The Best Tep Wireless Alternative For Travelers 2024

As digital nomads, staying connected while traveling the world has been our biggest priority. When we found Tep Wireless (also known as Travel WiFi), we thought it was the answer to our prayers. Unfortunately, Tep Wireless didn’t live up to expectations.

To replace Tep Wireless, we’ve searched high and low to find the highest-quality travel Wifi device available. Here is the best Tep Wireless alternative for travelers in 2021.

Tep Wireless Complaints

If you’ve made it to this post, you probably already know that Tep Wireless (or Travel WiFi) isn’t the most reliable source of internet for travelers.

Tep Wireless Complaints

But, if you’re on the fence, here are the most common complaints about Tep Wireless:

❌ Poor communication and delayed deliveries

There have been hundreds of complaints across the internet about poor communication and delayed deliveries on Tep Wireless’s end.

Tep Wireless Complaint

As travelers, we need deliveries to be made on time, especially if you’re moving from city to city or country to country. This should be the company’s first priority.

Although this hasn’t happened to me, I can’t imagine the headache this would cause.

❌ Poor customer service

Another common complaint about Tep Wireless is the lack of customer service.

Tep Wireless Complaint - Poor Service

If you can’t get your Tep device to connect to WiFi, don’t bother calling customer support because more often than not, they will completely ignore you.

❌ Service oftentimes doesn’t work at all

This was our complaint with Tep Wireless. The WiFi service we received was VERY spotty, even in major cities.

Tep Wireless Alternative

There were times when we would have full bars and the next minute it would drop completely.

Although Tep Wireless claims to work in 100 countries, be wary of their coverage.

Is TEP Wireless Worth It?

Coming from two full-time travelers and digital nomads, I can honestly say that there are far better alternatives to Tep Wireless.

Not convinced? Don’t just take it from us. Thousands of travelers have had the same complaints as us.

Is Tep Wireless Worth It?
Tep Wireless Complaint - Service Doesn't Work

Unless you want to deal with poor customer service, unstable (sometimes non-existent) WiFi connection, and the hassle of requesting a refund, stay far away from Tep Wireless.

The Best TEP Wireless Alternative

Although Tep Wireless was a bust, we’ve found many quality alternatives for international travel WiFi.

Here is our favorite Tep Wireless alternative:

1. Skyroam Solis Lite

The best Tep Wireless alternative is Skyroam.

Skyroam offers two different WiFi device options: the Skyroam Solis X and the Skyroam Solis Lite. Both of these devices are excellent WiFi hotspots for travelers.

Skyroam Solis X Review

Skyroam Device Cost

In order to use Skyroam, you’ll need to buy or rent a device. Personally, I think the Skyroam Solis Lite will suffice for any traveler, but they also offer the Skyroam Solis X as an option as well.

Purchase the Skyroam Solis Lite for $119.99 ($179.99 for the Skyroam Solis X).

Rent a device for $8.99 per day. This is a great option for infrequent travelers.

Skyroam Data Cost

Skyroam offers several different plans including a monthly plan, a daily plan, and a pay-as-you-go plan.

As a traveler, having this kind of flexibility is very important. They have plans to meet each traveler’s individual needs.

Here is what you can expect to pay for each plan:

Monthly unlimited plans cost just $99 per month. This tops out at 20GB per month. You’ll still get service after 20GB but it will be throttled.

Daily passes are just $9 per day. This will also throttle down when you reach a certain amount of data used. The 4G data allowance will depend on the local network carrier and their fair use policies.

Pay by the gigabyte and spend as little as $3 per 1GB in the USA. This will increase to $6/GB in Europe and $9/GB everywhere else in the world.

Skyroam Coverage

Skyroam offers 4G service in 130+ countries. Check to see if your destination is covered by Skyroam here: Skyroam Coverage.

Skyroam Review - Tep Wireless Alternative

Skyroam Speeds

You’ll experience 4G LTE worldwide (wherever cell phone towers reach).

Skyroam Review

Keep in mind, unless you choose the pay per GB plan, your data usage will be throttled after you’ve used a certain amount of data.

Skyroam Pros

Skyroam is a popular portable WiFi choice among travelers for many reasons. Here is why more and more travelers choose Skyroam as an alternative to Tep Wireless:

1. With Skyroam, you can choose a plan that fits your needs. They offer monthly, daily, and pay-as-you-go (by the GB) plans. If you’re traveling long-term, you might consider the monthly option. If you are traveling for a week or two, you might consider the daily plan.

2. Connect up to 10 devices to your Skyroam dongle. If you’re traveling as a couple or with a group, this is an excellent option to keep costs down.

3. With Skyroam, you can decide between renting or purchasing a device. If you’re only traveling for a short period of time, consider renting. If you are traveling long-term, it’s best to buy a dongle.

4. There are no contracts with Skyroam. Choose when and where you want to use your device.

5. The Skyroam WiFi devices have a battery life of up to 16 hours.

Skyroam Cons

As with any product, there are downfalls. Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing a Skyroam device for international data:

1. Although Skyroam claims to offer unlimited data, you will be capped when you reach a certain amount. This amount differs depending on your plan and where you are in the world.

