Milos, Greece

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece 2024: Best Areas & Hotels

Where To Stay In Milos

Wondering where to stay in Milos during your next holiday?

As we started to plan our stay in Milos, Greece, we had one simple question: “where should we stay on Milos so that we are in the best location to see everything we want to see on this island?”

We spent a month living on the incredible island of Milos, Greece, and found the best villages, beach towns, and port towns to stay in.

SHORT ON TIME? Here are the three best places to stay on the island of Milos, Greece:

➡️ Piazza Castello (PLAKA)
➡️ Olea Bay Hotel (ADAMAS)
➡️ Milos Vaos Windmill (UNIQUE STAY)

Where To Stay In Milos 2024: Best Locations & Hotels

In this guide, we lay out the 7 best locations to stay on Milos. Using the info in this post, you’ll be able to book your trip to this Greek island without confusion or hesitation.

1. Plaka – Where To Stay In Milos For First Time Visitors

We decided to spend our time in Plaka, an idyllic village perched above the island decorated with Cycladic houses and views that will blow your mind.

Plaka, Milos Sunset

This is the perfect location to see both sides of the island. You’ll witness the sunrise over Adamas in the morning and the sunset over the Aegean Sea in the evening.

Restaurants, boutique homestays, and coffee shops litter the cobblestoned streets. Plaka is as magical as it appears in pictures; you won’t be disappointed with staying in this village during your holiday in Greece.

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece

The only downfall of the Plaka neighborhood is that you’ll be situated on top of a hill. To get anywhere in town, you’ll need to walk up or down these hills. This could be challenging for those who might not be in the best physical condition.

Regardless, you’ll need a car to explore Milos anyways, so if you aren’t keen on walking around a hilly village, you can always drive to your destinations.

Places To Stay In Plaka, Milos

Although most of the “hotels” you’ll find on are really nice, they aren’t really hotels, they are homestays or vacation rentals.

Here are three hotels, apartments, and Airbnbs to consider for your trip to Milos:

➡️ Piazza Castello – from $109 per night. At the top of the hill in Milos, you’ll find Halara Studios, a home that offers some of the best views on the entire island.

➡️ Plaka Village Home By Filio from $42 per night. We stayed in this Airbnb for the entirety of our stay on Milos and we loved it.

A woman named Filio runs this Airbnb, and she is the kindest host. You won’t be disappointed with this cute Cycladic home.

➡️ Studios Betty from $320 per night. Looking to enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea right from the comfort of your vacation home? This is the place for you.

Map of Plaka

2. Adamas – the biggest village in Milos

For convenience, we recommend staying in Adamas, also known as Adamantas. This village snuggles the bay of Milos and features the island’s most frequented pier.

Adamas Port Town

We considered Adamas the heart of the action on the island. In this town, you’ll find a plethora of coffee shops, restaurants, tourism and excursion stands, and so much more.

For many, this village is a bit too “busy”, but for others, convenience is all that matters.

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece - Adamas

Apart from convenience, one of the best things about staying in Adamas is that you’ll be directly on the water. Take time to walk along the bay each morning or enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sunset over the ocean each night.

Places To Stay In Adamas, Milos

➡️ Joannes Vacation Rooms – from $125 per night. Choose between a double bedroom or quadruple room at this condo-hotel, located just 3 minutes from the beach.

➡️ Thalassitra Private Pool Suites & Spa – from $438 per night. If you plan to visit Greece in the summer, prepare for very warm weather. This accommodation features an outdoor area and private pool, which will be very much appreciated after baking in the hot Greek sun all day.

Airbnbs in Adamas, Milos

You’ll find the most accommodation options in Adamas since it’s one of the biggest towns on the island.

Note: Many Airbnbs and vacation rentals close for the winter months. The most ideal time to visit Milos is in the spring or fall.

➡️ Villa Tasoula Studio – from $37 per night. If you’re on a budget, Adamas is your best bet for cheaper accommodation. This cute studio is very budget-friendly.

Map of Adamas

3. Tripiti – Where To Stay In Milos For History + Amazing Views

Down the street from Plaka, you’ll find another traditional village with charming Cycladic houses, massive churches, and tremendous sea views.

