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Qkids Pay: A Complete Guide

Before you dive right into teaching English online with Qkids, you’re probably wondering, “how much does Qkids pay their teachers?”

In this guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how Qkids pays their teachers and how much you could potentially earn.

How Much Do Qkids Teachers Make?

Qkids teachers earn between $16 – 20 per hour. The majority of teachers don’t make less than $18 per hour and many consistently earn $20 per hour.

Here are the details you need to know:

Qkids Base Pay

Qkids has set their base pay to $8 for every teacher regardless of your educational background or experience.

The $8 base pay is per class and each class lasts for 30 minutes.

Qkids Pay Breakdown

Although many other bloggers will state that you can double your base pay to get your hourly pay (30-minute class pay + 30-minute class pay), this is simply untrue.

Qkids classes last for 30 minutes but they have a 10-minute buffer window surrounding each lesson. This means that each class is actually 40 minutes long, but you’ll only be teaching for 30 minutes.

Therefore, you cannot fit two classes into one hour. Keep this in mind when calculating your hourly pay with Qkids.


In addition to your base pay, you’ll also earn incentives for each class you teach. Here is a breakdown of the two incentives you could possibly earn:

Attendance Bonus = $1 Per Class

You’ll earn an attendance bonus for each class if you teach 15 classes or more each week.

Performance Bonus = $1 Per Class

The performance bonus will be added to your paycheck for each class that you receive positive feedback from the parents.

Qkids Pay Incentives

In order to earn this incentive, you must get a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars from the parents for that specific class. If the parents don’t rate you at all, you’ll still receive the bonus.

Note: Because of this bonus opportunity, you’ll want to avoid “red tags” as much as possible. In the Qkids world, a red tag is negative feedback from a parent. Getting a red tag will eliminate your performance bonus ($1) for said class.

Standby Classes

Another phrase you’ll hear thrown around the Qkids community is standby classes. What the heck are standby classes and will I still earn money from them?

Standby classes are when you standby and wait to fill-in for another teacher. You will wait for 10 minutes without teaching unless the standby class is converted into a real lesson.

If a standby class does not convert into a real class (you don’t need to fill in for another teacher), you will receive $4. Remember, you’ll only be sitting there for 10 minutes without teaching. Not a bad deal!

If a standby class is converted into a real class (you need to cover for another teacher), you will earn your full base pay ($8) and incentives (if applicable).

For your information, about 75% of standby classes convert to normal classes. Only 25% of standby classes end up being just standby lessons.

Additional Pay

One of the best things about Qkids is that they are frequently offering additional bonuses and incentives.

Trial Classes

For example, every teacher that completes the hiring process will receive full pay for trial classes. This equates to $16 because you’ll be teaching two trial lessons.

I realize this might not seem like a lot of money, but most online English teaching companies don’t pay applicants to complete the hiring process at all.

Referral Bonus

In order to meet student demand, Qkids is always hiring new teachers. Like many other online English teaching companies, Qkids leaves the recruiting up to their current teachers.

For every teacher that you recruit and help through the hiring process, you’ll earn an additional $100.

Summer Classes

During the summer when the students are out of school, Qkids opens more time slots. This gives teachers the opportunity to teach more and earn more.

Summer holiday in China usually lasts from the beginning of July to the beginning of September.

Random Bonuses

Qkids also offers additional bonuses at random throughout the year. This could include an additional bonus for recruiting new teachers or more money for teaching even more classes.

Keep an eye on your email to receive these special pay bonuses from Qkids.

Can I Earn A Full-Time Income From Qkids?

Unfortunately, Qkids does not offer enough hours to provide a full-time income. If you were to teach all of the available time slots, your monthly paycheck would hover around $1500 per month.

With that said, Qkids is an excellent side gig for anyone looking to supplement their full-time income. Another option is to work with Qkids and another online English teaching company simultaneously.

Can You Get A Pay Raise With Qkids?

Unlike other companies, Qkids does not offer an increase in base pay rate. Pay raises cannot be negotiated with Qkids either.

How Often Do You Get Paid With Qkids?

Qkids pays their teachers once per month. Monthly payments will be deposited in your bank account no later than the 15th of each month.

Payment is made via direct deposit. There is no need to worry about international fees because Qkids covers these costs; they will not be taken out of your paycheck.

Unfortunately, direct deposit is the only way to get paid from Qkids. Although they used to offer this option, Qkids no longer offers to pay their teachers via PayPal.

Pay Deduction For Canceled Classes?

One of the best things about working for Qkids is that they are so flexible with their teachers. Unlike other companies, Qkids is very lax when it comes to canceling classes.

Some companies penalize their teachers for canceling classes. These penalties usually include a one-time paycheck deduction for each canceled class.

With Qkids, you can cancel a class up to 5 hours before the class begins without a financial penalty.

If you must cancel a class within 5 hours of the start time, this is considered an absence. Three or more absences in one week will result in the loss of your attendance bonus for that week.

Do I Pay Taxes With Qkids?

All teachers that work with Qkids are considered independent contractors.

As independent contractors, taxes are not withheld from our paychecks. You must save enough money from your paycheck to cover taxes later.

Note: A general rule of thumb is to put aside 30% of each paycheck to cover taxes.

Want To Teach For Qkids?

Thinking of teaching with Qkids? Use this link to get started: Teach Qkids. My friend Taylor is a current Qkids teacher and would love to help you through the hiring process.

If you use her code, send her an email so she can send you tips and tricks: taylanier21@gmail.com.

The Wrap-Up: Qkids Pay Explained

Qkids is an excellent online English teaching company and the pay they offer is the perfect addition to your full-time income.

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