Skyroam Throttling Complaint

The only option that offers data without throttling is the pay-as-you-go (pay by the GB) plan.

Therefore, Skyroam isn’t the best option if you’re looking to do things like stream movies, game, or download large files.

What is the difference between the Skyroam Solis X and the Skyroam Solis Lite devices?

The only differences between the Solis X and the Solis Lite are the additional features. The Solis X includes a built-in power bank, camera, and microphone.

In my opinion, I don’t think paying $60 is worth the added features. The Solis Lite gets the job done for a much cheaper price.

TEP Wireless vs Skyroam Solis Lite

In a face off, Skyroam offers much better service and support than Tep Wireless.

You’ll also find that Skyroam’s prices are competitive and frequently beat Tep Wireless, especially in places like the US or Europe.

Tep Wireless Vs Skyroam

Overall, Skyroam is the perfect alternative to Tep Wireless and as a digital nomad, I can highly recommend investing in this device.

More Quality Alternatives to TEP Wireless

Not impressed with Skyroam as an alternative to Tep Wireless? Don’t worry! We’ve tested out and/or investigated several other WiFi hotspot devices, too.

2. Google Fi

Alongside our Skyroam device, we also switched our cellular network to Google Fi. We made the switch to Google Fi (then called Project Fi) in 2017 and have been very happy with its international data capabilities.

Google Fi would be an excellent alternative to Tep Wireless for global WiFi access. Here are some things you should know about Google Fi:

Google Fi Device Cost

Google Fi SIM cards now work with iPhones and other smartphones in addition to their Google Pixel phones. If you have a compatible device, there is no need to buy a new one.

Google Fi Data Cost

There are two different plans to choose from with Google Fi, one is unlimited and the other is pay-as-you-go.

For the unlimited plan, a single person can expect to pay $70 per month for high speed “unlimited” data (up to 22GB). After 22GB, you will still have internet access, but your speeds will be throttled.

Google Fi Plan International Data Review

The second option is the pay-per-gigabyte plan. A single person will pay $20 for a line with Google Fi plus $10 per GB. You will only pay for what you use, which is a huge game-changer. This is the plan that Mike and I use.

Google Fi Unlimited Review International Data

In addition, Google Fi has a Bill Protection Plan, which means anything after 6GB of data is completely free up to 15GB. Once you reach 15GB, your speeds will be throttled. In other words, your maximum monthly bill will be $80.

As a digital nomad, I was especially impressed with Google Fi’s tethering option. You’ll pay the same price ($10/GB) to hotspot to any other device.

This was helpful when I wanted to to connect to the internet on my computer. I simply turned on my phone’s hotspot and used Google Fi to connect to WiFi. Easy!

Need more high-speed data? You can choose to pay $10 per GB after your allowance and receive data without throttling.

Google Fi Coverage

Another impressive fact about Google Fi is that they offer coverage in over 200 countries and territories. It’s nearly impossible to find a provider that offers this kind of coverage.

To see where Google Fi is accessible, check out this list.

Personally, I’ve used Google Fi in places like the Maldives, Svalbard, and remote locations all over the world. No matter the destination, it’s very rare that I don’t have LTE service.

Google Fi Speeds

Receive 4G LTE anywhere cell towers are present.

Google Fi Pros

Overall, we love Google Fi. It’s an excellent phone plan for travelers and a great alternative to Tep Wireless. Here are our favorite things about Google Fi:

1. With Google Fi, you can pause your plan if you aren’t using it. In my opinion, this is so important for frequent travelers that might not want to use Google Fi in the US but want access to data while traveling abroad.

But, keep in mind, Google Fi is an awesome network ANYWHERE in the world, including the USA.

2. Experience flat rate data whether you’re at home or abroad. Unlike other networks that charge a ridiculous amount of money for international data, Google Fi charges $10/GB no matter where you are.

3. Choose between a pay per gigabyte plan or an unlimited plan. In order to satisfy your needs, you’ll be able to choose a plan that works for you.

4. You’ll get service EVERYWHERE. Okay, okay, maybe not EVERYWHERE, but pretty darn close. Regardless if we’re in a remote location or a big city, we have always gotten a strong signal with Google Fi.

Google Fi Cons

Although Google Fi is an excellent option in many ways, there are some negative aspects of this service provider. Take note of these before making your decision:

1. Unfortunately, Google Fi is more expensive than other options on this list (like Skyroam). They currently charge $10/GB.

If this seems steep, consider their unlimited option. You’ll receive unlimited data for $70 per month. Not bad!

2. Speaking of unlimited data, Google Fi throttles data after 22GB. So although you will have access to the internet after 22GB, it will be ridiculously slow.

TEP Wireless vs Google Fi

Google Fi is a great alternative to Tep Wireless because you’ll be getting great LTE service worldwide. Use your Google Fi device as a hotspot for all of your other gadgets and never worry about finding data while traveling again.

3. XOXO WiFi

A third alternative to Tep Wireless is XOXO WiFi. XOXO WiFi is a Polish company that offers WiFi devices for travelers.

Although we have never tried XOXO WiFi, we’ve heard good things about it from other frequent travelers. Check out the specs below to see if this is a good data option for you.


