One Day Itinerary in Montenegro

One Day In Montenegro: The Ultimate Itinerary

Arguably the most beautiful country in the Balkans Peninsula, Montenegro has adventures for every traveler. In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to spend one perfect day in Montenegro.

You’ll get to experience the beautiful beaches to the majestic mountains and everything wonderful in between.

How Many Days Do You Need In Montenegro?

The longer you can stay in Montenegro, the better. For us, this was our favorite country in the Balkans. With so much to do and so much to see, spending even one month in this country seemed too short.

Understandably, most people can’t spend an entire month exploring Montenegro. In this case, I recommend spending 4-5 days roaming around Montenegro.

The Best One Day Itinerary for Montenegro

A popular option for many travelers, however, is to come to Montenegro as a day trip from Dubrovnik. Although it’s tough to fit all of Montenegro into just one day, this guide will give you a good taste of everything.

Follow this guide as we take you through the Bay of Kotor from Perast to Kotor to Tivat. Each of these towns offers something special and it is the perfect itinerary for one day in Montenegro.


Start your one day journey in Montenegro by stopping in Perast, a small town perched on Boka Bay. Perast is known for Our Lady of the Rocks, two man-made islands just off the shores of the town.

Our Lady Of The Rocks

A visit to Our Lady of the Rocks is an awesome stop along your journey through Montenegro. These islands were created by sinking old ships and building on top of them. Spend an early morning in Perast snacking at a local cafe and enjoying the views of Our Lady of the Rocks.

Visiting Perast

Note: You can take a boat out to the islands, however, with only one day to spare in Montenegro, I suggest admiring Our Lady of the Rocks from afar and moving on to the town of Kotor.


A short ten-minute drive from Perast is the popular tourist town, Kotor. Although you may have to fight the crowds when you arrive, Kotor cannot be missed during your one day Montenegro tour.

One Day in Montengro Itinerary

Kotor is the pride of Boka Bay. Here, you’ll find delicious cafes, mountain views, blue waters, and as many cats as you can count. Not a cat person? Me neither, but these cats keep their distance. Rumor has it that they are considered “lucky” in Old Town.

With so much to do in this beautiful town and so little time, here is a rough outline of how you should spend one day in Kotor, Montenegro:

The Ladder Of Kotor

If you’re venturing to Kotor, I’m sure you’ve heard about the magical sights at the top of the San Giovanni Fortress. Also known as the Fortress Walls, this place is crawling with tourists.

Although very beautiful, hiking to the top of the Fortress Walls costs 8 euro. Not only this but fighting so many people to get to the top is a major turnoff.

Ladder of Kotor - Itinerary for Montenegro

Instead, I recommend hiking up the Ladder of Kotor. Not only will you get even BETTER views from the Ladder of Kotor, but you’re likely to have the entire trail to yourself. This kind of solitude is difficult to find in a tourist town.

The Ladder of Kotor is a bit difficult; you’ll need to climb switchbacks for 4-miles before you reach the top. For those that aren’t keen on hiking the entire 8-mile roundtrip trail, you can easily hike up until you feel ready to turn back. You’ll start getting incredible views of the city within 10 minutes of hiking.

Exploring Montenegro in One Day

Hiking the Ladder of Kotor is a must for your one day in Montenegro. To read more about where to find the trailhead and what to bring, check out our recent post: The Ladder of Kotor: The Best Hike in Kotor Bay.

Eat At The Harbour Pub

After a hefty hike, you’ll be craving some food. Make a pit stop at the Harbour Pub, located inside of Old Town. Their food is delicious and reasonably priced.

I’d love to recommend their ginormous burgers because they are the best we had in all of Montenegro, but you’ll need to save some room in your stomach for an even better dinner suggestion.


Our favorite Montenegrin coastal town is Tivat; a charming port town lined with million-dollar yachts. This is a town that must be on your itinerary if you plan to visit Montenegro for one day. Luckily, it’s a short 20-minute bus ride from Kotor.

To get to Tivat from Kotor, use the coordinates below to find the bus stop just outside of Old Town. The bus picks up once every hour, approximately 5 minutes after the top of the hour. Be to this bus stop at the top of the hour to be sure you don’t miss it.

Kotor to Tivat bus station coordinates: 42°25’26.5″N 18°46’12.2″E

Bus Stop from Kotor to Tivat

Look for the BlueLine bus. You’ll know it’s the right bus when you see a sign in the front window that reads “Tivat”. If you’re unsure, just ask the bus driver when he stops.

It costs 2 euros to ride the bus from Kotor to Tivat. Once you reach Tivat, get off when you see the large sign that says “Porto, Montenegro”.

Watch The Sunset In Porto

Our favorite part about Tivat was strolling down the promenade in Porto. Porto is the marina in Tivat that harbors all of the fancy yachts and sailboats. Gawk at all of these incredible boats while enjoying a perfect sunset; Tivat is one of the best places in the Balkans to watch the sun dip into the horizon.

Tivat, Montenegro: visiting Montenegro in One Day

Eat The Best Ice Cream At Moritz

Spending one day in Montenegro would be incomplete without a stop at Moritz. Located in the marina of Porto, Mortiz is famous for its deliciously rich ice cream. Snack on a few scoops of the dark chocolate ice cream while watching the sunset.

Moritz Ice Cream in Tivat, Montenegro

Eat Dinner At The Steak & BBQ House Tanjga

If you’re anything like us, you like delicious food on a budget. That is where Steak & BBQ House Tanjga comes in. If you’re spending one day in Montenegro, make this the place where you eat dinner.

Steak & BBQ House Tanjga is the best restaurant in Tivat and one of the best restaurants in Montenegro. After trying several dishes on the menu, I can confidently say that anything they serve is amazing.

One Day in Montenegro

The grilled vegetables were the perfect appetizer. Mike and I recommend the goulash and the meat plate for your main course. Be prepared to pay VERY little money for huge portions of food.

Note: Don’t be confused with the BBQ Tangja restaurant located in Kotor. This restaurant is located in Tivat and it’s much better.

How To Get To Montenegro

There are several different ways to get to Montenegro. Below, I’ve detailed the most common ways to reach Montenegro and Kotor Bay.

Dubrovnik To Montenegro

If you’re traveling to Montenegro from Dubrovnik, the easiest way to get there is by car. Renting a car in Dubrovnik is extremely cheap. And since the ride from Dubrovnik to Kotor is less than two hours, this is a quick and easy drive.

Crossing the border is even easier. Simply drive up to the border crossing, hand your passport to the guard, get it stamped, and continue on. We were worried about this before we started our journey but it took less than 3 minutes to cross.

By Air

Another way travelers arrive in Montenegro is by air. Conveniently, there is an international airport located in Tivat, just 15 minutes from the main tourist hub of Kotor.

Where To Stay For One Day In Montenegro

During your one day visit to Montenegro, the best place to stay is in Kotor. Although you’ll be traveling to several different towns using this itinerary, Kotor is in the middle of them all.

The Best Country to Visit in the Balkans

Most travelers opt to stay directly inside of Old Town, Kotor’s famed UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend staying in a boutique hotel because not only are they affordable, but their amenities and customer service are top-notch.

Check out Guest House Forza Lux and Kotor Nest Coliving two excellent boutique hotels located in the center of Old Town Kotor.

The Wrap-Up: One Day In Montenegro

Although this country deserves to be explored for months on end, this guide details the best itinerary for one day in Montenegro. From Perast to Kotor to Tivat, you’ll be able to visit three of the best Montenegrin towns along the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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    How to Spend One Perfect Day in Montenegro