U.S. Ski Resorts With The Most Snow

1. Mt. Baker, Washington

Holding a world record of 1,124-inch snowfall in '98-99, nearly 94 feet, Mt. Baker is the snowiest resort in the United States.

2. Alyeska, Alaska

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Alaska's premier destination for advanced skiers, offering "steep and deep" terrain, stunning views, and thrilling night skiing. Suited for experts, with only 11% beginner runs. Unparalleled vistas include the chance to witness the northern lights.

Colorado, with its blend of arid climate, elevated terrain, and reliable snowfall, stands as an ideal destination for the best snow conditions.

3. Timberline Lodge & Ski Area, Oregon

Located on Mount Hood, Timberline offers beginner-friendly slopes and year-round skiing. Limited challenges for advanced skiers with seven chairlifts and 35 runs.

4. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, California

Renowned for deep powder, challenging terrain, and backcountry opportunities, it boasts 58% expert runs. A haven for those seeking thrilling descents and off-piste adventures.

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