16 Best Hot Springs in Oregon for the Perfect Soak 2024


We moved to Bend, Oregon in 2017, and we had no idea what was in store for us. Oregon is filled with mountains, caves, deserts, volcanoes, mountain lakes, and hot springs. This state truly has it all.

Throughout our time living in Oregon, we’ve visited countless hot springs, and we want to use our travel expertise to guide you on your Pacific Northwest road trip to the best hot springs in the state.

The 16 Best Hot Springs In Oregon

Having visited and enjoyed many of the best hot springs in Oregon, we have compiled a list of the most relaxing hot springs open to the public.

1. Paulina Lake Springs

Paulina Lake Hot Springs was by far my favorite of the pools we found in Oregon. Nestled on the edge of Paulina Lake with Paulina Peak in the background, what else could one want from a hot spring?

Paulina Hot Springs - The Best Hot Springs in Oregon

You can find Paulina Lake Hot Springs just south of Sunriver, approximately 30 south of Bend.

We parked at the campground, on the far side of the lake (opposite Hwy 97). From the campground, use the trail to start your walk around the lake. It took us about 30 minutes to reach the hot springs.

The Best Hot Springs in Oregon

There will be signs to point you in the right direction. You’ll know you have made it to the hot springs when you’re on the lake directly opposite of Paulina Peak (see picture for a more accurate reference).

Pro-tip: Visit Paulina in the winter. You’ll most likely have the hot springs to yourself and the winter views are incredible. Fair warning, I wouldn’t drive to the lake without a 4WD SUV with high clearance.

For more information, check out our recent post: Visiting Paulina Hot Springs Near Bend, Oregon.

Map of Paulina Lake Hot Springs

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    2. Willow Creek Hot Springs

    Willow Creek Hot Springs is a small pool located four and a half hours southeast of Bend near the border of Nevada. Temperatures hover around 102 degrees with campsites available nearby.

    Unlike other Oregon hot springs, this pool flies under the radar and is considered a hidden gem among locals.

    Making a visit to Willow Creek Hot Springs will likely result in a vacant hot pool surrounded by beautiful desert scenery.

    Map of Willow Creek Hot Springs

    3. Umpqua Hot Springs

    One of the more popular hot springs in Oregon, Umpqua Hot Springs, deserves all the hype it receives.

    Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon

    These springs, located in Umpqua National Forest, overlook the North Umpqua River. With Toketee Falls just down the road and several other waterfalls within minutes, this is the perfect place to spend an entire day adventuring.

    It’s a short but steep hike from the parking lot, however, it can be accomplished by people of any fitness level. While there isn’t a ranger typically working the parking lot, it does cost $5 to park, so be sure to bring cash.

    Umpqua Hot Springs in Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

    I highly suggest visiting during a weekday, early in the morning, or later at night due to its popularity. Also, note that clothing is optional at these hot springs, so don’t be surprised if other visitors strip down.

    There are several pools available for soaking, some with hotter temperatures and others with cooler temperatures. Visiting the hot springs when others aren’t around is beneficial; you can choose which pool and temperature work best for you.

    Map of Umpqua Hot Springs

    4. Terwilliger Hot Springs – “Cougar Hot Springs”

    The popularity of Terwilliger Hot Springs has skyrocketed thanks to Instagrammers. But I don’t blame anyone; these hot springs are magical.

    You can find Cougar Hot Springs in Willamette National Forest next to Cougar Reservoir. The 400-meter trek back to the hot springs is easy and straightforward. There is a $6 fee to soak at these pools.

    Map of Terwilliger Hot Springs

    5. Bagby Hot Springs

    You can find Bagby Hot Springs in Mount Hood National Forest, about an hour and forty-five minutes from Portland. These tubs are by far the most popular hot springs in Oregon and for good reason.

    It costs $5 per person to soak at Bagby Hot Springs, however, you’ll be surrounded by national forest on all sides and the facilities are well maintained. Paying $5 is a steal, in my opinion.

