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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Lucky Bay, Australia

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We’ve been to hundreds of beautiful beaches around the world, but none have compared to the elegance of Lucky Bay in Western Australia.

What Is Unique About Lucky Bay, Australia?

Cape Le Grand National Park, located along the southern coast of Western Australia, is full of incredible white sand beaches and coastlines.

But, Lucky Bay is by far the star of the show.

Here you’ll find the most brilliant turquoise waters, clean beaches, and even some friendly wild kangaroos.

Laura hanging out with the wild kangaroos in Lucky Bay, Australia

Although Lucky Bay is a popular destination for tourists in the area, it is far less trafficked than the beaches on the east coast of Australia, meaning you can enjoy the coastline without getting lost in the crowds.

All things considered, this is one of the most magical beaches in the world.

If you’re planning a trip to Western Australia, put Lucky Bay at the top of your itinerary.

13 Best Things To Do Near Lucky Bay, Australia

There are so many adventurous things to do in the Cape Le Grand National Park area.

Here are the top 13 things to do near Lucky Bay:

1. Hang With The Kangaroos

Of course, you’re going to want to soak up as much kangaroo love as you possibly can.

Although they are wild, these kangaroos are used to human interaction.

Lucky Bay, Australia Kangaroos

This is the perfect opportunity to capture a neat photo with a kangaroo; added bonus if you can get the turquoise waters of Lucky Bay in the background!

Best Time To See The Kangaroos

The kangaroos that roam around Lucky Bay seem to be active all day long, however, you might have to share them with others if you choose to go during the day.

Playing with the wild kangaroos in Lucky Bay, Australia

I recommend going to Lucky Bay in the early morning hours or just before sunset to avoid the crowds. This will also help you spot the kangaroos much faster.

2. Snorkeling

Another popular activity in Cape Le Grand National Park is snorkeling.

With crystal clear blue water, you’ll be able to see for miles under the surface.

The turquoise coastline in Cape Le Grand National Park

Snorkeling is possible all along the coast, so don’t skip out on snorkeling in other bays, too. Twilight Bay is well-known for excellent snorkeling and it’s close to the town of Esperance, so it’s really convenient.

3. Fishing

Western Australia is the perfect place to get some fishing in during your holiday.

The bay is filled with fish from herring to sand whiting to mulloway, so it won’t be hard to start reeling some in. There are private guides that can take you out for the bigger fish or you can cast in right from the beach.

4. Swimming

Although Australia possesses some of the most incredible landmarks and beaches in the world, nothing compares to the beaches of Lucky Bay. You won’t want to miss swimming in the idyllic waters here.

Drone picture of Laura swimming in the turquoise waters of Lucky Bay

We ventured to Lucky Bay during a colder month and we still couldn’t resist hopping in for a swim.

The bay is safe to swim in; the currents are not strong and the water is calm. There are rarely any dangerous sharks that loom in the shallows of the bay, but just like any beach, keep an eye out.

5. Boating

Charter a boat and explore the surrounding seas near Cape Le Grand National Park. While boating around the bays, you’ll get the most scenic views of the coastlines.

6. Rossiter Bay

Rossiter Bay flies under the radar in comparison to Lucky Bay. Located just minutes from Lucky Bay, this pristine beach deserves a visit, too.

Mike walking down the coastline of Rossiter Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park

Mike and I left Lucky Bay around mid-afternoon to explore more of Cape Le Grand National Park. After driving for a few minutes, we saw signs for Rossiter Bay, so we decided to give it a chance.

We were the only people on this white sand beach that stretched for miles and miles.

With blue waters comparable to Lucky Bay, we were blown away that we were the only people in sight.

If you’re going to explore Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay should be on your radar as well.

7. Hellfire Bay

Another day, another bay!

Foggy morning at Hellfire Bay in Western Australia

Hellfire Bay is a popular bay located just 10 minutes from Lucky Bay. Spend the afternoon basking in the hot Australian sun or swimming in the dreamy water of the Indian Ocean.

8. Twilight Bay

My favorite of all the bays near Cape Le Grand National Park is Twilight Bay, located just minutes from the small town of Esperance.

Laura observing the sunset at Twilight Bay in Western Australia

In order to reach Lucky Bay, you’ll likely have to pass through the town of Esperance and if you’re not camping, you’ll probably find your accommodation options in this town, too.

Spend an evening strolling the beach as the sunsets over the ocean.

The entryway to Twilight Bay just minutes from Esperance

You can even walk up to the viewpoint just above the bay to get a full view of the never-ending coastline.

9. Surf

Surfing is a popular activity in this part of Western Australia.

With so many different beaches and bays in the area, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect spot to catch some waves.

10. Frenchman Peak Trail

Spend some of your Western Australian holiday hiking up to Frenchman Peak.

This trail is just 1.5 miles in total, so it’s achievable by people of all fitness types. But, be prepared for a little incline on your way up.

A sign directing hikers to the summit of Frenchman Peak near Lucky Bay, Australia

The trail is easy to follow as there are signs and markers leading the way.

At the top, you’ll get the greatest view of the coastline below through a unique cave.

The mountain cave on Frenchman Peak overlooking Cape Le Grand National Park and the coastline

We recommend bringing sturdy shoes in addition to your beach sandals. This will help you climb the rock face much more efficiently.

11. Thistle Cove

Another magical location near Lucky Bay is Thistle Cove.

This is an excellent place to spend an afternoon or evening; be sure to pack some snacks, sunscreen, and water and enjoy the beauty of this bay.

The coastline of Thistle Cove; one of the may bays in Western Australia with white sand beaches and turquoise water

Note: Along the beach in Thistle Cove is a special rock called Whistling Rock. Stand near this rock when the wind blows and you’ll hear it make a funny whistling sound. A neat addition to your afternoon.

