Treehouse In US; One of the most unique places to stay in the US.

15 Most Unique Places To Stay In The US


It’s probably no surprise that as travel bloggers, one of our favorite pastimes is staying in unique locations all over the world. But the truth is, you don’t need to travel far and wide to find unique accommodations. You can find plenty of unique places to stay right here in the United States.

To make the search easier for you, we’ve created a list of the 15 most unique stays in the US. Enjoy!

Unique Places To Stay In The Midwest (USA)

The Midwest tends to be an off-the-beaten-path vacation destination for most, but it’s a hidden gem that deserves your attention. Here are the most unique places to stay in the Midwest:

1. Yak Ridge – Rapid City, South Dakota

Topping the list is Yak Ridge, an adorable farmstead located just five miles from Mount Rushmore. This secluded resort boasts four private, self-sustaining cabins that can each accommodate 4 to 6 guests. We spent a couple of nights here to break up or journey from Jackson Hole.

And while we think you’ll love the log cabins at Yak Ridge, we think you’ll love the yaks more! One of the perks of staying at Yak Ridge is the opportunity to learn about yaks through a farm tour.

The host of Yak Ridge, Julie, was more than happy to take us around to meet, pet, and feed the yaks. She spent at least a half an hour answering all of my many yak questions. To say we were pleased with our overnight stay is an understatement.

Yaks At Yak Ridge In Rapid City, South Dakota.

The cherry on top of our stay at Yak Ridge was its close proximity to all of the fun adventures in western South Dakota.

We spent several days hiking in Black Hills National Forest, gawking at Mount Rushmore, and driving through scenic Badlands National Park. When staying at Yak Ridge, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Book your stay at Yak Ridge here!

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2. Dunlap Hollow A-Frame – Rockbridge, Ohio

Most Unique Places To Stay In The US 2022

Picture an immaculate A-frame house nestled in the woods away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. That’s what you’ll find in Rockbridge, Ohio, a small town approximately 40 minutes from Columbus.

Rent this expansive 3-bedroom (+ loft) home for your next family holiday. It’s equipped with a hot tub, a fire pit, bunk beds for the kids, and massive picture windows with an impressive overlook.

Nearby you’ll find plenty of hiking trails, caves, waterfalls, and slot canyons within walking distance to keep you busy during your stay.

A Frame House In Ohio Is One of The Most Unique Places To Stay In the US.

You can book your stay at the Dunlap Hollow A-Frame by clicking here!

3. Historic Mansion – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Have you ever dreamt of living in a castle?

Okay, okay, maybe this is just a fantasy for Disney-obsessed children, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’d love to spend a night in a historic mansion. And if you’re with me, now’s your chance!

A Minnesota Mansion Is One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In The US.
A 17th Century Style Library In A Mansion.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this 3-bedroom estate was constructed in 1903 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s deal for special events and get-togethers in the grand common area. From its curved staircase to the carriage house, to the 17th century library and sitting area, you will be dazzled by all of the unique touches.

You can book your stay at this Historic Mansion by clicking here!

4. Home On A Private Island – Presque Isle, Wisconsin

What would be cooler or more unique than staying on your own private island? While most people would think you need to have money like Richard Branson to do this, we’ll let you in on a little secret… You can rent your own private island right here in the US!

Island In The Middle of Wisconsin.

Presque Isle, Wisconsin is where you’ll find the most quaint private island home and it’s available for rent.

This home can accommodate up to 16 people, so your entire family can join for this adventure and have their own guest room with queen-size bed. And although it doesn’t come with a swimming pool, you can enjoy the lake during the summer months.

Book your stay at this Airbnb by clicking here.

5. Jasper Hotel – Fargo, North Dakota

You’ve likely seen those epic photos of travelers in luxury hotel rooms overlooking Manhattan right? And even though it would be neat to have that unique experience, you can have a similar experience in North Dakota without shelling out a bucketful of cash.
It might not be New York City, but it’s a close runner up!

The Jasper Hotel, located in Fargo, is one of the most unique places to stay in the US because you’ll get the feel of a downtown penthouse luxury suite for a lot less.

You can book your stay at the Jasper Hotel by clicking here.

Unique Places To Stay In The West (USA)

Moving right along, let’s cover some of the most unique places to stay in the west. From Colorado to California, there is a unique property for everyone on our list:

6. Luxury Grain Bin – Ronan, Montana

One of our favorite experiences while traveling was at a grain bin, believe it or not. We had a truly memorable stay at this unique property on our way to Glacier National Park.

Grain Bin In Ronan, Montana

Surprisingly, this unique place to stay is not only eye-catching, it’s also incredibly cozy. Just imagine waking up in the morning and looking out your window to see the pink sun rise over the snow-dusted mountains.

You can book your stay at this Airbnb by clicking here.

7. Buck Ridge Log Cabin – Kila, Montana

Looking for an escape to nature in a rustic cabin? You’ll find it at Buck Ridge Log Cabin, a modern home situated in the beautiful pine forests near the town of Kila, Montana.

Buck Ridge Log Cabin in Montana.

From here you can take advantage of hiking trails, fishing spots, and other outdoor activities that this beautiful state has to offer.

Enjoy stargazing under the summer moon on the spacious deck or cozying up by the indoor fireplace in the dead of winter. This cabin is the perfect place for couples and small families to unplug and bask in some peace and quiet.

Book your stay at the Buck Ridge Log Cabin here.

8. Crystal Peak Lookout – Fernwood, Idaho

One of the most unique places to stay in the US is Crystal Peak Lookout, located in the northern portion of the Bitterroot Range. This area is known for having some of the most amazing views in all of Idaho, and after catching a glimpse of this special place for yourself, you’ll never want to leave.

