These 7 USA Ski Resorts Have The Most Powder Days

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Looking for the USA ski resorts with the most powder days? We’ve crunched the numbers and found your top 7 resorts.

When it comes to chasing powder, there’s nothing that can compare to the thrill of fresh snow beneath your skis or board. 

As a couple of genuine snow aficionados, we’ve made it our mission to explore ski resorts worldwide to discover which resorts are the best of the best when it comes to finding that sweet, sweet champagne powder. 

While our hearts will always belong to Steamboat Springs, Colorado (after all, it’s where we met and the place we call our home), we’re still a couple of travel bugs who love to see what other ski towns have to offer.

And we understand what our fellow skiers and snowboarders are looking for when it comes to finding that deep powder. 

So, to help you decide where to plan your next ski trip, we’ve crunched the numbers to bring you the top seven ski resorts in the USA with the most powder days over the past decade.

7 US Ski Resorts With The Most Powder Days (In The Past Decade)

Looking over the data from the last 10 years, we’ve figured out which ski resorts in the USA will most likely offer the most powder days this season.

1. Timberline Lodge, Oregon – 761 days (76.1 days per year)

Nestled in the picturesque alpine landscape of Oregon and featuring a resort full of rustic charm, Timberline Lodge seems to have it all.

With an impressive 761 powder days over the last decade, Timberline Lodge is at the top of our list for the ski resort with the most powder days in the USA.

Skiers make their way down the run at Mt Hood with snowcapped mountains and trees in the distance.

This ski resort averages 76.1 days of fresh snow each year but that’s not the only thing that makes it special. Cradled into the south face of Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge stands as the sole ski resort in North America operating year-round.

2. Crystal Mountain, Washington – 739 days (73.9 days per year)

Crystal Mountain in Washington claims its spot among the top contenders, with its staggering 739 powder days in the last 10 years. 

Tucked away in the Cascade Range, this gem offers a consistent powder experience, boasting an average of 73.9 powder days per year. 

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    As the largest ski resort in Washington, Crystal Mountain ensures that powder enthusiasts can carve their way through over 2,600 acres of skiable terrain without the worry of congested crowds.

    3. Mt. Bachelor, Oregon – 716 days (71.6 days per year)

    Located in Central Oregon about 22 miles outside Bend, Mt. Bachelor is a resort lucky enough to receive 716 total powder days in the past decade.

    This resort averages 71.6 days of fresh snow a year, but that’s not the only reason it holds a special place in our hearts. 

    We lived in Bend, Oregon for a year in our trusty fifth wheel and visited Mt. Bachelor countless times. 

    A snowboarder walks up the slope surrounded by lines carved by snowboarders who went before.

    We absolutely love this area. While the snow is epic in the winter, the Cascade Mountain Range is home to a plethora of wonderful hikes in the summer. 

    But no matter what time of year you’re visiting Bend, there’s nothing better than slipping into one of the area’s warm natural hot springs after a long day of exploring the mountains.

    4. Mt. Baker, Washington – 705 days (70.5 days per year)

    Washington’s Mt. Baker, with 705 powder days over the last 10 years, is a magnet for snow enthusiasts seeking consistent winter joy. Averaging 70.5 days per year, this mountain is a testament to Washington state’s underrated powder potential

    In fact, this mountain holds the world record for the most snowfall in a single season. During the 1998-99 ski season, Mt. Baker received a whopping 1,140 inches of snowfall — that’s 95 FEET of snow! 

    A man stands atop Mt Baker looking at the sun lighting up the snowy mountains all around.

    Mt. Baker’s charm extends beyond its ability to accumulate some heavy powder. 

    Here, the mountainous landscapes are nothing short of spectacular. Ascending the mountain to the ski resort, the sheer beauty of the surrounding landscapes will leave you in awe, making it clear why snow aficionados worldwide hold Mt. Baker in such high regard.

    5. Snowbird, Utah – 698 days (69.8 days per year)

    This list wouldn’t be complete without including at least one Utah resort.

    The mountains in the Beehive State are known for producing some of the best powder in the world, thanks to their proximity to the Great Salt Lake. 

    But Utah is more than just home to the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” The Snowbird ski resort in Utah, located less than an hour outside of Salt Lake City and nestled in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, also accumulates some of the most powder days of any resort in the USA. 

    A view looking down from the top of Snowbird ski resort in Utah. Skiers make their way down the mountain while the cable car travels up.