Tripiti Village

Tripiti is one of the best places to stay in Milos if you want to experience traditional and laid-back island life. The cobble-stoned streets and dinging church bells will be the perfect way to start your day full of adventure.

Tripiti is also brimming with history. Just below the village, you’ll find the Ancient Theatre of Milos, an amphitheater dating back to the 3rd century BC.

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece

As you venture to this amphitheater, be sure to stop at the site where the world-famous Venus de Milo statue was discovered in 1820.

Homes in Tripiti, Milos

➡️ Eiriana Luxury Suites – from $126 per night. Enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine from the hot tub or pool at this location.

Budget Option in Tripiti, Milos

➡️ Traditional Porphyra House – from $41 per night. Looking for something a little more affordable? Check out this highly-rated Airbnb option.

Airbnbs in Tripiti, Milos

➡️ Cycladic House with Seaview – from $76 per night. With modern amenities and a patio with the most beautiful sea views, you can’t go wrong by staying at this Airbnb.

➡️ Anemolia House 2 Bedroom – from $146 per night. This host provides an immaculately clean home and a delicious breakfast.

Map of Tripiti

4. Klima – one of the many quaint fishing villages

If you get the opportunity to visit Milos, you won’t want to miss staying in one of the many boat houses that fill the beaches of Klima.

Klima Fishing Village Colorful Boat Houses

This traditional fishing village is my favorite spot to visit on the island of Milos. The water shines emerald green and the hills tower over the bay below.

Despite its obvious beauty, this village is not easy to get to. You’ll definitely need a car if you plan to stay here. As it sits below Tripiti and Plaka, you’ll need to drive down a steep hill to reach this destination.

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece

Mike and I walked to Klima from Plaka and as avid hikers, it was a fun adventure. But, I wouldn’t recommend making this walk every day. It’s not easy!

The effort is well worth it, but it makes things a lot easier if you have a car.

Homes in Klima, Milos

➡️ Va(sea)Lis – from $190 per night. This luxury boat house provides many amenities, perfect views, and an amazing terrace.

➡️ Fisherman House 2 Bedroom – from $209 per night. For larger groups, this standalone vacation home can sleep up to 5 guests.

Airbnbs in Klima, Milos

➡️ The Yellow Boat House – from $84 per night. The traditional boat houses are not cheap accommodation options, especially in the summer.

But, the experience is worth the price tag. Luckily, this boat house is a bit more affordable, particularly in the spring and fall.

➡️ Blue Sea House 2 Bedroom – from $80 per night. For larger groups, consider staying at the blue boat house.

Although there are many different boat houses to choose from in Klima, the two I’ve included above are reasonably priced and have better reviews than the others.

Map of Klima

5. Pollonia – one of the best beachfront villages to stay in Milos

When we set out to explore Pollonia, we weren’t sure what to expect. This small beach town is simply that.. a quaint, waterfront village filled with coffee shops and traditional Greek restaurants.

Pollonia Port Town

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path a little, Pollonia just might be the place for you.

Pollonia is a 20-minute drive from the pier in Adamas, so you’ll be close enough for easy access to inter-island transportation but far enough to avoid the large crowds.

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece

Another cool aspect about Pollonia is that you’ll be right across the bay from Kimolos, another beautiful Greek island that flies under the radar.

The small pier in Pollonia has ferries that cross the bay multiple times each day, so if you want to add another island to your itinerary, Pollonia is the perfect place to be.

Homes in Pollonia, Milos

➡️ Captain Zeppos – from $303 per night. Looking for high-class luxury, a picturesque pool, and never-ending sea views? This might be exactly what you had in mind.

➡️ Kalimera Studios – from $92 per night. This beachfront guesthouse is simple, elegant, and affordably priced.

Airbnbs in Pollonia, Milos

➡️ Melimilon Studios – from $35 per night. This is a charming studio located just steps from the beach in Pollonia.

Map of Pollonia

6. Firopotamos – a quiet town perfect for couples

Not only do I love this tiny Milos fishing village for its hilarious name, but also because it’s one of the most picturesque locations on the island.

