VIPKID Referral Code: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use One 2022

VIPKID is one of the best remote job opportunities according to Forbes. If you’ve decided to start your online English teaching journey, take a peek at this blog post and learn why it’s important to sign up with VIPKID using a referral code.

Not only does VIPKID recommend that new teachers use referral codes, but veteran teachers know how important it is to have a coach through the arduous hiring process.

Why Use A VIPKID Referral Code?

There are several reasons why aspiring VIPKID teachers should use a referral code. Three of the main reasons can be found below:

1. Questions, Questions, And More Questions

When I first started teaching with VIPKID, I had a million and one questions. Since I went through the process without a referring teacher, I didn’t have anyone to ask.

VIPKID Referral Code: LAURA0279

I repeatedly reached out to VIPKID in hopes of getting some answers. Their responses to my questions were very broad and unhelpful. In some instances, I waited 72 hours before I got an answer.

As someone who was very eager to start teaching, I wanted to complete the VIPKID process as soon as possible. Waiting, what seemed like FOREVER, for unhelpful responses was not ideal.

That is where referring teachers come in!

VIPKID outsources their orientation work to current teachers. We are here to answer all of your questions throughout the hiring process. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a TON of questions.

2. Mock Class Practice

Although I’m not familiar with what other VIPKID teachers do to help their referrals, I offer my referring teachers Skype practice sessions before their mock class. The mock class can be a doozy, but it doesn’t have to be!

Before I had my mock class, I really wanted to practice with someone who had already passed the mock class. I wanted to know if I was doing things correctly, if I was talking too fast, and if I extended the lesson in the right way.

That is why I personally offer Skype practice sessions before mock classes. This has helped so many of my referrals pass their mock class on the first try and begin teaching sooner. Without this kind of help and practice, many teachers must redo their mock lesson.

3. Get Bookings More Quickly

The biggest concern for me before I started teaching with VIPKID was, “am I really going to get classes? Is this a legit opportunity to make money?”

I know this is a big concern for many new teachers, which is why I work closely with all of my referrals to help them start teaching and get bookings right away.

VIPKID Referral Code: LAURA0279

In order to help my referrals get bookings, I offer step-by-step tips and hands-on help. I review and help optimize my referrals’ profiles and help them earn more certifications. Even after this, some teachers still struggle to get bookings (most don’t!). When this happens, I personally reach out to VIPKID with a complaint.

As a referring teacher, it is my responsibility to get you teaching. I want you to fill up your teaching schedule as much as you do.

Pro-tip: this is the way I help my referrals. Other teachers may do similar things to prepare their referrals, but others might not. I would reach out to the VIPKID teacher before you use their referral code and ask how they will help you. It is frustrating to see aspiring teachers sign up using a referral code only to find out that the VIPKID teacher won’t offer any support.

Also, if you’re a current VIPKID teacher looking to refer others, please don’t leave your referrals hanging. It is our job to help them through this process and we both know how confusing and arduous it can be.

How To Add A VIPKID Referral Code

Use this link to start your VIPKID application. By using referral code LAURA0279, I’ll become your VIPKID coach.

Important! If you decide to use my referral code, please email me at letting me know that you’ve used my code. That way I’ll be able to send you the best hiring tips and help you through the application process!

If you’ve already started the VIPKID hiring process, you can still add a referral code to your account (if you haven’t completed your demo lesson). Use the picture below to add a VIPKID referral code to your account. My referral code is LAURA0279 (that’s a zero next to the last A).

How to Add a VIPKID Referral Code

Unfortunately, if you’ve already passed the VIPKID demo lesson you can no longer add a referral code to your account. However, you can still reach out to me via email for some extra tips and help. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

What I Offer As A VIPKID Referring Teacher

1. One-on-one advice and tips via email, text, and phone calls

2. Assistance through the interview, demo, mock class, and certifications

3. Extensive help in building a teaching schedule and getting consistent bookings

4. A Skype practice session before your mock class

5. A new co-worker friend; this is an awesome community of teachers

VIPKID Referral Incentive

You might be thinking, “what do the referring teachers get out of this?” As coaches, VIPKID rewards us with a referral incentive for every teacher we help through the hiring process.

VIPKID is a fast-growing company. The number of students signing up for classes grows exponentially every day. With over 500,000 students, VIPKID is constantly looking for qualified teachers.

Referring and coaching new teachers is a way for current VIPKID teachers to supplement their income. We make $100 for every new teacher that becomes a successful teacher; meaning the new VIPKID teacher MUST teach classes in order to get the referral incentive.

VIPKID referral code

Keep in mind, this is a completely OPTIONAL opportunity. Some teachers choose to refer new teachers, others choose to only teach. It is completely up to you.

For the first year, I only focused on teaching. I taught over 2,000 classes and only referred two new teachers. I made a full-time income from VIPKID and started to travel the world full-time.

This year, I have started to focus a bit more attention on referring new teachers. I still teach approximately 20 hours per week (depending on my schedule), but referring new teachers is an exciting change of pace for me.

How To Refer New Teachers To VIPKID

During the first year of working with VIPKID, I focused solely on teaching. Not only was it fun (it still is), but I also didn’t know how to refer new teachers. You can only share your referral code so many times on Facebook before it becomes annoying.

Since I’ve ramped up my travel blog, I decided to start writing about how we make this nomadic lifestyle work. VIPKID seems to be a hot topic, so I started writing posts about teaching online. I’ve been able to reach a larger audience with my blog and offer extensive help to aspiring and current teachers.

To start referring new VIPKID teachers, I recommend finding a way to reach a broader audience. This could be from a blog, a Youtube channel, or Instagram feed. This has proven to work for many veteran VIPKID teachers.

VIPKID Referral Link

If you’d like to have a referring teacher, click on this link to sign up with VIPKID. Use referral code LAURA0279. That’s LAURA zero two seven nine. Send me an email ( to let me know you’ve signed up and we’ll get to chattin’ about VIPKID!

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Referral Code

Start your VIPKID journey using a referral code. Having a VIPKID coach will make the hiring process much easier and help you breeze through the mock class.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d be happy to address any of your concerns.

Be sure to check out all of our VIPKID resources here: VIPKID Blog.

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