Scale Your Travel Blog was created out of frustration. Back in 2014, I (Laura) started a travel blog in hopes of making a full-time income from it. Although I was determined, I didn’t have the right marketing skills to build a website that earned money.

Over the past three years, we’ve cracked the code and have taken our blog from a hobby to a full-time, income-generating business. Those years of frustration led me to create Scale Your Travel Blog, a step-by-step program that will take you from confusion to clarity with your blog, too.

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But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to the 600+ students who have taken and implemented the strategies within Scale Your Travel Blog:

Shelley Marmor – Travel Mexico Solo

“[I am] just about hitting 150,000 monthly website traffic. I’m doing over $10,000 dollar months, starting from zero like everybody else..”

Josh Band – A Backpacker’s World

“So in 9 months or so, I have went from zero, literally zero to 38,000 [sessions]. So I’m on my way to Mediavine.”

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SYTB Case Studies & Testimonials

Jordie & Liam Flain – The Flains Travel

We started our blog back in June 2021. We have a lot of love for our blog, though just before SYTB, we were beginning to feel more frustrated as to why, despite all of our hard work, it seemed stuck and resistant to grow. We soaked up as much information as we could and worked very hard to get our blog to a point, which led to some traffic, though it remained stagnant and had no monetization results.

We realized that if we really wanted this to work, we would need to take this seriously and make that investment in ourselves and our blog. This is why we decided to finally take the plunge and buy SYTB.

In the 1 month of joining SYTB, the course insight alone has taught us (amongst many other things) to format affiliate posts properly, which has since led to multiple tour bookings and, incredibly, our first affiliate payment. Likewise, the methods to reach out for backlink opportunities have been worth their weight in gold in our mission to build up authority.

Now that we are seeing results like this even after a month, the clarity SYTB has brought has made us feel very excited for the potential of our blog, and for our future.

Candice Steele – CS Ginger

“I started my travel blog, CS Ginger, in 2019. I struggled to grow my traffic and had no understanding of how to best earn affiliate income. Before signing up for Scale Your Travel Blog, I did not know how to implement SEO and keyword research strategies. 

I signed up for Scale Your Travel Blog in May 2021. At that time, I had about 100 users on my website per day. Since implementing the strategies taught in the course, I have increased my traffic by 2,000% over the last 14 months. I have also gone from earning pennies of affiliate income to about $5,000 per month. 

Scale Your Travel Blog is well worth the cost. The skills and information taught in the course are worth much more than the cost of the program. If you are willing to work hard and follow Laura’s direction, you will be successful.

Josh Band – A Backpacker’s World

I decided on Scale Your Travel Blog because it is the one-stop shop for blogging. After taking Laura’s “3 Secrets To Exponentially Grow Your Travel Blog” (which I was taking before even having a blog!) I knew that it was the course for me.

It has taught me how to set up my blog properly, write SEO-optimised posts, earn money with affiliate marketing, and more. It teaches you quite literally everything there is to know.

I couldn’t be happier with where my blog is now. Genuinely. It took me 2 months from joining Scale Your Travel Blog to posting my first blog post. Now, just over 3 months after my first post, I am at 3000 monthly views. I have more than doubled my traffic each month. I’m a very statistical and numerical-based person, so to see a clear growth like this is incredible.

If I continue to grow at this rate, I will reach Mediavine by month 6 or 7 from my first post. Which I never imagined would be possible, I am determined to reach it, and I know SYTB is the resource I need.

I couldn’t be happier with this system and with Scale Your Travel Blog in general. It has completely exceeded my expectations.

Pafoua Her – Her Wanderful World

“I just wanted to hop in and say THANK YOU! Like I mentioned in the FB group, I made it to 50k, and my sessions are still increasing! 

I was also doing a content audit on my website today and realized that A LOT of my content is on the first page of Google, and many of them are in 1st position! 

I’m also starting to rake in $$ from affiliate posts! Thank you for all the SEO content you put out. I would not be ranking if not for you!”

