Firopotamas Beach

The Best Beaches in Milos: 8 Incredible Paradises

To say that Milos, Greece is a beautiful island would be an understatement. It’s hands down one of the best places we’ve ever set foot!
We spent one month traversing the volcanic island of Milos and fell in love with the kind locals and the adorable towns. But, our trip to Milos would’ve been incomplete without visiting the most unique beaches on the island.

Can You Swim In The Water In Greece?

Can you swim in the water in Milos, Greece? Well, I sure hope so because we did! Luckily, we are still alive to tell the tale.

In all honesty, swimming in Milos is an everyday activity for tourists and locals alike. Milos boasts some of the clearest and most pristine water in the world. I highly recommend escaping the heat of summer by going for a dip in the turquoise waters.

8 Best Beaches In Milos, Greece

During our one month stay on Milos, we discovered handfuls of gorgeous beaches and beautiful places. We explored the popular seaside towns and the unknown coasts in search of the best beaches in Milos, Greece. This is what we found:

1. Kleftiko

Kleftiko Beach and Sea Cave was our favorite place on the entire island of Milos, and for good reason! Not only does it offer some of the most unique and fantastic views on the island, but Kleftiko has one of the best beaches on the island of Milos.

Kleftiko Beach, Milos Greece

Let me begin by saying that labeling this destination as a “beach” is a bit of a stretch. There is not much in the way of sand or places to lounge in the sun at this tiny beach.

With that said, Kleftiko Beach is still the best beach on the island. We ventured to Kleftiko twice during our stay on Milos and although the shoreline was lacking sandy beaches, we were still able to find a great spot on some flat white rocks to sit down and enjoy a picnic.

The water surrounding the coast at Kleftiko is shallow, clean, and extremely tempting. It’s difficult to look at the bay and NOT want to go for a swim, especially on a hot day.

How To Get There

Since Mike and I visited Milos in February, we weren’t able to take a boat out to Kleftiko. At first, we were completely heartbroken because we thought that we couldn’t visit this epic coastline at all.

As it turns out, there is a way to drive out to Kleftiko and hike down to the beach. We hiked down to Kleftiko twice and it was the best day trip we made on the island.


In order to hike down to Kleftiko, you will need a rental car. The drive out to the trailhead is approximately 45 minutes from Adamas and the majority of your trip will be spent driving on a dirt road.

We followed our GPS all the way to the Monastery of St. John Siderianos where we parked our car. From there, we walked up the dirt road about half a mile and found the sign for Kleftiko Beach. That sign marks the beginning of the hike.

The hike itself is easy and short, about 4 miles round trip.

Note: we were told by locals that hiking to Kleftiko in the summer can be dangerous due to poisonous snakes in the area. Take this into consideration before you attempt this hike. We went in February so snakes were not a threat to us.


The most common way to get to Kleftiko is by boat. This boat trip is one of the best things to do for anyone visiting the island. It’s a great opportunity to explore the caves along the coastline. You’ll also be able to “jump ship” and enjoy an amazing day of swimming.

The best tour around Kleftiko Beach can be found here: GetYourGuide Kleftiko Day Cruise. Not only is this the highest-rated sailing tour on Milos, but it is also the cheapest. Kleftiko tours can be pricey, so save a few dollars by booking a tour with these guys. They were highly recommended to us by locals.

2. Plathiena Beach

We were pleasantly surprised when we found Plathiena Beach located just down the street from the small settlement of Plaka. Plathiena Beach is one of the most famous Milos beaches and it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon under the Greek sun with small children.

Best Beaches in Milos: Plathiena

While we were visiting Plathiena Beach, we took a little trek up the white volcanic cliffs along the southwestern side that sit perpendicular to the beach. The view from the top was incredible and we highly recommend seeing this great beach from above.

Pack your volleyball when you set out to explore Plathiena Beach because there is a full-size beach volleyball court near the parking lot.

If volleyball doesn’t tickle your fancy, Plathiena Beach also has an amazing beach bar. Sit and enjoy a delicious cocktail while the sunsets over the horizon.

How To Get There

Plathiena Beach is just down the main road from the small village of Plaka. It is easiest to get to Plathiena by car, however, if you are staying in Plaka or Triovasalos, it is possible to walk.

