VIPKID Teacher Portal

VIPKID Teacher Portal: A Complete Guide

So you’ve become a teacher with VIPKID; congratulations! I can confidently say that you’ll enjoy this job as soon as you learn the ropes. Something that confused me when I first started teaching was navigating the VIPKID teacher portal.

Luckily, I am going to guide you through the teacher portal and show you everything you need to know about the platform.

Table of Contents

VIPKID Teacher Portal
– Home
– Bookings
– Feedback
– Library
– Certifications
– The Hutong
– Blog, Events, VIPKID Official Store
My Info
– Account Center
– Payment
– Stats
– Contribution
– Contacting VIPKID Support/ Submitting a Ticket
The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Teacher Portal

VIPKID Teacher Portal


We will start with the home page of the VIPKID teacher portal. On the home page, you will find several different columns of information.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming classes are just that.. the next three classes you will teach. Regardless of when your next class is (maybe it’s a week from now or maybe in two hours), you can find that information displayed here.

VIPKID teacher portal

To-do List

Your to-do list will include all of the tasks VIPKID would like you to finish.

Missing CF/UA

The first tab is “Missing CF/UA” where CF stands for “class feedback” and UA is “unit assessment”. These are short feedback forms you will need to complete after every finished class.

If there is a number other than zero displayed under “Missing CF/UA”, you will want to complete this task as soon as possible. VIPKID gives teachers 12 hours following a class to finish your feedback. If you fail to complete class feedback in time, they will take away half of your pay. Quite unfair, I know, but it’s the rule.

Booking Requests

The next tab under your to-do list is for “Booking Requests”. These are requests made by parents of students that have previously taken classes with you. Since they have already taken classes with you, these students have priority booking privileges. This means they can ask to book a class with you beyond the two-week window.


“Tasks” will be the next tab under your VIPKID to-do list. The tasks are just notifications sent to teachers regarding important information. Perhaps a booking frenzy (when classes open for the following week) is happening soon; a task will appear to remind you to open teaching slots.


Moving right along to the “Class” tab on your VIPKID teacher dashboard. The class tab is where you can find “Bookings”, “Classrooms”, and “Feedback”.


The first drop-down item is “Bookings”. This is where you can find your entire class schedule laid out in front of you. My booking schedule can be seen in the picture below.

The Bookings Function and How to Use It

In the “Bookings” section, you will be able to open and close teaching slots, trigger 24hr bookings, and cancel classes.

Booking Classes

Something that confused me when I first started teaching with VIPKID was how to open and close teaching slots. While you are in the “Bookings” scheduler, click on the orange “Unlock” button in the top right corner. In order to open teaching slots, this “Unlock” button will need to be triggered.

How to Book Classes Using the Booking Classes Tab on VIPKID

The next step is to go down to the schedule and click on the classes you would like to open. When a class is clicked, a white window will appear (seen in the picture below).

Opening Classes in the Bookings Tab

Next to “Course”, select the white circle. This circle will turn red and the teaching slot rectangle will appear blue. If you’d like to mark this class as a 24hr class, be sure to check the “Short Notice” circle. This means that students can book this class up to an hour before class time.

Interested Students

When booking slots display the words “Interested Students”, this means that students are likely to book that slot if you choose to open it. You can choose to open these classes or not, there is no pressure.

Booking short notice classes with VIPKID.

Operation Log

The operation log is where you can find a list of all your recent activity on the VIPKID teacher portal. Personally, I never use this function.

Booking Requests

In addition to the “Booking Requests” option found in your “To-do” list on the homepage, you can also manage your booking requests in this tab.

Something important to note is that you do not need to respond to these booking requests. Don’t feel pressured to refuse or accept these. I typically let many of my booking requests expire.

Managing booking requests through the teachers portal

A few other functions I do not typically use are the “Change Availability” or the “Copy Last Week’s Slots” buttons. With the “Change Availability” button, you are letting parents know your usual schedule. Since my schedule is constantly changing, I do not use this function.

The “Copy Last Week’s Slots” button is to make things a bit easier for teachers. If you decide to open the exact same slots as the prior week, use this button to save yourself time.