Chantelle Kincy – Flannels or Flip Flops

I spent months spinning my wheels, participating in engagement groups, and writing whatever and however I wanted. I was getting no traffic and felt like I was going nowhere. I figured blogging was not for me and that I would never figure it out.

I almost quit blogging but decided to give myself 6 more months to make it work.

I invested in Scale Your Travel Blog and started implementing Laura’s methods.  Within 4 weeks, my traffic doubled. It has continued on a consistent upward trend, and I have made more money from my blog in the last 4 months than I have in all the other months combined. Needless to say, I’m excited about blogging now!

I did have reservations prior to purchasing SYTB. I had purchased a few courses before and was always disappointed in the information that was inside. Once I saw the price of SYTB, I was really scared because I wasn’t making any money, and I didn’t want to take another disappointing course with thin information and low value.

Once I attended Laura’s free training, I knew this was different. I felt her energy and enthusiasm and felt like she truly wanted others to succeed and was not just trying to make money. I decided to go ahead with the course and promised if it didn’t work, I would be done and go back to my “real job”.  

Luckily, SYTB has been EVERTYHING Laura promised and SO MUCH MORE! The information she gives is in-depth, up-to-date, and easy to implement. The things that set SYTB apart are not only the course but the support you receive along the way. Laura is an excellent cheerleader. She builds you up and makes you believe in yourself, and is there to help you every step of the way.

I’ve gone from a sore and grumpy dental hygienist to a relaxed, happy travel blogger all because of SYTB!”

Ashlea Russell – She Roams About

Before purchasing SYTB, I knew I wanted to make my travel blog my career, but I had no idea how. I knew I needed SEO and even took an SEO course at a local college, but that only explained what SEO was, not how to really do it. I felt totally lost and ill-equipped to break into the travel blog scene, and because of this, I had a hard time putting effort into my blog because it just never seemed to improve.

Since joining SYTB, my travel blog has been growing, and I feel totally optimistic about my future. It is now making money which is something I only dreamed of before! I know it’s going places and it will become my full-time job. I take my blog really seriously and treat it like a business. I invest time and resources into its growth and watching my stats increase is almost addictive!

SYTB is not a cheap program, and my number one reservation [for joining] was spending what I see as a lot of money on a risk. I had already invested in courses, and they didn’t help me at all, so I was trying to teach myself.

Since joining SYTB, I have entered what feels like a whole other world of SEO, and I’m not sure I’d ever gather this much knowledge trying to teach myself. I continue to see actual concrete growth as a direct result of what I learned in this program. Within a few months of implementing new strategies, my traffic grew 5x, and I started to make actual money.

While the course and knowledge are invaluable, one of my favorite things is the community. No one else in my life has any idea what goes into blogging, and while they try to be supportive, it means so much to have a group of fellow bloggers to turn to for help or to share my wins and fails.

SYTB has exceeded my expectations, and I believe it is my ticket to making my blog my full-time job someday soon. Looking back, I honestly think if I hadn’t taken this leap of faith I’d be exactly where I was before. Stuck with no idea what to do and writing content people would never read.”

Shreeyeh Rajan – Bae Area & Beyond

Before SYTB, I was overwhelmed with how to set up my travel blog and make money with it. I saw all these successful travel bloggers with established sites doing so many things and wondered if I had to do them all. I knew I could be successful in travel blogging, but I didn’t know how.

[Now], I definitely have a clear path to travel blogging success now, and if I’m a bit overwhelmed or confused, I can always go to the SYTB’s Facebook community for answers and support.

Since enrolling in STYB, my traffic has seen a 59,900% increase in 15 months!! It was through incremental results that I gained enough confidence to quit my 9-5 job to do travel blogging full-time. I don’t think I would’ve lasted this long in blogging if it wasn’t for Laura’s motivation and support.

I’m grateful to have started SYTB early on in my travel blogging journey and highly recommend starting SYTB as soon as possible if you have even the slightest dream of making money through travel blogging. The SYTB course and coaching went above my expectations.”

Emily Concannon – Emily Embarks

“Before SYTB, my blog just felt like a hobby. I dreamed of one day turning it into my full-time job, but I never actually thought that was possible. I continued my career in the Health & Science field with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian after receiving my Bachelor’s.

