re racking up travel credit simply by purchasing things you would purchase anyway.

Back in 2018, Mike and I got married and we put our entire wedding on a new credit card. It was so easy to hit that spending threshold, which rewarded us with 100,000 airline miles.

That bonus alone paid for both of us to get from mainland USA to Kauai and back. Not bad, eh?

37. Rack Up Points With RocketMiles

This one is easy, but very few people know about it. RocketMiles is a platform that rewards users with airline miles for booking hotels through their portal.

Not to mention, you can recommend family and friends to this website and earn even more airline miles for your upcoming trips.

How To Save Money On Car Rentals or Transporation

Alright, we’ve covered how to save money on accommodations and how to save money on flights. What about transportation? How are you supposed to get around these places you’re traveling to?

Below, we’ve made a list of the best ways to save money on transportation:

38. Rent With Turo – Our Top Recommendation!

Mike and I have used Turo twice. Both times were to rent a 4-wheel drive car so that we could make it to Colorado from Minnesota in the winter. This was the perfect solution considering Turo was 10x cheaper than renting a car from a rental car shop.

So what is Turo? Think of Airbnb but for cars! And the selections are endless.

39. Get A Weekly or Monthly Discount On A Car Rental

Did you know that car rentals don’t HAVE to be expensive? Well… let me rephrase that.. Car rentals abroad don’t have to be expensive. We haven’t found this to be true in the USA yet (except on the Big Island – we found a car for $500 for the entire month!).

But, when you’re visiting destinations around the world, renting a car can be quite affordable. In order to get a hefty discount on a car rental in another country, simply look for a local car rental company and reach out to them for a weekly or monthly discount.

To give you insight into how much you could expect to pay, we rented a car on the island of Milos (Greece) for $400 for the entire month. The next month we hopped over to Crete and spent a total of $450 on our car rental.

Many small car rental companies will offer discounts like this, so don’t be afraid to ask.

40. Try Car Relocation (iMoova)

This recommendation is actually one that we are very eager to try. Car relocating is one of the cheapest options for renting a car or campervan.

Basically, you agree to help a rental car company by bringing a vehicle from one location to the other. In exchange, you get a free car rental and sometimes even a stipend for gas.

A few of the best places to look for car relocations is iMoova and transfercar.

41. Hitchhike Around The World

This option might sound scary, but it’s actually pretty common worldwide. Hitchhiking is typically free (you may want to offer a few dollars for gas money) and it can be a great way to meet new people.

Again, your thoughts might wander back to safety, and I get it.. It’s not exactly the safest thing to do in the USA. But, in countries like Iceland and Norway, hitchhiking is not only safe, but it’s the cheapest way to get around.

Note: Always travel with caution. Some countries do not allow hitchhiking, so be aware of the local laws before venturing out.

42. Take Public Transportation

When you think of traveling, you are probably thinking about beaches, cocktails, and bliss. Public transportation? No thanks, right?

But, public transportation is a fantastic way to experience life like a local and save money. It is also a fun way to pass the time and explore more places that might be unknown to other tourists who don’t travel outside of their comfort zone.

43. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a ride-sharing platform. With BlaBlaCar, you can find drivers who are taking the same route as you and share the cost of gas.

This is a sneaky way to split the cost of long-distance travel or even just your daily commute. You can also use BlaBlaCar to find rides for special events, like concerts or festivals.

How To Save Money On Travel: ADDITIONAL TIPS

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “how do you save money on travel”.. which is obviously why we decided to write this post.

But, there’s more to saving money while traveling than getting free accommodation, cheap flights, and affordable car rentals. We wanted to cover all the bases, so here are additional ways to save money when traveling the world:

44. Find Discounts

Have you ever gone to DQ and asked for a senior discount? There are tons of places that reward people simply for falling into a specific category.

Look for travel packages or deals that offer student discounts, senior discounts, teacher discounts, or military discounts.

Don’t fit one of the above categories? There are discounts for EVERYTHING! You just have to do some digging.

