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Bali vs Fiji: Which One Is Better For Travel In 2024

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Both Bali and Fiji are incredible tropical destinations in the South Pacific Ocean.

When deciding to visit Bali vs Fiji, there are many things to consider, including the average cost, climate, safety, and things to do.

This post will detail the similarities and differences between Bali and Fiji to help you decide which tropical paradise is best for you.

Bali vs Fiji

Bali and Fiji both have distinctive landscapes and unique cultures. Fiji has over 300 islands and is filled with secluded luxury resorts with beautiful white sand beaches. It is the perfect destination for island hopping or snorkeling in the turquoise waters.

Bali is a vibrant destination that offers fun and lively beaches, relaxing yoga retreats, amazing surfing opportunities, and many adventure-seeking activities. The lush green landscape of Bali is filled with beautiful waterfalls, ornate temples, and scenic rice terraces.

Bali culture

Key Differences Between Bali Vs Fiji

There are several things to know before deciding to visit Bali or Fiji; below you’ll find a list of the key differences and things to consider.

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    Costs & Prices

    Cost can be a big factor when deciding between Bali vs Fiji. In general, Fiji tends to be a more expensive destination, as it is more remote and secluded and has a focus on resorts, overwater bungalows, and luxury travel.

    However, it is possible to find affordable accommodations in Fiji, especially when traveling in the rainy season of November through April. It also helps to book far in advance to secure the best deals.

    Bali, on the other hand, has a wide range of accommodations and activities available for those with a tight budget or traveling in luxury. Similar to Fiji, Bali also has a rainy season from November through April, and prices are much lower during that time.


    Both Bali and Fiji are tropical climates that experience warm weather year-round as well as a wet and dry season.

    The best time for visiting both destinations is during the dry season when you can bask in the delightful, sun-soaked weather. The dry season typically spans from May to October in both Bali and Fiji.

    South Sea Island Beach at Sunset

    On average, Bali has temperatures of around 77°F to 91°F (25°C-33°C), while Fiji’s temperatures are typically between 77°F to 88°F (25°C-31°C).

    One difference in the climate is that Fiji is more likely to experience tropical cyclones, whereas Bali is more prone to earthquakes, volcanic activity, and flooding that occurs during the rainy season.


    Bali and Fiji both have delicious traditional cuisine that is worth trying on your next visit. Rice is cultivated in both countries and is in many traditional dishes in both Fiji and Bali. 

    Traditional food in Fiji includes a lot of seafood and tropical fruits. Popular foods include cassava, fish, and coconut. Fiji also uses a lovo cooking method which is similar to barbequing or grilling.

    Balinese food is very rich and includes a variety of spices, herbs, and flavors. Bali also has several traditional dishes that are worth trying, such as Babi guling, Betutu, and Sate.


    Both Bali and Fiji have unique cultures. While there are cultural differences between Bali vs Fiji, both countries are similar in that the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

    In Bali, religion is an important aspect of the culture. Bali is mainly a Hindu country, and Hinduism plays a large role in the everyday lives of the Balinese people. One major belief in Balinese Hinduism is that all living and non-living things have a spiritual essence and deserve respect.

    There are many religious and cultural festivals and rituals in which you can participate, making Bali a great destination for cultural immersion. Bali is also filled with beautiful and ornate temples that are worth visiting.

    Fijian culture has a strong sense of community and family values. One unique aspect of Fijian culture is their tribal system.

    Music and dancing are another important part of Fijian culture and are used to express stories and legends. One of the best ways to experience Fijian culture firsthand is to attend a Meke, which is a traditional dance in Fiji.

    Beaches & Landscape

    There is a large variety of beaches in Bali, from the quiet beaches found on the Bukit Peninsula to lively beaches such as Kuta and Seminyak that are filled with beach clubs, restaurants, and nightlife.

    Bali is also a world-renowned surfing destination and is an ideal place to visit to catch some waves for surfers of all levels.

    Overwater Bungalows on COMO Laucala Island Beaches

    Fiji’s beaches are known for being more secluded and private, making it ideal for couples or anyone looking for a relaxing beach vacation.

    The beaches in Fiji are incredibly beautiful, with soft white sand and turquoise waters. As Fiji is surrounded by colorful coral, it is also an ideal place for snorkeling.


    Bali and Fiji are both considered safe destinations for travel. The US State Department categorizes Indonesia as a Level 2- Exercise Caution and categorizes Fiji as a Level 1- Take Normal Precautions, meaning that both countries can be traveled to safely.

    Fiji is considered a safe country to travel to and crime rates are low. As with most destinations, there is a small chance of petty crimes such as pickpocketing, but in general, it is a very safe destination.

