These 10+ Colorado Ski Resorts Are Opening In November 2023

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Discover the Colorado ski resorts opening in November 2023 so you can hit the slopes as early as possible this year!

November is a great time of year when the weather gets cooler, and everyone starts getting ready for the holiday season. 

Having lived in the Colorado ski town of Steamboat Springs for several years and as seasoned snowboarders and skiers, we are well aware that November brings with it a generous supply of snowfall.

If you are eager to dust off your ski equipment and ready to hit the slopes, join us as we explore the Colorado ski resorts opening in November this year.

Colorado Ski Resorts Opening In November

Colorado is famous for its Rocky Mountains and fabulous ski resorts. If you are anxiously waiting for the slopes to open, take a look at these resorts opening in November.

1. Breckenridge Ski Resort – November 10, 2023

Breckenridge, also referred to as Breck by us locals, is one of Colorado’s most fun ski resorts known for its incredible skiing, charming town, and abundance of winter sports. 

One of the best ways to experience Breckenridge is to beat the crowds that come later in the season by visiting during November.

This ski resort plans on opening on November 10th of this year, making it a phenomenal choice for those looking to dominate the slopes early on.

2. Vail Ski Resort – November 10, 2023

Another one of Colorado’s most influential ski resorts is Vail. This ski resort is known for its fantastic ski slopes, legendary back bowls, world-class ski school, and picturesque Vail Village bustling with restaurants and shops.

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    Vail is one of the most popular ski resorts in the state, making it one of the busiest and most expensive resorts to visit. 

    The sun breaks over mountain covered in fresh powder snow and lined with trees.

    If you are looking to save a little bit on accommodations and looking to avoid some of the long lines that accumulate during peak ski season, you have got to check it out when it opens November 10th.

    3. Copper Mountain – November 13, 2023

    Copper Mountain may not always steal the spotlight like Vail and Breckenridge, but it’s definitely deserving of your attention.

    This resort is renowned for its challenging terrain and boasts an impressive 22-foot Superpipe located within Woodward Mountain Park.

    The sun breaks through trees as a chairlift takes skiers up Copper Mountain.

    Copper Mountain has announced that it’s opening November 13th, so mark your calendars in order to take advantage of this resort early in the season.

    4. Purgatory Resort – November 18, 2023

    Unlike many ski resorts in Colorado, Purgatory Resort is situated in the San Juan Mountains, known for their steep and rugged terrain. 

    This resort is only a 30-minute drive from Durango and the perfect destination to visit if you are looking to avoid the traffic of I-70 and the crowds that typically come from Denver. 

    Purgatory is known for their abundant snowstorms and frequent bluebird days, a dream combination for avid skiers and snowboarders 

    This resort kicks off its season on November 18th so be sure to check it out.

    5. Steamboat Resort – November 22, 2023

    Steamboat holds a special spot in our hearts, having been our home for many years. It’s famous for its iconic champagne powder, a light, fluffy snow that gives you the feeling of floating in the air. 

    An aerial view over Steamboat Resort with snowy slopes and chalets below.

    This year they are opening up a new gondola and a new lift that will feature new terrain.

    If you are looking to experience a killer ski resort with an awesome ski town, Steamboat opens November 22nd and you have got to make your way there. 

    And if you’re thinking of visiting around the holidays, Steamboat Springs is a magical place to spend Christmas in the Rockies.

    6. Beaver Creek Resort – November 22, 2023

    Beaver Creek is opening up November 22nd this year and it’s a fabulous ski resort to visit for both new and seasoned skiers. 

    This resort is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, having three main villages, and for its warm chocolate chip cookies that are served daily at the bottom of the Centennial Express at 3:00 PM. 

    If you are looking for a warm environment with slopes catering to all skill levels, be sure to add Beaver Creek in your plans this year.

    7. Crested Butte Mountain Resort – November 22, 2023

    With an opening date set for November 22nd, Crested Butte Mountain Resort is a ski resort you can’t miss venturing to this year. 

    Although Crested Butte has terrain that suits any level of skier or snowboarder, it’s primarily known for its challenging runs and steeps. 

