Mexico Travel Advisory: 

Mexico Travel Advisory: 

Is Yucatan Safe?

Yucatan State

Yucatan State is an area within the larger  YUCATAN PENINSULA


Its important to understand the difference when talking about safety

Lets talk about the


State of Yucatan

Here you will find historically rich areas like Chichen Itza, Izamal, Motul and Merida

State of Yucatan

So, is it SAFE? Isn't there a travel advisory for Mexico?

Yes & Yes! 

There is a warning for other areas of the Yucatan Peninsula, but...

State of Yucatan

IS SAFE! Very safe, actually! 

Merida is SAFE

The Capital City, Merida is one of the safest cities not only in Mexico, but in the world

Be Smart

Anywhere you travel (even the US), you need to use good sense to keep completely safe

Have Fun

You can explore ruins, swim in Cenotes, eat yummy food, and rest easy knowing you are safe

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