What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Bali?

What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Bali 2024?

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Looking for the best travel insurance for your upcoming Bali holiday? You’ve come to the right place!

As you’re planning your getaway to the beautiful island of Bali, don’t forget to add a travel insurance plan to your shopping cart.

In this post, we reveal the best travel insurance plan for Bali and why it beats the competition every time.

Overall, What Is The Best Travel Insurance Company For Bali?

The best and most comprehensive travel insurance for Bali is SafetyWing Nomad Insurance.

SafetyWing offers excellent coverage for travelers worldwide at a very reasonable price ($37 per month).

They cover activities like hiking, scuba diving, and riding motorbikes, which are the most common things to do while visiting Bali. You’ll also be covered if anything happens to your flight, baggage, or personal belongings.

SafetyWing has top-notch customer service and continuously works hard to provide for their insured customers.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory For Bali?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for your trip to Bali.

Some countries require travel medical insurance before arrival or to obtain a visa, but Indonesia is not one of them. You are free to enter and explore Bali without travel insurance.

So, Do I Really Need Travel Insurance For Bali?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for entry into Bali. So, do I really need to invest in travel insurance for my Bali trip?


Obtaining travel insurance before you leave for your trip is important for so many reasons.

Think of your trip to Bali as an investment. You paid for your flights and accommodation. Your belongings cost money, too. And think about any unforeseen circumstances.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Bali

Losing any of these or having an unfortunate situation arise could cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars. Coming from a full-time traveler, risking it is just not worth it. Believe me on this.

Unfortunately, your health insurance from home has many limitations and typically won’t cover all of your medical expenses abroad.

Travel insurance will cover any unforeseen circumstance that your regular health insurance company and travel credit card won’t cover.

How Much Travel Insurance Do I Need For Bali?

Now that you know how important it is to equip yourself with travel insurance, it’s time to determine how much travel insurance you’ll need for Bali.

A general rule of thumb is to get enough travel insurance to cover the activities you’ll be doing. Luckily, many insurance companies have pre-selected packages for travelers.

Take a peek below and find the travel insurance plan that will cover your entire Bali itinerary.

What Should My Travel Insurance Include?

The most common activities in Bali include surfing, scuba diving, and hiking Mount Batur. If you plan on taking part in any additional activities, be sure to check that your desired travel insurance plan covers you.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Bali?

Compare Travel Insurance For Bali

Here are the four best travel insurance companies for your trip to Bali:

1. SafetyWing

The best travel insurance plan for Bali (and any other destination) is SafetyWing’s nomad insurance. Here are some details you should know about SafetyWing.


What’s Included

✔️ Trip interruption, travel delay, lost luggage

✔️ Crisis response, terrorism, political evacuation, natural disaster accommodation replacement

✔️ Medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, hospital indemnity, bedside visit

✔️ Sports and activities

✔️ Accidental death, repatriation of remains, local burial or cremation

✔️ Return of minor child, emergency reunion

Find out more about coverage with SafetyWing here: Description of Coverage.

What’s Not-Included

❌ Pre-existing conditions

❌ Preventative healthcare and routine check-ups

❌ Cancer treatment

How Much Does It Cost?

SafetyWing currently costs $37 for four weeks of coverage. You can also add on additional coverage for when you return home.

2. Allianz Travel Insurance

Another common travel insurance plan is Allianz. This is what you need to know about what’s included and what’s not included with Allianz’ travel insurance:

Allianz Insurance

What’s Included

✔️ Trip cancellation, trip interruption/delay, change fee coverage, lost baggage, baggage delay

✔️ Emergency medical and transportation

✔️ Rental car damage (added as an upgrade)

Some pre-existing medical conditions are included if you choose to upgrade but there are restrictions.

What’s Not-Included

❌ Losses due to natural disasters, terrorist events, epidemic or pandemic, or war

❌ Extreme, high-risk sports or activities

How Much Does It Cost?

Allianz Travel Insurance plans start at $23, but you’ll need to get a quote for a more accurate price.

3. World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads is a well-known insurance company that caters specifically to travelers. Here is an overview of their insurance plans:

World Nomads

What’s Included

✔️ Trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, baggage delay

✔️ Terrorist attacks, assault

✔️ Medical repatriation, overseas dental, overseas medical

✔️ Digital nomad tech supply coverage

✔️ Death overseas, repatriation of remains

✔️ Rental car damage

More questions about what is covered by World Nomads? Here’s what’s covered.

