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7 Truly Hidden Gems in Bali 2023

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Let’s face it.. Bali isn’t full of hidden gems by any means. There are so many tourists flocking to this island that it could be easily mistaken for an Australian island.

Since finding solitude is nearly impossible, I’ve constructed a list that will tell you exactly where to go in Bali.

7 Hidden Gems In Bali

Here are the 7 best hidden gems in Bali, Indonesia.

1. Melasti Beach

We set out in search of a beautiful, clean, and quiet beach in Bali and we found Melasti Beach.

melasti beach hidden gems bali

With very few tourists (compared to other beaches in Bali), Melasti Beach was a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Canggu and enjoy island time.

The water was a magnificent shade of aquamarine and the beach had VERY little trash, which is not a common occurrence in Bali.

melasti hidden gem beach bali

We picked a cute little beachside hut to enjoy a few cocktails, swam in the waves, and gawked at the beach cliffs visible in the distance.

How To Get To Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is located at the very southern tip of Bali, about a 45-minute drive from Denpasar. We drove our motorbikes down to this amazing hidden gem.

For those who aren’t comfortable riding a motorbike, I recommend choosing one of these options:

Hire a driver for half a day.

I highly recommend this option because it’s easy and your driver will wait for you wherever you want to go.

We have used GetYourGuide many times to hire this driver: Bali Customizable Half-Day Tour and paid an insanely cheap price. Using GetYourGuide will also assure that you won’t be taken advantage of financially, which can happen quite often in Bali.

✅ Ordering a Grab taxi or GoJek.

You can download both of these apps right onto your phone.

Although I highly recommend using Grab or GoJek in the populated areas, it might be difficult to get a driver while you’re in Melasti Beach since it is off the beaten path. We also noticed that cell service is limited along the south coast of Bali.

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2. Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

We stumbled upon this waterfall on our way to another waterfall in Ubud.

goa rang reng hidden gems waterfall bali

Goa Rang Reng Waterfall is about a five-minute drive from Tibumana Waterfall. If you’re heading in that direction anyway, be sure to stop and enjoy one of the best hidden gems in Bali, too.

Pro-Tip: Use the rope on the side of the waterfall to climb to the top!

For more secret waterfalls in Bali, check out my recent post: 31 Magical Bali Waterfalls to Add to Your Bucket List.

3. Tembeling Beach

One of the lesser-known areas of Bali is a small island off the southeastern coast called Nusa Penida. It has risen to popularity in recent years but there are still many places on the island that are infrequently visited by tourists.

tembeling hidden beach bali

Tembeling Beach was one of our favorite hidden gems in Bali. In an attempt to find a really neat natural pool (which we found and is, in fact, NEAT), we decided to continue down the trail to the beach.

This beach was completely deserted and had some of the clearest, cleanest water we had seen since arriving in Indonesia.

tembeling beach bali

A dirt trail leading off the footpath will lead you through a small cove to a bay where people have built rock tower formations.

This was by far our favorite place in Bali. It was a hidden oasis in a world of chaos.

4. Tegal Wangi Beach Cave and Natural Pools

Our first adventure in Bali was to Tegal Wangi Beach cave and natural pools. This beach is quite popular with the locals, so don’t expect to be the only ones there. However, it is still a hidden gem among tourists.

Tegal Wangi Beach Cave and Natural Pools hidden gem in Bali, Indonesia

The absolute best thing to do on this beach is to enjoy the cave during sunset. To have the cave to yourself and really appreciate the colors, wait for ten minutes AFTER the sun goes down.

Almost everyone will stay until the sun sets over the horizon and then leave, missing the most brilliant colors. Honestly, this was us.

On our walk back up to the parking lot with all the other beachgoers, we were kicking ourselves for leaving so abruptly. The sky turned the most magnificent orange and red I had ever seen.