    In Bali, some safety things to keep in mind are that petty crimes such as scams and pickpocketing can take place. This is especially common in larger cities and crowded areas.

    Traffic can also be very chaotic in Bali, so it is best to wear a seatbelt while in a car or a helmet if on a scooter.

    Another aspect of safety in Bali is that Indonesia is prone to certain types of natural disasters, such as flash floods in the rainy season. This is one reason why it is important to purchase good travel insurance just in case of any weather-related events.

    Bali Vs Fiji: Which is Better To Visit in 2024?

    Deciding on whether to visit Bali or Fiji? Below are some things to consider before deciding on your next vacation destination.

    Bali or Fiji for your Honeymoon

    Both Bali and Fiji make perfect tropical paradise honeymoon destinations. Both places also offer cultural experiences, such as exploring the temples in Bali or attending traditional events in Fiji.

    Fiji is an ideal honeymoon spot for couples looking for a secluded and romantic trip. Some of the best things to do in Fiji during a honeymoon include relaxing on the white sand beaches, snorkeling the colorful corals, and island hopping.

    Bali is a great honeymoon choice for adventure-seekers, as some of the best things to do in Bali include swimming in waterfalls, hiking Mount Batur, and exploring the Ubud Monkey Forest.

    Bali is also ideal for honeymooners on a budget, as there are amazing accommodation options for every budget. On the other hand, Fiji tends to have mostly resort-style accommodations, which can be on the more expensive side.

    Bali vs Fiji for Families

    Bali and Fiji are also great destinations for families that provide kids with a chance to learn more about the local culture as well as many fun, family-friendly activities.

    There are many family-friendly resorts and beaches in Fiji that are perfect for traveling with kids. Kids will love seeing the variety of marine life that is found in Fiji, such as turtles, tropical fish, dolphins, and more. It is also a unique experience for families to attend some of the cultural events in Fiji.

    Bali is also a kid-friendly destination and has a variety of family accommodation types, from resorts to apartment rentals. There are many things to do in Bali with kids, such as visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest, trying out watersports, and even yoga classes designed for kids.

    Bali Family

    Is Bali or Fiji Safer?

    Both Bali and Fiji are considered to be safe destinations for travel. Fiji could be considered safer as it has lower crime rates than in Bali. However, Fiji also has a much lower population than Bali which may contribute to the low crime rates.

    In both places, crime that impacts tourists is relatively rare and typically is petty crime such as pickpocketing. Therefore it is important to always take precautions such as not leaving valuables unattended.

    As with any international travel destination, it is a smart idea to have travel insurance to help cover you in case any issues arise while traveling abroad.

    Which Is Better for Tourists?

    Bali is a more accessible option for tourists to visit as it has a stronger tourist infrastructure compared to Fiji. There are many cost-effective international flights to Bali, and Bali offers a wide range of accommodations and experiences for everyone, from low-budget to luxury travel.

    Bali is also a fantastic choice for those who are interested in adventure activities, lively nightlife, and exploring nature.

    Fiji is a great option for tourists who are looking for more seclusion in a more remote destination. It is also an incredible choice to experience some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and the best snorkeling opportunities.

    Both Bali and Fiji offer incredible beaches and cultural immersion opportunities, which make both places ideal for people looking for a unique travel experience.

    Bali: Best Things To Do

    Bali is a beautiful place that is full of adventure and culture. Below you’ll find a list of the best things to do in Bali.

    ✔️ Visit the Rice Terraces

    Visiting the rice terraces is a must-do experience in Bali. It gives you the chance to experience part of Balinese culture as well as enjoy the scenic landscapes.

    There are many ways to experience the rice terraces, from taking a guided tour to renting a bicycle and riding through the small villages.

    One of the most popular places to see rice terraces is just north of Ubud, at the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. This is the perfect place to wander through the terraces and enjoy the iconic scenery of Bali’s rice fields.

    ✔️ Day Trip to Nusa Penida

    Nusa Penida is a small island southeast of Bali and is a perfect day trip option. In recent years, it has become one of the most Instagrammable places in Bali due to its incredible scenery.

    Laura sitting above Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida.

    One of the must-visit spots on Nusa Penida is Kelingking Beach, which is famous for its dramatic cliffs that jet into the turquoise waters.

    Nusa Penida can be visited by taking a speed boat from one of the different beaches in Bali.

    ✔️ Get Off the Beaten Path in Ubud

    Ubud is located in the uplands of Bali and is a great place to visit to experience Balinese culture. There are many cultural highlights here, such as ancient temples, art galleries, museums, and traditional dance performances.

