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The Best VIPKID Background Ideas For 2022

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You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re a new VIPKID teacher and you’re looking for background ideas for your classroom. Or perhaps you’re a veteran teacher looking to spice things up and give your classroom a makeover.

Whatever your reasoning, I’m glad you’re here!

Your VIPKID Background

Two years ago, I started teaching full-time with VIPKID. The hiring process was long, the mock class required a lot of practice, and the demo lesson was a bit confusing. But those steps were a walk in the park compared to finding the perfect VIPKID background.

I’ll start by saying, I’m not creative and when I found out I would need to decorate my online classroom, I panicked. How was I supposed to construct a classroom as beautiful as the ones I’ve seen in other teachers’ classrooms?

After several failed attempts, I finally found a background that worked for my VIPKID classroom. Below, you’ll find 6 of the best VIPKID background ideas and why they work so well.

6 Best VIPKID Background Ideas

As I mentioned, I’ve used several different VIPKID backgrounds over the past two years, some better than others. However, there has always been one clear winner when it comes to the best background.

I’ll let you in on this secret because it will be the best investment you make during your VIPKID career; luckily it’s cheap and you can stay within your budget.

1. World Map Tapestry

The best VIPKID background is a world map tapestry. I got the idea to order a world map tapestry after visiting a friend and seeing one on the ceiling of her bedroom. I looked at it and thought, that would look AMAZING in my classroom.

VIPKID Background Ideas
VIPKID Background Ideas

A world map tapestry is not only the best VIPKID background for convenience and simplicity, but it’s also the most portable.

Mike and I travel 7 months out of the year. Setting up a VIPKID classroom on the fly can be difficult, but with my world map tapestry, it is simple and easy.

There are several world map tapestries that I recommend for your VIPKID background. Choose from several styles and colors below:

Compare The 3 Best World Map Tapestries Here

In order to hang your tapestry on the wall, I suggest using push-pins or sticky tack.

The best part about these tapestries is that it takes less than 2 minutes to set up. After it’s all said and done, you’ve got yourself a beautiful and professional-looking online classroom.

More Awesome VIPKID Background Ideas

Maybe a tapestry isn’t your style. That’s fine, there are many more ideas for great VIPKID backgrounds.

2. Science Fair Board

If you want to get creative, I highly recommend buying a cardboard display board and decorating it with educational materials and your name tag.

Not only will you get to display a bit more about yourself by using one of these boards, but you’ll also get to relive the excitement of the 4th-grade science fair… haha!

Cardboard Display Board

In all honesty, this is a great option. Gather some construction paper and stencils and you’ve got yourself a background masterpiece. If you have any kids at home, you could even have them help you decorate it as a project.

3. White Board

Another one of the best ideas for a VIPKID background is purchasing a whiteboard (or using the one you have lying around your house).

Hang up a 36X24 inch whiteboard behind you and use magnets to decorate it with educational posters, letters, or objects.

With a whiteboard, you will also be able to use it as a prop. Although I prefer to use a handheld whiteboard to draw and write phonics words, the whiteboard you use as a background could also get the job done.

Dry Erase Board 36X24in

I strongly considered buying a whiteboard as my VIPKID background, but since it is impossible to travel with, I decided against it.

If your VIPKID classroom is stationary, a whiteboard is an excellent background idea.

4. World Map Poster

The first background idea that I had as a new VIPKID teacher was a world map poster. Mike and I were traveling the USA in an RV so I decided to decorate my classroom with things that could easily be taken down and put back up.

VIPKID Background Ideas - World Map Posters

The biggest problem with a USA map poster was the possibility of ripping and tearing. I bought my world map poster from the dollar store (because I’m cheap and proud of it) and it was not laminated.

That was my first mistake. Every time I would hang the poster and take it down, it would rip a little more. Therefore, I highly recommend investing in a quality world map poster.

The world map poster below is laminated and should last throughout your entire VIPKID career. It is also reasonably priced so you can stay on a budget.

Swiftmaps World Map

Take note that many world map posters that are sold on Amazon create some controversy. Browsing through Amazon, you’ll notice that Taiwan is a different color than China on many world map posters.

This is a very sensitive topic; in short, Taiwan is part of China and should be the same color as China on world maps. I recommend choosing the world map above since it is difficult to see that Taiwan is a different color.

If you want to be overly cautious, I recommend putting your nametag on top of Taiwan. That way you can avoid any unnecessary issues.

Note: It is absolutely best that we refrain from talking about politics and religion with our VIPKID students and only focus on the coursework given. That is our job.

5. Decorative Flags

One of the best background ideas for a VIPKID classroom is using decorative flags from around the world.

Not only are world flags educational and fun, but they are the perfect prop for many VIPKID lessons. There are several lessons throughout level 4 that talk about different countries and cultures. This is the perfect opportunity to include these flags and extend the conversation with your students.

Decorative Flags

The flags above are the best quality and the best buy because the string is durable and the flags are fade resistant. They are worth the extra few dollars because you’ll be able to use these throughout your time as a VIPKID teacher.

6. Alphabet Posters

Keep things educational with alphabet posters. These are perfect as a VIPKID background and they are really easy to hang on a wall behind you.

Again, use the alphabet posters as props to help your students understand phonics. The posters I suggest below are laminated so no ripping or tearing.

ABC Chart

In addition to these posters, I recommend buying a few whiteboard markers. Since these posters are laminated, you can easily write on them and add to your lesson.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Background Ideas

Creating the perfect background for your classroom doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. These 6 budget-friendly VIPKID background ideas are perfect for all teachers and will add the flare you need to your online classroom.

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