    Camping is available nearby and ranges from $15-20/campsite.

    Map of Bagby Hot Springs

    6. Bigelow Hot Springs – “Deer Creek Hot Springs”

    Bigelow Hot Springs or “Deer Creek Hot Springs” can be found nestled along the bank of the McKenzie River in Willamette National Forest.

    Bigelow Hot Springs- Mckenzie River, Oregon

    The pictures from this hot spring are some of the coolest pictures we’ve ever taken, but don’t be fooled. We visited these hot springs in November and they were quite cold. We were miserable and left after 5 minutes.

    Bigelow Hot Springs Also Known As Deer Creek Hot Springs - Oregon

    Although they weren’t really enjoyable during the winter months, I’ve heard wonderful things about visiting in summer or fall.

    For more information, check out our post: Deer Creek Hot Springs: Central Oregon’s Hidden Gem.

    Map of Bigelow Hot Springs

    7. Alvord Hot Springs

    I’ve included Alvord Hot Springs in my list of the best public hot springs in Oregon because it wasn’t until just recently that they were transformed into privately owned pools.

    Alvord Hot Springs has been a popular destination for hot spring-lovers who pass through southeast Oregon for years. The trip down to Alvord Hot Springs will take approximately four hours from the city of Bend and is just across the border from Nevada.

    If you’re planning a trip to Alvord, I recommend visiting all four of the hot springs located in the southeastern corner of Oregon. Some can be used for soaking, others are just for looking. See Willow Creek, Borax Lake, and Mickey Hot Springs for more details.

    A day spent at Alvord Hot Springs costs $5/person. I highly suggest visiting during the week as these pools become popular on weekends.

    Map of Alvord Hot Springs

    8. Austin Hot Springs

    These pools, located along the Clackamas River, are a great stop for a free soak. Find these hot springs an hour and a half away from Portland in Mount Hood National Forest.


    Enjoy both Austin Hot Springs and Bagby Hot Springs in one trip. They are about 30 minutes away from each other and both offer unique soaking experiences.

    Austin Hot Springs Map

    9. Juntura Hot Springs

    About an hour east of Burns, Oregon you’ll find Juntura Hot Springs, another low-profile group of soaking pools. Juntura Hot Springs is well-maintained and a perfect temperature for relaxing.

    Juntura Hot Springs can be a challenge for some people as it might require you to ford the river. However, it is possible to park on the same side as the hot springs and eliminate the river crossing altogether. This requires a high-clearance car, but it is worth the extra effort.

    Map of Juntura Hot Springs

    10. Borax Lake Hot Springs

    I included Borax Lake Hot Springs in this guide because I wanted to warn everyone before they decide to bring their swimsuits.

    Borax Lake is not the kind of hot spring where you can bathe and forget about all of life’s worries. These springs are off-limits to people due to high arsenic levels and scalding hot water.

    They are quite beautiful though, aren’t they?

    Borax Lake Hot Springs Map

    11. Mickey Hot Springs

    Similar to Borax Lake Hot Springs, Mickey Hot Springs is another group of pools “just for looking”. These hot springs are too hot and cannot be used for soaking.

    Map of Mickey Hot Springs

    12. Echo Rock Hot Springs

    Echo Rock Hot Springs, also known as Owyhee Hot Springs, is nestled along the border of Oregon and Idaho. A six-hour drive from Bend, Echo Rock can be found on the Owyhee Reservoir near Leslie Gulch.

    Planning a backpacking trip might be the best way to visit these hot springs, however, it can also be done as a day hike. Soaking in Echo Rock is an awesome way to relax your muscles after a long day-hike along the reservoir.

    These pools are infrequently visited, so you’ll likely have these hot springs all to yourself.

    Map of Owyhee Hot Springs

    13. Hart Mountain Hot Springs

    Hart Mountain Hot Springs is a group of several pools; one hot spring is developed with a rock wall and ladder surrounding it. Other natural pools can be found nearby with expansive and beautiful views of an antelope refuge.