What’s Not-Included

❌ Pre-existing conditions

❌ Non-emergency medical expenses

They’ll patch you up and get you home but that’s it.

How Much Does It Cost?

World Nomads travel insurance plans range from $69 to over $111 depending on your length of stay.

Note: Recently, I’ve noticed that World Nomads is not covering Indonesia travel. I noticed this in June 2020.

4. Travelex Travel Insurance

Travelex is the last travel insurance company we will review. Travelex is a smaller company and their website isn’t as telling. Here are a few things we know about their plans and coverage:


What’s Included

✔️ Trip cancellation, lost or damaged baggage

✔️ Emergency evacuation, terrorism

✔️ Accident or sickness

Note: Travelex will include coverage for pre-exisiting conditions if you upgrade your plan.

What’s Not-Included

❌ Any situation that is the result of being drunk or under the influence of drugs

They are vague about their description of what they DON’T cover. They say anything that is reasonably foreseeable is not covered under their plans.

How Much Does It Cost?

On average, Travelex travel insurance plans range from $72 to $102 depending on how long you need coverage and where you’re going. For a more accurate price, get a quote.

What Doesn’t My Insurance Cover?

Each company offers different coverage and it’s important to understand what is covered and what isn’t before you purchase an insurance plan.

It’s also important to remember that travel insurance is NOT medical insurance. Although it covers emergency medical treatment, it will not cover routine check-ups or anything that isn’t considered an emergency.

And lastly, travel insurance won’t cover any accidents that were a result of being drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Note: Always check for deductibles and limits before purchasing a travel insurance plan.

Is There Any Travel Insurance That Covers Bali Volcano Hiking?

The most iconic hike in Bali is the active volcano, Mount Batur. Some travelers even venture up Mount Agung, the tallest point on Bali.

Best Travel Insurance Plan For Bali

SafetyWing’s travel insurance covers hiking up to 4,500 meters (14,763 feet). Since Mount Batur sits at 5,633 feet and Mount Agung at 9,944 feet, you’ll be fully covered through this insurance plan.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Scooter And Motorbikes?

Travel insurance will cover any medical expenses incurred from a motorbike or scooter accident. It will not, however, cover the cost of a motorbike if you crash it.

The best thing to do if you damage a motorbike rental is to bring it to a local shop and have it repaired before you return it. This will save you hundreds of dollars.

Note: Travel insurance will not cover medical expenses as a result of drunk driving a motorbike or racing.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Rental Or Car Hire?

SafetyWing doesn’t cover car rental damage, but World Nomads and Allianz Travel do.

However, I suggest thinking twice before renting car in Bali. The traffic in Bali is unlike anything you’ll ever experience and if you don’t have experience driving in Southeast Asia, it can be VERY dangerous.

Bali Waterfall

Luckily, cabs are cheap (get a cab with the Grab app) and abundant, so renting a car in Bali is unnecessary.

If you insist on renting a car in Bali, check with your credit card first. Your travel credit card might cover the cost of any damage made to the vehicle.

Best Travel Insurance For Surfing?

Planning to surf while visiting Bali? It’s strongly recommended to have travel insurance to cover any possible surfing accidents.

SafetyWing covers any injuries related to surfing while other travel insurance companies do not.

Best Travel Insurance For Scuba Diving?

If you plan to scuba dive in Bali, double-check that your travel insurance plan covers this activity.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Bali?

SafetyWing covers scuba diving excursions up to 10 meters (30 feet).

If you plan on scuba diving deeper than 10 meters, I recommend purchasing a World Nomads travel insurance plan.

You’ll need to upgrade your World Nomads plan to the Explorer package, but you’ll be fully covered for scuba diving up to 165 feet.

Is Bali Safe To Visit?

Overall, yes, Bali is safe to visit. Of course, you’ll see petty crime like pickpocketing, but Bali is generally safe for tourists.

With that said, something you should be aware of is that people are more likely to take risks while on vacation, which is why travel insurance is a must.

Do I Need Vaccinations For Bali?

There aren’t any vaccination requirements to enter Bali, but there are a few that you should consider getting before arriving.

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tetanus & Diphtheria (also known as DT) are three vaccinations that are highly recommended.

Note: If you’ve had your immunizations and you’re part of the younger generation, it’s very likely that you’ve already had your Hep B and DT shots.

Most Common Accidents In Bali

There are two common mishaps in Bali and it’s likely that you’ll experience at least one of them while visiting.

