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One of the steps to getting hired with VIPKID is taking the TESOL certification course and completing the quiz that goes along with it. A lot of aspiring and new VIPKID teachers wonder, “what is a TESOL certificate?”

Use this post to help understand this vital step in the hiring process. The tips below will help you tackle and finish the VIPKID TESOL certification quickly.

What Is A TESOL Certification?

TESOL is an acronym that stands for Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. You might hear people talk about TEFL, EFL, DELTA, CELTA, or TESL courses as well, which are nearly the same as the TESOL course.

All of these courses help teachers learn how to conduct and educate English language learners in classrooms.

Do I Need A TESOL or TEFL Certification To Teach With VIPKID?

Yes and no.

In late 2018, the Ministry of Education in China set new standards and requirements for online English teachers. One of these requirements is that every teacher must have a teaching license in their country of residence OR a TEFL/TESOL certification.

Many aspiring VIPKID teachers worry that they must obtain a TEFL or TESOL certification before they begin teaching. And while it is necessary to have one of these certifications (if you don’t have a teaching license in the US or Canada), VIPKID actually offers its applicants a completely free TESOL course.


For those who don’t know about TEFL and TESOL courses, these courses can cost upwards of $1000. Being able to complete a TESOL course for free is AMAZING.

VIPKID TESOL Certification & New Hires

While you’re completing the arduous application process, one of the steps you’ll need to finish is the TESOL certification (again, this is only if you don’t hold a teaching license in the United States or Canada). The TESOL certification will present itself at the end of the hiring process after you’ve completed the mock class.

The Content and Quiz: Is the Certification Difficult?

Just by looking at the content, the TESOL course and quiz can be a bit intimidating. Many applicants want to know how difficult the VIPKID TESOL certification is and how quickly they can finish it.


Luckily, the TESOL course is one of the easiest parts of the hiring process. Although there are many topics and a lot of content, it’s very straightforward and common sense information. In fact, most applicants can take the quizzes without pouring over all of the reading materials.

For most applicants, finishing the TESOL course and quiz only takes a few minutes.

The best thing about the quiz is that you can take it as many times as you need in order to pass. VIPKID does not keep track of how many times you take the quiz, so if you don’t pass the first time (or the second or third or fourth), keep trying. No big deal!

Basically, VIPKID has set up their TESOL course and quiz in a way that makes it extremely easy for applicants to quickly finish and sign their contract.

Do I Upload My Finished TESOL Certificate To My Application?

VIPKID will request that you upload a teaching certificate or license to your application before you can sign the contract.

If you took the VIPKID TESOL course, you don’t have to worry about uploading your certificate. It will be automatically uploaded to your application and will appear within a few days.

Can I Use The VIPKID TESOL Certification for Other Teaching Endeavors?

After you’ve completed your VIPKID TESOL certificate, you’ll probably be wondering, “can I use this certificate for other teaching opportunities?”

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward, but I’ll explain the best I can.

If you plan on teaching English with other online ESL companies, you MIGHT be able to use your VIPKID TESOL certificate. I’ve heard of other teachers using this certificate to apply for GoGoKid and it worked out. You’ll need to ask the company before you apply if they will accept your VIPKID TESOL certificate as a legitimate ESL certificate.

If you plan on teaching English abroad in countries like Thailand, South Korea, or Vietnam, you cannot use the VIPKID TESOL certificate. You’ll need at least a 120-hour TEFL course in order to teach in most countries around the world.

Teaching English Online

If you’re looking for a great TESOL course, I recommend purchasing a Premier TEFL course that is at least 120 hours or more. Premier TEFL is an excellent company and its certificates are accepted by employers around the world.

I also recommend Premier TEFL for any online English teaching company that won’t accept VIPKIDs TESOL certification.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID TESOL & Quiz

The VIPKID TESOL course and quiz can seem like a headache after you’ve already completed all of the arduous steps. I’m hoping this guide has given you the confidence to tackle the TESOL course with ease.

Keep in mind, once you are finished with the course, you’ll be ready to sign your contract and teach.

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