Is Paris In Italy? No, it's in France.

Is Paris In Italy? And How You Can Visit Both!

Is Paris in Italy? No, silly goose! But both are easy to get to and even more amazing to visit! Here’s what our Europe travel guru, Taylor from Traverse With Taylor, says.

Paris and Italy are two of Europe’s most talked about and visited destinations.

People dream of going to places like Paris for their entire lives. The “City of Lights” has this romantic allure, and a weekend in Paris is at the top of everyone’s bucket list!

The beauty of the Eiffel Tower. The glamor of high fashion and established art museums. That Parisian je nes sais quoi.

And, if you’re like me, you dream of heading to Italy primarily because they have ALL the food! I cannot be the only person who dreams of pasta!

The good news is that Paris and Italy are both easily accessible. They have international hub airports and well-developed public transportation systems.

In addition, you can travel between these two locations without much difficulty!

Is Paris In Italy?

No, Paris is not in Italy! Paris is actually the capital, and arguably the most popular city, of France. 

Is Paris in Italy? Paris is not in Italy, but rather a magical city in France.

Although Paris and Italy are located in mainland Europe, they are decently far from each other.

While Paris is not in Italy, other Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice are incredibly popular travel destinations in their own right. All of these are well worth a visit once you’ve finished exploring the sights in Paris!

Where In France Is Paris?

Paris is located in the north-central part of France, just along the River Seine.

Compared to other cities and towns in France, Paris is located relatively close to the English Channel shoreline on the country’s North-Eastern side.

While France borders a few different countries, Paris is closest to the border of Belgium. It lies just three hours south of the French-Belgian border. 


While Paris is not in Italy, it is easily reachable from Italy! If you’re looking to get to Paris from Italy, you’ve got a few options.

How Far Is Paris From Italy By Train?

Italy to Paris via train is somewhat of a long journey. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable! 

One of the ways to get from Italy to Paris is by train.

It just means that you should be prepared to cozy in for a relaxing ride (and should bring plenty of things to keep you busy)!

The travel time to Paris varies depending on which Italian city you’re departing from.

You’ll want to travel from a city close to the Italian border for the fastest route to Paris, France. Your best bet for this is Milan, as it is a hub in Italy, meaning travel to and from here is more accessible. 

Amazingly fast high-speed trains travel from Milan to Paris frequently in just about 7 hours. The journey from Milan to the Paris Gare-De-Lyon station on one of the high speed TGV trains.

While Milan is a popular city in Rome, most first-time visitors to Italy spend their time in its capital city, Rome. 

Rome is further south in Italy than Milan, meaning that your trip to Paris will be quite a bit longer from here. 

From Rome, you can get to Paris in just over 11 hours. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated. 

In order to travel from Rome to Paris, you will need to first take a ride from Rome to Milan on one of the high-speed regional trains in Italy, the Italian La Frecce. This leg of the journey will take approximately 3 hours.

After you’ve arrived in Milan, you can take the same TGV train mentioned above and arrive in Paris within 7 hours.

How Far Is Paris From Italy By Plane?

Again, depending on where you’re departing from in Italy, the timeline for your journey to Paris will vary.

Thankfully, there are direct, nonstop flights to Paris from just about every major airport in Italy.

If you’re looking for the quickest connection between Italy and Paris, you’ll want to fly out of Milan’s Malpensa Airport. A flight from Milan to Paris takes just over an hour. 

You’ll head up into the clouds, hit cruising altitude, and come right back down for landing! For the most comfortable flight, make sure you have all of your must-have travel items for Europe.

Once again, if you’re headed to Paris from a city in Italy that is further south than Milan, you’ll be looking at a longer flight.

However, unlike a train journey, the time added will be less significant.

For instance, a nonstop plane ride from Venice to Paris will take about two hours, from Rome to Paris will take about two hours, and a trip without stopovers from Naples to Paris will be a two-and-a-half-hour flight. 

