VIPKID Raise Requirements

VIPKID Raise Requirements: How to Earn More with VIPKID

With the recent update to VIPKID contracts, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about earning a raise with this company. Getting a raise with VIPKID is an easy way to drastically increase your hourly pay.

The VIPKID raise requirements are a bit confusing, but with this guide, you’ll be able to understand what is necessary to increase your base pay.

When Are VIPKID Teachers Eligible for Raises?

VIPKID teachers are evaluated for a raise every other contract. In other words, you’ll be eligible for a raise going into your 3rd contract, 5th contract, 7th contract, (etc).

VIPKID contracts last for six months. You’ll be evaluated for your first raise after your first year of teaching. Use the table below to help clarify when you’ll be eligible for a raise:

VIPKID Raise Requirements Graph

VIPKID Raise Requirements

In order to earn a raise with VIPKID, you’ll need to follow their 12-point system. These 12 points will be based on your performance during the previous TWO contracts. For example, if you are working to earn a raise after your first year of teaching, VIPKID will analyze your performance and give you points based on the previous 11 months.

Earning points with VIPKID

This is how you can earn points toward a raise with VIPKID:

2 points earned if you have 25% or more 5-apple ratings from all the classes you’ve taught

This is one of the VIPKID raise requirements that can be a bit difficult to understand. To earn these two points, you’ll need 25% of parents to give you feedback and it must be 5-apples.

Unfortunately, this rule is completely dependent on the parents of the students. Some parents don’t give feedback at all, others give feedback after every class.

You can find this statistic by hovering over the “My Info” tab on your teacher’s dashboard. Click on “Stats” in the dropdown menu. You’ll be directed to a page that shows your statistics for 5-apple ratings.

VIPKID Raise Requirements Stats

Keep in mind, this statistic includes classes and feedback from the past 30 days. During your VIPKID raise evaluation, you’ll need to have 25% or more 5-apple ratings from the previous 11 months (the previous two contracts).

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    2 points earned for two or fewer teacher no shows

    Remember, this is based on the past 11 months, not just your current contract.

    2 points earned if your class cancellation rate is less than 0.6%

    VIPKID does not provide teachers with this statistic. In order to tell whether you meet this criterion, you’ll either need to keep track of how many classes you’ve canceled versus how many classes you’ve taught or you can send in a ticket to VIPKID asking about this statistic.

    To find out more about cancellations and teacher no-shows, read our post: VIPKID Cancellation Policy: Everything You Need to Know.

    2 points earned if you have taught more than 600 peak-peak time slot classes

    To understand and learn more about peak-peak time slots, check out our post: VIPKID Hours & Time Charts.

    4 points earned for teaching 1,200 classes or more

    This is the most important factor of the VIPKID raise requirements. These classes must be finished “As Scheduled”. If during a class, it ends in a teacher IT or a teacher no show, it will not count toward the 1200 classes.

    How Many Points Do You Need in Order To Get a Raise?

    So you’re probably wondering how many points are necessary to meet the VIPKID raise requirements. This completely depends on how much you already earn.

    If your current base pay is less than $8.50, you’ll need to earn 10 out of the 12 points. Notice that you MUST earn the 4 points from teaching 1200 classes.

    If your current base pay is $8.50 or more, you must meet each of these VIPKID raise requirements. 12 out of 12 points are necessary for a raise.

    Understanding how to earn more when teaching English online

    Note: if your current base pay is more than $10, you no longer qualify for a raise. You cannot increase your base pay. If you’re looking to earn more money with VIPKID, I highly recommend opening short notice classes and referring new teachers.

    How Much of a Raise Can I Earn With VIPKID?

    If you meet all of these VIPKID raise requirements, you’ll earn a raise. Each time you qualify for a raise, your base pay will increase by $0.50. Since classes are 25 minutes and you can fit two classes into one hour, this means you will earn a raise of $1.00 per hour.

    To read more about earning money with VIPKID, check out our post: VIPKID Pay & Teaching Salary.

    Changes To the VIPKID Contract + Possible Raise Requirement Changes

    As of January 1, 2020, all VIPKID contracts will change. Although I am unsure about what these changes entail, keep this in mind going into your new contract in 2020.

    This change in VIPKID contracts could also affect the raise requirements, therefore I will keep this blog post updated as I learn more about the changes.

    The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Raise Requirements

    Wondering how you can earn more money with VIPKID? I hope this guide helped you understand the VIPKID raise requirements and what you can do to up your current base pay.

    If you are still uncertain about these VIPKID raise requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. You can contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post or emailing me at

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      1. Hi Stephanie,

        I can’t be sure, but I would assume it’s classes that have the finish type As Scheduled. I would ask VIPKID about this though!

      2. Hi Angie,

        I’m new with VIPkids and just wanted to clarify what you previously shared. So any new teachers, including myself will no longer qualify for a raise regardless of points or amount of classes we teach? I’m very excited to start teaching but concerned with the pay being so low per class. I know the classes are each 25 minutes but there’s still addional time needed to review the lessons and get the necessary props for each. Is there an increase at all anymore for new teachers teaching two back to back classes in 1 hour and earning a $1.00 or for teaching during peak times? Like I said, I’m thrilled to start working with these children and despite the pay bring low per class, I was hopeful that there would be a raise at some point.

        Looking forward to hearing back,


        Looking forward to hearing from you.


        1. Hi Amanda,

          Yes, that is correct. They have done away with raises. Very unfortunate. Perhaps in the future they will bring them back, but currently, they are not offering them.

          There are other online ESL companies that still give raises. Would be happy to help you find a great fit if you’re in the market. Feel free to email me at

    1. Hi Laura,

      I thought I had found this chart and information on the VIPKID site in the past. I cannot locate it anywhere now. Has it been removed? If not, can you include a link to the original?

      Thank you for this article!

      1. Hi Angie,

        Yes, I need to update this post. Unfortunately, VIPKID no longer approves raises for teachers. They implemented this back in January and it went into effect for veteran teachers starting August 1.

        I hope this helps.

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