Firopotamos (I pronounce it like hippopotamus. I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to be pronounced, but it’s more fun this way!) is an isolated village located on the far north side of the island. Although it’s in a remote location, it’s still only a 15-minute drive from Adamas.

Firopotamos Fishing Village

In Firopotamos, you’ll find cliffs, ruins, beaches, and ocean water so blue that it rivals the blue you’ll see on many Cycladic houses.

Where To Stay in Milos, Greece

Since this village is so small and remote, it’s difficult to find accommodation options. But, if you can find an available vacation home or Airbnb, take it! You won’t regret staying in this village.

Homes in Firopotamos, Milos

➡️ Milinon Suites – from $285 per night. Listen to the sounds of the ocean from this magical and cozy vacation home, located right on the beach.

Airbnbs in Firopotamos, Milos

As mentioned, this village is very small. Finding viable accommodation options is difficult, but finding affordable accommodation options is even more difficult.

The two options listed below are not cheap, especially during the summer months. If you’re on a budget, I suggest staying in another village.

➡️ Blue Mare Apartment On The Beach – from $122 per night. Sit back and relax at the Blue Mare Apartment on the Beach. You’ll have access to all modern amenities (including Netflix) and the beach is right out your back door.

Map of Firopotamos

7. Mandrakia – another cute fishing village

Couldn’t get enough of the boat houses in Klima? I’ve got a surprise for you.. There are several different villages on the island of Milos that feature these adorable homes.

Mandrakia Fishing Village

Mandrakia is one of the villages that boast these colorful homes that line the ocean, but unlike others, Mandrakia has far fewer tourists.

Get off the beaten path and experience the laidback island life in this fishing village. Located just 10 minutes from Adamas, you’ll be far enough away to avoid the crowds, but close enough to visit at any time.

Where To Stay In Milos, Greece - Mandrakia Fishing Village

Another cool part about staying in Mandrakia is that you’re directly next to Sarakiniko Beach, one of the most famous beaches on the island of Milos.

Due to its ease of access, you’ll be able to hop over to Sarakiniko for the day and back to your vacation home whenever you’d like.

Budget Option in Mandrakia, Milos

Similar to Firopotamos, the Airbnbs and vacation homes in Mandrakia are typically expensive. Here is a budget option to consider:

➡️ Mandrakia House – from $53 per night. Perfect for families, this home comfortably sleeps up to 4 people.

Airbnbs in Mandrakia, Milos

➡️ Cycladic Seafront House – from $145 per night. This traditional Cycladic home is hosted by the warmest and most caring woman. You will be in good hands staying here.

Map of Mandrakia

Unique Places To Stay In Milos

The Greek islands are known for traditional Cycladic houses (typically white with bright blue window shutters). But, you’ll also notice a lot of windmills throughout the Greek islands.

Staying in these windmills is quite a treat and we highly recommend doing it on the island of Milos. Here are two windmills to consider when visiting Milos:

1. Milos Vaos Windmill – from $487 per night. Splurge a little at this cute windmill-style home. Located in the village of Tripiti, you can watch the sunset over the ocean from the perfect location.

2. Anastasia’s Windmill – from $74 per night. A bit cheaper than the first option, this windmill-style home is also located in Tripiti. Designed with traditional Greek style in mind, you’ll love the feel of this unique Milos home.

How To Get Around Milos, Greece

No matter where you stay on Milos, you’ll want to rent a car so that you visit every corner of the island.

We rented a car from MilosRentCar for the entire month of our stay.

Throughout the month, we were very pleased by the response time, price, and professionalism of this company. We highly recommend them to anyone visiting Milos.

More Information On Milos, Greece

Maybe you want to know more about the most scenic place on the entire island? If so, check out our post on Kleftiko, The Best Beach on Milos.

Or just looking for adventure? No problem. Click here: 13 Amazing Things To Do on Milos

The Wrap-Up: Where To Stay In Milos

No matter where you stay on Milos, you’ll be blown away by the ocean views, the kind locals, and the pristine emerald-blue waters that surround this immaculate island.

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