15 Easy Hikes In Sedona For Beginners With Tips & Gear 2024

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Looking For Easy Hikes In Sedona That Anyone Can Do?

We asked Kate from Kate’s Crossing Blog to help us out with her top picks.

If you’re not exactly a hiking pro but still want to savor the amazing red rock views of Sedona, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re covering the best easy hikes in Sedona tailored specifically for beginners, complete with essential tips and suggested gear to make your hiking experience a breeze.

Now, I’m no hiking guru, just your average person who got hooked on Sedona’s incredible trails. I’ve wandered these trails enough to know the cool spots, and I’m excited to spill the beans so you can have an awesome time.

15 Easy Hikes In Sedona

Lace up your hiking shoes, grab your water bottle, and let’s hit the trails!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a hiking newbie or just in the mood for a relaxed stroll surrounded by red rock formations. From the Insta-worthy views at Devils Bridge to the zen vibes of Sedona’s Vortexes, these easy hikes are a must for any Sedona Itinerary!

1. Devil’s Bridge Trail

Why is the Devil’s Bridge hike on my list of easy hikes in Sedona?

Well, even though it’s kind of famous and looks awesomely scary on Instagram, it’s really not as tough as it seems.

Despite being labeled as a moderate hike, I found most of the trail to be easy, except for the last 400 feet, which gives it a bit of a challenge but still very doable.

Looking up at the Devil's Bridge on a hike in Sedona.

Here’s the cool part: if you’ve got a 4WD car and can drive to the Devils Bridge Trailhead, the whole hike is just under 2 miles round trip. That means even if you’re not a super hiker, you can still check out the iconic Devil’s Bridge arch and its amazing views without going on a crazy long trek.

So, get ready for a short, sweet adventure with killer views and a perfect spot for a selfie on one of Sedona’s coolest trails!

Quick Facts

  • Best For: Scenic views, iconic photo opportunities, beginner-friendly adventure
  • Distance: 2 miles round trip (4WD access shortens the hike)
  • Duration: Allow 1-2 hours for a leisurely hike and photo time
  • Note: Rated moderate, but mostly a flat trail with a bit of a steep stair climb in the last 400 feet. 4WD vehicles can access the trailhead, making it even more accessible for all hikers

2. Bell Rock Pathway

The pathway, with the famous Bell Rock as its backdrop, keeps things easy-peasy. You don’t need to be a hiker for this one!

What sets Bell Rock Pathway apart is its versatility.

The trail allows you to customize your experience, with additional trail options to decide how far you want to venture into the mesmerizing scenery.

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    Its relatively flat terrain and clear trail signs make it perfect for beginner hikers looking to explore at their own pace.

    Whether you’re after a peaceful nature walk or stunning scenery with minimal difficulty, Bell Rock Pathway guarantees a delightful outing for hikers of all levels.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Easy and relaxed nature walks, great for beginners, amazing scenery with little effort
    • Distance: Flexible – choose your own adventure, perfect for both short walks and longer explorations
    • Duration: Allow 1-2 hours for a leisure experience
    • Note: Well-maintained, flat terrain with clear markers, making it an ideal pick for hikers of all levels seeking stunning views without the need for advanced skills

    3. Seven Sacred Pools

    The Seven Sacred Pools are one of Sedona’s most photographed landmarks. You’ve probably seen pictures of them on Instagram.

    The popular route begins at the Soldier Pass Trailhead Parking lot, with a flat and easy trail, initially following an old Jeep track for a short distance.

    Looking over the Seven Sacred Pools with the red rocks in the background on an easy hike in Sedona.

    The easy terrain and well-marked trail ensure that hikers of all levels can enjoy this beauty without breaking a sweat.

    Take your time to appreciate the pools and the stunning views before retracing your steps back to the trailhead unless your adventure extends further down the Soldier Pass Trail. 

