Saksun, Faroe Islands: Read This Ultimate Guide First!

Looking to visit the magical village of Saksun, Faroe Islands?

A trip to the Faroe Islands would be incomplete without visiting the picturesque town of Saksun.

Saksun is located on the northern edge of Streymoy, the largest island in the Faroe Islands. In this tiny village, you’ll find incredible views of the Pollurin Lagoon (and the beautiful Saksun lagoon walk), grass-roofed houses, and majestic waterfalls cascading down the surrounding cliffs.

Saksun Faroe Islands

Visiting Saksun is a perfect day trip from Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. Add this destination to your itinerary and use the guide below to get the most out of your visit.

Important: Know Before You Go

✔️ The majority of the land in Saksun is privately owned. The owner of this land takes his private property seriously (as would I) and does not tolerate trespassers.

Saksun Faroe Islands

Other travel bloggers have mentioned that they’ve gotten into trouble with the landowner because they “accidentally” trespassed.

Take it from me.. it is VERY obvious where the public land ends and the private property starts. There are signs everywhere, so follow them and you’ll be A-OK.

How To Get To Saksun, Faroe Islands

There are two obvious ways to reach Saksun: by car or by tour.

Although there are public buses that circulate Vágar and Streymoy, they do not stop in the small village of Saksun.

From Vágar International Airport, the drive to Saksun is approximately one hour.

Note: You’ll use tunnels to reach different islands of this archipelago. Each tunnel charges a toll of 100 DKK or $15 USD. Many rental car companies offer deals for these tolls or you can pay your fees at a local gas station.

If you can, I recommend visiting all of the attractions on Vágar in one day and then visiting all of the attractions on Streymoy on another day. That way you can keep your toll road costs down and you won’t be hopping back and forth between islands.

From the capital, Tórshavn, expect a 45-minute drive across the island to reach Saksun.

Car Rental In The Faroe Islands

The easiest way to get anywhere on the Faroe Islands is to rent a car; this is especially true if you’re planning to visit Saksun.

Rental cars on the Faroe Islands are pretty pricey, but since most of the attractions on this archipelago are spread out, having a car makes the most sense.

Visiting Saksun

And although rental cars are expensive, you’ll actually save money because guided tours on the Faroe Islands are even more expensive.

Note: Do NOT rent your vehicle from Avis. In an attempt to save money, we rented through Avis but ended up with a massive bill (sadly unwarranted) and a huge headache in the end.

We’ve heard great things about JUST DRIVE and 62º N Car Rental; rent from one of these companies instead.

Guided Tour Of Saksun

If you’re truly opposed to renting a car in the Faroe Islands, you can visit Saksun by guided tour.

These tours are not cheap, but they are worthwhile because you’ll be guided by locals and shown the best spots on the Faroe Islands.

I’d check local places in Torshavn for the best guided tours.

Hiking In Saksun, Faroe Islands

There are two main hiking trails in Saksun. Both hikes offer amazing views of the Pollurin Lagoon and the surrounding grass-covered mountains.

1. Saksun To Tjornuvík​ – Approximately 7km

This is an epic hike that starts in Saksun; it brings you up and over the mountain pass to the northernmost village (Tjornuvík) on Streymoy.

Discover Northern Streymoy

Keep in mind, this hike is not for the faint of heart, but the views of the lagoon and small town of Saksun are worth every step up the steep and slippery slope.

If you plan to embark on this hike, I recommend wearing proper hiking shoes and a raincoat.

2. Ut á Lónna (Saksun Lagoon Walk) – Approximately 5km

This hike is much more straightforward and flat compared to the Saksun to Tjornuvík hike. Enjoy an easy hike that leads you along the banks of the lagoon during low tide.

ut a lonna Hike - Saksun Faroe Islands Hiking

Be sure to check the times for high tide; unfortunately, this hike cannot be completed during high tide and you’ll be disappointed if you arrive to find a flooded lagoon.

Recently, a gate has been installed that requires each hiker to pay approximately 75 DKK (approximately $11 USD) to enter and stroll along the lagoon.

For more hiking on the Faroe Islands, check out our post Sørvágsvatn: The Incredible Optical Illusion Hike.

Where To Stay In Saksun

As mentioned before, Saksun is a VERY small village. So small, in fact, that you’ll only find 15 residents and no services in this area.

Saksun Faroe Islands

Although there aren’t many places to stay in this hillside village, we wanted to include the ones that are available for rent. Each of these options offer stunning views of the North Atlantic inlet and surrounding mountains.

Here are two options we recommend in Saksun:

Cottage In Saksun

House With Panoramic View of Saksun

If you aren’t interested in any of these stays, I recommend checking out the capital city of the Faroe Islands, Torshavn, since it is only 45 minutes away from Saksun. The capital, is a small city of 13,000 residents with plenty of things to see and do.

More Things To Do On Streymoy Island

The Faroe Islands is made up of 18 large islands and many small islands. Streymoy is the largest island in this archipelago, which is where you can find the village of Saksun.

To add to your itinerary, here are a few more adventures on Streymoy Island:


Find this Streymoy Island attraction in the capital city, Tórshavn. This small area is known for its photogenic bright-red government buildings and perfect view of the North Atlantic.


Take a stroll down to the harbor to enjoy this beautiful part of Streymoy Island. Don’t forget your camera!


Vestmanna is a small Faroe Islands village located southwest of Saksun.

Hop in a boat at the harbor in Vestmanna to explore the narrows of this seaside village. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some adorable puffins along this coast.


This multi-level waterfall is one of the best things to see near Saksun. Hop in your rental car and scale the coastal road toward Tjornuvík to find this incredible sight.

As the highest waterfall on Streymoy, you’ll definitely want to pack your camera for this adventure.

The Wrap-Up: Saksun, Faroe Islands

Are the Faroe Islands on your bucket list? If so, be sure to add this scenic micro-village to your itinerary.

Saksun is one of the most beautiful places in all of the Faroe Islands, nestled in amongst the grassy mountains. Spend a day wandering through the village (respectfully) or hiking over the mountain pass.

Whatever you choose to do in this town, you won’t regret visiting.

And if beautiful towns are your vibe, there are plenty of great day trips from Copenhagen you can take on the mainland.

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