These 5 New York Ski Resorts Are The Snowiest According To New Report

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Discover the snowiest ski resorts in New York in the last decade and find your next powder perfect ski destination!

Although New York is most famous for being home to New York City, we feel that the state has a lot more to offer. New York State is also home to several mountain ranges, including the Catskills and the Adirondacks, and a number of ski resorts. 

As some of you know, Mike and I are avid skiers and snowboarders and we love to visit ski towns all over the world because of their unique charms and quaint features.

In fact, we met in a famous Colorado ski town, Steamboat Springs!

We know that when it comes to choosing a ski resort in New York State, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of snowfall. Unlike resorts in Colorado, ski resorts in New York make most of their snow, so the more natural snowfall, the better. 

With that, here’s our list of the snowiest ski resorts in New York from the past decade. 

Snowiest Ski Resorts In New York (Over The Past Decade)

Our list of the snowiest ski resorts in New York is ranked by their running 10 year total snowfall. We ranked these resorts using their cumulative snowfall over the last decade to give you the best estimation of which resorts actually receive the most snow.

1. Holiday Valley: 131.75 feet

Holiday Valley is a family-friendly ski resort in Ellicottville, New York, set on McCarty Hill near the Pennsylvania border. It’s about a 6 hour drive from New York City, ideal for a wintery family getaway. 

A man cross country skis through a snowy wooded path with the golden sun bursting through the treeline.

With 58 total runs, 5 terrain parks, and 3 cross country trails, there are plenty of trails for you to explore, regardless of your experience level.

The best part? It sees more snowfall than any other resort in New York State with 131.75 feet of snow in the last decade. 

2. Whiteface Mountain: 130.33 feet

Coming in just behind Holiday Valley is Whiteface Mountain, a resort in northern New York about 5 hours from New York City in the Adirondack Mountains.

Whiteface Mountain boasts 87 total runs, 7 terrain parks, and 35 acres of expert extreme adventure terrain. 

A view looking up at the snowy ski runs on Whiteface Mountain, New York.

Whiteface Mountain has serious credentials in the skiing world and often hosts major international alpine skiing competitions.

While Lake Placid was the official host of the 1980 Olympic Games, all six alpine skiing events took place on Whiteface Mountain and it even served as an Olympic Training Site in 2010.

3. Peek’n Peak Resort: 123.42 feet

Not only did the Peek’n Peak see an impressive 123.42 feet of snow over the last decade, they’re also a fabulous place for beginners to learn to ski. 

The Giant Bunny Hill has the perfect slope for first time skiers and snowboarders to learn the basics and get their bearings. Lessons are also available for children and adults who want to learn to ski. 

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    There are some trails that are great for intermediate skiers as well. So, once you get the hang of skiing or snowboarding, you can head off to more advanced runs. 

    4. Kissing Bridge: 105.58 feet

    What Kissing Bridge might lack in number of runs or Coloradan snow conditions, it makes up for in heart.

    The staff does their very best to help skiers and snowboarders to have a great experience on the mountain. The ski culture at Kissing Bridge is all about learning and improving, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re a beginner.  

    A woman in red stands at the top of a ski hill looking out at the sun peaking over the snowcapped trees.

    If Whiteface Mountain is for serious skiers, Kissing Bridge is the hidden gem. 

    Kissing Bridge also has a fabulous terrain park and night skiing for more adventurous visitors. 

    5. Titus Mountain: 103.83 feet

    Titus Mountain is both more affordable and less crowded than many of the big name New York resorts on this list.

    It’s the perfect spot for beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders to learn the ropes. 

    In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Titus Mountain has a tubing hill. There’s also a charming lodge where you can grab a snack or a coffee and relax after a tiring day on the slopes.  

    Additional New York Ski Resort Stats

    Of course, there are a number of other ski resorts in New York that are worth visiting, even if they don’t see as much snowfall.

    Belleayre Mountain, for instance, is only a three hour drive from New York City, so it might be perfect for you even if it’s not the snowiest mountain on this list. 

    One advantage of visiting a ski resort in New York is that it’s sure to have much smaller crowds and shorter lines than the behemoth, glamorous resorts in Colorado.

    A skier in mid air over a powder snow slope with a pink and blue sky and trees in the distance.

    The New York slopes are a much more affordable and accessible way to learn to ski, especially if you live in the area. 

    Here are some additional New York ski resorts worth considering when you’re planning your ski trip. 

    • Snow Ridge Ski Area: 100.33 feet
    • Gore Mountain: 91.08 feet
    • McCauley Mountain: 88.83 feet
    • HoliMont: 85.25 feet
    • Belleayre Mountain: 84.42 feet
    • Plattekill: 78.58 feet
    • Labrador Mountain: 73.42 feet
    • Windham Mountain: 69.67 feet
    • Song Mountain: 64.42 feet
    • Hunter Mountain: 62.67 feet
    • Greek Peak: 60.42 feet
    • Woods Valley Ski Area: 55.58 feet
    • Dry Hill Ski Area: 52.33 feet
    • Oak Mountain Ski Center: 52.17 feet
    • Buffalo Ski Club: 44.17 feet
    • Bristol Mountain: 42.75 feet
    • Catamount Ski Area: 41.75 feet
    • West Mountain Ski Center: 40.25 feet
    • Toggenburg Mountain: 34.33 feet
    • Thunder Ridge Ski Area: 30.58 feet
    • Maple Ski Ridge: 23.42 feet
    • Willard Mountain: 23.25 feet
    • Hunt Hollow Ski Club: 20.92 feet
    • Mt. Peter Ski Area: 19.92 feet
    • Brantling Ski and Snowboard Center: 17.5 feet
    • Royal Mountain Ski Area: 16.58 feet
    • Holiday Mountain: 9.58 feet

    What are the best months to ski in New York?

    January and February are the best months to ski in New York. During these quintessential winter months, you’re more likely to see fresh powder, cold temperatures, and busy slopes. By March, New York starts to transition into springtime and the snow often melts into giant patches of slushy ice.

    What is the largest ski resort in New York?

    Gore Mountain is the largest ski resort in New York, and it is about 4.5 hours from New York City. There are 428 skiable acres at Gore Mountain, more than any other resort in the state. What’s more, there are 110 runs to choose from, and the longest run is a whopping 3.7 miles long. 

    What is the closest ski mountain to New York City?

    Belleayre Mountain Ski Center is the closest ski mountain to New York City. It is about a three hour drive from the city and the only ski resort in the Catskill Mountains that has a gondola. Belleayre Mountain saw about 84.42 feet of snow in the last decade.  

    The Wrap-Up: New York Ski Resorts With The Most Snow

    For anyone planning their New York State ski vacation, we hope that our list of the snowiest ski resorts helps you choose the perfect spot.

    From the beginner-friendly slopes at Peek’n Peak or Titus Mountain to the more advanced runs at Whiteface Mountain, there are resorts for all levels of skiers and snowboarders in New York. 

    Or, if none of the New York ski resorts fit the bill, you can head up to New England where you can find some truly charming ski towns and slopes worth visiting. In any case, bundle up, don your ski gear, grab a hot chocolate, and enjoy some fresh wintery snow in New York. 

    If you’re looking for loads of snow or plenty of powder days check out these US resorts.

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