XOXO WiFi Cost

There are two plans available for XOXO WiFi customers: a daily plan and a subscription plan.

Personally, I think the subscription plan isn’t even worth mentioning because you’ll need to pay hundreds of dollars each month for data. There are far better options out there for something like this.

On the other hand, XOXO WiFi does have good daily plans for customers. Going rates start at €6 per day (for 500 MB) depending on your location.

Note: I would not recommend XOXO WiFi for international data outside of Europe. Global daily plans add up to €24.5 for 1GB per day. Skyroam is MUCH better for this option.

XOXO WiFi Coverage

With XOXO WiFi, you’ll be covered across 140 countries worldwide.

XOXO WiFi Speeds

You’ll have access to 4G speeds wherever cell towers are present.

It’s important to know that XOXO WiFi also imposes a fair use policy. This means that you will be throttled after a certain amount of data is used.

XOXO WiFi Pros

Thinking of choosing XOXO WiFi as an alternative to Tep Wireless? Here are some of the best things about this company:

1. The XOXO WiFi device battery lasts for up to 8 hours. This is convenient for travelers because most of the time we are on the go.

2. There are tons of pick up points all over Europe. You’ll be able to choose a location that works best for you.

XOXO WiFi Cons

These are the most important things to remember about XOXO WiFi:

1. XOXO WiFi is very vague about their fair usage policy. This means your data could be throttled at any given time.

2. In order to get your device, you’ll need to pay for delivery fees and they aren’t cheap. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere!

3. XOXO WiFi prices are only competitive in Europe. If you plan to explore any other part of the world, expect to pay a LOT for data.

TEP Wireless vs XOXO WiFi

Truthfully, XOXO WiFi is only a good alternative to Tep Wireless if you plan to travel in Europe. If you are traveling in Asia, Africa, or South America, I still believe that you’ll get the best bang for your buck with Skyroam.

4. TravelersWiFi

The last alternative to Tep Wireless is TravelersWiFi, not to be confused with Travel WiFi (the other name for Tep Wireless).

This is a Swiss company that offers international data to travelers at an affordable rate.


TravelersWiFi Cost

Similar to XOXO WiFi, I would not recommend TravelersWiFi for monthly coverage. You’ll be paying $250+ per month for global coverage by the month. Again, there are far better options for this.

They do, however, offer great daily rates. Expect to pay $8.10 per day for international data.

Unfortunately, TravelersWiFi doesn’t mention anything about throttling or how much data is allotted per day, but you can expect your data to be capped.

Travelers WiFi Coverage

With TravelersWiFi, you’ll have access to the internet in 150 countries.

TravelersWiFi Speeds

Expect 4G service wherever cell towers are located.

TravelersWiFi Pros

TravelersWiFi is a great option for travelers looking to stay connected while exploring the world. Here are our favorite qualities of TravelersWiFi:

1. TravelersWiFi devices have 13 hours of battery life. You won’t have to worry about charging it very often.

2. This company offers a competitive daily price (although we don’t know how much data you’re allotted each day). In many locations, you’ll pay less per day with TravelersWiFi than you would with Skyroam.

3. Connect up to ten devices to your TravelersWiFi dongle. This is perfect if you’re traveling in a group.

TravelersWiFi Cons

Here is the most common complaint about TravelersWifi:

1. Don’t expect to rent a TravelersWiFi device by the month. You’ll be handing over $250 or more for international data and there are much better options out there.

TEP Wireless vs TravelersWiFi

Apart from the hefty price tag on the monthly rental, TravelersWiFi is a great alternative to Tep Wireless. Their customer service is friendly, prompt, and you can expect to get a reliable connection around the world.

What’s The Cheapest TEP Wireless Alternative?

I get it. As a traveler, we want to save as much money as we can so we can do more of what we love.. travel!

With that in mind, the cheapest Tep Wireless alternative will depend upon your destination and length of stay.

Cheapest Tep Wireless Alternative

But remember, just because these are the cheapest options doesn’t mean they are the best options for your given destination.

Be sure to check the network coverage of each company before you decide on a product.

Local SIM Cards For International Data

The last option you should consider as an alternative to Tep Wireless is purchasing a local SIM card in your given destination.

Who Should Buy A Local SIM card?

If you plan to stay in a specific country for a long period of time (3+ months), then I suggest buying a local SIM card. This will save you tons of money and you’ll have the best service available in the area.

Best Networks By Country

This is no where near a comprehensive list of the best networks and SIM cards in each country, but these are some of the most popular destinations around the world.

Thailand: AIS

India: Airtel

Indonesia: Telkomsel or XL

Vietnam: Viettell

China: Unicom

Europe: Vodafone. By law, European SIM cards must work in all countries without roaming charges. This means you can buy a Vodafone SIM card in one European country and it will work for any EU country.

The Wrap-Up: The Best Tep Wireless Alternative

Above all, the best Tep Wireless alternative is Skyroam, a quailty company that offers excellent customer service, great network speeds, and worldwide coverage.

Do you have experience renting or purchasing a WiFi travel device? Which one do you recommend?

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