Followers on the VIPKID App

Understanding Followers on the VIPKID App

Figuring out the VIPKID app was a challenge for me when I first started teaching with this company nearly two years ago. One of the most confusing things about the VIPKID app was the little flower next to my name in my account.

What the heck did this little flower mean?

In this post, I’m going to talk about followers on the VIPKID app and how followers affect teachers.

What Are Followers?

Think of VIPKID followers like Instagram or Twitter followers. The only difference is that VIPKID “followers” are actually the students’ parents.

On the VIPKID parent dashboard, they are allowed to book classes, leave feedback for teachers, and “favorite” specific teachers that they like and want to book. When a parent favorites your profile, they are considered one of your followers.

Followers on the VIPKID App

Every teacher can check to see how many followers they have by going to the “Account” tab in the VIPKID app. At the top of the account tab, look for the little flower with a number beside it. This number represents the number of followers you have.

Are Followers On The VIPKID App Important?

I’m sure many of you went to check how many followers you have on the VIPKID app after reading the description above. But, before you panic, let me explain more about how followers work.

Most new teachers think that followers are an important part of being successful with VIPKID. The more followers, the more classes, right?

Followers on VIPKID App

Not necessarily. In fact, VIPKID followers are quite irrelevant.

To put this into perspective, I currently have 414 VIPKID followers. Other teachers have over 2000 followers, which is much more than my measly 414 followers. The interesting part is that some of the teachers with thousands of followers experience lulls in their booking rates. I never experience this; I am always fully booked.

I also want to point out how many students I have taught since I began teaching with this company. I’ve taught over 800 different students on the VIPKID platform, I’ve completed more than 3000 individual lessons, and I have more than 1400 five-apple reviews. All of these numbers are far greater than my 414 VIPKID followers.

Followers on VIPKID App

The point is, some parents actively use the “followers” option while other parents don’t use it at all. I hope this brings you peace of mind if you’re worried about the number of followers you currently have.

How Do You Get More Followers On The VIPKID App?

I am frequently asked, “how can I get more followers on VIPKID?” As I said, there is no reason to worry about followers. Teachers correlate followers with bookings, but this is simply incorrect.

When teachers ask about gaining more followers, I assume they mean, “how can I build rapport and a strong following with students? How can I become a highly demanded teacher?”

There are several things I suggest to new teachers in order to build their reputation with parents. First, I really recommend coming up with fun and exciting reward systems for your students. My reward systems help build excellent rapport and have my students begging to come back to my class.

Demanded Teacher on VIPKID

You can check out my reward system suggestions here: 5 Clever VIPKID Reward System Ideas for Building Excellent Rapport.

If you’re wondering how to increase your bookings, be sure to check out our popular post: How to Quickly Get Bookings with VIPKID. However, it’s important to keep in mind that filling up your teaching schedule will take some time. Stick with it and you’ll see your bookings increase.

The Wrap-Up: Followers On The VIPKID App

To sum it up, having a lot of VIPKID followers might make you feel good, but at the end of the day, this is just an irrelevant number. It’s important to know that you can easily become a popular VIPKID teacher without having a lot of followers on the VIPKID app.

Want More On VIPKID?

After nearly two years of teaching with VIPKID, I’ve learned what it takes to become a highly demanded teacher. To give some insight, I’ve created this guide to help you become a highly demanded teacher with VIPKID, too!

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