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Short and easy walk to see the Seven Sacred Pools and another geological marvel, the Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole
    • Distance: A manageable and easy 1 mile out and back hike. You can continue further down the Soldier Pass Trail for extended exploration
    • Duration: Plan for 1.5-2 hours, including time to snap Instagram-worthy photos of the pools
    • Note: The trail is well-marked and fairly flat, making it accessible for hikers of all levels. The geological wonders, including Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, add extra intrigue to the experience

    4. Soldier Pass Trail

    The Soldier Pass Trail is one of my favorite Sedona hiking trails!

    It is a gateway to an array of stunning attractions, including the iconic Seven Sacred Pools, the impressive Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, and the hidden Soldier Pass Cave.

    The trail begins at the Soldier Pass Trailhead, and from the onset you’ll be greeted with a fairly flat and well-marked path, making it an ideal choice for beginner hikers.

    People exploring the cavernous Soldier Pass Cave on an easy hike in Sedona.

    While this trail remains generally flat and easy, there’s a delightful twist for those seeking a bit more adventure.

    If you decide to take the spur trail leading to the hidden cave, be prepared for a short, steep incline to reach this hidden gem.

    The climb is manageable even for beginners, as long as you take your time and proceed at a comfortable pace.

    Trust me; the cave is worth every step! 

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Easy to moderate hikes, exploring the iconic Seven Sacred Pools, Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, and the hidden cave
    • Distance: A 4.5-mile out-and-back trail
    • Duration: Plan for 2-3 hours, allowing time to appreciate the natural beauty and numerous photo ops along the way
    • Note: While the trail is relatively flat and easy, consider taking the spur trail for an extra adventure leading to a hidden cave, access by a short, steep incline, that’s doable, even for beginners

    5. Fay Canyon Trail

    Fay Canyon Trail earns its spot on my list of easy hikes in Sedona for several fantastic reasons.

    First off, this trail is just the right length – 2.4 miles, making it perfect for those who want a taste of nature without a marathon hike.

    As you traverse Fay Canyon, you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of towering canyon walls and large red rock formations. The trail, though featuring a slight elevation gain, is predominantly easy, catering to beginners seeking a comfortable yet scenic trail.

    If you’re looking to add a little extra adventure, a simple side hike in Fay Canyon leads to the sandstone Fay Canyon Arch.

    This natural wonder sits on the right side of the canyon before reaching the trail’s end. The arch is visible from the main trail, but its discovery might require the perfect play of light to reveal itself, creating a hidden gem for those with a keen eye.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Short and easy hike, beginner-friendly, stunning views of high canyon walls and red rocks
    • Distance: 2.4 miles out and back – not too long, making it perfect for a quick nature fix
    • Duration: Plan for a chill 1-2 hour stroll
    • Note: Keep an eye out for a side hike leading to a sandstone arch on the right side before reaching the trail’s end. A hidden gem for those who love a bit of adventure!

    6. Chuck Wagon Trail

    Chuck Wagon Trail holds a special place as one of my favorite trails leading to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead.

    This 4.5-mile loop trail is a gem, known for its flat and easy terrain, making it an ideal choice for hikers seeking a relaxed yet rewarding hike. The fact that it connects to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead adds an extra layer of adventure, making it an excellent starting point for those eager to explore this iconic landmark.

    The signpost for Devils' Bridge and Chuckwagon Trail with red mountains in the background.

    The Chuck Wagon Trail is a loop hike that offers a diverse range of scenery. From calm desert landscapes to beautiful red rocks, you’ll experience a taste of Sedona’s natural beauty without an intense workout.

    It’s important to note that Chuck Wagon Trail is not just a favorite among other hikers; it’s also a hotspot for mountain bikers.

    So, be ready to share the trail with fellow nature enthusiasts.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Easy and scenic nature walks, connects to Devils Bridge trailhead and diverse desert landscapes
    • Distance: An easy 4.5-mile loop, providing a taste of Sedona’s beauty without breaking a sweat
    • Duration: Plan for a leisurely 2-3 hour hike
    • Note: This beautiful trail hugs the West side of Thunder Mountain, so you can be sure to see epic sunsets every time

    7. Baldwin Trail

    The Baldwin Trail makes its way onto my list of easy hikes in Sedona, offering a fun and scenic hike that’s not to be missed.