Under the “Classrooms” tab, you will be able to enter your classrooms, review class materials, check student information, complete any missing CF/UA, and apply to change a finish type of a class.

Access your classrooms, classroom materials, and student info through the classrooms tab on the VIPKID teacher portal

Upcoming Classes

In the picture below, you will see a list of upcoming classes. On this page, you can click on three different options: the student’s name, “Classroom”, or “Materials”.

Upcoming classes and accessing your classrooms

Clicking on the student’s name will show you a brief description of the student. You’ll also be able to read tips from prior teachers. This has always been a very useful function for me.

Student info on the classroom tab

You can access a specific classroom by choosing “Classroom”. This is where you will go before your class starts.

The “Materials” link will show you the slides that will be used for that class. You can review and practice the slideshow using this function.

Missing CF/UA

After each class, you will be required to complete feedback. You can find your missing CF/UA forms here. Be sure to complete feedback within 12 hours from the class finish time.

Managing missing feedback or unit assessments for VIPKID

All Classes

This is where you will find a list of ALL classes, taught and not yet taught.

Access all classes, taught and un-taught through the All Classes tab

Another important feature of this tab is the “Cancellations & No Shows & Change Finish Type” button found at the top of the page.

VIPKID cancellations, no shows, and finish types.

With the “Cancellations & No Shows & Change Finish Type” button you’ll be able to request a change of finish type. What this means is that if one of your classes was determined to be a Teacher IT (tech issues on your end), you can ask for it to be reviewed here.

This is also where you’ll be able to apply for a “Soft/Medium Cancellation”. Cancellations happen when a teacher cancels a class for one reason or another. They are classified into three different groups: soft, medium, or hard cancellations.

For each contract (six months), a teacher is allowed six cancellations. Soft/medium cancellations are not counted toward these six cancellations. These cancellations are due to emergencies and you must provide proof of an emergency situation.

Requesting to change a finish type or giving an explanation for a teacher no show.

The “Reason For No Show” button is to provide an explanation for a teacher no show. You’ll click this button to give information about your absence.


Parents are given the opportunity to provide feedback for teachers after every class. Some parents do, others do not. You can find parent feedback under the “Feedback” tab.

Feedback from parents on the VIPKID portal.


You will find all of your VIPKID teaching resources under this tab.


The “Library” tab is where you can find workshops, curriculum theories, and more resources for teachers.

The top resources for VIPKID teachers


When you first begin teaching with VIPKID, this tab will come in handy. Under the “Certifications” tab, you’ll find all of the available certifications for VIPKID.

As you can see below, these certifications include a “Builders Program”, “Major Course”, and many more. The more VIPKID certifications you earn, the more students you’ll be able to teach. You can read about each certification and apply for them by clicking on the specific certificate.

Activities – Promotions

The “Activities” tab is where you’ll find all of the VIPKID promotions. These promotions include teaching aids, Lingo Bus promotions (the Chinese language learning platform), and many more.


VIPKID is a platform that employs over 40,000 teachers. In order to keep teachers engaged in the VIPKID community, they work hard to keep us updated and reward us for different accomplishments.

The Hutong

Hutong means “street” or “alley” in Chinese. This is a platform where teachers can go to join discussion boards, read teaching tips, earn tokens for prizes (Amazon gift cards and such), and more.

I personally don’t spend a lot of time in the Hutong, however, many other teachers use the Hutong in their free time.

Blog, Events, VIPKID Official Store

A few more ways to keep teachers engaged and informed is through the official VIPKID blog, a list of teacher meet-ups, and the official store which can also be found under the “Community” tab.

My Info

Account Center

Are you looking to edit your profile, update your pictures, check your tax information, sign a new contract, or change your teaching time zone?

Account center tax forms, and contract information with VIPKID

You’ll find everything you need in regards to your personal account information under the “Account Center” tab.


This might be one of the most confusing sections of the VIPKID teacher portal. Although it appears straightforward at first glance, as a new teacher you’ll quickly have questions about the payment.

VIPKID payment information. Participation incentives, finished classes incentives, and referral incentives.