    Some of the best things to do in Ubud include participating in a yoga and wellness retreat, exploring Ubud Monkey Forest, or wandering the Tegallalang Rice Terraces.

    ✔️ Splash in the Magical Waterfalls

    The landscape of Bali is filled with beautiful waterfalls, and one of the best things to do in Bali is to go searching for them.

    Some of the best waterfalls in Bali to visit include the Tegenungan Waterfall, Gitgit Waterfall, Sekumpul Waterfall, and Kanto Lampo Waterfall.

    Standing at the bottom of Tukad Cepung Waterfall.

    Many waterfalls, such as the Tibumana Waterfall, are perfect for swimming in due to the large pools of water that surround them.

    ✔️ Hike Mount Batur

    Hiking Mount Batur is one of the top adventure activities in Bali and is a great way to experience the amazing Balinese scenery.

    The most popular time to hike Mount Batur is before daylight so that you can enjoy the stunning sunrise views over the island.

    The best way to hike Mount Batur is by taking a guided tour, as it ensures that you get to the top safely and before sunrise.

    Fiji: Best Things To Do

    There are so many things to do in Fiji, from exploring the incredible islands to experiencing the unique Fijian culture. Below is a list of some of the best things to do in Fiji.

    ✔️Snorkel the Reefs

    Snorkeling in Fiji is a must-do experience as the waters around Fiji are filled with colorful and vibrant corals as well as many marine species. Fiji is located at one corner of the Coral Triangle, which is home to the most marine biodiversity in the world.

    From snorkeling the Rainbow Reef around the Garden Island of Taveuni to shark diving in Beqa Lagoon, there is something for everyone when snorkeling in Fiji.

    The Yasawa Islands are one of the best spots to snorkel in Fiji, with some of the best snorkeling locations, such as the Blue Lagoon, Sawa-i-Lau caves, and the coral gardens around the islands.

    ✔️ Catch a Fire Dance

    One of the best ways to experience culture in Fiji is to attend a Fire Dance. Fire Dancing is a traditional form of dance where the performers manipulate flaming objects while dancing to the beat of the drums.

    A fire dancing show is one of the coolest things to do in Bora Bora.

    Many resorts across Fiji offer fire dance shows, but you can also find shows at many of the cultural centers, such as the Fiji Culture Village.

    The Fire Dance is a mesmerizing dance with fire in an upbeat atmosphere, and it is sure to be a highlight of your time in Fiji.

    ✔️ Island Hop

    Fiji is a tropical paradise with over 300 islands. From white sandy beaches to lush green jungles, there is so much to explore in Fiji, which makes island hopping an ideal way to experience a mix of everything.

    There are several ways to island hop around Fiji, but it does take some pre-planning. Many islands are connected by ferries, seaplanes, or catamarans.

    There is also the option of purchasing a Bula Pass, which is a hop-on hop-off pass from Port Denarau to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

    ✔️ Explore Nadi

    Nadi is a town located on Viti Levu, which is the largest island of Fiji. Nadi is also where the Fiji International Airport is located, so most people coming to Fiji will pass through Nadi.

    Nadi itself is worth exploring, and there are many great things to do in Nadi, such as strolling down the main street or shopping for handmade items at the Nadi Town Market.

    Exploring Nadi, Fiji US dept of state

    Other things to do in Nadi include wandering through the Garden of the Sleeping Giants, visiting the Fiji Culture Village, or relaxing at the Sabeto Hot Springs And Mud Pool.

    ✔️Attend a Kava Ceremony

    Attending a Kava Ceremony is a must-do cultural experience while in Fiji. Kava is a traditional drink in Fiji that is made from the root of the yaqona, which is supposed to help relax and calm you.

    During a Kava ceremony, everyone will sit in a circle as the host creates the Kava drink from the root into a large bowl. After the drink is created, you will be offered a high tide (full cup) or low tide (half cup) to drink.

    The Kava ceremony is done to relax your senses and enjoy the sense of community with the others in attendance. It is a great way to participate in Fijian traditions while visiting.

    The Wrap-Up: Bali vs Fiji

    Bali and Fiji are both island destinations that offer incredible beaches, cultural experiences, and stunning scenery.

    Fiji is a perfect destination for honeymooners and anyone looking for a relaxing and secluded vacation. Fiji has beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling opportunities, luxurious resorts, and unique cultural experiences.

    On the other hand, Bali has a variety of experiences for budget travelers, families, or luxury travelers. Bali is an amazing destination for adventure seekers and is ideal for surfing, exploring waterfalls, and seeing incredible cultural sites like ancient temples and rice terraces.

    Both Fiji and Bali are bucket-list destinations, and you are sure to have an incredible trip no matter which one you choose.

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