While this all felt fine and I was successful in my studies, I was never truly happy. I was always looking for ways to finish my work faster just so I could hop back on my blog. It was definitely a pipe dream that never actually felt obtainable.

[Fast forward] with my newfound blogging skills, thanks to Scale Your Travel Blog, I have been able to grow my blog from zero monthly sessions to over 30,000 monthly sessions in just 1 year and create a second travel planning business from that traffic.

I make thousands of dollars per month in affiliate sales alone, with thousands more from my travel planning business. My monthly traffic continues to grow, even after Google algorithm updates and the typical winter decline in searches, and I have found that my blog posts continue to outrank those of the top travel bloggers and travel websites in the industry.

This new career has allowed me to travel full-time for the last 6 months and continues to allow me to work from anywhere in the world. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way!”

Samantha Hamilton – New England Wanderlust

“I knew people were making money at blogging, but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. That’s why I started to seek out courses.

As soon as I implemented what I learned from SYTB, I saw results.

My very first post was a keyword from Laura, and it ranked on page 1 of Google within weeks of publishing. In just 7 months, I was able to grow my traffic from just a few monthly sessions to 30K monthly sessions.

I’ve also been able to land partnerships with tourism boards, and actually make money with affiliate marketing strategies I learned in this course. 

[Prior to joining] I did have reservations about buying the course. For one, it’s a big investment in a career path that I really didn’t know much about. There’s still this stigma out there that blogging as a career is dead, over-saturated, or just not legitimate, and I felt a little crazy for spending money on a class in this field for those reasons.

But once I went through Laura’s free trainings, and saw her examples on how you can have success with blogging without relying on social media, I decided to invest in myself, and my dreams. It was cheaper than some of my college classes, so putting it into perspective like that also helped.

SYTB has exceeded my expectations! While the lessons in the course are worth the money alone, I was blown away by how much Laura cares about her students, and she’s created a wonderfully supportive and positive community where I feel encouraged during my journey.

And Laura really knows what she’s talking about. She’s always staying on top of SEO trends, and learning more about the field. And most importantly, her methods actually work. Buying this course is one of the best things I have done for myself. My only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner.

Wayne Kask – Always On The Shore

“The main result that I’ve seen is a large increase in web traffic, all while just doing this part-time. And now making ad income and affiliate income. Joining the group has definitely improved my blogging skills because you’re able to see a number of other bloggers that are growing and what they’re doing for it to grow. It’s also motivating and competitive in a good way.

I didn’t have any reservations about joining the group [SYTB], I had actually joined a different group initially, but this one seemed more group-focused and a team feeling. It’s really just making an investment so you can get results much much quicker and have help along the way.”

Allison Sicking – Viva La Travelista

Before SYTB, my travel blog was just a side hustle that I worked on in my free time outside of my full-time job.  I was an intermediate blogger and had some knowledge of SEO. However, I knew I needed help from experts to help my blog reach its full potential. Now, I feel super confident about my blog, SEO skills, and income potential.

Since joining the course, my blog has completely transformed based on recommendations from [Laura’s] site audit. I thought I knew SEO, but I really learned so much from this course and my rankings truly benefited from Laura’s expertise.

Writing new blog posts has become so much easier with the course templates, outlines, and tools. And having Laura’s support every step of the way made a huge difference because I knew she would be there to help me reach my goal of getting into Mediavine. Even when I faced traffic setbacks, Laura’s encouragement and advice got my blog back on track. After taking this course, I know I am set up for success to continue to grow my blog into a full-time six-figure business.

My sessions have grown from 15K sessions to almost 50K sessions in just over 8 months. My DA has grown from 21 to 28. Almost all of my posts rank on page 1 of Google within hours or days of posting them. And my affiliate income continues to grow every month.  I honestly can’t imagine where I’d be now without the support, encouragement, and skills I have gained from this course.

