These Are The Snowiest Colorado Ski Resorts Over the Past 10 Years

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Discover which Colorado resort has seen the most consistent snow (over the past decade); your next ski destination could be on this list!

In the world of Colorado skiing, it’s all about fresh powder. The more bluebird days in a season, the better. Having called a ski town “home” for so many years, we know what fellow skiers and snowboarders are looking for.

Over the past few days, we’ve taken a deep dive into resort statistics, including annual snowfall, number of powder days, and more intriguing facts that could help you decide your next ski destination for 2023-2024.

Snowiest Ski Resorts In Colorado (Over The Past Decade)

In this post, we’re breaking down our findings for which Colorado resorts scored the most snow over the last 10 years:

1. Wolf Creek Ski Area – 289.33 feet

Nestled deep in the San Juan and Rio Grande National Forests, Wolf Creek Ski Area has been a powder magnet for years. Over the last decade, it’s racked up an impressive 289.33 feet of snow.

Yep, you read that right. 289 FEET. With 478 inches falling in the 2023 season alone.

A picture of a skier as the sun is setting. They are flicking snow into the air and it's catching the sun rays in a unique way.

If you’ve never set foot in Wolf Creek, you’re in for a treat. The resort boasts some of the most diverse terrains, catering to newbies and seasoned ski pros.

But what truly sets it apart is its consistent snowfall. With such an impressive track record, it’s become a haven for those looking for guaranteed powder days. You’ll also avoid the crowds that flock to places like Aspen and Vail.

And here’s a little insider tip: If you’re all about chasing the deep powder experience, Wolf Creek might just be your winter playground. It often claims the title for the “most snow in Colorado.”

2. Winter Park – 266.75 feet

Winter Park Resort is typically overlooked for “top-notch” skiing in Colorado. It’s a shame because this resort has locked in a whopping 266.75 feet of snow over the past decade.

A picture of Winter Park, Colorado's ski resort.

But beyond the rush of its slopes, the snow’s consistency keeps ski and snowboard enthusiasts coming back. Less crowded than some of the more ‘glitzy’ resorts, it offers an authentic mountain experience without the hustle and bustle.

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    Famed for its challenging tree skiing, Winter Park is one of the most fun winter spots in Colorado and a delight for those seeking a bit more adventure on their runs. Plus, the resort’s proximity to Denver makes it an accessible retreat for locals and visitors.

    3. Aspen-Snowmass – 255.33 feet

    Aspen-Snowmass, often just referred to as Aspen, is renowned worldwide as a luxury skiing destination.

    A nighttime picture of Aspen with the Milky Way in the sky above and a shooting star.

    It’s easy to assume Aspen only lives up to its name because of the glitz and glamor, shopping, and Aspen restaurant scene but the mountains have accumulated a substantial 255.33 feet of snow over the last ten years, making it one of the snowiest ski destinations in Colorado.

    The consistent quality of snowfall makes Aspen a top choice if you’re seeking reliable powder. While it may carry a reputation for being a playground for the elite, the variety of runs is perfect for any level.

    Particularly noteworthy is Snowmass – the largest of the four mountains that make up the Aspen complex. It offers a vast expanse of terrain, ensuring that even on busier days, there’s plenty of space to find your own snowy sanctuary.

    If you’re to hit the slopes early, the season in Aspen starts in November.

    4. Breckenridge – 254.25 feet

    Breckenridge stands tall not just because of its breathtaking peaks but also due to its remarkable snow accumulation. Over the past decade, Breck has banked a cool 254.25 feet of snow, making it one of Colorado’s go-to spots for powder chasers.

    As a frequent visitor to Summit County, I can say with certainty that Breckenridge’s slopes are just as commendable as its charming town and lively après-ski scene.

    A beautiful picture of Breckenridge, Colorado's ski resort with plenty of snow at sunset.

    The dependable snowfall ensures mountain-goers can always expect top-tier conditions, whether you’re a novice or someone who’s been carving mountains for years.

    Don’t overlook the resort’s varied terrains either. Breck spans five peaks, each offering a unique skiing experience whether you choose the groomed runs of Peak 7 or the challenging bowls of Peak 6.

    Breckenridge is also one of the best places to have a charming Christmas.

    5. Loveland Ski Area – 253.73 feet

    Loveland Ski Area, just a stone’s throw away from the hustle of Denver, boasts more than just its convenient location. Over the last ten years, Loveland has secured 253.73 feet of snow, marking it among the top snow magnets of Colorado.

    A photo of Loveland Ski Area in Colorado.

    As someone who’s ventured to many Colorado resorts, I’ve always been struck by Loveland’s genuine ski vibe, even with its close proximity to the big city. It seamlessly blends the allure of its deep powder days with the simplicity of old-school skiing.

    The consistent snow depth at Loveland guarantees a memorable trip, whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience. We love Loveland for its wide-open bowls and scenic ridge runs; every trip down feels like a whole new world.