    This short but sweet hike spans a 2.7-mile loop trail, providing you with fantastic views of the famous Cathedral Rock.

    A view from the easy hike of Baldwin Trail in Sedona.

    The charm of Baldwin Trail lies in its simplicity and the visual treat it offers with Cathedral Rock as its backdrop.

    💡Pro Tip: Going counterclockwise around the loop enhances the experience, allowing time to savor more moments soaking in the beauty of Cathedral Rock.

    The trail’s design ensures a comfortable hike for beginners with an elevation gain of only 285 feet, and the option to explore connecting trails adds an element of choice for those looking to extend their journey.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Stunning views of Cathedral Rock and easy access to many trails
    • Distance: A comfortable 2.7-mile loop
    • Duration: Plan for 1.5-2 hours, with the option to extend your journey using connecting trails
    • Note: Many side trails lead to swim spots along Oak Creek, adding a refreshing touch to your hiking experience. Don’t miss the chance to explore and feel the Red Rock Crossing vortex

    8. Marg’s Draw Trail

    First and foremost, this trail is a visual feast, boasting stunning views that will leave you in awe.

    What makes it even better is its easy accessibility and the added bonus of free parking – a rare gem in the Sedona landscape.

    Marg’s Draw Trail is an underrated trail, often bypassed by many, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a quick and easy hike close to town without the crowds.

    The trail unfolds across fairly flat terrain adorned with dramatic red rock formations, making it a true winner for those who appreciate the beauty of Sedona without the strenuous trek.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Spectacular views, a serene and quiet hiking experience, and dramatic red rock formations
    • Trailhead Location: Marg’s Draw Trailhead (North) on Schnebly Hill Road and Marg’s Draw Trailhead (South) on Morgan Road
    • Distance: A scenic 4.0-mile out-and-back trail
    • Duration: Plan for an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes, factoring in stops to admire the stunning views
    • Note: While the trail is generally well-maintained and enjoyable, there are a few rocky and challenging sections

    9. Boynton Canyon Vortex

    The Boynton Canyon Trail offers access to the mystical energy of the Boynton Vortex.

    This spiritual focal point is perched atop a bench beneath the Kachina Women, an impressive red rock spire standing approximately 80 feet tall. The vortex is situated on the south side of the spire and is easily recognizable right from the start of the hike.

    The Boynton Canyon Vista Trail, covering a 1.6-mile out-and-back distance, is a relatively easy trail. While the trail itself is pretty straightforward, it’s not exceptionally well-marked, requiring you to pay attention to your surroundings.

    💡Pro Tip: The path features some steep sections, where you may need to navigate over rocks, but it’s not strenuous.

    Starting from the Boynton Canyon Trailhead parking area, continue until you spot the Vista Trail on your right – the gateway to the vortex.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Accessing the mystical energy of the Boynton Vortex and stunning views of the Kachina Women red rock spire
    • Distance: A short and sweet 1.1-mile out-and-back trail
    • Duration: Plan for an easy hike that takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, with the opportunity to absorb the unique energy of the vortex
    • Note: While the trail is relatively easy, keep in mind that it may not be well-marked, especially as you approach the Vista Trail

    10. Courthouse Butte Loop Trail

    The Courthouse Butte Loop Trail offers a beautiful and leisurely stroll through some of the most stunning landscapes the area has to offer.

    This hike is all about gorgeous views and taking your time to soak in the natural beauty. If you’re the kind of hiker who enjoys a relaxed pace with plenty of stops for photos, this 2-3 hour journey around the massive Courthouse Butte is perfect for you.

    One of the highlights of this trail is the up-close and spectacular views of Courthouse Butte itself.

