These 7 US Ski Resorts Are The Snowiest

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Looking for the snowiest ski resorts in the United States from the past decade? Here are the top resorts according to our new report. 

Anyone who loves to ski will likely tell you that fresh snow is essential. Although you can find fresh snow at most any ski resort, we wanted to share a list of the snowiest resorts in the United States. 

Mike and I met in Steamboat Springs, a fabulous ski town in Colorado. We’re huge fans of ski towns and love to visit them all over the world because they’re so unique and quaint.

Interestingly, the top 7 snowiest resorts in the US are along the west coast, along with one resort in Alaska. Although we think most ski towns are worth visiting, two of the resorts on this list are among the top ski towns in the US.

Snowiest Ski Resorts In The US (Over The Past Decade)

We love to visit ski resorts around the world in search of thrilling runs, fresh powder, and charming ski towns.

Here are the seven snowiest resorts in the United States, from California to Alaska and everywhere in between. The resorts are ranked based on their 10-year cumulative snowfall.

1. Mt. Baker, Washington: 424.75 feet

Mt. Baker Ski Area was home to the world’s greatest recorded snowfall in a single season. During the 1998-1999 ski season, Mount Baker accumulated an astounding 1,124 inches of snow or nearly 94 feet.

Snowshoeing Mt Baker Ski areaArtist's Point

That’s nearly the same height as a 10-story building, all in one season. So it’s probably no surprise that it’s the snowiest ski resort in the US. 

Over the past decade, Mt. Baker in Washington State has accumulated some serious powder, with an impressive 424.75 FEET of snow.

2. Palisades Tahoe, California: 347.42 feet

You can ski like an Olympian at Palisades Tahoe, the site of the 1960 Olympic Games. 

Palisades Tahoe offers long, steep runs that are beloved among advanced skiers and snowboarders. With a whopping 250 runs to choose from across two mountains, it’s the perfect resort if you’re visiting Lake Tahoe for the first time

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    In the Lake Tahoe region, there are 14 major ski resorts, but Palisades Tahoe and the nearby Heavenly stand out as the closest to the lake, providing the most breathtaking views.

    The village at the base of Palisades Tahoe is one of the top ski towns in the country and was specifically designed for aprés-skiing.

    3. Alyeska, Alaska 343.17

    Alyeska Ski Resort is the only major ski resort in Alaska. Advanced skiers know it as a “steep and deep” resort, an ideal practice ground for those considering heli skiing.

    cable cars at ski resorts in winter

    As you might expect from an Alaskan resort, the views are simply unparalleled. It might just be the only resort on this list where you’re not hoping for a powder day simply because it would keep you from enjoying the incredible views.

    Even at night, the views continue with a chance to see the northern lights from your hotel because you’re so far north. 

    Given its location in Alaska, Alyeska has very short days during the winter months. But don’t worry; the resort offers incredible night skiing, so you can still fit in a full day of runs. 

    This resort is more suited for expert skiers. Only about 11% of the runs are green, and of those, a handful are not suitable for first-time skiers. Be sure to visit Alyeska when you’ve had some practice on the mountain.

    4. Timberline Lodge & Ski Area, Oregon: 333.5 feet

    Timberline Lodge & Ski Area is the snowiest ski resort in Oregon, set along the southern slopes of Mount Hood.

    This small resort is beginner-friendly, with plenty of mellow terrain. Even the intermediate and advanced trails tend to lack the difficulty needed to impress expert skiers. 

    Timberline lodge on Mt Hood with Mt Jefferson in background, with warm light just after sunset, Oregon, Mt Hood National Forest.

    There are only seven chairlifts and 35 runs at Timberline, so advanced skiers might want to visit another mountain for some challenge. 

    For beginners, however, you won’t do much better than Timberline. It’s also one of two resorts in the US that offers year-round skiing, so you can go skiing in the summer.

    As you might expect, the upper lifts are the only ones with skiable snow during the summer months.

    5. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, California: 313.75 feet

    Kirkwood Mountain Resort is a small but unique resort in California at an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet. 

    Man Skiing down a slope with the sun peaking out behind him

    It’s popular among advanced skiers and snowboarders for its deep powder, challenging terrain, and backcountry skiing.