Tegal Wangi natural pools hidden beach in Bali

Pro-Tip: Ride your motorbike here rather than taking a taxi. We decided to take a Grab car down, which wasn’t an issue. The ride is a bit long from Canggu because of traffic but nothing too horrible.

The problem is getting back to your hotel or Airbnb. Our phones completely lost service while at the beach so hailing a taxi for the way home was not an easy feat. We would’ve avoided this problem if we took our own motorbike there.

For more info on Tegal Wangi Beach, be sure to read: Tegal Wangi Beach: The Best Kept Secret in Bali.

5. Atuh Beach

Another beach that’s worth visiting on Nusa Penida is Atuh Beach. You can find this beach on the east coast, on the opposite side of the island as Kelingking viewpoint and Angel’s Billabong.

Atuh beach on Nusa Penida in Bali

When we were visiting Atuh Beach, we were one of only a few people there. Be warned that the hike down to the beach was quite steep and treacherous, but there are plenty of beachside huts with food and drinks to recharge at the bottom.

Hidden beach in Bali. Atuh beach on Nusa Penida

6. Munduk

Ahh, northern Bali. By far the best place to spend your holiday on the island. Northern Bali was everything I had hoped Bali would be; rice terraces, waterfalls, jungles, sincere people, delicious coffee.. a true slice of paradise.

Munduk, the best hidden village in all of Bali

The village we decided to visit in the north was Munduk. It took us about an hour and a half to reach Munduk by motorbike from Ubud. From Denpasar, I’d expect it to take over two hours but the views along the way are simply breathtaking.

Munduk Waterfall, Melanting Waterfall, and Golden Valley Waterfall

Some of the best places to visit in Munduk are the plethora of waterfalls. The waterfalls I recommend include Munduk Waterfall, Melanting Waterfall, and Golden Valley Waterfall.

Melanting waterfall in northern Bali

At midday, we were the only ones at each of these waterfalls. We have been to several waterfalls in Bali and found that very few of them were vacant, which is why I highly recommend adding these falls to your list.

Ngiring Ngewadang Restaurant

On our way back to Ubud from Munduk, we stopped at a restaurant called Ngiring Ngewadang. The food was good, the coffee was great, but what really stood out about this restaurant was the view.

Ngiring Ngewadang restaurant; where to go in Bali, where to eat in Bali

In fact, we would’ve paid money JUST to sit and look at the view, they didn’t even need to bring us food (it was a plus that they did though!). The staff are kind and helpful, the prices are reasonable, and the entire restaurant is the cleanest I have seen in all of Bali.

If you’ve visited the waterfalls of Munduk and need a bite to eat, this is the restaurant to go to.

Ngiring Ngewadang restaurant in Munduk, Bali

7. Kelingking Beach Cave

Sure, you’ve probably seen the ever-popular t-rex head island picture of Nusa Penida before. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, type “Nusa Penida” into Google search. More than likely a picture of Kelingking Beach will appear.

Kelingking beach and hidden cave in Bali, Indonesia

In no way is Kelingking Beach a hidden gem; in fact, it’s one of the most visited places on the entire island of Penida.

But, what most people skip is the beach itself. They come for the viewpoint and leave after five minutes.

Give yourself an ample amount of time to climb down the gnarly staircase. They will lead you to one of the most magical beaches in all of Bali. Hidden on the lefthand side of the beach is an amazing cave.

Kelingking secret beach cave

You’re likely to be one of only a few people enjoying the beach. We originally came to Kelingking for the viewpoint, but stayed for the beach cave!

For more information about visiting Kelingking Beach Cave, check out our post: Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida: Everything You Need To Know.

The Wrap-Up: The Best Hidden Gems In Bali

If crowds aren’t your thing, don’t be so quick to rule out Bali as your next travel destination. There is solitude to be found on this island if you know where to look. Start with these seven amazing hidden gems in Bali and enjoy your off the beaten path holiday.

Have you been to Bali? What were the best hidden gems you visited in Bali?

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