    The trail is a neighbor to the iconic Bell Rock, and together, they create a picturesque backdrop for your leisurely adventure.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Beautiful and leisurely strolls, stunning views of Courthouse Butte, a neighbor to the iconic Bell Rock
    • Distance: 3.6-mile loop trail
    • Duration: 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace, offering ample time for photos and exploration
    • Note: Hiking in a counterclockwise route from the parking area ensures breathtaking views at every turn

    11. Cibola Pass Trail

    The Cibola Pass Trail is one of my favorite short and easy hikes in Sedona. It’s a great trail to do if you don’t have a lot of time.

    What makes the Cibola Pass Trail stand out is its connection to various other trails, which lead to popular landmarks in Sedona. The trail winds and climbs gradually, offering a bit of elevation without overwhelming beginners.

    The trail marker for Soldier Pass and Jordan on the Cibola Pass in Sedona.

    An exciting aspect of this trail is its intersection with the Jordan Trail, opening up numerous adventure possibilities.

    For a loop trail, take a left onto the Jordan Trail, eventually leading back to the parking lot. Alternatively, turning right at the Jordan Trail guides you to the impressive Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole, one of the largest in Sedona.

    If you want to add more distance and another popular landmark, you can trek a bit further to see the Seven Sacred Pools.

    If you prefer an out-and-back hike, retracing your steps totals just over one mile.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Quick and easy hikes suitable for beginners, connecting to Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole and Soldier Pass Trail
    • Distance: Approximately one mile with a gentle 250-foot elevation gain
    • Duration: Plan for about 1-1.5 hours, allowing time to explore Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole and the surrounding scenery
    • Additional Note: The trail’s connection to the Jordan Trail provides opportunities for more adventures

    12. Birthing Cave

    The Birthing Cave Trail is a short, easy hike in Sedona that offers breathtaking views from a diamond-shaped cave perched on the edge of a short cliff.

    The trail leading to the Birthing Cave is mostly flat, providing a pleasant stroll through the scenic landscapes of Sedona. However, the last bit of the trail is a short and slightly steep climb up into the cave.

    Looking through the Birthing Cave and out to the landscape below on a hiking trail in Sedona.

    If you wear grippy hiking shoes and stay low, it won’t be that difficult.

    Trust me; the Birthing Cave and panorama views will justify the brief ascent!

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Beautiful short hikes, fantastic views, cave exploration
    • Distance: A 1.9-mile out-and-back trail near Sedona, Arizona
    • Duration: Plan for approximately 1-1.5 hours, allowing time to appreciate the stunning vistas from the Birthing Cave
    • Note: The trail begins at the Long Canyon Trailhead, providing easy access to the Birthing Cave.

    13. West Fork Trail

    This is an absolutely gorgeous trail! I consider the West Fork Trail to be Sedona’s mini version of the famous Narrows Trail in Zion National Park.

    Semi-shaded by trees and towering canyon walls, this trail provides a refreshing escape from the sun, making it the perfect choice to beat the heat in Sedona.

    Looking up at the red rock formations against a clear blue sky on the West Fork Trail in Sedona.

    While categorized as an easy hike, anticipate crossing Oak Creek multiple times on this trail. Stepping stones and logs are provided at most crossings, yet be ready for the possibility of getting your feet wet.

    I recommend you wear hiking shoes that are waterproof, and having hiking poles helps a lot.

    Despite the challenge of crossing the stream, the crossings are relatively easy, and the overall elevation gain on this trail is slight.

    The trail ends when the canyon closes in on you, and you can’t go any further. 

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Easy hiking with an adventurous touch, featuring stream crossings and stunning canyon views
    • Distance: This is an 8-mile round trip, in-and-out trail which ends when the canyon closes in on you, and you can’t go any further
    • Duration: Plan for approximately 3-4 hours, allowing time to navigate the stream crossings
    • Additional Note: Waterproof hiking shoes are recommended due to stream crossings and hiking poles will add stability and support

    14.  Red Rock Crossing Trail

    Red Rock Crossing Trail is a must-do, easy Sedona hike, especially if you’re into low-effort, high-reward experiences.

    This leisurely 0.8-mile walk traces the scenic beauty of Oak Creek, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for a peaceful stroll.

    In all honesty, the Red Rock Crossing Trail isn’t much of a traditional “hike,” but that’s precisely what adds to its charm.

