New Reports Show That These Montana Ski Resorts Get The Most Snow  

Discover your perfect ski destination by exploring our curated list of Montana's snowiest ski resorts from the last decade.  Guiding you towards memorable winter adventures.

1. Big Sky Resort - 216.67 feet*

Nestled in the Greater Yellowstone Region, this premier ski resort offers 5,850 acres of varied terrain, from smooth groomers to exhilarating descents.

*Accumulated snowfall over 10 years

2. Whitefish Mountain Resort- 196 feet*

Located in the Rocky Mountains, this resort offers spectacular views of Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest. Many winter activities for whole family and superb dining in town.

*Accumulated snowfall over 10 years

3. Bridger Bowl – Bozeman- 170.42 feet*

Prevails as a powder paradise, drawing avid skiers and snowboarders from around the world with its consistent deep snowfall and challenging expert terrain, offering an unparalleled experience for powder enthusiasts.

*Accumulated snowfall over 10 years

4. Showdown 141.58 feet*

Nestled in Montana's Little Belt Mountains offers a variety of winter activities and a family friendly experience. With its relaxed ambiance, it's the perfect escape for those seeking scenic slopes without the high costs and crowds.

5. Lost Trail Powder Mountain- 140.25 feet*

Located on the Montana and Idaho border in the northern Rocky Mountains, this hidden gem offers family friendly, affordable skiing and snowboarding with excellent conditions for invigorating outdoor adventures.

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