3. Sarakiniko

If you want a unique experience while traveling around Milos, Sarakiniko beach is a must. I’ve traveled to many great places in my life but this place was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Mike and I felt like we were walking in a white-stone desert. The contrast between the white rock formations and the pure blue waters was indescribable.

Sarakiniko Best Beaches in Milos

Sarakiniko is one of the best beaches in Milos and it’s perfect for adventurers and laidback travelers alike. Decide whether to spend your time cliff jumping from the coast or lounging on the small sandy beach; Sarakiniko offers both and so much more.

Sarakiniko, Greece

How To Get There

The best part about Sarakiniko is how close it is to the main tourist facilities and yet far enough to get away from the port and town of Adamas.


Driving is the easiest way to get to Sarakiniko and luckily it’s ridiculously cheap to hire a car on this island. We always use to find the best deals on car rentals.

Note: When you find a great deal on, be sure to check which car rental company it’s through. Next, Google that car company followed by your destination (example: Hertz Milos) and see what the ratings say. Only rent cars from companies that have great ratings!


There is a local bus system set up on Milos, however, the buses are very few and far between. Personally, I would not depend on the bus system to see the entire island of Milos.

4. Sykia Beach Cave

One of the coolest adventures on Milos is visiting Sykia Beach Cave (also spelled Sikia). Sykia is really neat because it actually used to be a massive cave but due to coastal erosion, the majority of the cave has collapsed.

Sykia Beach Cave: Best Beaches in Milos

Sykia is now a big hole in the earth with ocean in the middle. To make it even cooler, tourists can actually visit the beach located inside of this collapsed cave. If you get the chance, I highly recommend adding this destination to your Milos itinerary.

For obvious reasons, Sykia Beach Cave is one of the best beaches in Milos, Greece.

How To Get There

It’s a bit tricky to get to Sykia Beach Cave but completely worth the journey. You can get to Sykia Beach Cave by small boat or on foot.

Boat To Sykia Beach Cave

Since this hidden gem is located on the far side of the island, the most common way to get to Sykia is by boat. Boat tour companies frequent the area and bring eager guests for an epic journey.

Since Sykia is close to Kleftiko, I recommend taking a boat tour that will stop at both Sykia Beach Cave and Kleftiko Beach.

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend taking a boat tour with this company: GetYourGuide Day Cruise. This company is honest and they provide a safe experience for travelers. Not to mention, this day cruise is very reasonably priced compared to other tours.

Hike To Sykia Beach Cave

It took us nearly 30 days to figure out that hiking to Sykia Beach Cave is completely possible. But this is another great option for a day trip.

In order to hike to Sykia Cave, you’ll need a car. Set your GPS on Google Maps and drive out to Monastery of St. John Siderianos. Park your vehicle in the massive parking lot and make your way down to the end of the paved road.

Just before the sharp switchback, you’ll see a sign on the side of a hill like the one pictured below:

Hike to Sykia Beach Cave

Follow the trail that leads you around the hillside. You’ll be continuing on this trail for about 1.5 miles before you encounter Sykia Beach Cave.

There are two things to remember about this hike. First, you must be aware that poisonous snakes frequent this area during the summer. Second, the trail is a bit difficult to follow at times. Keep an eye out for rock cairns; these rock piles will lead you all the way to Sykia Beach Cave.

5. Firopotamas

It took us a while to make our way over to Firopotamas, but once we did, we wondered why we didn’t come sooner. Firopotamas is arguably the most beautiful fishing village in Milos and is home to one of the most popular beaches on the island.

Firopotamas Beach

Firopotamas is nestled in a small cove on the north coast of Milos, just 5 minutes down the road from Plaka. There is so much to see in this small fishing village that I suggest you spend at least half a day exploring.

You’ll also find that Firopotamas has some ruins at the far end of town. A local man told us that this used to be a mining building, but has since been abandoned.

How To Get There

The road to Firopotamas is a bit narrow and you’ll have to drive down a few steep hills. So, although it’s not the only way, we recommend reaching this beach paradise is by car.

6. Agia Kiriaki Beach

We ended up at Agia Kiriaki Beach by accident. As we were on our way to find the Hidden Tsigrado Beach, we took a wrong turn and ended up here.

