These 5 Montana Ski Resorts Have The Most Powder Days

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There’s nothing like the thrill of skiing or snowboarding on untouched powder and luckily, Montana is famous for its generous snowstorms. 

Situated as one of the northernmost states in the United States, Montana is famed for its copious snowfall.

As passionate skiers and snowboarders, Mike and I regularly venture to resorts worldwide, drawn to exceptional snow conditions, picturesque ski towns, and remarkable slopes.

During the winter season, Montana stands out as one of the best destinations to visit, thanks to its phenomenal powder and top-notch resorts.

Montana Ski Resorts With The Most Powder Days (In The Past Decade)

Presented below are the leading Montana ski resorts famous for their abundant powder days.

This compilation was crafted by evaluating resorts based on their accumulated powder days over the past ten years, along with an annual average, to give you insight into the expected conditions each year.

1. Big Sky – 680 days (68 days per year)

Big Sky claims the top spot on our list, offering an impressive 68 days of powder each year, equivalent to more than two full months of prime conditions. 

With over 5,800 skiable acres to enjoy and a vertical drop of over 4,300 feet you can’t miss spending a powder day at this massive resort. 

There’s never been a better time to visit Big Sky Resort as they have a new tram opening this season that can hold up to 75 people which will make hitting the slopes even more convenient. 

snow skier doing a trick

Plus, Big Sky divides its terrain evenly: 50% for beginner-intermediate slopes and the remaining 50% for advanced skiers. This balance makes it an exceptional choice for both novice and expert skiers seeking to revel in powder days.

Recognized as one of Montana’s snowiest resorts, Big Sky is a destination you shouldn’t miss for its unparalleled fresh powder and extraordinary conditions. 

This secluded ski town is captivating due to its breathtaking views, charming town, and its status as one of the largest ski resorts in the United States.

2. Whitefish Mountain Resort – 623 days (62.3 days per year)

A few years back, Mike and I lived just down the road from Whitefish Mountain Resort, so we became frequent visitors to this ski destination during the winter season.

snow ski in the snow

Whitefish Mountain Resorts encompasses around 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, offering a mix of outstanding groomed runs, four diverse terrain parks, and captivating bowls and glades.

While we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the slopes and the overall ski resort experience, what truly stood out was the astonishing figure of 62 days of powder annually.

Not to mention that Whitefish is one of the most charming Montana towns the experience the holidays.

3. Montana Snowbowl – 511 days (51.1 days per year)

While Montana Snowbowl might not be as widely discussed as resorts like Big Sky or Whitefish Mountain, it’s a destination well worth considering if you’re seeking some of the finest powder in the state.

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    Montana Snowbowl features a vertical drop of 2,600 feet, offering the resort a collection of notably steep slopes.

    With an impressive tally of 51 days of powder each year, Snowbowl stands out. Situated just 2 hours northwest of the state capital, Helena, and just 40 minutes north of Missoula, it offers a convenient option for those chasing powder.

    4. Bridger Bowl – 496 days (49.6 days per year)

    Nestled just a quick 25-minute drive from the vibrant town of Bozeman, Bridger Bowl is a smaller yet noteworthy ski resort. 

    Despite its smaller size, this destination warrants a place on your itinerary. Due to its reliable annual snowfall, it ranks among the snowiest resorts in Montana, with nearly 50 days of powder each ski season.

    Known for its diverse terrain, this resort is particularly famous for its steep slopes and expert-level runs.

    people skiing down a mountain at sunset

    For avid skiers and snowboarders, make your way to Bridger Bowl’s Ridge Terrain for cliff jumps, steep chutes, and fields of snow. 

    If you happen to be in Bozeman during the winter months, don’t miss the opportunity to make the journey to Bridger Bowl and immerse yourself in its unbelievable conditions. 

    After a day on the slopes, return to Bozeman to indulge in the town’s diverse shopping and dining options.

    5. Discovery Ski Area – 463 days (46.3 days per year)

    Discovery Ski Area, a somewhat under-the-radar gem in Montana, distinguishes itself with three distinct faces. 

    Each of these faces offers varied terrain tailored to skiers and snowboarders of all ski levels, from novices to experts.

    However, Discovery Ski Area is most commonly known for having 50% of its terrain catered to experts looking to explore double black diamonds. 

    With its extensive expert terrain, you can generally anticipate a prolonged powder experience, as the backcountry, bowls, and steep chutes tend to have fewer crowds compared to the beginner and intermediate slopes.

    With a touch over 46 days of powder each year, choose to forego the larger, more well-known resorts and instead venture to this smaller ski area. 

    There’s a good chance you wind up with an unforgettable powder-filled day navigating some of the best slopes in Montana.

    Additional Montana Powder Day Stats

    We’ve pinpointed the top ski resorts in the state known for their substantial annual powder accumulation. 

    Don’t be discouraged if your favorite Montana ski resort didn’t make the top list. There are still numerous ski resorts across the state that experience a shocking amount of powder each winter season.

    • Showdown Montana – 456 days (45.6 days per year)
    • Blacktail Mountain – 432 days (43.2 days per year)
    • Lost Trail – Powder Mtn – 413 days (41.3 days per year)
    • Red Lodge Mountain – 366 days (36.6 days per year)
    • Great Divide 349 days (34.9 days per year)
    • Maverick Mountain – 286 days (28.6 days per year)
    • Teton Pass Ski Resort 195 days (19.5 days per year)

    What is a powder day for skiing?

    A powder day occurs when a substantial snowstorm blankets the slopes with fresh, powdery snow. 

    Numerous skiers and snowboarders are drawn to powder days because they provide a soft and smooth texture for gliding down the slopes.

    How long does powder last at a ski resort?

    The duration of powder conditions varies based on factors such as weather, snowfall, crowds, and the specific ski resort’s location.

    In the case of a substantial snowstorm sweeping in multiple feet of powder, these conditions can endure for several days.

    If the snowfall is lighter, like just a few inches, you can expect the powder to last just a few hours. 

    Additionally, if you are at a popular resort like Big Sky, the powder experience may only last a few hours due to the increased traffic of skiers and snowboarders.

    The weather also plays a crucial role, and warmer temperatures can swiftly deplete powder, sometimes lasting only a few hours.

    Powder also tends to last longer in expert territories like snowfields, back bowls, and chutes because not as many people are exploring these areas.

    What are the snowiest months in Montana?

    The months of December through March are the snowiest months in Montana, with January typically being the snowiest month. 

    The Wrap-Up: Montana Ski Resorts With The Most Powder Days

    Devoted skiers and snowboarders eagerly anticipate powder days due to the exceptional conditions they bring. 

    Mike is a dedicated skier, while I opt for snowboarding. We understand the profound difference that powder days can make on the ski slopes, elevating the entire mountain experience.

    The arrival of the winter season is a time we eagerly await, as it signifies the joy of hitting the slopes and discovering adorable ski towns. 

    Montana ski resorts are always exciting to visit during the winter months but become especially magical during periods of fresh powder.

    This collection of Montana ski resorts highlights destinations known for consistently providing ample powder days, enabling you to plan your visit to resorts renowned for their exceptional snow conditions. 

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