    Feel free to dip your toes or take a refreshing swim while enjoying the stunning views of the iconic Cathedral Rock. It’s a perfect way to relax and escape the Arizona heat.

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Easy sunset strolls, relaxation, and refreshing swims along Oak Creek with iconic views of Cathedral Rock
    • Distance: A very short 0.8-mile round trip
    • Duration: Plan for approximately 1-1.5 hours
    • Note: Pack a day bag with your swimsuit and a towel if you plan to swim and don’t forget to catch the Sedona sunset

    15. Little Horse Trail

    Little Horse Trail offers unforgettable red rock formations and delivers big views in a short, relatively easy hike.

    The adventure kicks off on the Bell Rock Pathway. After making a left turn at the fork marked Little Horse Trail, the trail takes you along an old jeep road before ascending the backside of Chicken Point.

    The panoramic views from Chicken Point are nonstop and showcase some of the best red rock formations in Sedona.

    Your jaw will surely drop!

    If you’re looking for a short, relatively easy hike that delivers big views, Little Horse Trail is the trail for you!

    Quick Facts

    • Best For: Jaw-dropping panoramic views showcasing some of Sedona’s best red rock formations
    • Distance: A 3-mile round trip, out-and-back trail
    • Duration: Plan for approximately 2-2.5 hours
    • Additional Note: Rated easy-moderate, great trail for beginners

    Hiking Sedona Tips

    Get ready for an awesome adventure as you tackle these easy hikes in Sedona! But before you hit the trails, let’s make sure you’re well prepared. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your experience.

    Parking at the Trailheads

    Hitting the trails in Sedona is super popular, and snagging a parking spot can be tricky! It’s best to get there early, ideally before the sun comes up, to nab a spot hassle-free. In peak season, those trailheads fill up fast, sometimes as early as 6 am or 7 am.

    Many of the trailheads require you to have a Red Rock Pass or the annual America the Beautiful National Park Pass to park.

    You can pick up a Red Rock Pass for $5 per day, $15 per week or $20 per year at many of the trailhead parking spots or the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

    Don’t forget to place your pass on the windshield when you’re on the trails, and always remember to lock your vehicle while you’re hiking!

    Riding the Sedona Shuttle

    When the Sedona shuttle is running, many popular trailhead parking lots are closed and you need to use the shuttle to access them. When the shuttles aren’t running, parking at the trailheads is open.

    💡Pro Tip: If you try to park in the parking lot during the days and hours when the shuttles are running, you will be turned away.

    The shuttles run from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm Thursday through Sunday.

    The shuttle can pick you up from the three park and ride lots below.

    Sedona Shuttle Locations

    North SR 179 Park and Ride provides service to:

    • Cathedral Rock Trailhead.
    • Little Horse Trailhead.

    Posse Grounds Park and Ride provides service to:

    • Soldier Pass Trailhead
    • Dry Creek Trailhead

    West SR 89-A Park and Ride provides service to:

    • Mescal Trailhead
    • Dry Creek Trailhead

    Early Bird Gets the Uncrowded View

    Getting out on the trails at 5:30 a.m. is my go-to. These early morning hikes are just perfect – so peaceful, with hardly anyone around, and with a refreshing breeze in the summer.

    Plus, you can capture the best photos with that gorgeous morning glow on the red rocks!

    💡Pro Tip: Double-check the opening times for specific trailheads like West Fork Trail; they usually don’t open until 8:00 a.m.

    And if you’re like me and live for catching sunrises, doing it from a scenic spot or trail is pure magic.

    Kate and a friend standing on a rock in Sedona looking out at the landscape.

    The Devil’s Bridge hike is hands down one of the best spots I’ve found for soaking in that sunrise magic. Especially if you want an Insta-worthy photo on the bridge without the long lines – get there early!

    Hydration is Key

    Staying hydrated is the secret to a great hike, especially in Sedona’s heat. Aim for one liter (32 ounces) of water every two hours of hiking.