    These springs are five hours south of Bend near the border of Nevada.

    Map of Hart Mountain Hot Springs

    14. Snively Hot Springs

    Snively Hot Springs can be visited any time of year and offers some of the best views of any hot pools in Oregon.

    With multiple pools, there is ample room to accommodate the crowds that visit these springs.

    This spot is adored by everyone who visits; as a general rule of thumb, please leave it looking better than you found it. Preservation and respect will keep this a hidden gem for years to come.

    Map of Snively Hot Springs

    15. Wall Creek Warm Springs

    You can find Wall Creek Warm Springs in the Willamette National Forest, about two and a half hours west of Bend.

    It should be noted that this is labeled a warm spring for a reason. Unlike most of the other hot springs on this list, Wall Creek Warm Springs is a good place to soak during warmer spring or summer days.

    Also, keep in mind that this spring is quite shallow and often very muddy. It isn’t the ideal pool to soak in if you are traveling with many people.

    Wall Creek Warm Springs

    16. Three Forks Hot Springs

    This hot spring is pretty unique as it is found at the top of a waterfall. Three Forks Hot Springs is located on the eastern edge of Oregon, a stone’s throw from Idaho.

    At Three Forks Hot Springs, you’ll find warm water, but not hot water. Visiting these hot springs would be best on a warmer day. It is best done when the river water is low since there are a few river crossing involved in getting here.

    A four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended to get down to the waterfall unless you are comfortable hiking down from the entrance gate.

    Map of Three Forks Hot Springs

    Are There Natural Hot Springs In Oregon?

    Oregon is a state littered with volcanos and buttes. Thanks to these landforms, natural hot springs are widespread all over the state.

    If you’re looking for a fun adventure filled with hot springs (and maybe even a little hiking), look no further than Oregon and the surrounding Pacific Northwest.

    Hot Springs In Oregon: Know Before You Go

    ✔LNT: The rule of thumb for visiting any of these Oregon hot springs is to Leave No Trace.

    This means you leave the hot springs looking better than how you found it. Do your part to keep these Oregon natural hot springs beautiful for years and year to come.

    ✔4WD Recommended: Many of these hot springs in Oregon are difficult to get to with a standard car. Rough roads typically require a 4WD, high clearance vehicle.

    ✔Bring Your Own Gear: All of the Oregon hot springs on this list are natural hot springs that are open to the public. Almost all of them are free to visit.

    With that said, don’t expect facilities or amenities. Bring your own towel and other necessary gear during your visit.

    How Dangerous Are Hot Springs?

    Many people might be wondering whether the hot springs in Oregon are dangerous. Here are a few things you should know about the safety of hot springs:

    Always follow the posted rules at every hot spring you visit. Some of the hot springs listed above are not for soaking purposes and can cause bodily harm if you enter. Take note to this before you venture out.

    Children younger than 5 years old should not soak in hot springs. This is according to the CDC.

    ✅ Test the water before entering. To make sure you don’t enter a pool that is far too hot for the human body, be sure to test out the water before you submerge completely.

    ✅ Don’t over-soak. For safety, you shouldn’t soak for longer than 15-30 minute increments while visiting hot springs in Oregon. Be sure to let your body cool off before getting back in.

    What To Bring To Oregon Hot Springs

    There are several things you’ll want to pack when visiting the hot springs in Oregon. During a few of our hot springs visits, we forgot a few essential items, so don’t make the same mistake we did!

    Here is what you’ll definitely want to bring:

    A Towel

    Getting back into a car or changing into clothes when you’re still soaking wet is uncomfortable.

    Since the hot springs on this list are natural hot springs in Oregon, they do not provide towels or facilities, so don’t forget to pack a towel.


    Unless you plan on taking advantage of the “clothing optional” opportunity that some of these hot springs allow, you’ll want to pack a swimsuit.

    Change of Clothes

    No matter where you start in the state of Oregon, most of the hot springs on this list require a bit of a drive.

    Sitting in damp clothes or a wet bathing suit during your drive home is not fun.

