Floating Breakfast Bali

23 Best Floating Breakfast Experiences In Bali 2024

Bali is the land of smoothie bowls, endless rice terraces, and floating breakfasts. Tourists from all over the world come to Bali for these Instagrammable and unforgettable experiences.

Use this guide to plan your vacation and find out exactly where you can get the perfect floating breakfast experience in Bali.

In a hurry? Here are the two best floating breakfast options for your next trip:

➡️ Samsara Ubud (UBUD
➡️ The Daha, A Luxury Resort & Spa (SEMINYAK)

What Is A Floating Breakfast?

A floating breakfast is just that – a breakfast that floats on a tray in the pool alongside of you.

Floating Breakfast Bali

If the idea of a floating breakfast seems silly, know that Bali is extremely hot and humid. Being able to cool off in your infinity pool while sipping coffee and nibbling on a delicious 3-course breakfast doesn’t seem half bad if it means you can escape the heat.

Floating breakfasts are also an awesome way to pamper yourself. I highly recommend experiencing this at least once during your trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Where Can I Buy A Floating Breakfast In Bali?

Many Instagrammers and bloggers will have you believe that floating breakfasts are exclusive to certain resorts or hotels.

But the truth is, you can find floating breakfasts all over Bali. You just have to know where to look.

Below, I’ve detailed 23 different resorts and hotels in Bali that offer floating breakfasts.

Some of these accommodation options are 5-star luxury resorts while others are affordable guesthouses and villas. There is something for every traveler on this list.

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    Floating Breakfast In Ubud, Bali

    Ubud seems to be the epicenter for floating breakfasts. Finding a hotel or resort that DOESN’T offer floating breakfasts is difficult.

    The best part about ordering a floating breakfast in Ubud is that you’ll likely be surrounded by Ubud’s beautiful jungles and endless rice terraces.

    Here are 12 resorts and hotels to help you with your search:

    1. Samsara Ubud

    Get your floating breakfast fix at Samsara Ubud.

    This luxury resort allows guests to connect with nature while enjoying a romantic atmosphere.

    Samara Ubud offers one, two, and three-bedroom villas. Expect to pay $301 per night for a villa; each villa comes with its own private heated pool.

    For an additional charge (650,000 IDR – $45 USD), you’ll receive a floating breakfast shaped like a boat.

    👉 Book your stay at Samara Ubud by clicking here!

    2. Kamandalu Ubud

    Kamandalu Ubud is a 5-star resort that overlooks the Petanu River. This resort is special because you can be pampered whether you’re an in-house guest or not.

    Floating breakfasts can be delivered to your private pool villa or the public shared pool depending on where you’re staying within the resort.

    In-house guests will pay 675,000 IDR ($47 USD) per couple for a floating breakfast. Guests that are not staying at the hotel can pay 975,000 IDR ($68 USD) for a floating breakfast in the public pool.

    With your floating breakfast, you’ll receive a bottle of sparkling wine and plenty of food for two people.

    If you plan to stay at the Kamandalu, expect to pay $335 per night for a garden villa or upgrade to a private pool villa for $644 per night.

    You can also indulge in a flower bath, morning yoga sessions, and candle-light dinners at Kamandalu.

    👉 Book your stay at Kamandalu by clicking here!

    3. Beji Ubud Resort


    With two infinity pools, two surface tension pools, and incredible Balinese jungle views, you can’t go wrong staying at Beji Ubud Resort.

    Beji Ubud Resort gives its guests the option to have a floating breakfast or a floating brunch. Not a bad way to start the day, eh?

    Floating Breakfast Bali

    A floating breakfast will cost an additional 250,000 IDR ($17 USD) and a floating brunch will cost 400,000 IDR ($28 USD).

    A floating breakfast is available from 7-9am while the floating brunch is available from 1-4pm. Be sure to book your floating meal in advance!

    The best part about this resort is the price. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for an overnight stay (in addition to the floating breakfast cost), this Bali resort has affordable rooms.

    A deluxe garden room will run you $75 per night, just a fraction of the cost of other luxury resorts.

    4. Natya Resort Ubud

    Natya Resort Ubud boasts one of the most iconic hotel views in all of Bali. The infinity pools at this resort look out over the jungle ravine; this is the perfect place to enjoy a floating breakfast in Bali.