45. Free Walking Tours

One of our favorite activities to do in foreign cities is attend free walking tours. Take a walk around the city while soaking in all of the information that your local guide has to share.

Most cities will have free walking tours. But what’s the catch? Why are they free?

Your guide works off of tips. If you enjoyed your time with them, giving them a $5-$10 tip will go a long way for them. Although it would no longer be free, the small amount you pay to your guide is more than worth the experience!

46. Cook For Yourself

Our secret weapon! Sometimes travel isn’t all about mass indulgment. Sometimes it means going to the local grocery store, buying fresh produce, and cooking for yourself at home.

This is especially possible if you’re staying in a destination for a longer period of time. There’s no need to break the bank so you can try ALL the restaurants in the area. Pick a few that you really want to go to and cook for yourself on the other days.

Mike and I save an average of $700 per month by cooking for ourselves abroad. It works.

47. Use GAFFL

In the “ways to save money on travel accommodation” section, we mention that traveling with others is an obvious way to save money.

But what if you don’t have friends or family members that want to travel to the same destinations you want to go to?

GAFFL is your solution. GAFFL is a platform that connects likeminded travelers who want to split the costs of trips.

You can find out more info about GAFFL here!

48. Bring A Water Bottle

One of the habits we’ve adopted while traveling is taking water bottles with us. This is especially true during road trips when we are regularly stopping at gas stations.

In most places, a bottle of water can go for $2+. Buying 10 of them can add up quickly. Instead, take your water bottle into the gas station and fill it up using their soda machine.

The water you get from the soda machine will be delightfully cold and you’ll help save the planet by reducing plastic waste.

49. Visit Cheap Countries

Although gas prices worldwide are bonkers (I’m looking at you $8/gallon FRANCE), there are countries where the price of living is much, much lower than what we’re used to in the United States.

Our stay in Ecuador
Ladder of Kotor - Itinerary for Montenegro
Hiking in Montenegro

So, instead of jumping on a plane to Florida this winter, think outside the box. Consider any of the following countries for your next destination (and use the flight hacking recommendations above to buy cheap airline tickets to get you there):

  • Thailand (with some of the best beaches in the entire world)
  • Ecuador (mountains and beaches)
  • Portugal (not the cheapest, but cheaper than America)
  • Montenegro (you’ve heard of Croatia, but Montenegro is where it’s at!)
  • Indonesia (did someone say Bali?!)
  • Albania (you haven’t seen those beaches yet, have you? They’re incredible!)
  • Sri Lanka (do some research.. this country is AMAZING)
  • Vietnam (likely the cheapest of these options and has delicious food)

50. Bring A Water Filter (Abroad Travel)

In many places around the world, drinking tap water is not recommended.. in fact, it could make you very sick.

To avoid Bali belly in any destination around you visit, it’s always recommended to buy bottled water. But, bottled water can be expensive and it adds up quickly.

When we travel to places where we know we cannot drink the water, we bring a filter system. Not only does it help us save money, but it also helps us save the planet because we aren’t constantly buying plastic water bottles.

Note: Not ALL countries have issues with tap water. Places like Iceland and Norway encourage you to drink the tap water.

✅ Here’s the water filtration system we use and recommend!

51. Visit During Off Season

In 2020, we visited what is typically considered one of the most expensive places in the world. Mo’orea, the sister island to Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia where hotels can go for $1,000+ per night.

A View of Opunohu Bay From The Top Of Rotui With Mike & Laura.

We decided to visit during “rainy” season, which helped us save thousands of dollars on accommodation and flights. And while it did rain while we were there, the rain lasted for an hour per day and left a wake of beautiful foliage in its wake.

During the one hour that it rained, we took naps, worked, or played games inside.

If you’re willing to visit a destination during off-season, you will be rewarded with cheaper travel costs.

52. Get A City Pass

Many places around the world offer activity bundles. Basically, you pay one price for entry into several different attractions at a discounted rate.

We did this in Chamonix, France and it allowed us to ride several cable cars and eat at different restaurants for a lower price than we would pay if we paid for them separately.