    6. Arapahoe Basin – 230.66 feet

    I think Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) holds a special spot in the heart of all Colorado skiers. Over the span of the last decade, A-Basin has seen 230.66 feet of snow, establishing its place among Colorado’s snowy elite.

    A picture of a ski lift with the sun peeking out from behind the trees.

    What strikes us most is the raw, unfiltered ski culture at A-Basin. Sitting at a high altitude and often opening early in the season, this ski spot is known for fresh tracks and a laid-back mountain atmosphere.

    A-Basin promises quality and quantity when it comes to snow. From steep chutes to cruisy groomers, A-Basin is a testament to Colorado’s pure ski excellence.

    7. Steamboat Springs – 230.08 feet

    Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs is more than just another ski spot in Colorado. This is the town we’ve called home for many years.

    Over the past ten years, Steamboat has accumulated a remarkable 230.08 feet of snow, placing it among the state’s elite ski destinations.

    An aerial view of Steamboat Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado during their busy and snowy ski season.

    As travel bloggers, we’ve visited many ski towns around the world. While we’ve loved them all, nothing compares to the authentic warmth we found in Steamboat.

    And we know the reputation of the Valley speaks for itself: Steamboat Springs is home to more Olympians than any other USA town. And we’re world-famous for our unique Champagne Powder®.

    Have you ever felt like you were skiing on a cloud on a powder day? With Steamboat’s Champagne Powder®, it feels like that every day. This light, dry snow ensures every turn is pure magic.

    8. Vail – 207.16 feet

    Tucked away in the heart of Colorado, Vail has stacked up an impressive 207.16 feet of snow over the last ten years. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

    A picture of Vail Ski Resort in Colorado - this is an aerial photo.

    Look, we’ve strapped into our boards and clicked into our skis in many places, but Vail? It holds a certain charm that you didn’t think you’d like (but you do). Those iconic Back Bowls are a true wonderland if you’re a snow-lover.

    And let’s chat about Vail village for a second. It’s like stepping into a postcard with its quaint mountain streets and alpine architecture. After a day on the mountain, taking a stroll through town is the cherry on top.

    Vail is the ski resort everyone loves to hate. But it’s important to give credit where credit is due. It’s epic.

    9 Silverton Mountain – 206.42 feet

    Ever heard of Silverton Mountain? Situated in the rugged San Juan Mountains of Colorado, Silverton’s been quietly piling up a notable 206.42 feet of snow over the past decade. And most people don’t even know this place exists.

    A photo of Silverton Mountain in Colorado. A small, hidden gem ski area in the southern part of the state.

    Silverton is a different than most ski destinations in Colorado; it is raw, unfiltered, and has a kind of wildness you won’t find elsewhere.

    The town of Silverton is also worth a visit, but remember, many amenities in town will be closed during ski season. It’s an old mining town that is difficult (and sort dangerous) to get to during snowy season. But it’s adorable nonetheless.

    Silverton Mountain is not for the faint of heart. It’s pure, untamed Colorado skiing at its very best. And if you’re up for an adventure, this should be at the top of your bucket list.

    10. Copper Mountain – 201.58 feet

    Copper Mountain might not always be the first name that pops up in ski resort conversations, but over the past decade, this spot has steadily stacked up an impressive 201.58 feet of snow. Trust us, it’s an under-the-radar type of place (even in the summer).

    An aerial picture of Copper Mountain, a ski resort along I-70 in snowy Colorado.

    Unlike some of its more ‘showy’ neighbors, this place gives off an unpretentious, pure ski energy. It’s kind of like that indie band you love but hope no one else discovers.

    Heading into the town around Copper, you’ll get that small-town charm in spades. It’s the perfect balance of modern amenities and a cozy mountain town feel. Just right for a post-ski stroll and a hot chocolate (or something stronger).

    Copper Mountain might be the unsung hero of Colorado’s ski scene. If you’re looking for an authentic mountain experience without all the fanfare, consider this spot.

    More Colorado Ski Resort Stats

    While those top 10 are certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to snowfall, Colorado’s got a mountain of ski resorts beyond the big names, each with its own unique vibe.

    A night photo of Telluride ski area in the peak of ski season. The town is lit up and the mountains are highlighted by the own lights below.

    Here are the rest of Colorado’s ski resorts (that had historical snowfall data for the past 10+ years):

    • Beaver Creek – 199.41 feet
    • Monarch – 188 feet
    • Keystone – 182.58 feet
    • Telluride – 182.50 feet
    • Purgatory – 182.16 feet
    • Crested Butte – 179.92 feet
    • Eldora – 163.33 feet
    • Powderhorn – 127 feet
    • Sunlight Mountain – 122.92 feet
    • Granby Ranch – 81.75 feet
    • Echo Mountain – 35.75 feet

    The Wrap-Up

    These decade-long snowfall totals are a testament to the incredible skiing you’ll find in Colorado. Whether you’re seeking tree-lined trails or steep shoots, you will find your winter paradise at one of our many resorts.

    Resort towns book up fast, so get ready for a winter trip (or two) to the Colorado mountains now!

    And if you’re looking for even more snow then check out these US resorts with the most powder days.

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