You can see my payment history from the second half of May in the picture above. As a VIPKID teacher, you are paid a base rate for each class. That payment will reflect under the “Courses” section.

The “Participation Incentives” will display the extra $1 per class earned for showing up and finishing a class. This number should match the number of classes you have taught.

“Finished Classes” under the “Other Incentives” section refers to the extra $1 per class earned for teaching 45 or more classes per month. This number will not change until you hit 30 classes. Once you teach 30 classes in a month, it will start to show $0.50/class. This will change to $1/class when you hit 45 classes.

You can also find “Referral Incentives” under the “Other Incentives” sections as well. When you help mentor new teachers, you will receive $100 for each successful teacher. You can find this payment here.


The “Stats” tab records classes taught, PPT (peak-peak time) classes taught, your participation rate (this includes cancellations and IT problems), and the percentage of parents who leave feedback.

Teacher stats including time slots, participation, and parent feedback. Use these stats to monitor pay raise opportunities.

These stats will be important when attempting to get a raise after your second contract is up. You can find the requirements for a pay raise with VIPKID under the “Support” tab. Choose “Payment” and “Base Rate Adjustment”.

VIPKID pay raise information


The “Contribution” tab is a place where teachers can submit their successful class videos for other teachers to see and study. You can also find teaching tips and resources under this tab.


“My VIPKID” is a place where you can see how many classes you’ve taught, how many students you’ve taught, and how many days you have been teaching with VIPKID.

My VIPKID tab which includes the number of classes, students, and days.

These stats are just for personal use.


The VIPKID Support Center is designed to help teachers with any and all of their teaching-related problems. If, after you browse through their support page, you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to “Contact Support”.

Contacting VIPKID Support/ Submitting a Ticket

You can contact support through the “Support” tab by clicking on the button labeled “Contact Support”.

How to contact support and submit a ticket with VIPKID.

This button will bring you to a page where you’ll be able to submit a ticket. Submitting tickets could be about anything from low booking rates, to a student issue, to an IT question. You can find all of the ticket topics in the dropdown menu labeled “Issue”.

Contacting support and submitting tickets through the VIPKID teachers portal.

Responses to your tickets will be sent to you by email. You can also check on the status of your ticket by clicking on “My Tickets” in the Support Center.


Since VIPKID is such a rapidly growing company, they are always looking for new teachers to hire. VIPKID outsources the orientation of their new teachers to the veteran teachers and compensates them for their mentorship.

VIPKID referral information, referral tracking, and referral codes.

You can find referral codes, incentives, and tracking for your referrals through the “Referral” button on the VIPKID teacher portal dashboard.

Referring new teachers is completely optional.

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    The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Teacher Portal

    Although teaching for VIPKID is a breeze, navigating the VIPKID teacher portal isn’t always easy. With the tips given above, you’ll be able to work your way around the platform and get the most out of the teacher’s portal.

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    Navigating the VIPKID Teacher Portal


    1. Does VIPKID send 1099’s at the end of the year? I know we are responsible for our taxes but I think they do need to provide a 1099.
      Please let me know
      Thank you!

    2. Hi! I am a bit puzzled now with my application on VIPkid. I finished my mock class four days ago but I haven’t received any updates from them. Moreover, I can’t access my account anymore; I’m locked out. Is this a sign to consider that I failed?
      I just need a clarifications since it was a recruiting process to.

      Thank you for giving some time to answer my concerns.

      1. Hi there,

        That seems very strange. Have you emailed VIPKID yet? That would be my first suggestion. Let me know and I’d be happy to help you figure this out as best I can. I don’t have any special powers with VIPKID because I’m just a normal teacher, but I’d gladly try my best to help figure this out.

    3. Hi! Could you please explain more about the PPT Incentive? I can’t find that information on the VIPkid website or any other blogs I’ve read, but I noticed you earned some money in that category. I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

      1. Hi Taylor,

        So actually I haven’t gotten around to updating this post. unfortunately, VIPKID no longer offers monetary incentives for opening PPT slots. Instead, they offer tokens. I use my tokens to buy Amazon gift cards. Not necessarily what we want, but better than nothing!

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