Agia Kiriaki Beach in Milos, Greece

As it turns out, Agia Kiriaki Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the southern coastline of the island. We were pleasantly surprised to find a very long and clean stretch of sandy beach surrounded by turquoise shallow waters.

How To Get There

It is definitely necessary to hire a car to reach this beach. Although there is a local bus that circulates the Greek island of Milos, it typically stays around the northern side of the island.

7. Paleochori Beach

At first glance, Paleochori Beach might appear to be just an ordinary beach, however, this destination has a LOT more to offer than just its beautiful coastline.

Paleochori Beach- Best Beaches in Milos

Paleochori Beach boasts hot springs and a secret sauna cave. It also has one of the best restaurants on the island called Sirocco. I highly recommend visiting Paleochori Beach on the weekend since Sirocco is only open on these two days.

Have some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted while watching the waves crash up onto the shore. This was one of my favorite experiences in Milos.

How To Get There

This is another beach that will require a car. It is located near Agia Kiriaki Beach, so it might be worth going to both beaches in the same day.

8. Pollonia

Pollonia is a larger town and popular spot on the far northeast side of the island. With some of the best restaurants, bars, and easy access to the nearby island of Kimolos, Pollonia should be at the top of your itinerary.

Pollonia- Best Beaches in Milos

And of course, Pollonia has an impressive stretch of coastline perfect for sunbathers and swimmers. The best part is the cute promenade that lines Pollonia beach. Grab your favorite cocktail and sit out in the Greek sun during late afternoon.

How To Get There

It is possible to reach Pollonia by bus from Adamas. Again, the bus schedule is a bit sparse, so it would be best to have a car. But it is possible to visit by bus.

What About Firiplaka Beach?

You’ll find in many guides that Firiplaka often makes the list of best beaches in Milos. We visited Firiplaka while we were in Milos, but we didn’t find the gorgeous stretch of white sand and organized beach that everyone indicates in their posts.

Instead, we found a really dirty shoreline. And by “really dirty”, I mean completely filthy. Based on the trash that was spread across the beach, I would not feel comfortable lounging or swimming at this beach.

To be fair, we didn’t visit the beach at the best time of year (February); perhaps they have a team to clean up the beach before the high season. Regardless, it would take a lot of convincing to get us back on that beach.

Are There Sharks In Greece?

Sharks are not a threat to Milos island or to anyone who wants to enjoy the best beaches and swimming spots in Greece. Although there are sharks in the Aegean Sea, they are uncommon and harmless.

Worrying about sharks during your stay in Milos, Greece will just add unnecessary anxiety to your vacation. Enjoy the beaches and know that you are safe in the crystal clear waters surrounding Milos.

Where Should I Stay In Milos?

There are many small villages to consider when deciding where to stay in Milos.

The biggest village on the island is Adamas and this is also where you’ll find the port. Although this is the largest town on the island, I highly recommend staying in Plaka during your trip to Milos.

Plaka Villages, Milos Greece

Plaka is located at the top of the hill on the northern side of the island and offers the most incredible views. You’ll also enjoy the cobblestoned streets and quaint and traditional Cycladic houses.

During our trip to Milos, we stayed at the most incredible Airbnb, which you can find here: Manolis and Filio’s Cycladic Home.

Best Sandy Beaches In Milos

We found that the sandiest beaches in Milos weren’t necessarily our favorite beaches. There are so many unique places to visit on the island that it would be a shame to only visit the sandy beaches.

However, if long beaches with golden sand are what you want, we highly recommend Paleochori Beach, Agia Kiriaki Beach, and Plathiena Beach. All of these beaches have amazing stretches of sandy coastline.

Best Beach Bars In Milos

The absolute best beach bar in Milos is Plathiena Foodies Beach Bar Sunrise to Sunset. Just a short drive or nice walk from Plaka, don’t miss sipping on a cocktail at this iconic beach bar.

The Wrap-Up: Best Beaches In Milos

During your visit to Milos, Greece, be sure work your way through this list of best beaches on the island – it makes for a great vacation itinerary!
You will be in awe by the beauty of these unique coastlines.

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