12. Lucky Bay Brewing

After all that adventuring, you might be craving a cold one. Look no further than Lucky Bay Brewing.

This iconic brewery is located in the town of Esperance and they offer a wide variety of beers from IPAs to lagers to porters.

Note: If you plan to add Lucky Bay Brewing to your itinerary, be sure to check the hours of operation. We were unlucky and missed out on our chance to go here because they are closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

13. Great Ocean Trail

With plenty of hiking trails in the area, you’ll have no trouble getting out and enjoying nature.

A sign designating the start of the Great Ocean Trail near Esperance, Western Australia

Explore the Great Ocean Trail located near Twilight Bay to get a bird’s eye view of miles and miles of coastline.

Depending on how far you decide to hike, this trail is great for people of all fitness levels, including children.

2 Things You Should Not Do In Lucky Bay, Australia

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your time at Lucky Bay in Western Australia, so before you go, there are a few things you should know NOT to do:

Don’t Feed The Kangaroos In Lucky Bay

Please do not feed the kangaroos.

There are signs all over the beach urging people to refrain from feeding the kangaroos.

The wild kangaroos that roam Lucky Bay in Western Australia can get a little friendly

Feeding the kangaroos is dangerous, not only for the kangaroo, but for the tourists as well. If kangaroos expect food from humans and they aren’t given what they want, they could become violent.

So please, do your part and follow the rules of the national park.

Can You Touch The Kangaroos?

Keep in mind, these kangaroos are wild animals. With that being said, they are pretty comfortable around humans and didn’t seem to mind a little bit of human interaction.

Mike and I pet a few of them. Others had babies that were feeding, so we kept our distance.

Playing with the baby kangaroos on Lucky Bay beach

Use your best judgement and be as respectful as possible of these creatures. That way, people can continue to enjoy these encounters for years to come.

Did you know? Kangaroos are so soft! They feel like baby bunnies.

Don’t Bring Your Dog To Lucky Bay

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed within Lucky Bay or anywhere in Cape Le Grand National Park for many different reasons.

Please keep your dogs at home.

However, Lucky Bay Brewing in Esperance is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend there!

Can You Drive Onto The Beach In Lucky Bay?

Many people had their cars parked on the beach in Lucky Bay, so it is legal.

The only thing you should note before venturing into the sand with your car is that you’ll need 4WD to do this. If you’ve never driven on a beach before, you might not want to try it here.

Drone photo of the entire Lucky Bay coastline in Western Australia

Driving onto the beach in Lucky Bay can be pretty tricky and you don’t want to get stuck. So, proceed with caution.

How To Get To Lucky Bay, Australia

There are several different ways to get to Lucky Bay in Western Australia.

Perth To Esperance Road Trip

The most common way that people visit Lucky Bay is via road trip.

In order to reach Lucky Bay, you’ll likely start from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Rent a car and make the 8-hour drive across the country.

Note: You’ll be driving through the outback of Australia by taking this route. There’s not much to see and not a lot of services along the way, so come prepared.


Perth To Esperance Road Trip: The Scenic Route

Although you’ll be adding a few days to your road trip, the best way to reach Lucky Bay is by taking a Perth to Esperance road trip along the coast.

We call this the scenic route.

Petting the stingrays at Hamelin Bay during our Western Australia road trip

Instead of cutting straight across the country, you’ll follow the road along the shore. There are so many different sights to see along this route, so we highly recommend this option.

Fly To Esperance

The easiest and fastest way to reach Lucky Bay is by flying from Perth to Esperance, Western Australia.

There are direct flights into Esperance each day from Perth operated by several different airlines. If you can’t wait to get to Lucky Bay, this will be the best option for you.

Accommodation Options Near Lucky Bay

As we planned our Western Australia road trip, we found it difficult to find many accommodation options near Lucky Bay.

But, after a lot of research, we found these solutions:

Lucky Bay Campground

Planning on camping during your Western Australian holiday? Check out Lucky Bay Campground, located on the west side of the bay.

The campground is in the perfect location to enjoy the stunning views of Lucky Bay. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised that the campground is clean and well-managed.

There are no hookups at this campground, but they do offer solar showers, drinking water, and toilets.

Note: If you need your coffee fix during your camping trip in Lucky Bay, there is a quaint coffee truck right on the beach.

Le Grand Beach Campground

If you can’t get reservations for Lucky Bay Campground, consider staying just around the corner at Le Grand Beach Campground. Wake up to the sound of waves crashing at this clean and functional campground.

And the best part?

It’s located just 11 minutes from Lucky Bay, so you won’t miss out on much.

Esperance Accommodations

During our Western Australian road trip, we weren’t fortunate enough to bring our camping gear. Therefore, we opted to stay in the town of Esperance and drive to Lucky Bay and Cape Le Grand National Park each day.

We stayed at an awesome Airbnb right in town. If you want to stay at the same Airbnb as we did, you can find the listing here: Zoe’s Guesthouse.

Note: If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, get $40 off your first stay by using our link.

There are several other accommodation options in the town of Esperance. We highly recommend checking out Esperance Chalet Village, which was our second option next to Airbnb.

These little cabins are quaint, clean, and newly designed. You can’t go wrong booking this place.

The Wrap-Up: Lucky Bay, Australia

Lucky Bay is the most idyllic beach in Western Australia and easily rivals any other beach in the country. It is one of our top reasons why Australia is worth visiting and we highly recommend adding this to the top of your itinerary during your Western Australian holiday.

For more great places to visit across the country, check out the top hidden gems in Australia.

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