Santorini To Milos Ferry: An Affordable & Easy Transportation Option

Looking for the best way to get from Santorini to Milos?

Mike and I spent a month on Milos and made our way over to Santorini. We’ll show you how we made the trip so you can do the same thing without complications.

When you think of Greece, your mind’s eye probably draws you straight to Santorini, conjuring up images of whitewashed houses with blue roofs, bright turquoise water, and long sandy beaches.

Crazier still, Santorini has an equally charming sister island called Milos. Also part of the Cyclades, Milos is our favorite island in the Aegean Sea. It’s definitely worth the visit. So in this post, we’re going to tell you exactly how to get to Milos from Santorini by ferry.

How To Buy Your Santorini To Milos Ferry Tickets

You can book your ferries directly through the Ferry Hopper website or app. You’ll be able to compare ferry operators, routes and fairs all in one place. And you can book cheap tickets online with no hidden fees. Plus you’ll receive updated timetable information and free customer support.

Pebbles along the beach in Milos.

Ferry or Flight? Which Transporation Option Is Best?

✔️ There are no direct flights between Santorini and Milos

Taking the ferry to Milos from Santorini (or vice versa) is a direct transport. While both islands have their own airports, you won’t be able to get a direct flight from Santorini to Milos (unless you have a private plane), which means you’ll need to have a layover in Athens.

Zante Ferries leaving Santorini to go to Milos in Greece.

✔️ Ferries run regularly and are affordable

But ferries run regularly between Santorini and Milos and prices are usually pretty affordable. The best ferry booking site is Ferry Hopper, we used this to book all our ferries when island hopping in the Cyclades.

How Much Does The Ferry Cost?

Ferry prices can vary quite significantly depending on which type of vessel you travel on. You can choose between the high-speed ferry or the regular ferry. High-speed ferries are operated by SeaJet and tickets start at €93.70 for a one-way trip. The slower ferries are operated by Zante Ferries and only cost €16.

When we went from Milos to Santorini and back, we used Zante Ferries and we had a great experience.

How Long Is The Santorini To Milos Ferry?

The length of your journey across the Aegen Sea will again depend on the type of vessel you book.

The high-speed ferry will get you from Santorini to Milos in as little as two hours, while the slower ferries can take between 4 hours and 5 hours and 20 minutes.

These longer journey times can occur for two reasons: the ferry is a slower type of ship or there are multiple stops along the route.

Are There Seat Assignments On The Ferry?

When you proceed to book your desired ferry you will not be able to select the exact seat you want, but you will have the option to book either an economy or business seat. The business seat usually costs an extra €10. It includes a little more legroom and comfier seating.

However, unlike on plane journeys, you don’t have to stay in your seat once you’re on the ferry. So regardless of which seat you’re automatically assigned, you can get up, move around, and explore the ship. Most ferries have a small cafe on board and allow you to go out on the viewing deck.

When we took the ferry from Milos to Santorini and back, there were so few people on the ship that we were able to choose our own seats. There were so many different rooms and seat options to choose from.

Ferries From Santorini To Milos

There are 3 main ferry operators that sail between Santorini and Milos:

  • SeaJet – approximately 2-hour journey
  • Aegean Pelagos – approximately 4-hour journey
  • Zante Ferries – 5 hours 20 minutes journey

SeaJet is the fastest and most expensive ferry while Aegean Pelagos and Zante Ferries are about the same price, even though Zante Ferries takes an additional 1 hour and 20 minutes more (take this into consideration!).

Note: Ferry schedules can vary during peak and off-peak seasons. During the winter months, there aren’t direct ferries every day of the week. However, during the summer tourist season, there are multiple ferries sailing each day.

We took our journey in February though and it was still quite easy to find a ferry to accommodate during winter months.

Which Ferry Should I Take?

Your choice of ferry really depends on your time and budget. If you want to get from Santorini to Milos as fast as possible, then you should take the SeaJet ferry at €93.70 with the short travel time of two hours.

If you want to save money and don’t mind spending more time out at sea, you can take either of the slower ferries at €16-17. But, out of the slower options, we would recommend Aegean Pelagos Ferries.

The town of Oia on Santorini, Greece.

For the same price as Zante Ferries, you’ll get to your destination over 1 hour faster.

But flexibility is key. If you’ve experienced flight delays or other disruptions and you need to get to Milos on a specific day, you will have to jump on whichever ferry is available at the time.