    Upon arrival, Natya guests will benefit from a complimentary massage. Upgrade your stay with a floating breakfast. The extra charge will cost 350,000 IDR ($24 USD).

    Have your floating breakfast delivered to your private pool or the shared pool. You can also indulge in a candle-light dinner, a flower bath, or a petal pool.

    Expect to pay $200 per night for a family pool suite at the Natya Resort Ubud. Although a bit pricy, this is one of the best places to stay in all of Bali.

    Not staying at the Natya Resort Ubud? You can still enjoy a floating breakfast at this resort for 700,000 IDR ($49 USD).

    👉 Book your stay at Natya Resort Ubud by clicking here!

    5. Visesa Ubud Resort

    Located near Ubud’s city center you’ll find Visesa Ubud Resort. This resort offers it all: a fitness center, a full-service spa, massive pools, and private pools.

    Vivesa Resort Ubud

    Pamper yourself with a petal pool or a floating breakfast. A floating breakfast will cost an additional 550,000 IDR ($38 USD) on top of the price for your room.

    Vivesa Ubud Resort has premier suites for $167 per night or you can upgrade to a one-bedroom villa with a private pool for $265 per night.

    6. River Sakti Ubud By Prasi

    River Sakti Ubud By Prasi is a small 4-star resort with affordable prices.

    Fulfill your Bali dreams with a floating breakfast from River Sakti Ubud By Prasi surrounded by the Ubud jungle.

    The best part? This resort offers a free floating breakfast included in the room rate. This is a rare occurrence; few resorts offer this perk for free.

    A suite at the River Sakti Ubud By Prasi costs $80 per night or you can opt for a villa with a private pool for $383 per night.

    👉 Book your stay at River Sakti Ubud By Prasi by clicking here!

    7. Madani Antique Villas By EPS


    Next up is an even more affordable option. The Madani Antique Villas by EPS has rates that you can’t refuse.

    At just $65 per night, secure a private pool villa with an incredible jungle view. If you’re on a tight budget, consider a one-bedroom garden villa for just $36 per night (this option has a shared pool).

    This Bali resort has an awesome floating breakfast option; the eggs Benedict are highly recommended. It doesn’t mention the cost of a floating breakfast on their website, but you can bet that it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

    You can also enjoy a beautiful flower bath at the Madani Antique Villas.

    8. Kuwarasan A Pramana Experience

    Book a stay at this adults-only resort and experience true romance. Kuwarasan A Pramana Experience has hit the nail on the head when it comes to luxury and they’ve done it for a reasonable price.

    Book a suite with a pool view for $136 per night (shared pool) or get a one-bedroom pool villa for $272 per night (private pool).

    Satisfy your Bali dreams with a delicious floating breakfast delivered right to your private pool or request a candlelight dinner for you and your loved one.

    This resort also does not mention the cost of a floating breakfast, but you can expect an additional charge on top of your room rate.

    👉 Book your stay at Kuwarasan A Pramana Experience by clicking here!

    9. Pondok Naya


    The Pondok Naya is a secluded resort that will give you the true feeling of privacy.

    Surrounded by Bali rice terraces, choose between a relaxing massage or an Instagrammable floating breakfast experience.

    If you decide on a floating breakfast, be sure to book it in advance.

    The prices at Pondok Naya are extremely affordable. Expect to pay about $70 per night for a 3-bedroom villa with a private pool.

    10. Bliss Ubud Spa Resort


    Another resort surrounded by paddy fields is Bliss Ubud Spa Resort. This resort is a bit pricier than the resort above, but the benefits are well worth the extra money.

    Choose to have your breakfast delivered to your balcony overlooking the Balinese countryside or take it as a floating breakfast in your private pool. The floating breakfast will cost an additional 100,000 IDR ($7 USD).

    This resort also has great Balinese massages with hot stones for only $14 USD. That’s an excellent deal and it’s perfect for anyone looking to be pampered.

    A deluxe garden room starts at $54 per night with a shared pool or choose a one-bedroom villa with a private pool for $210 per night.

    11. Ubud Padi Villas


    Ubud Padi Villas might offer the best deal of any Ubud resort for private villas.

    Order a hearty floating breakfast, which is rumored to be one of the most delicious breakfasts in all of Bali. The floating breakfast is an extra cost, but it is more than worth it.

