Interested in contributing to Mike & Laura Travel? Do you have excellent travel tips to share?

Awesome! Mike & Laura Travel has been a well-established travel blog since 2019. We currently receive over 70,000+ monthly readers and have an email list of over 11,000. We’d be happy to put you in front of our audience for more exposure or help you establish your authority with Google.

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Mike & Laura Travel Guidelines

– You must be a genuine travel blogger with your own website. This opportunity is to showcase new travel bloggers, not companies.

– You will come up with a topic, however, we are more likely to accept and feature articles about destinations that we have already been to. You can check out which locations we’ve covered here.

Bonus points if you can come up with good keyword options instead!!

– The article must be 1500 words or more. The more you write, the better. Not only do we like thorough blog posts, but so does Google (and we like Google)!

– This must be original content that you haven’t posted anywhere else.

– The photos you decide to use in your blog post must be your own pictures – in particular, we like to use scenic pictures.

– Travel guides are well-received among our audience. This could be anything from a transportation guide, things to do guide, etc.

What YOU Get From Guest Posting

We share our blog posts with over 50,000 monthly readers and an additional 10,000 followers on our email list/social media.

You’ll also get to include one link to your personal travel blog in this post.

*We reserve the right to make changes to this post at anytime and add our own affiliate links if applicable.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in guest posting on Mike & Laura Travel, send me an email at In the subject line, please include Guest Post Idea By Genuine Travel Blogger + (Your Name).