    💡Pro Tip: There are not any potable water stations along the hiking trails in Sedona, so you must bring your own.

    To stay safe, bring plenty of water and consider shorter hikes, especially in the hotter months.

    Staying hydrated reduces the risk of heatstroke, maintains energy levels, and prevents dehydration. Remember, if you are feeling thirsty, dehydration has already started. 

    Wear Layers!

    When you’re out hiking in Sedona, being prepared for anything is key – the weather can be quite unpredictable, with temperatures all over the map. That’s where layering comes in as your secret weapon to staying comfortable and adapting to the changes.

    For those early trail ventures, keep in mind that the morning hours can surprise you with a chill, even in the summer.

    Additionally, shade is a rare find on the trails, and the sun can really zap your energy. So, it’s smart to equip yourself with long-sleeve tops and bottoms made of fast-drying fabrics that whisk away sweat and keep you dry.

    Follow Good Trail Etiquette

    Let’s be good trail citizens. Remember to pick up after yourself, pack out all your trash, and follow the “Leave No Trace” principles when hiking in Sedona.

    It’s not just about enjoying the stunning red rocks; it’s about making sure the trails stay beautiful for all the hikers who come after us.

    So, let’s do our part and keep Sedona’s trails in tip-top shape.

    Recommended Gear for Sedona Hiking 

    Get ready for your Sedona hike with essential gear to ensure you have a safe and fun trek. Here are the must-have items to pack for your adventure:

    Hiking Shoes

    Hiking shoes are essential in Sedona, providing necessary support, traction, and protection on the trails. They offer stability on the varied terrain, preventing slips and safeguarding feet from rocks and cacti.

    Investing in good hiking shoes will ensure you a safer and more comfortable hike no matter what level of terrain you’re on.

    Trekking Poles

    Trekking poles are a great idea for beginner hikers in Sedona, offering stability on uneven terrain, reducing the risk of slips, and easing strain on knees and legs.

    They make your hiking experience safer and more enjoyable, especially in Sedona’s challenging landscape with varying elevations and red rocks.

    Day Pack

    Whether you’re on the Sedona trails or navigating the town, having a daypack will ensure you’ve got essentials like water, snacks, and sunscreen with you.

    In Sedona’s unique terrain, where weather changes and impromptu souvenir hunting are possibilities, a daypack keeps you ready for whatever comes your way.

    Hydration Pack

    Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial when hiking in Sedona. Ya’ll, the Sedona heat is no joke!

    A hydration pack comfortably sits in your daypack, allows you to sip water whenever you need it, and eliminates the need to carry a water bottle.


    Here are the answers to common questions about easy hikes in Sedona.

    Which is the easiest hike in Sedona? 

    The Bell Rock Pathway is often regarded as one of the easiest hikes in Sedona. The trail not only introduces you to the area’s natural wonders but also treats you to well-kept pathways and breathtaking views set against the iconic backdrop of Bell Rock.

    What is the easiest cave hike in Sedona? 

    For an easy cave hike, the Birthing Cave Trail is a great choice. This flat, short 2-mile round trip leads to a shallow cave with a large diamond-shaped opening, providing fantastic panoramic views from the cave. 

    What is the flattest hike in Sedona?

    The Red Rock Crossing Trail offers a leisurely 0.8-mile walk along Oak Creek, making it one of the flattest and easiest hikes in Sedona. 

    What is the best month to hike in Sedona? 

    The best months for hiking in Sedona are typically spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) when the weather is mild. Avoiding the summer heat and potential crowds during these seasons ensures a more pleasant hiking experience.

    If I had to pick only one month, I’d choose April, when the cactus flowers are blooming, adding an extra touch of beauty to your hiking experience. 

    The Wrap-Up

    I’m certain these hikes will help you discover the paradise that is Sedona, Arizona!

    There’s no need to venture far or tackle extreme trails to witness breathtaking views and the captivating beauty of this Arizona gem.

    Whether you’re a beginner in search of tranquility or seeking excitement, these easy hikes in Sedona are perfect for you.

    Happy hiking!

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