VIPKID Important Acronyms

15 VIPKID Acronyms & Abbreviations To Know

As a VIPKID teacher, you’ll soon realize that using acronyms is a way of life. Acronyms are thrown around so frequently that you’ll wonder if we’re still speaking English.

It took me almost a year to finally figure out all of the important VIPKID acronyms and abbreviations and how to use them properly. I’m hoping this guide will accelerate the learning curve and give you an idea of what these acronyms mean.

Important VIPKID Acronyms

There are tons of acronyms used in the VIPKID world, but these are the 15 most important.

1. SNS

SNS stands for student no show. This acronym will appear next to a student’s name that has canceled class or didn’t show up to the lesson.

To read more about what you should do if a student doesn’t show up to class, check out our blog post: VIPKID Student No Show.

2. PT and PPT

PT and PPT stand for peak time and peak-peak time. These are the VIPKID time slots that are in the highest demand.

VIPKID Acronyms & Abbreviations

Peak time slots include 6pm – 7pm Beijing time. Peak-peak time slots include 7pm – 9pm Beijing time.

3. Teacher IT or TIT

A teacher IT is a technological issue on the teacher’s end. This occurs when the teacher’s internet is not stable enough to conduct a class. A TIT could also be caused by equipment that is not working properly like a headset or webcam issue.

Prior to a teacher IT, the fireman will come into the classroom with tips on how to improve the connection. If the internet issues continue for several minutes, the fireman will issue a teacher IT. The teacher will not receive payment for that lesson and the acronym TIT will appear next to that class on your VIPKID dashboard.

To find out more about teacher IT issues and how to solve them, check out our post: VIPKID Teacher IT Problems and 5 Easy Steps to Solve Them.

4. Student IT or SIT

A student IT or SIT is a technological issue on the student’s end. This happens when the student’s internet is not working properly or if their equipment is faulty.

When a student IT is issued, the teacher will still get paid for the entire lesson and the phrase student IT will appear next to the affected class.


This acronym refers to a certificate that VIPKID teachers must complete if they do not have a teaching license. TESOL stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages.


In 2019, the Ministry of Education in China made it illegal for online teachers to conduct classes with Chinese students if they don’t hold a teaching certificate or license of some sort.

In response, VIPKID created its own TESOL certificate for current and aspiring teachers. It is completely free, which is a huge relief for online teachers.

Pro-tip: You also might hear the acronym TEFL being thrown around in VIPKID groups. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is another certification very similar to the TESOL certificate.

6. SN

The next acronym ‘SN’ refers to VIPKID short notice classes. Short notice classes occur when a student books a lesson with you less than 24 hours before the start time.

Short notice classes in the VIPKID world are great for many reasons, but the main reason teachers like short notice classes is that you can receive an extra incentive for teaching them.

If a class is booked as a short notice class, you’ll see the abbreviation SN next to the class on your teacher’s dashboard.

To read more about short notice classes, check out our post VIPKID Short Notice Classes: 5 Benefits of Short Notice Bookings.

7. UA

This is something that VIPKID fails to mention to its new teachers. What the heck is a UA?

Unit Assessment

UA stands for unit assessment and it refers to lessons 6 & 12 at any given level. These lessons test the student on what they’ve been learning throughout the unit. You’ll quickly notice that UA lessons have DOUBLE the amount of slides than a normal class.

To learn more about these classes and how to teach them, read our post: Unit Assessment VIPKID: How to Teach Them Successfully.

8. CF

This VIPKID acronym stands for class feedback. After each lesson, teachers must leave feedback about the student’s performance. This feedback must be submitted within 12 hours of the class finish time.

I’ve always found that class feedback is tedious. I continuously say the same thing to each student and from what I’ve heard, the parents don’t spend a lot of time reading these. To make feedback quicker, check out our post: VIPKID Feedback: Samples & Templates to Make Feedback Easier.

9. HFW

HFW is one of the acronyms that will be thrown around often during your VIPKID classes. HFW stands for high-frequency words (or sight words) and this refers to English words that are commonly used in reading and conversation.

High Frequency Word - Teach English Online

VIPKID students are given approximately five high-frequency words to memorize with each unit.

Pro-tip: In order to have my students really grasp the meanings of these HFWs, I typically have them use each high-frequency word in a sentence. Not only does this extend the lesson, but it helps reiterate meaning.

10. CVC & CVCe

Another abbreviation that will be used during your VIPKID classes is CVC (or CVCe). CVC stands for consonant-vowel-consonant. These are simple words that students learn in the beginning stages of English language learning. A few examples include: pip, dig, met.

You’ll also see the acronym CVCe being used. I’m sure you can guess, but this stands for consonant-vowel-consonant + e. These words have the bossy e, which makes the vowel say its name. A few examples include: mode, take, ride.

11. LP

LP stands for learning partner. In the VIPKID world, each student is assigned a learning partner. A learning partner is a VIPKID employee that ensures each student is getting the best experience from the platform.

VIPKID Learning Partner - Acronyms

The learning partner acts as a medium for conversation between parents and teachers. If you have an issue with one of your students, talking to the learning partner is the best way to connect and get your message across.

In order to speak with a learning partner, leave a comment in the box provided in the feedback (as shown in the picture above).

12. MCM

One of the first VIPKID acronyms that you’ll come across is MCM. MCM means mock class mentor. If you’ve gone through the hiring process, you’ll know exactly what a mock class mentor is.

If you’re still in the beginning stages of the hiring process, a mock class mentor is someone you will meet during your mock class. This is a VIPKID teacher, however, they will be acting as a young student when you meet them.

Your mock class mentor will decide if you’re ready for the classroom or if you need more practice first.

13. MC

Another one of the most commonly used acronyms in the VIPKID world is MC. MC stands for main course. Main course classes are classes that follow the regular curriculum of VIPKID. If you’re not teaching a trial class, it’s likely that you’ll be teaching a main course lesson.

To find out what kind of VIPKID class you’re teaching, check out the picture below:

Main Course Lessons

14. TPR

Oh yes, the most popular VIPKID acronym of them all and I ALMOST forgot this one.

TPR stands for total physical response. This refers to using hand gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice to describe an unfamiliar word or phrase. TPR is extremely important for VIPKID classes and you can find out why in this post: What is VIPKID TPR & How to Use It In the Classroom.

15. B & M

B & M stands for brick & mortar. This is one of the acronyms used to describe teachers or schools that aren’t online.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Acronyms & Abbreviations

Start learning more about the acronyms and abbreviations used while teaching English online with VIPKID. If you come across any other VIPKID acronyms that you are unfamiliar with, leave it in the comments below. I’d be happy to reiterate for you.

For more VIPKID resources, check our extensive library: Mike & Laura Travel VIPKID Blog.

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