A Lookout Accommodation Option; One of the Most Unique Places To Stay In The US.
A Unique Place To Stay In The USA.

This one-bedroom can accommodate up to two guests and can be rented year-round; the wood-fired stove will keep you warm during the coldest winter months.

Or, if you need something even warmer, walk down the ladder to the lower level and relax in the wood-fired sauna just below the lookout.
So get out of your comfort zone and book a stay at this home on stilts. You’ll feel like you’re in a human nest!

Book your perfect tiny house stay on Airbnb here.

9. Las Cruces Home In Soledad Canyon – Las Cruces, New Mexico

This Las Cruces Home in Soledad Canyon has been described as the “perfect New Mexico escape” and we couldn’t agree more.

Soledad Canyon Unique Place To Stay.

Rent out this four-bedroom adobe home to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Even though Las Cruces is only 10 minutes away with plenty of popular spots, you’ll be fully surrounded by nature.

All modern amenities are at your fingertips so that you can spend your time on the golf course nearby, watching the sunset, sipping wine with friends, or taking an evening hike through this desert oasis.

Book your stay at this unique desert accommodation by clicking here.

10. Molas Lake Campground – Silverton, Colorado

Most of the options on this list are homes that have unique features like lookouts, castles, or cave homes. But, we couldn’t create a list of the most unique places to stay in the US without including an insanely gorgeous campground.

Molas Lake Campground In Silverton, Colorado.

Molas Lake Campground is nestled in the San Juan Mountain Range near Silverton, Colorado. Here you can wake up every day and enjoy stunning views of the mountains as well as fishing, hiking, and kayaking.

Who needs an outdoor pool when you have a pristine alpine lake at your doorstep? But if the lake’s a little chilly for ya, you can soak in the nearby Dunton Hot Srpings.

You can book your stay at Molas Lake Campground here.

11. The Farm House Container – Orderville, Utah

The Farm House Container is a simple yet stylish home located in Orderville, Utah. If you’re looking for a minimalistic home base while exploring tourist attractions like Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park, this is the perfect option for you. The Grand Canyon is also just a 4-hour drive away, so this really is the perfect location.

Container Home In Orderville, Utah Is One Of The Most Unique Places To Stay In The US.
Inside of the Container Home.

The Farm House Container offers one bedroom, a small kitchen, and a couch – perfect for couples or small families. But, if you need more space than this container home offers, take the massive patio outside and enjoy the stunning views of East Zion.

If you’re excited to stay in this Orderville home, click here!

12. Joshua Tree Antique Barn – Morongo Valley, California

The Joshua Tree Antique Barn is a great place to stay in Morongo Valley, California. This barn has been converted into a beautiful and rustic home that can accommodate two guests. From the 5-acre historic property, you have amazing views of the surrounding desert. All that’s missing is a covered wagon, and bam! – You’re transported to the Wild West.

Joshua Tree Antique Barn
Joshua Tree National Park Home

This is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a quiet and serene getaway. Spend your days hiking in the national park, or exploring the small towns nearby and catching some live music before returning to the antique barn.

Book this home on Airbnb here!

13. Private Hot Springs Yurt – La Grande, Oregon

Looking for a one-of-a-kind glamping experience?

Look no further than this private hot springs yurt in La Grande, Oregon. This yurt, or ultra luxury tent, is tucked away in the forest near a rushing river and features a private hot springs tub.

From this yurt, you can also enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, and so much more just a short walk away. You can find more amazing adventures in Oregon here.

From the yurt, you’ll have amazing views of the surrounding forest and mountains. Spend your days hiking on the nearby trails before returning to the yurt for some relaxation in the hot tub.

Book your stay at this unique property by clicking here.

14. Tahoe Stonehenge – South Lake Tahoe, California

The Tahoe Stonehenge is a unique home located in South Lake Tahoe, California. This home is made up of several granite boulders that have been carved and shaped to look like a cave, or hobbit house.

From the outside, this home looks like something out of a fairytale with its expansive deck complete with a hot tub. But, the inside is just as impressive with a large living area, kitchen, and five bedrooms. This home can accommodate up to 12 guests and has all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

Cave Home Near Lake Tahoe California.
Unique Cave Home In South Lake Tahoe, California.

The best part about this home? The incredible views of the surrounding mountains and forest. Your entire family will love their time at this magical home. And it’s only a 5-hour drive from San Francisco!

California Unique Home.

Book your stay at this cave home by clicking here.

Unique Places To Stay In The South (USA)

There are all sorts of cool places to stay in the south, each with its own charm and appeal. Here are just a few of our favorites:

15. Mountaintop Luxury Geodesic Dome – Whitwell, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in the south, look no further than this mountaintop luxury geodesic dome house. This home is located in Whitwell, Tennessee just a short drive north of Chattanooga.

The best part about this home? You be the judge! From the private hot tub to the spectacular ceiling windows to the unique hanging chairs on the deck, there’s just too many amazing features to pick between them.

Take a break from your busy life and enjoy some peace and quiet in this one-of-a-kind mountaintop dome home with river views.

Dome House In Tennessee Among Most Unique Places To Stay In US

You can rent this Airbnb by clicking here!

Are There Affordable Unique Places To Stay In The US?

There are plenty of affordable and unique places to stay in the US whether you pitch a tent at an amazing campground or you stay in a boutique historic hotel full of odd stories. A few of our favorite tools for booking unique places to stay are:

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The Wrap-Up: Most Unique Places To Stay In The US

From the mountains of Tennessee to the deserts of California, there are plenty of unusual accommodations for you to stay in the US. Experience a mountaintop luxury geodesic dome or an antique barn converted into a cozy cave-like home, or a cool hotel with a story to tell; whichever option you choose, you’re going to have a blast exploring.