    A one-bedroom villa is approximately $56 per night and this includes a private pool. This villa boasts amazing valley views of the surrounding Balinese countryside.

    12. Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud By Pramana

    Get a free floating breakfast by staying at the Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud By Pramana.

    This resort is surrounded by the Balinese jungle and is located right outside of the famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces. It’s the perfect location to enjoy peace and serenity.

    Splurge on a petal pool or get pampered with a free floating breakfast at this luxury Bali resort. Be sure to book your floating breakfast in advance to make sure they can accommodate your request.

    A one-bedroom garden villa with a private pool is approximately $142 per night.

    👉 Check prices for Dedary Kriyamaha Ubud By Pramana here!

    Floating Breakfast In Seminyak, Bali

    Another tourist hotspot in Bali is Seminyak, located just minutes from Denpasar International Airport. Beach lovers, families, surfers, and backpackers love Seminyak for it’s numerous restaurants and clean beaches.

    If you’re planning to stay in Seminyak during your Bali vacation, here are 6 resorts and hotels that offer a floating breakfast experience:

    13. The Daha, A Luxury Resort & Spa

    Whether you’re looking for a petal pool, floating breakfast, or in-room massages, The Daha, A Luxury Resort & Spa is the place for you.

    This resort charges an additional 100,000 IDR ($7 USD) for a floating breakfast, but the experience is well worth the cheap price.

    The Daha boasts fully-equipped villas with kitchens and private pools for $176 per night. They also have a bar and fitness center available for all guests.

    👉 Book your stay at The Daha, A Luxury Resort & Spa here!

    14. Ziva A Boutique Villa

    These gorgeous villas are located in the Seminyak city center.

    Ziva A Boutique Villas are far enough away from everything that you won’t be bothered by noise, but close enough to walk to all of the important places on your bucket list.

    A Bali floating breakfast is complimentary if you book a room that includes breakfast. They also offer petal pools and flower baths for an additional charge.

    Book a one-bedroom villa with a private pool for $189 per night.

    15. Villa Kayu Raja

    A 5-minute drive from Seminyak sits Villa Kayu Raja. These luxury villas offer an excellent deal for travelers looking to relax and enjoy the Balinese sun.

    Villa Kayu Raja is a great place to stay in Bali if you want to indulge in a floating breakfast, although they do not state whether the floating breakfast is complimentary or not.

    This property offers one-bedroom villas with private pools for $96 per night. They also have two-bedroom villas available if you’re traveling with a larger group.

    Along with the obvious amenities (pool, luxury villa, etc), this property gives their guests free access to the Canggu Club, which has tennis courts, pools, and a fully-equipped gym.

    16. Annora Bali Villas

    Annora Bali Villas is a 4-minute walk from Seminyak Beach. This is the ideal location for your Bali holiday.

    This property offers its guests a complimentary floating breakfast. Ubud resorts tend to charge their guests for floating breakfasts but many resorts in Seminyak include them in their nightly rate.

    Expect to pay $137 per night for a one-bedroom villa with a private pool.

    Annora Bali Villas also has daily cycling tours and yoga classes for their guests.

    👉 Book your stay at Annora Bali Villas here!

    17. iVilla By Ekosistem

    If you’re looking for luxury at a reasonable price, check out iVilla by Ekosistem.

    These villas provide their guests with complimentary butler service, flower baths, and floating breakfasts. Finding this kind of deal would be difficult anywhere else.

    Each villa has its own private pool; choose between one-bedroom or two-bedroom villas. A one-bedroom villa starts at $118 per night.

    18. The Bli Bli Villas & Spa

    Find The Bli Bli Villas & Spa just 10 minutes from Ku De Ta Beach. You’ll be close to the action but far enough away to avoid the crowds and enjoy the tranquility.

    The Bli Bli Villas & Spa have flower baths, romantic candlelight dinners, and petal pools available for their guests at an additional charge.

    And of course, schedule a floating breakfast during your stay at this luxury property.

    They do not state whether the price of a floating breakfast is included in the room rate, so be sure to ask before you order.

    One-bedroom villas start at $162 per night and this includes a private pool.

    Floating Breakfast In Canggu, Bali

    Another popular Bali destination is located just north of Seminyak. In my opinion, Canggu is one of the best places to stay in all of Bali.

