How to Teach with VIPKID on an iPad

How to Teach with VIPKID on an iPad in 2022

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The VIPKID Teach from iPad app has gotten a new look and I’m probably not the first to say that it is CONFUSING.

The VIPKID iPad app used to be really easy to navigate and use, however, in 2021, VIPKID has updated it and it’s rather.. wonky.

To help you understand the new features (or lack thereof) of the VIPKID Teach from iPad app, I’m going to take you through a short tutorial. You’ll learn exactly how to use the iPad app to teach your VIPKID classes and the pros and cons of using an iPad to teach.

Does VIPKID work on an iPad?

Definitely. You can absolutely use an iPad to teach with VIPKID. In fact, many teachers prefer to use an iPad to teach classes.

If you’ve used the VIPKID iPad app before but haven’t taken a look at the new layout as of March 2020, you might be very confused. Don’t worry, you can still teach from your iPad, but there are a few things you should know. I’ll explain those details below.

Can I Teach with VIPKID From My Phone?

Unfortunately, you cannot teach with VIPKID from your phone.

VIPKID has designed teaching applications for computers and tablets. And although there is a VIPKID application for phones, you cannot teach from it.

The VIPKID phone app is designed to keep track of your schedule and to submit feedback (except unit assessments).

How to Use the VIPKID iPad App to Teach

In order to teach with VIPKID from your iPad, you’ll need to download the correct app. Unfortunately, you cannot just teach from your iPad using a browser, you must have the VIPKID app.

When you get to the App Store, you’ll notice that there are two VIPKID apps. Be sure to download the app called, VIPKID Teach for iPad. Check out the pictures below for visual reference.

VIPKID Teach on IPad
The VIPKID iPad App

Note: If you accidentally download the app called “VIPKID Teach”, you will not be able to teach from it, so be sure to download the correct app.

Once you have the app downloaded, sign in to your teacher’s dashboard.

You’ll immediately be brought to a screen that looks like the one below.

New VIPKID iPad App Update

You’ll quickly notice that you won’t be able to click on any of the classes listed above. This is one of the updates for the VIPKID iPad app and definitely one that confused me. It made me think, “why can’t I access my classes? Am I not able to teach from my iPad anymore?”

Yes, you can still teach from your iPad, but you will not be able to click on your classroom until 30 minutes before your scheduled lesson.

Once you’re within 30 minutes of your lesson, you’ll be able to click on the student’s name and enter the classroom.


There are several pros to using the iPad app to teach classes. Here are a few of those pros:

Touch screen

The VIPKID iPad app is a touch screen. Drawing on the classroom slides with your finger rather than using a mouse is so much easier, especially if you’re a new teacher. This is my favorite aspect of using the iPad app.

Easy to travel with

As full-time travelers, packing the iPad was so much easier than packing a laptop. The iPad is so versatile and takes up very little space.

Even if you aren’t a traveler, teaching with an iPad is nice because you can easily move around with it. I like to mix things up every once in a while and bring my students around the house to show them classroom related things.

For example, if we are learning about food, I might take my iPad and bring my student to the refrigerator. Not only does it keep the student interested, but the real-life examples are really helpful.


As the iPad app has transformed, I’ve noticed a lot of negative aspects about it. Based on the recent update, the negatives of the VIPKID iPad app have outweighed the positives for me; here’s why:

Cannot submit feedback via the iPad app

Teachers used to be able to submit feedback via the VIPKID iPad app, but that is no longer true. You can only submit feedback on the computer app or the smartphone app.

In my opinion, it’s kind of frustrating to have all of these functions located on different devices.

Cannot access other teachers’ feedback about the student

Before I enter a classroom, I like to take a peek at what the other teachers have said about the student. It helps me prepare for the lesson and helps me understand how this student learns.

In the iPad app, you cannot access these comments. You’ll need to use the computer app or the phone app to see them. Again, having to switch devices is a pain in the butt.

Note: if you press Home in the upper left-hand corner of the iPad app, you’ll be directed to your VIPKID dashboard on a browser. You’ll be able to read the previous teacher’s feedback there so that you don’t HAVE to switch devices.

But in my opinion, having the app direct you to the browser dashboard is kind of silly and defeats the purpose of the app.

Cannot review course materials

As I mentioned above, the VIPKID app is strictly for teaching classes. You cannot do ANYTHING on the app except enter the classroom and you’ll need to wait until 30 minutes before the lesson to enter.

Reviewing the course materials is not an option on the app. But, you can hit the Home button in the top left-hand corner and it will bring you to the dashboard in a browser. You can access and review classroom materials there.

Looking for the Best iPad for Teaching with VIPKID?

I have used an iPad to teach with VIPKID for the past two years. I personally use the iPad Pro 10.5 inch and have had wonderful results. If you’re looking to purchase a new iPad for teaching, I recommend the iPad Pro.

The Wrap-Up: Teach on an iPad for VIPKID

Although it can be beneficial to teach with VIPKID on an iPad, it can also be confusing to navigate the app. Brush up on how the iPad app works before giving it a go and teaching classes with it.

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    1. Thanks for the advise.
      Quick question about the app.
      When I type in “VIPKid teach for iPad” nothing comes up. All I can find for an app is “VIPKid teach”.
      Any suggestions??

      1. Hi Victoria,

        When you type in VIPKID Teach for iPad, the first app that pops up will say VIPKID Teach on the small square logo, but it will be called VIPKID Teach for iPad. It will have a small white HD in the corner of the logo.

        Hope that helps!

    2. I appreciate your post and blog about your experience teaching English and traveling. For us new teachers, the knowledge you’re sharing is extremely helpful. Many thank yous. x

        1. Hi Laura,
          I was wondering if this is still accurate about the VIPKID iPad app? Have their been any changes? I’d like to apply to teach there but don’t currently have a reliable laptop.

      1. Hello. Our home internet service is unpredictable lately, and I am considering purchasing an iPad as a backup device. Could I use cellular data on an iPad to teach if my home internet service is out?


    3. If you don’t have a laptop how do you give feedback for UA? I’ve also taught for 2yrs- my laptop just died and caused me 2 cancellations:( I have an iPad I am borrowing until I get some unit no idea how I will do the UA I have later this week. Thoughts?
      Thank you!!!

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