VIPKID Application Rejected

Why Was My VIPKID Application Rejected?

As a veteran teacher with VIPKID, one of the most common questions I receive is, “why was my VIPKID application rejected?” Considering VIPKID only has a few requirements for potential teachers, being denied during the hiring process can be confusing and frustrating.

In this post, you’ll learn exactly what VIPKID is looking for in potential teachers and why your application might have been rejected. You’ll also learn how to reapply to VIPKID if you meet the required standards.

VIPKID Application Requirements

There are a handful of important requirements for teaching with VIPKID. Four of these requirements are non-negotiable; without these, you can expect to have your VIPKID application rejected immediately:

1. A Bachelor’s degree in any subject

2. Two years of experience working with children. This could be mentoring, coaching, tutoring, nannying, babysitting, anything!

3. Eligibility to work in the United States or Canada. EXCEPT FOR CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK, AND WASHINGTON STATE.

4. A neutral North American accent

Teach with VIPKID Requirements Infographic

The first step of the VIPKID application process is automated. This means that a computer decides whether or not you are eligible to teach for this company. Therefore, you will automatically pass the first step if you possess the four requirements I have listed above.


If you meet all four of the important teaching requirements, continue reading to find out what went wrong in the process and why your VIPKID application was rejected.

Important VIPKID Requirements Update 2020

As of December 1st, VIPKID can no longer hire teachers from the states of California, New York, or Washington.

Recent laws were passed in these states in regards to independent contractors. This law was meant to affect Uber and Lyft drivers but subsequently affects VIPKID teachers as well.

If you live in California, New York, or Washington state and you’re interested in teaching with VIPKID, check out our post : Does VIPKID Hire California Teachers?

For more information about other VIPKID teaching requirements, check out my recent blog post: 7 Necessary VIPKID Requirements for Aspiring Teachers.

Why Did My VIPKID Application Get Rejected?

As stated above, the initial step of the VIPKID hiring process is automated. If your VIPKID application was rejected, that means one of the questions was answered incorrectly and did not meet VIPKID criteria.

Interestingly enough, eligible teachers fail this initial step often. There is one specific question on the application that confuses many applying teachers, so let’s address it.

At the bottom of the application, you’ll see a question that asks about teaching experience. The specific question reads: “How much teaching experience do you have?”

Many applicants assume that VIPKID is referring to teaching experience in a traditional setting. What they actually mean by this question is, “How much experience do you have WORKING with children?”

Why Was My VIPKID Application Rejected?

In order to pass the first step of the VIPKID application process, you must select 2+ years of “teaching” experience. Keep in mind, this could be teaching, mentoring, babysitting, parenting, coaching, etc.

So, if you did not select 2+ years of teaching experience, your VIPKID application was rejected.

Nine times out of ten, this is the question that applicants answer incorrectly. If this was NOT the question you answered incorrectly and you meet all of the other requirements, send me an email ( and I’ll help you solve the issue.

Can I Reapply To VIPKID?

If you answered the above question incorrectly, don’t worry. You will be able to submit a new VIPKID application if yours was rejected.

In order to reapply to VIPKID, start by logging out of your current VIPKID account. Using a new email address, start the application over. Remember to answer the questions carefully and pay special attention to the “teaching” experience question at the bottom.

VIPKID Application Rejected

When reapplying to VIPKID, I highly suggest using a referral code.

By using a referral code, you’ll have a veteran teacher help you through the hiring process. Since the hiring process can be quite daunting, having a veteran teacher there to answer any and all of your questions is extremely helpful and highly suggested by VIPKID.

If you don’t have a referring teacher yet, start by re-signing up for VIPKID with this link. Use referral code: LAURA0279, which will make me your mentor.

I’ll gladly help you through the process and get you teaching as soon as possible. Once you add me as your referral, send me an email so I know (!

The Wrap-Up: Why Was My VIPKID Application Rejected?

Being rejected during the VIPKID application process is disheartening. If your application was denied, use this guide to determine what went wrong and whether or not you can reapply using a new email address.

If you are still confused about why your application was denied, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email:

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    1. Hi there! Could yet me know if you have any ideas on what to do living in California? I just applied and got my application rejected (but meet all other criteria).
      Thanks! 🙂

    2. Hi!

      I was so surprised when I got denied, I worked for VIPKid 2 years ago and I wasn’t sure if I did something wrong on the application :(. If you are still offering help I would greatly appreciate it!

      1. Hi Asia,

        You don’t live in California, right? Also, they might be asking for 2+ years of experience with children now. Did you select 2+ years?

    3. Hey I also live in California and have a ton of teaching experience and love teaching English ! Can you send me an email as I would like to get around this unfortunate rule

    4. Hi!
      I live in New Jersey. However, my ID still says New York. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to go into the DMV and change it. However, I do have my mail come here. Do you think this will be a problem?

      If so can I please get some advice on how to apply for New York?

      Thank you.

    5. Hi Laura,

      Do you know if Australian Citizens are eligible to apply to work for VIPKID?

      I really want to work for VIPKID – I applied and I was rejected, but I’m not sure if it’s because of my citizenship.

      Thank you,

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