    Explore the endless beaches, chic cafes, and boutique shops in Canggu. Or spend an afternoon at an affordable spa after a sunrise yoga session.

    Floating breakfasts can be found at many hotels in Canggu. To make the search easier for you, here are 5 locations that serve picturesque Bali floating breakfasts:

    19. Regali Villa Canggu

    Just 2300 feet from Echo Beach, book your stay at Regali Villa Canggu to be near all of the action.

    This villa provides a free floating breakfast for their guests, as well as a flower bath upon arrival. Be sure to get pampered at the on-site spa as well.

    A stay at Regali Villa costs $121 per night for a one-bedroom villa with a private pool. They also have two and three-bedroom villas available.

    👉 Check prices for Regali Villa Canggu by clicking here!

    20. Shore Amora Canggu

    Another awesome accommodation option in Canggu is Shore Amora Canggu.

    This resort is intricately decorated and the rooms are gorgeous. To top it off, each room comes with a hot tub.

    Order a floating breakfast for your private pool villa and enjoy the sunrise over the Bali horizon. They didn’t mention whether or not the floating breakfast is complimentary or an additional charge.

    This resort costs $139 per night for a one-bedroom villa with a private pool.

    21. Kalapa Boutique Resort & Yoga

    Kalapa Boutique Resort & Yoga is a unique property located just 9-minutes from Echo Beach by car or motorbike.

    Enjoy your complimentary floating breakfast from 9am onward.

    Book a private pool villa for $152 per night at Kalapa Boutique Resort. Pay a bit more and enjoy free yoga during the entirety of your stay.

    22. Sense Canggu Beach Hotel

    Sense Canggu Beach Hotel is within walking distance of Echo Beach and it is an excellent place to enjoy some peace and quiet.

    If you decide to stay at this hotel, it’s advised to rent a scooter so that you can reach all of the restaurants and shops in Canggu.

    Beautiful floating breakfasts can be arranged but Sense Canggu Beach Hotel’s website is unclear about whether or not this is complimentary.

    A garden view suite will run about $64 per night or you can upgrade to the penthouse suite for $278 per night.

    👉 Check Booking.com for Sense Canggu Beach Hotel rates here!

    23. Kano Canggu

    Kano Canggu is a chic homestay in Canggu; this is a great option for travelers looking to stay near the beach.

    A free floating breakfast is included in the room rate. Choose between different breakfast options to satisfy your craving.

    This homestay costs $82 per night for a double room with a private bathroom.

    A Floating Breakfast In Bali Without The Hotel Stay

    Do you already have reservations at a Bali hotel that doesn’t offer a floating breakfast experience? Don’t worry!

    There are many excursions and guides that will gladly set up floating breakfasts for paying customers. Here are three excursion options that will satisfy your floating breakfast dreams:

    ➡️ Ubud: Floating Breakfast, Jungle Swing, and Spa Romantic Tour

    This romantic tour will cost $295 USD per group (two people) but the experience is priceless.

    Floating Breakfast Bali

    Start your tour by indulging in a floating breakfast in a natural pool in the jungles of Ubud. Next, soar over the Ubud jungle on a Bali swing. Finally, enjoy a 90-minute couples massage.

    ➡️ Ubud: Floating Breakfast And Hot Air Balloon Experience

    This tour costs $106 USD per person and it will last for approximately 3 hours.

    Explore Ubud

    Begin with a floating breakfast in an infinity pool. The breakfast is served in courses, so you’ll be plenty full when you are done. Choose between a Western breakfast or a traditional Indonesian breakfast.

    Next, fly 50 meters above Ubud in a hot air balloon. Here, you’ll get the best views of the infinite rice terraces below.

    ➡️ Ubud: Romantic Spa and Floating Breakfast in Petal Pool

    The final tour that I recommend costs $260 USD per group (two people).

    Floating Breakfast Ubud, Bali Experience

    Start with a floating breakfast in a pool filled with flower petals. This romantic setting is topped off with a bottle of sparkling wine.

    Next, enjoy a 90-minute traditional Balinese couple’s massage.

    The Wrap-Up: A Floating Breakfast In Bali

    While planning your vacation to Bali, don’t forget to consider a floating breakfast. There are so many resorts and hotels that offer this option. Use this guide to find the perfect resort and floating breakfast experience for you.