How Do You Get To The Santorini Ferry?

From Oia or Fira, you can find a driver to take you between town and the ferry pier. The easiest way is to do it ahead of time.

📣 Book your taxi (the best in town) from your Santorini accommodation to the ferry by clicking here!

You can also rent a car, which is what we did. We talked to our Airbnb host and he helped us find a rental car.

The pier in Santorini where you can catch the ferry to Milos.

The drive from any town on Santorini to the ferry is pretty straightforward.

Note: Look up directions from your accommodation to the pier ahead of time and save them on your phone. This is just in case you don’t get strong (or any) cell phone service on the island.

Where is the ferry located on Santorini?

To get from Oia to the ferry in Santorini, you can click here for the Google Map.

If you are driving from Fira (Thira) to the ferry in Santorini, click here for the Google Map.

Staying in Fira (Thira) means you are a lot closer to the pier where you would catch the ferry to Milos and other islands. You’ll likely save money by staying in Fira as opposed to Oia, too.

The town of Fira on the island of Santorini.

Personally, we thought these two towns were so similar and you could easily get exactly what you want out of your Santorini experience by staying in either location.

Where Is The Milos Ferry Terminal?

The ferry terminal on Milos is located in the port town of Adamas, situated on the north shore of the island. Just 3 miles (5 kilometers) away from Plaka, the capital of Milos, Adamas is also home to the island’s main bus station.

If you are looking to explore Milos, we recommend renting a car. It’s affordable and the roads are easy to navigate. We also felt that the driving wasn’t too crazy on this island. Mike felt very comfortable.

Additionally, you could take a taxi while visiting Milos from Santorini, but we don’t think it’s as reasonable as renting a car.

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Can You Take A Day Trip To Milos From Santorini?

I’ve been asked many times, “is it possible to take a day trip to Milos from Santorini?” And my response is always, “why would you spend only one day in Milos?!”

Kleftiko Beach on the island of Milos.
Taking a day trip from Santorini to Milos.

Milos is truly an amazing island and I strongly suggest spending more time on Milos rather than Santorini. Not only will you see fewer people and spend less money, but you’ll still experience the traditional Cycladic towns that you would on Santorini.

With that said, if your plans are set in stone, you most certainly could take the fast two-hour ferry and do a day trip to Milos, returning to Santorini later that same day.

One-Day Milos Itinerary

We spent a month finding every hidden gem on the island of Milos. Because of that, we’re confident this is the itinerary you should follow:

➡️ Stop #1: Kleftiko Beach

Kleftiko Beach was our favorite (non) beach on the island of Milos. It is secluded and otherworldly.

Micheal on Kleftiko Beach in Milos.

Mike and I hiked to Kleftiko Beach twice while we were on Milos and while we recommend hiking to this cove, you should consider taking a boat over to this location instead. You’ll have the opportunity to snorkel and gawk at the other coves around the island.

>> Keep things hassle-free by booking this half-day Kleftiko boat and snorkeling tour here!

➡️ Stop #2: Eat At Sirocco Restaurant

On your way back to Adamas, be sure to stop at Sirocco Restaurant, one of the island’s best seafood eateries. The view from this restaurant is to die for!

Micheal eating at Sicorro Restaurant in Milos.
Food from Sicorro, the best restaurant to visit during your trip from Santorini to Milos.

➡️ Stop #3: Sarakiniko Beach

Walk on the moon at Sarakiniko Beach. The moon-like feel of this “beach” will make you feel like you’re on another planet.

Laura sitting on Sarakiniko Beach on Milos.

In the summertime, this beach becomes crowded, so we recommend getting there in later afternoon so that you avoid most of the crowds.

➡️ BONUS Stop #4: Watch The Sunset From Plaka Castle

Our favorite activity while staying on Milos was watching the sunset over the ocean. The absolute best vantage point on the island is from the top of Plaka Castle. When we did this, there were no other people around. If you go in summertime, you may encounter a few more travelers.

The sunset on Milos island.

The Wrap-Up

Traveling by ferry is one of the main ways of transport in Greece thanks to all the beautiful islands waiting to be explored.

We hope you’ve found our advice in this post helpful. We hope you feel more comfortable about booking your ferry from Santorini to Milos so you can explore an island that gets half as many tourists, but boasts even more beauty!

Ferries are a great way to go island hopping and explore all that the enchanting Cyclades have to offer.