Amanda Renkel – Mae’s Miles & Music

My blog went from having virtually no readers to over 6,500 monthly readers. I saw a slight growth with the self-guided program but massive growth with the SYTB coaching program. I now know how to write a post and rank on page 1 of Google within just a few days or weeks. Since joining SYTB, I have only experienced an upward trend each month, and I know it’s pushing me toward achieving my goals quickly.

I was skeptical about joining STYB at first. I was at a low point, concerned about what I would do for work. It seemed too good to be true. Make money from something I’d been trying to make money from for years? Without using social media?

Once I purchased the SYTB program and saw fast growth, I wished I had just started with that program sooner.

SYTB has exceeded my expectations. I never made a single dollar from 2017 through 2021 on my blog. In 2022 I made over $500, $215 last month alone. It’s only up from here!

Katie Caf – Katie Caf Travel

“Before SYTB I didn’t know anything about SEO, backlinks, etc. I was getting nowhere, but I assumed it was because my blog was new. After six months, I was starting to feel like I was running in circles. 

With SYTB I’ve grown my blog traffic from 1,000 sessions per month to 30,000 sessions per month, and I’ve scaled my income from $0 to around $500 per month in affiliate sales. Blogging comes a lot more naturally to me now, both due to practice and the practical skills SYTB equipped me with I’m a lot faster at researching, writing, editing, and formatting blog posts.”

Beth McCarter – The Travel Fam

“I went from not knowing the difference between and to gaining marketable SEO skills.  Now I help my friends and family set their blogs up correctly and optimize them for Google.

I was terrified of putting the money down for Scale Your Travel Blog. I’m a former teacher married to a teacher, so our income was very limited. I can honestly say that joining SYTB was the best decision I have ever made for our family’s finances.  It’s opened so many doors for me, and I am now able to work as a contractor and make 3x what I did as a teacher from my laptop while traveling!

Rachel Grenis – Caribbean Uncovered

“I was horrified to purchase a course. But, after following Laura for over a year and learning so much from her without paying a dime, I finally decided that if she was offering so much value for free, she could offer me so so much more. And she did.

Now, I literally kick myself thinking about where I could have been if I HAD started a year prior! SYTB gave me (and continues to give me) the knowledge I needed to get my business up and running and the confidence to succeed. SYTB provides more value than its worth and continues to exceed my expectations. 

My blogging skills have increased 10x. I didn’t even know how much there was to know! Each time I hop on a group call from Laura or listen to a live in the FB group, I learn a little bit more to put into action. I have put consistent effort into my blog for four full months, seen my traffic go from 0 to 3,500 sessions/month, and watched it increase every day.

Heather Kasvinsky – This Noshtalgic Life

I was definitely apprehensive about paying for Scale Your Travel Blog when I did not earn an income yet from my blog. I didn’t have the extra cash, so I took a leap of faith and put the course on my credit card. I decided I needed to invest in coaching.

Prior to deciding to pay for the course, I wasn’t clear on how much I actually needed the coaching I was going to receive from Laura. I am extremely happy I invested! I am not sure I would have stuck with blogging if it weren’t for SYTB and Laura’s support.

Now, more than half of my blog posts are ranking on the first page of google, and 1/4 of them are ranking in the top three results! I have companies approaching me to become an affiliate for them rather than me reaching out to them to become an affiliate. WOW! I can also confidently call myself an SEO expert now! I can write posts that rank on the first page of Google and rank higher than other high-authority websites. 

Writing, ideas, and confidence flow from my mind and my fingertips now. What is incredibly rewarding is seeing everything I learned in SYTB paying off due to my following (closely) the advice from Laura. If people follow the lessons and instructions laid out in the course, they will eventually succeed and see amazing results!

All I want to do is work on my blog. It is the most rewarding creative venture I have worked on since receiving my MFA in 2005. However, this one actually makes me money instead of putting me into debt! I see it as making a positive impact in all areas of my life. Traffic to my site has started to double, monthly, due to my hard work.

Kassidy Olson – Kassidy’s Journey

“Before joining Scale Your Travel Blog, I honestly felt like I was doing a fantastic job [with my blog] because I had no idea what I was doing. I was writing about anything and everything that I wanted to, and I just thought that it was going to work. I didn’t realize that there were actual skills required to turn a blog into a full-time business.