    If you are an expert rider looking to take on the challenging terrain early, head over to Crested Butte for an unbelievable experience. 

    Plus, the town of Crested Butte is known for its local shops, dreamy mountain views, and walkability. 

    With its phenomenal terrain and quaint ski town, this ski resort offers an all-encompassing skiing experience.

    Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience it in the early season, as it opens in late November.

    8. Telluride Ski Resort – November 23, 2023

    Telluride draws visitors from all around the world due to its spectacular ski slopes, breathtaking mountain views, and lovely town. 

    An evening view of Telluride with the town lit up with warm golden lights and the snow mountains towering all around.

    A key feature that makes Telluride stand out is the unique ability to ski directly from the slopes into town. You can unstrap your board or skis just feet from amazing restaurants, bars, and shops in the area.

    Telluride Ski Resort is treasured by both locals and tourists for its distinctive Western vibe and the ultimate mountain retreat it provides.

    Head over to Telluride on November 23rd for a memorable mountain adventure.

    9. Aspen – Snowmass November 23, 2023

    Aspen is regarded as one of the most luxurious ski towns in the United States and is one of the snowiest resorts in Colorado

    We have visited ski towns all around the world and we know that Aspen stands out from the crowd. 

    Aspen prevails over other ski towns due to its lavish shopping, world-class accommodations, high-end dining options, and mind-blowing ski slopes.

    A view of Aspen a night with the mountains in the background and a starry sky overhead.

    One of the best features about Snowmass is its abundance of ski-in ski-out accommodations. 

    If you are looking to stay slopeside and enjoy some remarkable terrain, check out Aspen – Snowmass when they open November 23rd to beat all the crowds that will arrive later in the season.

    10. Howelsen Hill (Steamboat) – November 25, 2023

    Howelson Hill is a small ski mountain situated in Steamboat Springs. Although this little ski resort is located in Steamboat, it is separate from the popular Steamboat Resort. 

    This tiny mountain is a great place to visit if you are looking to enjoy the town of Steamboat Springs and you are eager to hit ski slopes without the big price tag of skiing at Steamboat Resort. 

    Plus, it’s free to ski or snowboard on Sundays, making it a budget-friendly experience to enjoy.

    For skiers or snowboarders looking to take on a smaller mountain in Colorado, check out Howelsen Hill on November 25th for a special time on the slopes.

    More Colorado Ski Resorts Opening In November

    Below you’ll find a list of more Colorado ski resorts that will open in November but haven’t released a specific opening date. With so many resorts to choose from, you have got to make your way to Colorado to enjoy its epic snowy mountains.

    -Eldora Mountain – November TBD

    If you are looking to experience the bustling college town of Boulder and would like to explore ski slopes nearby, Eldora Mountain is a short 30 minute drive away. 

    This small ski resort is a must-visit if you plan on exploring Boulder this November.

    -Powderhorn Mountain Resort – November TBD

    Powderhorn Mountain Resort is a very family-friendly resort that has 70% of their terrain catering to beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

    If you are a novice looking to get to the slopes early this season, keep an eye on Powderhorn as they are set to open in November but have not yet released a specific date.

    -Winter Park Resort – November TBD

    Winter Park Resort is set to open this November but has yet to release their opening date. 

    This resort is a fantastic place to visit if you are looking to explore its 7 different territories, its countless dining options, and incredible mountain lodges.

    -Wolf Creek Ski Area – October OR November

    Wolf Creek Ski Area typically opens in October or November each year. It’s known for its early opening date and awesome expert terrain. 

    -Loveland Ski Area – October OR November

    Loveland Ski Area is a lesser-known ski resort in Colorado but provides great conditions for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. 

    Loveland is situated right off the Loveland Pass in Colorado, just a brief drive from Denver, offering a convenient and easily accessible location.

    In the past they typically have opened in late October or during the month of November depending on their snow accumulation. 

    They have not released an opening date for this season but be on the lookout for their resort updates.

    The Wrap-Up

    November is a fantastic time to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. With a range of resorts to choose from, it’s a great opportunity to hit the slopes early and get into the holiday spirit by enjoying the awesome snowy conditions.

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