    Averaging 69.8 days per year, Snowbird has generated 698 powder days over the last 10 years. 

    Whether you’re a skier like Mike or a snowboarder like me, Snowbird offers an abundance of opportunities to leave your mark on its pristine slopes. 

    6. Big Sky, Montana – 680 days (68 days per year)

    Montana’s Big Sky Resort, with 680 powder days over the last 10 years, lives up to its name in both size and snowfall. 

    With 5,850 acres of skiing and snowboarding and averaging 68 snow days per year, this expansive resort offers not only vast skiable terrain but also a generous dose of fresh powder. 

    A skier in red carves their way down a snowy slope with the mountains in the background.

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, Big Sky provides an unforgettable skiing experience against the backdrop of Montana’s rugged beauty.

    7. Brighton Resort, Utah – 663 days (66.3 days per year)

    Utah makes a second appearance on our list with Brighton Resort, boasting 663 powder days in the past decade.

    Although it’s no surprise that Brighton receives almost as many powder days as Snowbird since the two resorts share the same mountain peak. 

    Averaging 66.3 days per year, this resort combines the best of Utah’s renowned light and fluffy powder with a vibrant atmosphere. This resort is a playground for those who crave the perfect balance of challenging terrain and deep powder.

    Additional USA Powder Day Stats

    The United States is one of the top countries in the world for skiing and snowboarding. So it’s no wonder so many resorts seem to collect powder days like an artist gathers hues.

    In addition to the top seven ski resorts, here are more mountain gems that generate the most powder days in the USA.

    • Mt. Hood Meadows – 647 days (64.7 days per year)
    • Alta Ski Area – 625 days (62.5 days per year)
    • Whitefish Mountain Resort – 623 days (62.3 days per year)
    • Solitude Mountain Resort – 618 days (61.8 days per year)
    • White Pass – 606 days (60.6 days per year)
    • Stevens Pass Resort – 605 days (60.5 days per year)
    • Alyeska – 596 days (59.6 days per year)
    • Park City – 563 days (56.3 days per year)
    • Snowbasin – 551 days (55.1 days per year)
    • Deer Valley Resort – 532 days (53.2 days per year)
    • Montana Snowbowl – 511 days (51.1 days per year)
    • Palisades Tahoe – 510 days (51 days per year)
    • Whiteface Mountain Resort – 504 days (50.4 days per year)
    • Bridger Bowl – 496 days (49.6 days per year)
    • 49 Degrees North – 485 days (48.5 days per year)
    • Alpental – 484 days (48.4 days per year)
    • Holiday Valley – 478 days (47.8 days per year)
    • Discovery Ski Area – 463 days (46.3 days per year)

    What state has the best powder skiing?

    While Timberline in Oregon and Mt. Baker in Washington are the champions when it comes to the most powder days and snow inches, neither of these resorts can be credited for having the best powder skiing. Instead, that honor goes to Snowbird in Utah. 

    Utah’s high elevation combined with low humidity and its proximity to the Great Salt Lake makes for the perfect fluffy, powdery snow that’s ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and embarking on winter adventures.

    What is the best temperature for powder skiing?

    The best temperature for powder skiing typically ranges between 0 °F and 10 °F (-17 °C to -12 °C), though high-quality powder can still be found at warmer temperatures all the way up to 30 °F (-1 °C). 

    Which US ski resort has the most snow?

    The US ski resort with the most snow is Alyeska in Alaska. In fact, Alyeska boasts the title of the snowiest ski area in all of North America

    This resort sees an average annual snowfall of 669 inches on its slopes and has soared to a remarkable 848 inches on rare occasions.

    The Wrap-Up: US Ski Resorts With The Most Powder Days

    The snowfall totals over the past decade are a testament to the extraordinary skiing available to slope seekers in the US.

    Whether your heart yearns for evergreen-lined tracks or challenging slopes, your winter adventure awaits at one of these numerous resorts.

    If you’re looking for a winter getaway at one of the ski resorts with the most powder days in the USA, be sure to reserve a stay at one of these seven resorts quickly. The 2023-24 season is upon us and resorts fill up fast. Start planning your mountain escape now!

    If you’re looking for fresh powder on the east coast then don’t miss these New York resorts with the most powder snow. And if you’re wondering where Colorado is on this list, it didn’t make the cut! But here are the Colorado resorts with the most powder days.

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