It was after setting up Google Analytics and seeing that I had about 1 session per month that I realized I was doing everything wrong. I became frustrated and stopped blogging for a few months until I found SYTB.

After joining SYTB, I’ve seen results that I never thought were possible back when I first set up Google Analytics. I went from 0 sessions per month to nearly 10,000. I’ve started earning money from affiliates, and have had three partnerships with companies that align with my brand.

And the growth keeps on coming! I’ve seen lots of growth in many areas, including my knowledge of what blogging actually is. I had no idea what SEO is, and now I’m out explaining it to others. I’ve also been able to grow my mindset, which has been incredibly important.

I was really nervous about spending money on something that wasn’t earning me money, as I think that most people are. But something that I had to consider was that if I wanted this to be my business, I had to invest in it. I thought about it this way: if someone was opening up a brick & mortar shop, they couldn’t open it for free. It would cost them money to rent the space, buy supplies, hire employees, etc. So, if blogging is going to be business, I have to invest as well. 

After spending the money, I can say that SYTB has exceeded my expectations. Laura and her team are always adding to the program, providing expert advice, and giving more than I believe any other coach would. They truly care and want their students to be successful, which is what makes SYTB so special.

Erie Snobolen – Everywhere Ontario

For me, SYTB was THE reason I began blogging! It all started when I came across Mike & Laura Travel Blog while teaching for VIPKid in 2020. I loved Laura’s content and signed up for her email list. This was at the time that she began branching into travel blogging training, and out of the blue, I decided I wanted to start travel blogging. I had always dreamed of traveling the world as a digital nomad, but never believed it would be possible.

The funny thing is that the only reason I began teaching with VIPKid, and therefore the only reason I came across Laura, was because I was in a place of desperate need to support my family financially through a very tough season. It’s amazing that such a promising future in blogging and the most exciting move in my career yet – came out of a place of desperation and deep struggle. And now I am closer than ever to my dream of traveling the world as a digital nomad travel blogger!

I did not have a blog before signing up for SYTB, but I can say that I started out very clueless, timid, and embarrassed to post something online as a newbie blogger. But now every day that passes I am more and more confident in my skills, and have recently started writing, editing, and supporting other travel bloggers in SYTB. It’s a complete 180 degree change!

SYTB has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and make a career move I never would have made on my own. It has also allowed me to take an extended leave of absence from my full-time job… and get to the point where I am inches away from quitting entirely and relying solely on income as a blogger and freelance SEO Specialist, Editor, and Virtual Assistant.

Sarah Simon – Mukikapup’s Travels

“Before SYTB, I was wishing I knew how to make the blog work, but I was discouraged, so I rarely worked on it. I was getting frustrated because I knew that if I wanted it to become something I needed to be working on it, but I didn’t know the right steps to take and was sick of feeling like I was wasting time doing work based on guessing! Also trying to do everything from Pinterest, to social media to SEO and more was too overwhelming and there was no way I could do it all.

I honestly didn’t know how to figure out what to write about that would be worth my time and that I would enjoy.

I had watched a few course webinars at the time, and knew I wanted to do something. SYTB’s stood out from the beginning because I could tell it was actually live, plus Laura seemed so knowledgeable and helpful. I did a call with Laura to ask a few questions and decided to join.

I only had actual reservations after joining because I freaked out about having to change my theme on WordPress, which I think is pretty common for people who’ve been using WP for a long time. I did a call with Laura and realized it would be worth it, and it has been 1,000%. It’s definitely worth following what Laura says in the course because it all works. SYTB has greatly exceeded my expectations.

[Before Scale Your Travel Blog] I kept thinking that I wished I had more hand-holding, so to speak, to guide me through exactly what to do in actionable steps, or I thought maybe I just needed more mentoring. SYTB is exactly the answer I was hoping for. Not only does it have clear, easy-to-follow actionable steps that aren’t overwhelming, but also Laura and the community are so helpful and genuinely caring. It’s like before I was trying to see through extreme fog, and now the weather is sunny and clear with no clouds.”



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