Traveler’s diarrhea (also known as Bali Belly) and motorbike accidents occur frequently. Here is what you should know if either of these accidents arises:

What To Do If You Get Sick In Bali

Getting sick in a foreign country is not fun and it’s not easy. I remember many times laying on the bathroom floor in Thailand with the worst stomach pain. Nothing spoils an awesome vacation like getting sick.

So what do you do if you get sick in Bali? Mom isn’t there. Your regular doctors are on the other side of the planet.. so now what?

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine how sick you are. Monitor your symptoms while drinking LOTS of fluids.

Note: The most common illness for travelers in Bali is Bali Belly, also known as traveler’s diarrhea. Bali Belly is the result of eating bad food or drinking bad water.

Pick up some water and Pecari Sweat (the Indonesian Gatorade) from Pepito’s Market and stay home. If symptoms worsen, go to urgent care or the hospital.

What To Do If You Have A Motorbike Accident

The most common accidents in Bali are motorbike collisions. Motorbikes are also the most common and cheapest mode of transportation on the island.

My advice is to only rent and drive a motorbike if you’ve done it before. Driving through traffic in Bali is no joke and without any experience, an accident is inevitable.

If you do decide to rent a motorbike, wear a helmet. This is the most important advice I can give you.

Many travelers die each year due to motorbike accidents. Don’t let that be you. Wear a helmet, wear a helmet, wear a helmet.

Best Bali Travel Insurance

Now obviously you’ll want to avoid an accident at all costs, especially when you’re traveling abroad. But if it does happen, you’ll need to know what to do.

If someone was seriously injured in the motorbike accident, call an ambulance. You can call them at +62 361 118.

If no one was hurt, it’s unlikely that either driver will give insurance information. Both will go their own way and deal with the damages themselves.

Note: If you rented your motorbike from a shop, it’s best to have the damages fixed before you return the bike. Returning it damaged can often lead to a large fine.

If you get the motorbike fixed at a local shop before you return it, you’ll potentially save yourself a lot of money.

Emergency Numbers In Bali

There are two important numbers to remember and save to your phone while traveling throughout Bali.

Keep the numbers to the ambulance and the police handy:

Ambulance: 118 or +62 361 118

Police: 112 or +62 361 112

Note: It also might be beneficial to save your accommodation host’s number on your phone as well. Having a local to ask is always helpful.

Is Healthcare In Bali Good?

Before I ventured overseas, I always had this idea that healthcare was pretty bad in most places around the world.

After traveling extensively for the past six years, I’ve realized that I was wrong. In fact, all of the hospitals I have been to abroad have been really great. Bali is no different.

What Is The Best Travel Insurance For Bali?

When we visited at the urgent care in Bali, we were surprised to find a very professional and clean doctor’s office. The doctor spoke fluent English and had a high level of expertise.

We were prescribed common antibiotics to cure our stomach bugs and he sent us away with electrolyte packets and anti-nausea pills. Overall, our urgent care visit was extremely pleasant (despite being desperately sick).

Although there are many quality doctor’s offices in Bali, this is the one we chose to go to:

PrimePlus Medical – Canggu, Bali

Jalan Subak Sari No. 90-A
Br. Dinas Tegal Gundul
Phone: +62 361 474 0055
Email: info@primeplusmed.com

Note: We just showed up to the doctor’s office, we didn’t make an appointment. This worked out well and we were quickly seen by the doctor.

How To Buy Bali Travel Insurance

As the best travel insurance plan for Bali, start by clicking on Buy Now on the homepage of SafetyWing.

Next, you’ll be asked to fill out your destinations and group members before purchasing your plan.

If you have any questions, SafetyWing has excellent customer service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

How To Make A Claim On Your Bali Travel Insurance

SafetyWing works on a reimbursement transaction. In order to receive reimbursement for your travel bills, you must file a claim.

Start by logging into your SafetyWing account and choosing Make a claim in the dropdown menu.

You’ll be directed to fill out and upload a claim form along with any receipts or proof of payment.

Submit all of your documents and wait for SafetyWing to notify you. If additional information is required, they will ask.

Claims take up to 45 days to complete. You can monitor its progress on your SafetyWing dashboard.

The Wrap-Up: Best Travel Insurance For Bali

With affordable prices and excellent coverage, there’s no reason to risk it; buy a SafetyWing travel insurance plan for your trip to Bali and save yourself any headaches.

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