    There are runs with wide-open bowls and off-piste features, as well. A whopping 58% of the resort’s 93 runs are rated expert/advanced. Kirkwood is also the second snowiest resort in California, just behind Palisades Tahoe.

    On average, Kirkwood sees about 31.4 feet of snow each season.

    6. Crystal Mountain, Washington: 310.25 feet

    Crystal Mountain is Washington State’s largest ski area and it has lots of advanced terrain. In fact, more than 30% of the runs are black diamond or harder, so experienced skiers and snowboarders will have plenty of runs to challenge themselves.

    Crystal Mount cable cars

    Most of the runs are quite steep and not well-suited for beginners. Despite the challenging and varied natural terrain at Crystal Mountain, the terrain park leaves a lot to be desired as one of the snowiest resorts in the US. 

    The nearby town has a few options for après-ski, but nowhere near as many as Palisades Tahoe or Mt Bachelor.

    7. Mt Bachelor, Oregon: 302.25 feet

    Mt Bachelor is one of our favorite ski resorts, partly because Mike and I actually lived in Bend, Oregon, in our fifth-wheel trailer for a year. We absolutely loved being in Bend because there are so many great things to do in the wintertime

    This resort is the second snowiest resort in Oregon, and it sees an average of 71.6 powder days per year

    A skier is traveling down a snow covered mountainside already lined with ski tracks. Horizontal shot.

    Mt Bachelor has incredible tree skiing for advanced skiers, and the terrain is varied due to wind lips and lava flows. Intermediate skiers also have plenty of terrain to play with, and there are decent options for beginners.

    The slopes can get windy, so be prepared for colder temperatures while you’re on the mountain.

    Additional USA Ski Resort Stats

    Didn’t see your favorite ski resort on the list above? Here are some other US ski resorts with some seriously impressive snowfall over the past decade.

    This includes many Colorado ski resorts, like Wolf Creek Ski Area, with an impressive 289.33 feet of snow, or Winter Park, which is just outside of Denver. 

    • Northstar California Resort: 297.83 feet
    • Wolf Creek Ski Area: 289.33 feet
    • Mammoth Mountain Ski Area: 287 feet
    • Mt. Hood Meadows: 286.67 feet
    • Stevens Pass: 277.83 feet
    • Sugar Bowl Resort: 273.67 feet
    • Winter Park – 266.75 feet
    • Alpental: 259.75 feet
    • Boreal Mountain California: 258.17 feet
    • Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort: 255.42 feet
    • Aspen-Snowmass – 255.33 feet
    • Breckenridge – 254.25 feet
    • Loveland Ski Area – 253.73 feet
    • White Pass: 251.92 feet
    • Homewood Mountain Resort: 246.58 feet
    • Heavenly Mountain Resort: 241.08 feet
    • Skyline Bear Valley Resort: 231 feet
    • Arapahoe Basin – 230.66 feet

    What state has the best snow for skiing?

    The state with the best snow for skiing has to be Colorado, home to the Rocky Mountains.

    Colorado’s combination of dry weather, high elevations, and consistent snowfall makes it the perfect place to find the best snow conditions. In fact, A Basin in Colorado boasts an unbelievable average of 85.6 powder days per year

    Which US ski resort has the most snow?

    The snowiest ski resort in the US over the past decade is Mt. Baker Ski Area in Washington State.

    This ski resort also holds the national record for the snowiest ski year, with 94 feet of snow in the 1998-1999 season. On an average year, Mt Baker usually sees about 42.5 feet of snow over the course of a season.

    What ski resort in the US has the most lifts?

    Not only is Palisades Tahoe the second snowiest ski resort in the US, but it also has the most lifts. This resort has an incredible 43 ski lifts, just edging out Park City in Utah, which has 42.

    The Wrap-Up: US Ski Resorts With The Most Snow

    The United States has some ski resorts with serious snowfall, especially when you look along the West Coast.

    And, as we can attest, there’s nothing better than a bluebird morning with blue skies and fresh powder waiting for you on the mountain for your first run.  

    Whether you pick Mt. Baker with its astounding 424.75 feet of snow over the last decade or opt for Mt. Bachelor’s 302.25 feet, you’ll find plenty of powder to enjoy at any resort you decide to visit.

    And if all you dream of is fresh powder, here are the resorts in the US with the most powder days.

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