Things To Do In Bend, Oregon  This Winter 

The city's charm lies in its picturesque landscapes and dynamic lifestyle.

Nestled in the central Oregon mountains, Bend is known for its stunning natural beauty, varied outdoor activities, and vibrant culinary offerings.

Smith Rock State Park

Experience the serene beauty of Smith Rock State Park in winter, where the rugged cliffs and meandering river create a peaceful and enchanting landscape.

Paulina Lake  Hot Springs

Five geothermal pools, nestled along the sandy shores of Paulina Lake Beach. While these hot springs are relatively small, Oregon boasts a multitude of other hot springs to explore.

Sawyer Cave

More natural gems that are breathtaking. Start your journey at Little Nash Snow Park and stroll along the forest's edge and explore the vacant caves.

Sahalie & Koosah Falls

The falls are set amidst the picturesque McKenzie River Trail, enchanted with their cascading beauty.  It's a serene escape.

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Bend, Oregon