What Type of Blog Should You Start

What Kind of Blog Should I Start? 2022 (Free Quiz!)

So you want to start a blog? That’s great!

But before you do, there are a few things you need to figure out. What kind of blog should you start? What’s your niche? How will you make money?

Don’t worry, we can help!

This blog quiz will help determine what type of blog is right for you.

Answer a few simple questions and we’ll give you our best advice as bloggers who have made 6-figures in a variety of niches.

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Types of Blogs to Start

Now that you know what kind of blog is right for you, it’s time to get started!

Here are a few blog niche ideas to get you started in the right direction:

  • A travel blog if you’re a globetrotter
  • A food blog if you love to cook or eat
  • A fashion blog if you have a great sense of style
  • A fitness blog if you’re health-conscious
  • A parenting blog if you’re a parent or guardian
  • A business blog if you want to promote your company
  • A lifestyle blog if you have a great lifestyle that others would love to emulate
  • A pet blog if your furry friend is your whole life

No matter what kind of blog you start, remember to have fun with it! blogging should be enjoyable, not a chore.

If you’re not enjoying it, then your readers won’t either. So find your niche and get started today!

Is Starting a Blog a Good Idea?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! If you’re passionate about something and want to share your knowledge with the world, then starting a blog is an excellent idea.

Not only that, but blogging can also be quite profitable. There are a number of ways to make money blogging, such as through affiliate marketing, selling products or services, or even through advertising.

In fact, we earned over $119k in our FIRST year as travel bloggers!

In our signature course, Scale Your Travel Blog to Six Figures, we’ve helped dozens of bloggers do the same!

So if someone ever tells you “blogging is dead”, they’re flat out wrong.

With the right techniques, any niche can make you 6-figures annually.

How to Start a Blog

Now that you’ve taken our blogger quiz and you’ve picked out a niche, it’s time to set up your blog!

You can find our in-depth guide on how to start a money-making blog here.

Here are the cliff’s notes:

  1. Pick your niche (Congrats, you’ve already done this!)
  2. Choose a blog name (Need help? Here are some travel blog name ideas)
  3. Self-host your blog with Bluehost
  4. Set up WordPress with a speedy theme
  5. Get a keyword research tool so you write FOR your audience
  6. Learn SEO
  7. Write write write!
  8. Set up analytics to track your pageviews
  9. Start an email list
  10. Set up a blog Pinterest account
  11. Learn affiliate marketing
  12. Treat your blog like a business

How to Make Money Blogging

Now that your blog is up and running, it’s time to start making money!

Money won’t just come to you, you’ve got to go out and get it.

Here are a few blog income streams to get you started:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling products or services
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand partnerships

We prefer affiliate marketing and ad revenue. They were our #1 way to scaling our travel blog to 6-figures in our first year blogging.

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What Type of Blog Should You Start

Find Out What Type of Blog You Should Start!

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