Is Paris A Country?

Paris is not a country but rather a city in France.

France, a country in Western Europe, is made up of multiple different regions. Paris is the largest of those regions, with more than 2 million residents as of its last census. 

The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Paris serves as France’s central location for many things. Many of the top delegations for finance can be found in the city and some of the world’s top art museums. 

It’s also no secret that Paris is one of the most predominant fashion cities in the entire world. 

By far, Paris is the top-visited city in France. More than 30 million tourists flock to The City of Lights each year in order to experience the enchanting atmosphere of this cosmopolitan city.

Although it is incredibly popular with tourists and a hub for locals, Paris is not its own country.

Are There Cities In Italy Like Paris?

Actually, there are quite a few. Here is a couple that I absolutely love.


Turin, Italy, is actually nicknamed “The Paris of Italy.”

Originally the first capital of Italy, Turin is a historic city filled with stunning architecture and unmissable views of the Italian Alps.

Turin, Italy, is actually nicknamed “The Paris of Italy.”

While Paris has an incredible foodie scene, and the French are certainly known for their cooking, Turin can definitely compete. 

Tantalizing pasta dishes and the local burgeoning wine scene are reason enough to head to Turin! Countless cafes dot the old town, and Turin has a reputation for delicious chocolate. It is famous for the giandujotto, a hand-made truffle that you must try!

Fun Fact: Lavazza coffee was created in Turin. Locals and tourists alike rave about the bicerin, a unique espresso drink that combines chocolate with espresso. 

Not to be outdone, Turin even has its own version of the Palace of Versailles. While not as popular, the Palazzina di Stupinigi and the Palace of Venaria are both immense royal residences that are very similar and just as grand as Versailles. 

Over the past few years, Turin has been growing in popularity and is now consistently recognized as one of the must-visit places in Europe for upcoming years. 

Although it is not Paris, it still carries some of the same old-world charm, and you’re bound to come across some unique hidden gems in the Italian countryside.   


If the palpable sense of romance draws you to Paris, you might consider spending a few days in Venice instead!

It goes without saying that Venice is definitely different from Paris in a lot of ways. 

Venice, however, is magical.

Life in Venice moves at a much slower pace. It is not a central hub for finance or fashion, and it is not the capital of Italy (or even close to it)! 

Webs of canals wind their way through the streets of Venice. One of the most fantastic things about a visit to this city in Italy is the lack of cars! 

The only way to get around Venice is by boat or walking, as this is the city of canals.

In Venice, the main mode of transportation is by boat. There are no taxis. No trams, no bus systems, and, basically, no cars. 

In order to get around, you must hop aboard a vaporetto, one of Venice’s local water taxis. A comprehensive network of vaporetto stops are the best form of public transportation in Venice, meaning that even a quick excursion to a nearby stop becomes a beautiful experience on the water.

Venice has its fair share of amazing shopping, including piazzas and campos bursting with small boutiques and larger stores, too! 

Piazza San Marco, one of the most-visited places in Venice, is home to St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, two of the top tourist attractions in the city. 

Again, while these are not the same as visiting, say, Palais du Luxembourg or Palais des Tuileries in Paris, they are both incredibly famous historical sites with a wealth of beauty and history. 

And, finally, there is perhaps no more romantic way to end an evening than by enjoying a meal along the canals in Venice, watching the sunset over the water. 

Us on the "streets" of Venice Italy.

Venice is absolutely a fantastic substitute for a visit to Paris if you’re looking to stay in the country of Italy.

The Wrap-Up

Paris, the capital of France, is undoubtedly a city on many people’s bucket lists. 

Images of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral are ones that many people associate with traveling Europe. And they’re all beautiful and well worth visiting!

However, if you’re enjoying a getaway in Italy, Paris is a long way away! While Paris is not in Italy, it is easily reachable from many different cities within Italy.

Similarly, if you want a little taste of an Italian town similar to Paris, there are some that exist!