Before your next travels, be sure to Google if your destination has any of these kind of offers. It will definitely help you save money.

53. Use Rakuten

Rakuten is a platform that allows you to get cashback on your everyday purchases (and no, it’s not a credit card).

When you sign up for Rakuten (completely free), you’ll automatically earn cash back on your online shopping at thousands of stores. Plus, you’ll find coupons and deals to help you save even more.

How To Save On Travel: Work & Travel

As travelers, the most common question we get asked is, “how can I save money on travel? I want to travel more”. To which we always respond, “why not work and travel?”

In 2024, it’s possible now more than ever before. Here are some of the best ways to earn a decent living while traveling the world:

54. Make Money As A Travel Blogger & Earn Money While You Travel

Obviously our favorite recommendation is travel blogging. Why not get paid to share your experiences and expertise with the world? That’s what we do!

But, “travel blogging” can be pretty mysterious. Most people think, “okay, so you post pretty pictures on Instagram.” EHHH. WRONG.

Instagram isn’t our cup of tea and neither is any other social media platform.

So, let me explain it to you the same way I explained it to my sister. One day, she was browsing through Google and gasped, “LAURA! This is you guys! You’re on Google! Did you know you were on Google?”

To which I explained, “yes, that’s our entire business. We write our blog posts in a specific way so that Google likes us. And when Google likes us, they show our posts to more people through search results.”

Fascinated, she said, “okay, so if I click on your website, will you make money?”

“Yes. We will make money through advertisements on our website (similar to how Youtubers make money from ads) and if you decide to purchase something we recommend (if you book a hotel, a tour, a rental car, Amazon products, etc), then we get a commission from those companies at no extra cost to you. Our blog earns us about $120,000 per year.”

She was stunned. But she’s not the only one. So many other people are blown away by this information, too.

But the cool thing is, we actually teach others how to grow websites so they can earn money from them. Each week, we run free trainings that give you a solid overview and actionable steps you can take to do the same.

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55. Become An Au Pair

Want to LIVE abroad but you’re not sure where to start? Become an au pair!

Working as an au pair means that you’ll be helping take care of other people’s children in exchange for room and board. Some au pair families also offer a stipend, travel costs, health insurance and more.

You can find out more about being an au pair here.

56. Teach English Abroad

This is the route I took back in 2014. My goal was to travel but I didn’t have a lot of money to fund these adventures. So, I decided to teach English abroad in Thailand.

My Thai school was located in Bangkok, Thailand and they provided me with a modern apartment, health insurance, and a good salary (based on the cost of living in Thailand). This allowed for me to travel all over Southeast Asia on weekends and during school holidays/breaks.

But, Thailand isn’t your only option. Check out thousands of teaching abroad jobs by clicking here.

57. Work On A Yacht

If you love the idea of spending your days on the open water, working on a yacht could be the perfect job for you. Not only will you have the opportunity to travel to exotic locations, but you’ll also be able to earn a good income.

Yacht captains and crew members are in high demand, and there are many opportunities out there. You can check this website to find positions on yachts around the world.

58. Work On A Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship is the perfect way to make money while seeing the world. There are endless opportunities to explore new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures. And, best of all, you can do it all while getting paid.

Find current cruise ship jobs around the world by clicking here!

59. Work For An Airline

We have many friends that have decided to work for airlines in exchange for free airfare (and money, too, of course). And there’s no reason to believe you need to work at it full-time either. Many airlines allow employees to work casual (on their own schedule), leaving you with more time to explore the world.

To find airline jobs, search for your favorite airline on Google + jobs. A listing of jobs will appear and you’ll be able to start sifting through the ones that are right for you.

The Wrap-Up: How To Save Money On Travel In 2024

We’ve had so many people say things like, “you’re so lucky you get to travel” and “that must be expensive to travel like that”. But the truth is, travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be even cheaper than your everyday life.

We hope this post has helped you find tricks that will help you save money on travel. We think everyone should travel the world, experience new cultures, and connect with people from all over the globe.

Travel is the best way to shift your perspective, learn from others, and grow as a person. Happy traveling!