    Bring a change of clothes for comfort.


    What most people don’t realize or simply forget is that soaking in hot springs will dehydrate your body very quickly.

    Be sure to pack enough water to keep yourself hydrated. These places do not provide drinking water, so plan ahead.


    In addition to staying hydrated, you’ll also want to make sure you have had enough to eat throughout the day.

    Sitting in hot springs can cause light-headedness. Pack enough snacks to fuel your body.

    On The Map

    There are natural hot springs all over the state of Oregon, so no matter where you are located, gas up the car and get on the road!

    For convenience, we’ve made a list of hot springs near each of these cities:

    Oregon Hot Springs Near Portland

    There are several hot springs near Portland, Oregon for the weekend warriors out there. Here are the two hot springs closest to Portland:

    Bagby Hot Springs – Located 80 miles southeast of Portland is Bagby Hot Springs, nestled in Mount Hood National Forest.

    Although it’s only 80 miles from Portland, Bagby Hot Springs requires a lot of twists and turns. Plan for a 3-hour drive out to these hot springs.

    Austin Hot Springs – Another hot springs located in Mount Hood National Forest and just 93 miles from Portland is Austin Hot Springs.

    Prepare for a 3.5 hour drive out to Austin Hot Springs from Portland.

    Note: There are campgrounds nearby each of these hot springs to make this a fun overnight adventure.

    Oregon Hot Springs Near Eugene

    Another big city in Oregon is Eugene and luckily there are plenty of hot springs nearby.

    Here are the hot springs you should add to your list if you’re in Eugene, Oregon:

    Terwilliger Hot Springs – A short 1.5 hour drive from Eugene will get you to one of the most beautiful hot springs in Oregon. Terwilliger Hot Springs is located 55 miles east of Eugene.

    Deer Creek Hot Springs – Hit two hot springs in one day by visiting Deer Creek Hot Springs (Bigelow Hot Springs) after soaking at Terwilliger.

    Since Terwilliger and Deer Creek Hot Springs are so close in proximity, it would be silly not to visit both while you’re at it.

    Umpqua Hot Springs – A 2.5 hour drive will get you to Umpqua Hot Springs in Umpqua National Forest.

    Wall Creek Warm Springs – Another conveniently located hot springs, Wall Creek Warm Springs is just 1 hour and 20 minutes from Eugene.

    Oregon Hot Springs Near Bend

    We couldn’t finish up this list of the best hot springs in Oregon without mentioning the ones closest to Bend.

    Bend is an outdoor-lovers paradise. Here are the hot springs to add to your list when visiting Bend, Oregon:

    Paulina Hot Springs – Under an hour outside of Bend you can find Paulina Hot Springs, the best hot springs in the state of Oregon.

    This would be a perfect day-long excursion if you’re in the area and want to relax in some hot springs with a perfect view of Paulina Lake and Paulina Peak.

    Umpqua Hot Springs – Jump in the car and drive down to Umpqua National Forest to check out Toketee Falls and Umpqua Hot Springs. It’ll take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there from Bend.

    Deer Creek Hot Springs – Another quick win would be Deer Creek Hot Springs located just 1 hour and 15 minutes northwest of Bend.

    *Remember, these hot springs are only good in warmer conditions.

    Terwilliger Hot Springs – While you’re at it, visit Terwilliger Hot Springs after Deer Creek Hot Springs. It is located just 25 minutes down the road from Deer Creek Hot Springs.

    Wall Creek Warm Springs – Strategically placed directly in the middle of Eugene and Bend, Wall Creek Warm Springs is another location to add to your bucket list.

    Be ready for a 2.5 hour drive from Bend to reach Wall Creek Warm Springs.

    The Wrap-Up: The Best Hot Springs in Oregon

    Oregon is full of amazing hot springs to discover.

    If you plan to explore any of the best hot springs in Oregon, please be aware of your impact on the environment. In order to preserve these hidden gems, leave NO trace; if you pack it in, please pack it out.

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